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Volvo S80



  • I have a 99 S80T6 and my alt went out last weekend and
    rear brakes were toast also. It cost me a grand. They also told me my ball joint was loose. I had new struts at 70K.
  • cet1stcet1st Posts: 17
    Would a 2008 S80 spare tire work with on the 2007 S80-V8 with 18" wheels?
  • cet1stcet1st Posts: 17
    Can the 2008 S80-V8 spare wheel/tire to be used on a 2007 S80-V8 with 18" tires be obtained from another source other than a Volvo dealer?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Other than a junkyard, I doubt it.
  • Did you ever get a response to your issue? I am having the exact same situation, and I'm hoping the 5,000 cost to have the mechanic deagnose and fix it is not my only solution.
  • jg585jg585 Posts: 9
    what is the real world mpg for an S80? i am thinking of buying an '06, FWD
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Should be high teens to low 20's, depending on how you drive
  • jg585jg585 Posts: 9
    I am considering an '06 S80 and want to know what the fuel economy is. I do hwy driving 90% of the time. i live in the countryside.
    Local dealer asking $26000 for it with 18k on odometer. Certified Volvo used car good to 100k mi or 2012 whichever comes first.
    my alternate choice is an '08 Taurus for $16,500, clearly more affordable for me. Volvo dealer will not budge on price.
    Any info on "real world" mpg?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    IIRC, EPA says 18 City 25 HWY

    You should avg mid 20's on the highway.
    Combined in the low 20's.
  • With my 03 S80 2.9 I consistently average between 24MPG and 26 MPG "round town". Highway, I've averaged over 28 MPG. Of course I have to stop every 100 miles or so and replace a light bulb of one kind or other. Have used four headlight bulbs in the last 15000 miles, always low beam. also my S80 seems to be afflicted with a fragile suspension system or it could be the wretched condition of the New York State highways. Two sets of tires and numerous realignments in the past 20,000 miles. Had a fuel pump leave me stranded and cost me near a thousand dollars to replace, plus towing charges. Exhaust system at 38000 miles, seems as if Volvo could afford stainless steel at $42000 dollars a copy. Other than that it's a beautiful, comfortable, well behaved automobile. Keep the Taurus in mind or look further for Volvos. Current economy conditions should make your Volvo dealer somewhat flexible. Good luck! :D
  • cet1stcet1st Posts: 17
    Where can you purchase 2007 Volvo OEM Xenon HID (D1S) headlight bulbs? Do you have to replace them in pairs? Are they difficult to replace? I have heard that they only last ~200 hours. Please advise
  • I'm hearing a chirping sound when the brakes are applied. I assume that this is a low brake wear indictor? I didn't find anything in the owners manual about this. Can anyone confirm.

    Also, I believe I have disc brakes on all four wheels. Does anyone agree or disagree with having Midas change the brakes?

    What type of disc brakes are recommended, asbestos, porcelein, etc.???

    Thanks for any help!!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Low brake wear indicators work when the brakes ARE NOT depressed.
    If you are hearing noise from the brakes when you hit the pedal, you could be chewing up the rotors. Not good as Volvo rotors cannot be turned.

    I'm a believer in using OEM brake pads on Volvo's. Most of the aftermarket stuff seems to squeal incessantly.
  • On '02 S80, need to add about a pint of coolant to reservoir. The manual says not to mix with other brands, to use only volvo coolant.

    The Prestone Premium coolant/antifreeze says it can be mixed with any brand, any color, on any model. Would this be ok?
  • itawesitawes Posts: 13
    After 3 years of free maintenance, I need to change the oil and filter on my 2005 S80, T6. I looked under the car and noticed a flat plastic piece covering the under carriage. Do I need to take this off to get to the oil plug and filter? Where is the filter. Is it 7 quarts for this engine?
  • Flat plastic piece must be removed. Filter is on the passenger side, front of the engine. Manual calls for seven quarts but seven over fills my S80-03. I put six quarts in mine then top off. You'll need a new aluminum flat washer for the drain plug. Drain plug should be torqued to 25 foot pounds, no more. Crankcase is aluminum and deforms easily. Fill pipe has a baffle so I only pour in a quart at a time, easy to spill oil all over the top of the engine.
    Good Luck!
  • itawesitawes Posts: 13
    Thank you for your reply. How many nuts/screws to remove the plastic piece? Is the filter removable from the top or from under the car? I only have a jack to lift my car so hope this will be high enough to do the job. You have been most helpful.
  • I bought a S80 T6 a month ago here in Toronto.
    The car WAS leaking and the seller lied to me that it wasnt.
    I never bothered to look under the engine. It is a Volvo, right?
    Anyway, the first morning I looked under and found a puddle of oil.
    This darn thing is leaking everyday and lots.
    I took it today to Volvo and got an estimate of almost $1800. to fix it.
    They say both Turbos drains need seals, Oil trap seals/hoses and CPV need to be replaced.
    What the heck!! Is this what a Volvo is?? This car has 150Kilometers on the eng.
    I am totally disappointed and upset about this.
    I just want to sell this car now.
    I dont know what to do.
    Volvo is NOT for life.
  • Thats a lot of money.
    You probably had the work done at Volvo.
    Anyway, my T6 is leaking puddles of oil.
    They say the Turbos and Oil trap need seals and also cpv.
    1800$ to fix it.

