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Toyota Corolla



  • i_luv_toyotai_luv_toyota Posts: 350
    Removing badges can sometimes leave a residue, but this can be easily taken off with adhesive remover (I do not have a product name off-hand), or just pick it off with your fingernails. Polish the areas afterwords for clean, shiny look.

    Another thing, you might not want to do this if your car is old enough to have dulled paint from the sun and/or the elements. It could possibly show the badge's outline (ie "TOYOTA" etc.) because the paint under the badge has not dulled. Especially noticeable with darker colors.
  • behhppbehhpp Posts: 51
    The headroom is fine when driving the 2003. Plenty of room, plus some extra room. About as much room as the Camry.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    That the US production of Corollas can't keep up with demand. Imports from Japan are being brought in.
  • terryinvaterryinva Posts: 2
    I am looking at buying a used 1993 Corolla 4dr,
    AC, Auto with only 70K. It was literally owned
    a grandmother. The asking cost is $5000. Talking with people have told me Toyotas are good for resale value and can easily go to 200K if
    the proper preventive maintenance is performed. I have never owned a Toyota and this will be my first if I make a purchase. With this being a '93 with low miles any feedback good or bad will be greatly appreciated if this would be a worthwhile investment (The car will mainly be used as a second family vehicle for the misses and/or me going to and from to work)...Thanks in advance!

    Terry W.
    Chesapeake, Va
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    I bought a 1996 Corolla back in January. I've only had it for about 1,300 miles but it has been flawless. The 1993 Corolla generation was one of the best ever built so it should do you well. Check for squeaks though because the 93 was the first year of production and it might have those. Also, check to see if you can find any newer Corollas for that amount. My 1996 had only 68k miles for $7,200 and was auto, had AC, spoiler, 6 disc cd player, alloy wheels, cruise, power windows and locks. It was a DX model too.
  • terryinvaterryinva Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info! I'll also check out some newer models and similar deals for the price.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    you seem to love cars, and your Corolla, so how is it that you have driven ONLY 1300 miles in nearly 6 months?
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    Well I only have a driver's permit. I'll have the license (hopefully) July 3.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Those permit days... they seem so long ago.... but only 4 years......
    enjoy your license...(i'm sure you'll get it..and if its your bday... happy bday!!)
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    It will be a half birthday really. I actually should have gotten my permit December 30, but since it was a Sunday during the holiday season I had to wait until January 3. I was told the earliest I could get the license was July 1, but the driving school scheduled it for the 3rd instead. Oh well! I just hope I pass. In Kentucky, one has to wait until 16 to get the permit and 16 1/2 to get the license. How silly.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    If you think that's bad, you should see our laws in Ontario. It would make your hair stand up.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    I parked in front of a 2003 Corolla LE in silver today. There is just something interesting about the design of the front of the car. It just looks so neat.
  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    I couldn't agree more - I saw a white LE yesterday - something about the design reminds me of a Lexus - the '03 Corolla is very eye-catching!
  • mickeywdwmickeywdw Posts: 12
    A couple of weeks ago I asked about crash test results for the 03 corolla because I was cross shopping the corolla and civic to replace my 91 camry. I wanted to follow up and let you know we took delivery of our new civic ex this week. We selected the civic over the corolla for a few reasons:

    1) The crash tests on the civic are excellent and a best pick on the IIHS site. Toyota could not tell me when the crash tests would be scheduled. For us, this was important.
    2) On the test drives the Civic was less noisey, although the corrola was less noisey than the first civic lx we test drove.
    3) We couldn't get the combination of anti-lock brakes, side airbags and a moonroof on the corolla anytime soon, although the dealer offered to install a moon roof at the dealership.
    4) Slight fear of the corolla being a first year model.
    5) Got a great price - $16,295 for the civic ex sedan with auto and side airbags. It comes standard with a moon roof and antilock brakes.

    So far we love the civic, it drives so much smoother than our camry (which we loved and gave us 11 years of safe and reliable service). We never had a car with a moon roof before and we think it is great!

    Anyway, thanks for the help and good luck!

