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Acura Legend



  • need to relax. The 'factual' differences between the years are small. Some of the 'factual' differences are the engines...type I, or type II...cupholder...airconditioner. Thats pretty much it...everything else is close enough to be the same...most of the variation is with the trim. Any second generation sedan you want to get is going to be good. Not much changed because the change wasn't needed. the type II engine came out with the GS model...maybe some later LS models too?...not the 'sportier' more powerful legend...if you find one in good condition...consider yourself lucky...especially a 6 speed. Cupholder...I think most or all have them...I dont. AC...EPA regulations forced car makers to use a different refridgerant. anything else?
  • What's the difference between the L and the LS. I did a price search and found that the L is worth more than the LS in both Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book? Why the difference? Isn't the LS the more "luxurious" model?
  • outhereouthere Posts: 16
    you are correct the LS is the HIGHER model, and should be priced at a premium over the L model. Did you compare 4 door sedan or coupe models? What year?
  • Ghostalica - thanks for the input. The smoke is positively blue which indicates oil is being burnt. The coolant level has not dropped any. I don't think the head gasket is shot yet. I have made an appointment with my mechanic and he is going to do a compression test. I feel this will shed light on the problem.
  • Looking for a little help on error code E-01. Don't feel the need to take it to Acura. But I can't figure out how to even get the bugger open. Any thoughts would be great.

    PS- 102K, still runs like a dream,
  • Hurricane: I'll never remeber my password, so please reply to me at:
    Was curious what you mechanic said. I too have a smoke problem. Checked the compression by my mechanic and it was good. He said the valve seals and ring seals are probably shot, recommended a $5K rebuild - ouch! Tried "smoke fix" addetive and "engine restore" along with Valvoline MaxLife. Seen some improvement. Please let me know what you discover. Thanks,
  • Want to test drive a '92 with 75k miles. One owner. Asking $8,500 not sure yet if it is a L or LS. Always loved the Legend. Is it worth selling a Camry worth relatively the same to buy a used car that I am not familiar with the history? Is a '92 OK or should I look for newer? What are some common problems to look for? What is the year breaks for change in body style? Thanks in advance for any help!
  • Hi there,

    First time poster, but a grateful reader of recent months.

    I live in Switzerland and am about to buy my first Legend. I've got two cars under consideration, one a 1995, the other 1996. I'd be grateful for some advice or comments from this group about my best purchase. Here's the details....sorry to say I can't give a trim designation for either vehicle at the moment because they are both sight unseen and known here as Honda, as opposed to Acura Legends:

    1995 (Sept) Honda Legend 3.2i
    54,000 miles
    5 speed
    No CD, original timing belt and water pump

    1996 (Aug) Honda Legend 3.5i
    71,000 miles
    CD, new timing belt and water pump

    Both cars are the sedan models (wife and 2 kids, you know), and according to the sellers are in mint shape with no electronic problems etc.

    Obviously there's a difference in displacement with the two engines, although the horsepower is identical. Not sure if the larger engine in the 96 model translated into some gain in torque, or other advantage....kind of why I'm posting here is to get input on those kinds of things.

    So, what's the story with the '95 versus '96 models? The exterior lines of the car seemed to have changed quite a bit during these two years,and obviously the engine size changed as well. Did the new engine in the '96 model experience some teething problems and is it a year to be avoided? Which of these two cars would you guys here opt for and why?

    Thanks for any help I can get on this,

    Dave Meddings
  • petpadpetpad Posts: 153
    Hey sirik - a bit late to answer here for you, but in any case, the Vigor can be expected to be as good looking and as reliable as any Legend, simply because they were very close. I own a 92 Vigor, and several hundred Vigor owners can answer all your questions in our clubhouse which is hosted by Yahoo. First go to , and then click on the Yahoo link for the clubhouse.
  • Is there anyone know if there are some difference between these yesrs models on tail lights?

    I think there are some difference, based on what I saw on the road. Later model got more brighter points..

    If you know some, please let me know... Thanks.
  • fivofivo Posts: 5
    I have a 95 GS Sedan that I purchased in March of this year. The car has developed a strange "rattle" that sounds alot like some sort of electric interference or even the geiger counters that I have heard on TV. The noise seems to be coming from the dash and happens mostly when the car is in gear and you come to a stop (like at a stop light) and the car is sitting idling. If you put the car in park it stops, but sometimes it starts back. Also it seems to happen only when the temperature is 50 degrees F and lower.

