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Acura Legend



  • prattsterprattster Posts: 59
    The 1st thing that I would do is find out if the radiator is original and if so replace this asap.. This is the most critical thing that could lead to head gasket warpage and big $$ to fix (poor design again). Alls it takes is a little crack on top of the tank and if not caught in time will cause a bad head gasket. Check to see if plugs are good and change these along with fuel filter and thermostat and any check for any clunking noise when you drive or stop this could be a bad rear tranny mount which is a known wear item.
  • repak1repak1 Posts: 9
    From a privious message, #450. I found that the seat rail handle was hanging up somewhat. I had push forward on the back of the seat in order to move it back. Hope no one has the same problem.
  • repak1repak1 Posts: 9
    I have a 92 Vigor that has been wrecked. It runs, but not sure if I want to put the money into it to repair it or part it out. Still a beautiful car from the windshield back. Black leather interior is in great condition, I hate to see the car parteed out, but as a last resort I will do that. Since bought a 92 Legend , slightly more power, tan seats, wonderful car. When did the body style change , that takes away the wonderful style this car has? My next car "whenever " will also be an Acura, But I want the same body style. Drive on!!!!! Buy an Acura
  • repak1repak1 Posts: 9
    Can anyone help me increase the economy with my 92 Legend. I have thought about installing an aftermarket air intake filter and also doing something with the exhaust system. Does anyone have any "good" info. in these areas? Thanks
  • repak1repak1 Posts: 9
    Can anyone tell me what is happening with my Honda Accord? It seems like its not shifting into high gear, its an automatic. When going up a hill it slows down considerably. No power,is there a catalatic converter on these cars, high RPM, no zip in the trottle at all. 260,000 miles. Please help
  • tjepptjepp Posts: 7
    A big thanks goes out to andmoon (Don) and prattster for your timely advice. I've been very busy at work (aren't we all) but looked at that 95 and a 94 LS coupe. 95 needed a little work and dealer wouldn't budge on the price. The coupe was nice but also needed a little work and was a previous rental. I'm looking at a 92 LS sedan on Mon. Very well taken care of with receipts. Hey andmoon, 25 MPG sounds great, was the ride really smooth for 1200 miles? These cars are so comfortable. The ABS light could be caused by an ABS/TCS speed sensor or ABS modulator right? I bet prattster would know more. And repak1, sounds like your Accord's tranny is slipping when it's put under a stress (ie. hills, towing, etc) And the second generation body style that's so attractive ran from 91-95. Acura then renamed the Legend the RL. It's a "softer" car suspension wise and not as bulletproof as the Legends but a nice car nonetheless.
  • andmoonandmoon Posts: 320
    that was all highway. Now I'm getting 21~22mpg in 70/30 highway/suburb driving.
  • bmwlover3bmwlover3 Posts: 11
    I own 1991 Legend L /Auto Trans. 107,000 Miles in almost perfect condition. It has used Mobile 1 5w30 every 3000 miles when I converted from dino at 6000 miles. The coolant,trans fluid, PS fluid, and brake fluid (including abs) have been changed every year (12 times so far).

    My understanding is when the cooling system in these cars fail, they can destroy the engine.

    I would like to keep the car for as long as possible. Does anyone have any recommendations. Thank you.

    Best Regards,
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    I am looking to get into a used 91+ legend sedan with 5 speed manual transmission. My first choice would be the type II with 6 speed manual but wondering if the 230 hp engine has any reliability issues ? I read in this forum about radiator issues but other than that, would it be safer to stay conservative and go with the widely used 3.2 200 hp engine or go for what I really want which is the type II engine.

    Please advise.
  • rchinrchin Posts: 7
    1990 Legend L/Manual/120K

    After much egging & badgering..from womanfolks (what they know about cars ;)
    I am getting 2004 TSX...time to say goodbye to the good ol' Legend...It's not much of a looker but man the engine is sooo sweet....still purrs like a cat.
    Easily outruns & outhandles most sedans on the road.

    I truly hope the TSX, 100% Japanese like the Legend, is going to be as reliable, if not more.