  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    I'm sure you will enjoy your new Civic very much - for me, it came down to the Civic LX or the Corolla LE - this was in March of last year so the newly designed '03 Corollas were not out yet - I chose the Corolla over the Civic for these reasons:

    More HP
    better powertrain warranty
    did not have Firestone tires
    had a timing chain, not a belt
    got a better deal
    had a outside temperature gauge

    Prior to purchasing my Corolla, I drove a '86 Honda Civic hatchback - this was a GREAT little car - nothing major went wrong in almost 15 years of ownership - so yes, I am still big on Hondas, best of luck and enjoy your new car.
  • laksjlaksj Posts: 19
    The air conditioning in my 2002 Corolla LE has been producing this intermittent whooshing sound lately. I’ve taken it to the dealer who initially thought it was the belt tensioner. However, after replacing the belt tensioner, the sound still remains. The dealer said that the sound was normal and –since it’s intermittent- that it was probably the A/C’s compressor’s intermittent activation that produces this sound. Now I’ve had a 2000 Corolla prior to this one, which essentially had the same A/C system, but I’d never noticed a similar sound coming out of it. The sound I’m talking about is what you’d hear if a belt were rubbing against something. I initially thought it was an airplane passing (I work near the airport), until I heard it in my building’s underground parking!

    Has anyone else experienced a similar problem with their 1998-2002 Corollas and –if so- was there a fix to it. I fear that, if there indeed is a problem with my A/C which my dealer can’t diagnose, it’s getting worse since the noise in question is getting louder the more I use the A/C.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    With the front seats all the way back, will two child car-seats fit in the back seat of a 1998 – 2002 Corolla?
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    That depends on how far back you have your seat reclined. I drive my 02 Corolla with the seat all the way back and slightly reclined, and I can fit a car seat (I only drive with one) in the back. Also depends on your kids, and how much you can stand them kicking you from behind :-)
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    Thanks for the info. Is your car seat right behind the driver seat?
  • edle777edle777 Posts: 19
    We have two car seats in our 99 Corolla, one behind each front seat with the gap in the middle.

    I don't think having the front seats all the way back will be a problem. There won't be a lot of spare room left so an older child can easily reach the front seat and may thus annoy you by kicking it, as dave points out.

    The bigger problem we find is that the contouring of the rear seat makes it hard to level the carseats. Usually an extra blanket or towel is needed, but this may depend on the carseat. And of course, forget about getting another person back there, after all it is a Corolla.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    On some thread at one time there was an argument about the best selling car in the world. I believe it was between the Beetle and the Corolla and now there is more support of the Corolla's crown.'s article:

    The Golf recently passed the Beetle has VW's best selling automobile.

    "Despite its huge sales, the Golf is still behind the all-time best-seller, the Toyota Corolla, which was launched in 1966 and has accounted for around 26 million sales." (The Golf has 21.5 million sales.)

  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    Sometimes I put the seat directly behind me, but most of the time I put it in the middle using the middle belt. My kid likes to look out at the road when he's in the car.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    I was driving today and a 2003 white Corolla was passing me in the opposite direction. At first I thought it was a Suzuki Esteem. I'm so ashamed. What blasphemy!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    HOW could you mistake a '03 Corolla for an Esteem?! You SHOULD be ashamed! That's nearly as bad as someone mistaking a Kia Spectra sedan for a Camry, which, er, I did a few months ago... c'mon, the tailights do look a lot alike, right??
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    Haha, Backy! Actually, from a distance there is something about the front of the Esteem that is like the Corolla. But I can't put my finger on it. However, we all know the Corolla is a million times better in every aspect. :-D
  • mralanmralan Posts: 174
    Anyone look hard at the Echo before they purchased their Corolla?

    What made you select the Corolla over the Echo?
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    I never seriously considered the Echo. That high and narrow profile was just too funky for my conservative taste. IMHO, the 03 Corolla reminds me too much of the Echo. I prefer the 02 styling myself.
  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    I never did test drive an Echo last year while car-shopping - at one Toyota dealership, I saw an Echo parked outside next to the showroom - I asked the salesman about it - I think I asked "what's that?" - and he just looked at me and shook his head - as if to say "don't even bother" - I am happy with my '01 Corolla LE (the styling looks good to me although I do like the looks of the '03 better) and I don't know if I would have preferred the Echo over the Corolla - but I do wish now that I had at least test-driven one...the fact that it is kind of funky-looking is a plus I think.
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    I don't own either, although I was a part of my neices decision to buy an '03 Corolla last week. I DID look at both an 02 Corolla and 02 Echo late last year when I was purchasing a car, but found the Echo lacking in my required options (power windows, as an example, if I remember correctly.) The back seat was too small in the 02 Corolla, and (as we all know already, the 03 seating position is not right for everyone. Me included) One last thought...I don't care for the looks of the Echo, or the center location of the speedo.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    I got my license today. :-) Now my Corolla will be getting more miles!
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