    The sound is not loud enough to be heard over a radio playing at normal levels, however it is lound enough to drive out of your mind with the radio off.

    Again it only happens while idling. I have never heard it while moving.

    If anyone has any idea what this could be please advise.


  • xrek1xrek1 Posts: 1
    I have a 90 Legend LS with 118,000 miles. When I start the car, I hear a ticking sound. It goes away after I drive for a while or should I say I can't hear it any more. Does anyone have an idea what it is and how it can be fixed inexpensively? I asked a mechanic once and they said to fix it they would have to replace the engine. They also said the engine was very clean when they replaced the head gasket because I changed the oil regularly.
  • I noticed a similar noise when I used to drive my Dad's '93 Legend, although you describe it as possibly electrical, so I'm not sure. Otherwise, it sounds exactly the same. The catalytic converter heat shields were loose. The mechanic told us we could try some clamping device-which sort of worked, or just take the heat shields out and don't park over any dry leaves. (not exactly a safe solution.)
  • "When I start the car, I hear a ticking sound"

    You probably need a new battery. That is the sound my car makes when the battery is going dead. 91 coupe
  • fxb3fxb3 Posts: 1
    I found a 1990 Acura Legend L with 160000, they [christian thrift organization] offered to take $2,000 for it since it has been sitting for three monthes. The car seems solid bushing, cv's, engine. The starter was acting up so I have yet to start it and check engine,tranny and alignment. There seems to be some oil residue on headers between the engine and radiator though maybe valve cover. Anyone have any suggestions other than mentioned or timing belt, or costs associated. I think I might check it in to our state college run garage for free labor.
  • pwaspwas Posts: 34
    Im trying to make a decision about purchasing a 90 Legend L 4dr 1owner auto thats been well maintained in excellent condition with only 107000 miles. Versus a 91 L 4dr 2nd owner auto with 168000 well maintained 2yr old transmission,and other new parts or a 94 infiniti J30 with 11800 with all the service records but it has a problem now with the drivers door lock and window. What do you suggest HELP! Must make a decision this week.
  • pwaspwas Posts: 34
     I have also notice oil between the radiator on the lower front of engine burning after driving a little. on 90 legend sedan. What can this be some type of leaking valve cover gasket in the front of the engine?
  • I am currently looking to replace my wife's old car (1994 Chevy Cavalier - Teal) with a 1995 Acura Legend L.

    I'm wondering is the dealer giving me a fair deal.

    It's got all options for an L (leather, keyless, automatic, and cd changer). 54599 miles(??) What is wrong with the prior owners? Pay almost $40,000 for a car and not drive it??????

    I've had it checked by a mechanic, they found a bent (and rather scraped up rim) but other than that they thought it was solid. The car doesn't appear to have been serviced recently and they couldn't tell on the 30k service.

    But based on age and mileage it's due for some pricey work. Needs tires, timing belt (age), etc, and that rim replaced. Plus it has one very small dent in the trunk (trailer hitch backed into?).

    They were asking $10,995, I've got them down to $10. But they haven't agreed to fix the dent and they aren't planning on detailing (fine by me, it's clean).

    Do I buy it? Or should I be concerned about the lack of mileage (seems like a strange question) and service records?
  • I have been reading the various messages about the seemingly normal overheating problems that occur with Legends. My youngest son is currently looking at an 89 model that the current owner admits 'is overheating'. He has replaced the radiator (twice), the hoses, belts etc but nothing seems to work.
    The main symptom appears to be a 'surging' effect in the water level when the radiator cap is removed. Would this point towards a cracked head ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Dave, in the USA, they changed the name between '95 and '96 from Legend to RL when the body style changed. No new "Legends" in the USA. They are both called Acura over here. The '91 through '95 Legends look the same. I bought a '91 in 2000 for my daughter to use at college. It has been good, but it did need a head gasket job at 141,000 miles which set me back about $1800. Had the valves done at the same time. You probably can't go wrong with either car, in the USA most would prefer the automatic. The '96 is just the most recent model change, and still the one we see here. Called an Acura RL 3.5.

