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Audi A6



  • whgwhg Posts: 2
    It seems jkendall ordered a 2002 Audi A6. Do you or anyone else know what the differences are with the 2001 A6? Any idea of price? When will they be available here in the US? Is it worth the wait for the changes or just get a 2001? I've heard of some changes ie. brakes, front end weight reduced, 3.0 V6, 40% quieter. Does anyone know where you can find out the info. Thanks in advance for your help. This is the first Audi I'll be buying and my first posting here.
  • jkendalljkendall Posts: 30
    whg, check on: for the info you seek, click on 2001 archives, then April-June and scroll down to April Audi News, A6 gets a face lift. I think it's worth the wait. Cars should be arriving at the end of this month, 'cause they started building them a couple or so months ago. Yes, bigger brakes, tiptronic on the steering wheel, among some cosmetic changes, such as being able to see the exhaust tips, etc. There's a six page article about them. I have no idea of price, except the dealer and I agreed on a number above his invoice which seemed reasonable to me (remember there's no holdback, so you can't expect below invoice, especially on a new one). I like quiet, so the thicker glass and the 2db reduction in road noise is valuable to me, especially since the most noticeable thing I had in my test drive was tire noise. My guess on price is that it'll be close to the inflation rate, altho I have no way of being sure. I just want it, and not having to dicker over price was a wonderful experience.


  • jkendalljkendall Posts: 30
    Mark, actually that's great! I can't blame myself for not having ordered the 17s! I wanted them, but had a 'practical' brain f**t. Do you know what the size is? Surely they're not as big as on the 4.2 (255X40)?! If they are, I'll just have to watch to avoid pot holes, etc.
    Also, the tip is my choice. I had manuals on five 911s and I'm 62, plus my bride will be driving it as well, and altho she's comfortable with stick, the tip is an incredibly effective solution to the AT lack of control of engine speed.
    I have the world's most erratic schedule and wanted to call Ralph today to be sure he ordered the 6 disc changer. I'm hard of hearing, with two Siemens hearing aids, so, altho I am an audiophile (and Audiphile), the reports about the Bose perhaps not being worth it kept me from it. Ralph said the nav would have OnStar in a few months, so I'll just buy the bride a hand held gps 'til next time around.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343

    Ralph, at Northland Audi in Cincinnati, told me the 2002 A6 2.7T has a great deal of the look of a 2001 A6 4.2 -- flared front fenders, below the grill spoiler/air intake, etc. Now this tells me that it would be possible for the tire size to be 255 x 40 x 17. But, based on past experience with Audi's, they will probably have a somewhat smaller tire -- perhaps a 225, maybe even as big as a 245 with the profile appropriately factored in (perhaps as low as 45, but I cannot imagine higher than 50).

    As I said, I (at age 50, if that has any relevance) have always preferred manual transmissions -- my wife's 6spd manual TT is a blast, my 1995 S6 (also manual) was terrific! My 1997 A8 had a non-tip 5spd AT and, beats me why, I never took to it. My 1999, 2000 and 2001 A6's all have had 5spd Tip-AT's and just now I am starting to "not mind" and actually enjoy (a bit) the transmission -- and, having read about the upcoming 6spd tip (not the multitronic) that will be on the A8's (which means "coming soon" to the A6's), well (shhhh don't tell anyone) I can't wait.

    I read that the 6spd tip, unlike the multitronic, still has perceptable shift points, weighs 44 pounds less (than the current 5spd tip) and can handle much greater torque (which means, in theory at least, the Audi's will have more powerful engines mated to this transmission). I read, about this transmission, that it will equal the quickness of the manual transmission, but gives up a small amount of economy (which apparently the multitronic does NOT do). The multitronic must have some torque limitations at present which may account for its lack of availability on any of the higher performance Audi's -- in fact, I do not believe it will be available on the US bound quattros at least at first.

    Anyway, I completely understand and at least partially agree with you JK, the auto transmissions (esp the tip) are very good indeed. On the other hand, choice is nice too.

    I am such an Audi "nut" that I would love to have a 2002, but I am determined to wait for the 2003's, especially since, at 10,000+ miles, I have my A6 4.2 just about the "way I like it."

    I expect full reports on your 2002 on this forum.