    I thought the value is only round $1500
    , but edmund TMV shows $2,510 (Trade-in).
  • andmoonandmoon Posts: 320
    After getting quotes from $800 to $1,400 to have the timing belt and waterpump replaced on my 94 gs, I bought a waterpump, timing belt, belt tensioner and all drive belts for around $300 and replaced them myself. The whole process took around 8 hours (I have replaced a water pump on a 88 volvo but this was my first shot at a timing belt).
    Haines manual was my guide and there were no surprises except for the main pulley bolt. Acura has a special tool that holds the pulley from spinning while undoing the bolt...I used the crazy method of laying a ratchet against the floor and turning the starter motor...fine to undo the bolt but to tighten it (170 or 180 ft/lbs) I held the pulley with a chain oil filter remover while protecting the pulley with a piece of used belt.
    Not as hard as I had expected. If there are any of you who are on the fence about doing this job yourself, I say go for it.
  • rparrishrparrish Posts: 2
    Hi, I have a 95 with 93000 on it and I experience the same thing, I just bought the car couple of months ago, I love the ride and features, have had a few problems already, master cylinder went out, replaced the timing belt and water pump was going. Now, I am overheating this morning, so here we go back to the mechanic today. Am getting tired of the problems, but, what I understand it is worth putting the money into it? Let me know how yours goes! Renee
  • rparrishrparrish Posts: 2
    I just bought the same car and have had a few problems, master cylander, timing belt and water pump, now I have it overheating on me, have put some money into it for sure. Everyone says it is worth it, it is a sweet ride but I notice the shifting thing too. I had the transmission fluid flushed and it seems to help some. Just how this car shifts I guess!
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    If you mean the slight jerk in tranny when shifting, that is how all honda auto transmissions shift. I have been told that by multiple sources. Some even went on to state that this somehow prolongs the life of the tranny. Don't ask me why as I didn't get the logic. Just replace the fluid every 24 months or 24k miles and you should be ok.
  • Man, these cars are selling for over KBB on ebay and autotrader.

    I found an '89 LS Coupe with a 5-spd and 55k miles on it on ebay. First bid was $4k and reserve was not met. Admittedly the car is in amazing condition (owner must have been obsessive/compulsive hehe) ... but Retail on that car is $4600 ... Anyone else have similar experiences trying to by a late 1st gen?
  • skyhawk10skyhawk10 Posts: 3
    I hava a Accura legend 1993 the spark advance setting is 15 degrees BTDC. This car is distributorless. Can the timing be adjusted? I get gass knocks even with 93 octane gas.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi skyhawk10, welcome.

    Another good place to ask about that is in our Got a Quick, Technical Question? discussion. Give it a try while you are waiting to see if anyone here can help.

    Hope you get it worked out.
  • stjohn1stjohn1 Posts: 1
    Looking at a 91 Legend L Sedan, 89000 mis, loaded, looks great, for my newly licensed daughter to drive; owner says he has replaced radiator and "upgraded" a/c. Asking $4900, Kelly Blue Book is about $5400; I keep reading these reviews that say these cars fetch Blue Book prices or above. Any advice?
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    It sounds like a reasonable price. A few things to check :

    - Cooling System. Make sure there are no leaks. Common issues with radiator etc.
    - Perform a compression test - to catch any damage to engine due to cooling problems.
    - Check AC system. Make sure it cools well as any AC related work is $$$$.

    It is a safe and solid car and a good pick for a new driver. Can't go wrong provided it is maintained well.
  • andmoonandmoon Posts: 320
    I am not sure if this is common. When I start my 94 gs the engine catches to about 1500 rpm and then settles to normal idle. While the rpms drop to normal there is a ticking sound like valve or injector tick. i am not sure if I just noticed this or if it's a new sound. Anyone else's engine tick while rpms drop to idle?