    Also these things tend to hold value.
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Given my experience it is most likely a blown head gasket, but a cracked block might do the same. See previous post about the $1800 is spent on a head gasket and valve job last summer.
  • hyiuhyiu Posts: 18
    Hi All:

    I have a 93 Legend.. very nice car and running well... recently, I drove my cousin's new Golf...
    1 thing I noticed is that they have a "slightly blue tinted mirror"... that makes it sooo much better when driving at night... esp. if a suv / truck is behind you....

    I tried to look for tinted side mirror, but with no luck... anyone can give me a pointer ??...

  • I have a 93 Acura Legend L (auto)with 80K miles. I started to experience some starting problem and would like to get your help.
    When I try to start, it would crank and ignite, but die out in a 1~2 seconds. I first suspect there is something wrong with my battery which was replaced only a year ago. I tested with Voltage meter-it's 12 V. Could that be the alternator problem? I turned the headlight on, it's no problem there. One more thing is that when I insert the key and turn to on position right before to ignite, the cluster signs do't display as usual. What's wrong with it? Thanks in advance for your input!
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Since the headlights seem to work fine, it isn't the alternator. Does it crank, start and then the engine dies? If so, it is not the starter, battery, or alternator. It seems to be in the engine. Does it stutter and die or just die? With the problem with the cluster lights mentioned too, I am guessing that the problem is a single one and is actually in the ignition switch in the dash itself. Try jiggling the key a little and see if it keeps running or the cluster lights come on.

    Good luck

    ES '91 Legend Sedan
  • prattsterprattster Posts: 59
    Your syptoms sound like a failing main fuel sending relay located under the steering wheel, pretty easy to change out yourself. The cost is about $40 if I recall. This is a so&so common problem with the Legend and early 90's Accords. Your best bet would be to visit a great site with tons of info. and very informed Legend owners. Hope this helps.
  • bg68bg68 Posts: 1
    I own a 94 Legend Coupe (L) and I recently had my front seats reupholstered. When I picked my car up I noticed that my driver side door was not electronically catching anymore and that even when I closed my door my door open sign was still on and the interior lights were still on as if the door was never closed. I called the local Acura dealer and they recommeded that I replace the door switch which isn't visible to the naked eye like in most cars. Needless to say $200 later (part and labor) and I still have the same problem and to compound the problem, it has now drained my battery...any advice would be greatly appreicated.
  • ekazekaz Posts: 1
    A couple things I have noticed about my 95 Legend Coupe in 2 yrs of ownership...The 1st to 2nd gear shift is rough, but dealer and independant jobbers tell me this is normal on the Legend. I did have trans fluid changed with a power-flush to get ALL the old oil out for about $150. It still shifts rough-with a jump... The radiator was developing a minor slow oozing type leak at top (plastic) cap, so I changed it myself. Acura part est. was $454. vs. 160 at Sims radiator shop in Atlanta. So I bought the $160 one & installed myself but had to buy the hoses at dealer because the others wouldn't fit correctly. Last week, my drivers window went down, but wouldn't go up. Honda dealer charged me $440. to replace the switch cluster in the door panel...way too much I thought but whatchagunna do. I love the Legend look & ride and hope I can drive for many years to come. I can not get overly excited about the new Acuras. I want to get a Vigor soon also.
  • We are considering buying an '87 Acura Legend, original owner. 74,000 miles, mint condition inside and out. Same mechanic during the past 10 years. Any reason not to buy it??? Would like to hear from '87 Legend owners. Thanks.
  • hcmmikehcmmike Posts: 19
    my daughter will turn sweet sixteen next week and has found a 1991 LS Coupe with 131,000 miles being offered for $4,000. I haven't done a lot of research yet (she just hit me with this when I got home)and would like to hear from anybody who wants to offer their two cents. I've never looked at Acuras before (to buy).

    The car is supposedly in mint condition (aren't they all)...we're taking it to our mechanic tomorrow...assuming everything checks out, what do you all think of this car for the price?
  • I use to own a 88 Acura Legend L. The ticking noise was a valve problem that went away when the oil and motor heated up. It is a design problem that shows up in older Acura's. I currently own a 95 Acura Legend GS.
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