    And, the first 2002's will probably hit dealers within the next 45 days (according to my dealer). Audi has, in the past, delayed their new cars introductions -- my guess is that would be to help dealers clear out the 2001 inventory. Perhaps with sales of the 2001's as brisk as they have been, this will not be as much of a factor this year.
  • whgwhg Posts: 2
    jkendall, thanks you for the much appreciated info. I went to the site you suggested and found plenty of information. I think I'll wait for the 2002's. I'm looking forward to them. Thanks again.
  • tony107tony107 Posts: 15
    Hi, Can some one help me decide what to buy...I was thinking of 1996 audi a6 or volvo 850. My Dad for some reason does not like audi...although he had never even driven one before, does any one know which is better?
  • How much money down in the A6 Lease deal?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Is it a quattro (the A6 that is)?
  • lisamplslisampls Posts: 20
    I paid $2232 out of pocket, with them waiving the security deposit and acquisition fee, which saved me $1000. I thought that was very reasonable, considering it's a $46,000 car.
    I had to pay $1800 down for my '98 Honda Accord Coupe lease on a $25,000 car!
  • lisamplslisampls Posts: 20
    This is my first Audi, and will likely not be my last with my impressions from my first 100 miles and from the unbelievable customer service from the dealership.
    My salesguy even called me the day after I brought my car home asking if I had any questions.
    The Tiptronic is great and the ride is smooth and very quiet. I cannot hear any wind noise whatsoever...whether I'm going 30 or 100, which is a big (and pleasant) change from my Honda Accord!
    I love the comfort of the seats (the lumbar is great!) and the stereo and heating/cooling is in a convenient location and easy to access.
    There is plenty of leg room in the back, and the trunk is surprisingly large.
    I am very happy with this car and love it more every time it get into it!
    I do have a question for some of you...what do you suggest to use to clean and maintain the leather? How often should I clean it? This is also my first car with leather, so I want to make sure I take care of it from the start.
    Thanks for all the great information on this board - it is so helpful to get "real life" experiences as opposed to just reading a review from some writer who has driven the car once.
    Thanks for your help!
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Lisa, most people (including me) who have used the Lexol products have had very good things to say about them. One bottle each of the cleaner and the conditioner should give you a good start and last quite a while if you follow the directions. If you apply it regularly and keep the leather clean it will look like new for many years to come. I'm sure other products out there do a good job as well - just make sure you don't use Armorall or any general household cleaners that can clog the pores of the leather - a clean, damp cloth is better than these or nothing at all.
    Another thing which is just common sense is to try and avoid parking your car in the hot summer sun as much as possible - this will cause fading and premature aging of any car's interior.
    I've ordered items including Lexol from autosupermart with good success - here's a link to there interior section if you want to check them out:

    Joel (in Mpls. too)

  • radpkradpk Posts: 3
    Anyone here live in Fresco, CA? I'm moving there shortly and I'd like to know what their service kept is like. I believe there is only one Audio dealer in town. Any information would be appreciated.
  • rambo7rambo7 Posts: 4
    Just got an '01 A6 2.7T and love it. Waffled and went with the standard tires/wheels.

    I'm not a street racer and like the "wolf -in-sheeps-clothing" aspect of the 2.7. Like the blend of perfomance and luxury especially. (But sure wish I'd gotten the sport seats-- lateral support stinks). Had been considering a Mustang, but this car blew me away.

    Anybody want to give me their two cents on how lower profile tires and 17" wheels would affect the ride? Worth the cost?
  • tony107tony107 Posts: 15
    Im not really concerned about quattro. What i am concerned with is reliability.
  • kv007kv007 Posts: 30
    we have a 2000 2.7t with std 215/55R16s on it and a 2001 bmw 330xi with std 205/50R17s on it. The low profiles on my bimmer are a little skinnier than the audis' would be (i think) but for what its worth, the ride is definitely stiffer and the car picks up all kinds of little bumps and ruts in the road.

    not sure if that's a worthwhile comparison --the bimmer definitely handles a bit better but that's more the car than the tires i think. actually, i think the audi's performance on the std tires is another good example of wolf in sheeps clothing character -- seems soft at first, but when you really push it around corners it never misses a beat.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Glad you're enjoying your 2.7T. Many folks recommend Lexol highly, but I prefer the Zaino products, both cleaner and conditioner. I've got the vanilla leather in my 2.7T and clean and condition the seats about once a month. After 8900 miles, no dirt or noticable wear. URL for you:

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I had a 1997 A8, purchased new with the 17" option. Tires were 225 x 55 x 17 Goodyear GSD.

    At 18,000+ miles, the treadwear indicators started poking through -- at that exact moment in time no GSD tire (which other than the miles, I liked) was available.) New A8's started coming in with Goodyear LS tires (same size); they were about $100/each -- so I bought four of them. Mistake -- like riding on oatmeal. A couple of months later, I bought 4 Pirelli PZero Asymetrico's size 245 x 50 x 17" ($250 ea) -- the ride, road noise and handling IMPROVED.

    Then I ordered an A6 4.2 with 17" wheels -- it came with 255 x 40 x 17" tires, I thought the car would be rough riding. Not so, again an improvement in ride, road noise and peroformance (this with Dunlop Sp 9000's.) Seventeen months later ordered another A6 4.2, this time with sport package (therefore it automatically came with the 255 x 40 x 17's). Car came in with Pirelli P6000's -- car had much more road noise and a stiffer ride (the sport suspension, perhaps?). At 8,000 miles the road noise, two flat tires (screws in the sidewall from a construction site) and tread wear indicators now "visible," I started my research for new tires. Ended up with Yokohama AVS db (decible) @ 255 x 40 x 17" ultra high performance all - season tires. Better ride, virtually no road noise and no degradation in performance.