  • Six or seven bolts. You'll need metric sockets. I use a set of ramps to elevate my Volvo. Cheap at Walmarts or Sears for thirty dollars or so. Jacks are dangerous for under car work. The filter is removed from under the car. You'll need a replacement cartridge. I removed the filter housing with a strap wrench for a while, doable but difficult. Easier with a filter wrench available at IPD, plastic but sufficient for about twelve dollars or so. IPD also carries filter cartridges suitable for Volvo at about ten bucks.
    Glad to be of help.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    You bought a used car without inspecting it?

    I don't care WHO makes the car, you NEVER do that.

    A Volvo is a mechanical device like any other. They need to be maintained.
    Blaming Volvo because of your inattention isn't right.
  • i bought a used s-80 volvo . it comes with 1- remote , how can 1 programe 1-more remote with out going to the dealer
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    You can't.
    You need to download software to the car to run that remote.
    That can only be done by someone who has access to the VIDA network, namely the dealer.
  • I have a 2001 S80 with 157K. I noticed the temp gauge is reading low as in no deflection and the car is blowing cold instead of warm air. I took the car to a non volvo mechanic to replaced the temp stat. This did not resolved the problem. The mechanic noted that the top hose (upper left) conncected to the radiator is hot and the bottom (lower right) hose is cold after a 20 min warmup, not water sign in the engine oil, he flushed the radiator system.
    History, i had the timing belt and water pump replaced @ 120K mile.
    Any ideas as to what defective?

  • I have an '01 S60 bought new now 112000 mi. Love the car but lots of maint problems. Thinking about a 2005 S80, wondering what to expect. Any trottle modular problems, suspension replacements, would like to have a better ride than the S60. Anything I should know before I go 100 miles to test drive? Only has 30,000 miles.
  • rbk4rbk4 Posts: 1
    I have an S80awd 2004. The above instructions are right except for some reason I had to use positions II and III. Worked great.
  • Had car in for oil change and the Volvo dealer says front pads are down to 1/8" thickness and should be replaced. He said rears are ok. Quoted $97 parts and $98 labor. Asked Service rep at what thickness the warning indicator tells you replacement is needed and he did not know. He said the rotors are ok. Thinking of replacing pads myself. It is time to replace them? Any tips on replacement? I have replaced pads on an american car before.

    Also, was told the sway bar links need replacing at $162 parts and $147 labor. How difficult are these to replace and how can you determine if they need replacing?

    Car only has 39,000 miles and this seems early to have to replace these items. Have had other cars that went more than twice that mileage before brakes needed repair.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,662
    1/8" isn't bad. You have some time. I mean, hell, they only come with like 3/8 new.

    I haven't done an S80, but I've done an S70 and looked at my wife's XC90. There is nothing special here. Should be just the same as the american car you did.

    Again, have only done endlinks on the S70, but there were a piece of cake. If you hear clunking going over small bumps in the road, they need replacing. Otherwise, you can get under, grab hold, and try to move them. They should be very stiff and move little.

    What year is your S80? For $120, you can get these heavy duty endlinks from IPD. I suggest going that route to avoid having to replace them every 30k miles, as was the case on the S70s and V70s.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • Thanks for the good info. It is a 2003 and to this point has been the most trouble-free car I have owned.

    Yeah, I had looked at the front pads recently and concluded there was probably at least 6,000 mi more wear which is one year for this car. In fact, I think they are thicker than 1/8". Any idea at what thickness the wear indicator starts making noise warning replacement needed? Good suggestion on the links. They should last longer and should be no problem for me to replace.
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