  • Hi, I just thought I'd start a discussion here about my new car...after looking around for about a year for an Acura Legend, RL, or Lexus LS400...I finally found the best deal on my first ride. I'm only 15 but I knew I wanted one of these vehicles since I was about 8 and right now I'm still just really proud to have my 92 Acura Legend LS sitting in our garage. However I really would like to get to know other owners so I can just get a better knowledge of the car itself. The car has a few problems and I'd really like to know if anyone else has had any of the same problems.
       The biggest problem seems to be the engine lacks major power....I mean it seems to be lagging and it gets extremely bogged down if the A/C is on. Actually we've just been shifting it into neutral when we come to a redlight because the car seems like its about to stall if the A/C is on and its sitting at a stop in D4. So does anyone know what this could be? I'd REALLY like to know because I know how the car should be performing...and its just not performing well at all....believe it or not I've seen a few camrys and tauruses walk away from it from a takeoff....and that's surely not very "legend-like". lol So yes can anyone please fill me in on whats up? My dad and I are researching it some now but I thought the best way to find out is meet other owners.
       Also besides when the A/C is sometimes just doesn't want to start up. It seems usually after its been in the heat...luckily its always been just in the driveway when it won't start, and I really don't want this to happen when I'm away from home. It has an almost new battery so I don't think that could be it.
       Also, the engine only has 95k miles on it, so the engine should still be running strong as ever. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    The '92 Legend is a nice car, but what are you doing with a car when you're only 15? You can't legally drive it yet, so why spend on insurance just to have it sit in your garage?
  • Well I'll just be honest, I guess I'm just a little spoiled. My dad paid cash for this car and is also going to be paying the insurance and all. However I'm REALLY grateful for that and I will get a job if I need to. But yea I'm not sure about where you are from, but down here in Georgia its like really, really common for a 15 year old to have their own car....maybe not an Acura though. lol Anyway I do plan on getting a job whenever I have time, I do some extracirricular things plus I'm in all college prep plus classes at school and all that keeps me too busy for a job.
       SO yes I have the car now basically because the time was right and my dad got a good deal, and for me to clean up, practice driving on, and (bluntly) to brag to my friends about...don't worry they do it back though.
        Ok I've thoroughly bored you all now probably so I'll be quiet and wait for some help on the engine problems. Thanks :-)
  • Maybe you need a timing belt and water pump change.
  • I'm quite familiar with the Legend, great cars BTW. Your mileage is nothing for the Legend these cars will easily do 300K miles. 1st, you need to to a complete 90K tune-up, change plugs, fuel filter, air filter and all drive belts and Timing belt, water pump, thermostat. Not cheap but will surely increase performance and gas mileage. The main fuel relay going bad located below the steering wheel is a known problem with hard start problems. Type this in Google and you'll get many results and syptoms. One thing you need to check is if the radiator is original, these cars will overheat and can develop a warped head gasket, big bucks to fix. Replace the radiator with a all metal one for peace of mind, inspect for any hair line cracks on top since it's a plastic top portion. Report back with your findings..
  • Read up on this similar type of problem 1st entry. Also cleaning the fuel injectors won't hurt BK44 is the best out there.
  • Ok awesome now I have stuff to look into. Thanks for letting me know about another question for u sapparo or anybody else that might know...For one thing, we bought the car from a used car dealership..not an acura dealership, so we have no owner's manuel, original key, or remote control (if the 92 year model has a remote, I'm not sure but I think it does). The memory seats don't work....I'm not sure, maybe I just don't know how to work them because I don't have instructions...but its just 3 buttons and I've pressed them all and in combinations and nothing happens. I think its just the wireing inside that is bad probably. Does anybody know what to do about that? That would be really nice if I could get it to work. Also, just today, the button for the trunk stopped working...I push it all the way down, double click it...I've tryed everything, and it just doesn't unlock the trunk. It doesn't even make any noice or anything. It worked fine until today. So can anybody help me out there. Luckily all the other electronics seem to work fine.
       Anyway, I will look into all of that that you mention sapparo and report back to you. Thanks!
  • About the 90K tuneup, is that something I need to have the Acura dealership do? Or is that just all the things you told me I need to change out?
      Also I think I figured out whats up with the problems seems like when I start the car up and move it a short distance or just start it and run it...not actually driving anywhere, it doesn't want to start back up afterwards. Like lately I've been just moving it around our driveway and in and out of the garage because I've been doing a lot of cleaning in it. For example the other day I had moved it to a different part of the driveway to wash it, the backed it up some to clean out the inside, then I put it in the garage. Well about an hour later when we needed to close the garage, it wasn't in far enough to close the door so I tryed to start it, and it simply wouldn't start. So I ended up putting it in neutral and pushing it up. This is getting really frustrating. So could that be it? Or is it still just the fuel relay? Hope to hear back soon. :-)
  • Hi I'm new to this site but I am hoping that someone here will be able to help me. I just recently purchased a 95 Legend Sedan. I am in love!!! It is in great condition, it has a little over 116K miles. The only problem I have with it is that every once in a while when I try to unlock the driver's side door the alarm will sound and I will have to turn the key in the passenger side to get it to stop. It only happens every once in a while but I continually have to unlock in from the passenger side so it doesn't go off....does anyone have any advise or know why it is doing that???
  • From my little research, I have found this to be true: 6 speed manual tranny with type II engine in a sedan was only available on the GS model in 1994 and 1995. The standard and LS sedans had 5 speed manual and the old 200 hp engine in '94 and '95. Is this true ?

    Secondly, how hard will it be to find this combination ? a 6 speed manual sedan in the last generation. Ideas ?
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