    The "mix" of suspension, tires, wheels (perhaps), even the seats is the key, IMO. The tires alone are significant but are NOT THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factor -- I would go with the "big wheels & tires" -- on Audi's at least. And, I would stop growing my wheel size (say from 17 to 18's) if the tread width did not increase. For example, the plus size for my A6 4.2 is 255 x 35 x 18" -- I would not spend any money on this, as I would think that the lower profile tire with no increase in width would be just that much more likely to be a pot hole magnent -- and I use my car on everyday roads and highways, so what little benefit I would get from the lower profile would be offset by the increased risk and with no accompanying increase in foot print.
  • jkendalljkendall Posts: 30
    Mark, I agree with you about plus sizing these fine cars, especially with large wheels already.
    I found out that the '02 2.7T sport package has 235x45x17" tires. I drove over to meet Ralph
    and saw the Amulet Red, which is OK, but a little darker than I like (but I'll try to suffer thru it!!).

    I added the rear sunshade, but just didn't think I would appreciate the NAV in its' current configuration. Another thing I learned was that the rear parktronic which I would like to have is now in the premium package, separate from NAV. Heated seats are a separate option, and include rear as well as front.

    I just hope the tires are a good choice, as I hate to drive something for several thousand miles while waiting for a 'good' one to come along.

    I've never tried the Zaino's that timcar suggests, but what I read makes me believe their products are quite good.

  • allartallart Posts: 17
    The footprint of a tire is not affected by the width of the tire, but by the pressure. Take the weight of your car in pounds, devide by four, and then devide by the pressure in pounds per sq. inch. This will give you quite a good approximation of your footprint.
    What will change with wider tires, is the shape of the footprint. The wider the tire, the wider (and therefore shorter) the oval. A shorter oval means less bending of the sides of the tire, less contact time (ie. less heat gets generated) and more contact-free time (ie. more time to cool down).
  • allartallart Posts: 17
    Mark, as you seem to be the resident Cinty expert (and Ralph Winter's secret sales weapon), I hope you can help me with this...

    Do you think it is safe to park an Audi A6 on a downtown parkinglot (Pike & 3rd) during the day?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I have lived in Cincinnati since 1975. Until April of this year my answer to your question allart would have been yes with no qualifications. My wife, who works in Norhtern KY and who must drive into downtown Cinti on a regular basis on business says that she has been advised to park in "garages" on or above the second floor.

    She has been advised to do this by at least two of her "business" partner companies in the downtown area.

    Additionally, I own a building in Blue Ash (northern suburb of Cinti) which I am trying to rent -- our realtors said that later this year we will see "flight" from downtown to areas such as Blue Ash as leases in downtown properties come up for renewal.

    Based on the above data, I would say I like downtown Cincinnati -- quite a lot actually -- but that I would probably park either in an above ground garage or even underground in the Fountain Square "public parking," rather than in an open air area where anyone can walk up to the car (and possibly do mischief). On the other hand, if the parking lot is supervised, I would park there without hesitation -- my only reservation is the totally unattended lots where you just put your money in a slot.

    Now nighttime is another matter entirely (at least in the Over the Rhine area).

    I don't know about being Ralph's secret weapon, he is just a really good person, high integrity, etc. who happens to sell a great product. He makes the business of car shopping and ownership a joy -- my only problem with him is his age, I am concerned that he might consider retirement (I assume he is over 65). Having someone who sells cars (and between my wife, my company and me, we have purchased over two dozen cars from the same dealership) that you trust and actually like is, IMO, a rare and precious "experience."

    I do endorse Ralph completely and with out reservation, nevertheless.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    JK -- so you met Ralph, have I steered you wrong? Does he live up to my "billing" of him?

    Allart -- on tires: the plus sizing I mentioned for my A6 4.2 (standard tires 255 x 40 x 17) to 255x35x18, based on your explanation (thanks BTW), provides no greater or better "footprint" -- correct? I came to the conclusion that a wider tire, all other things "being equal" (which they rarely are) is generally a good thing (example my A8 going from 225 x 55 x 17 to a 245 x 50 x 17). Based on your more technical knowlege of tires, aspect ratios and footprints, two questions: was the "Plus zero sizing on the A8 really a good thing as I think it was and is it really not a good thing to "Plus one size" the A6 since the tread width remains 255, even though the aspect ratio goes from 40 to 35 (which I assumed means somewhat greater risk of road hazard issues, e.g. potholes?)

    Thanks for your answers JK and allart.
  • lisamplslisampls Posts: 20
    Thanks guys for the tips on Lexol and Zaino. Now that that's taken care of, what do you use on the dashboard? The only thing I have in my car cleaning cupboard for interiors (not for the leather) is Armorall, which I attempted to use and it was very streaky. I stopped and just wiped it down with a damp cloth instead. Any suggestions there?
    Thanks in advance!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    There is an Armorall cleaner and low luster protectant (2 products) that I have used in the past. I haven't used it for a couple of years, perhaps there are better products now -- do not use this stuff on seats, however -- and it is not the same stuff as you put on your tires either. FYI
  • lostwageslostwages Posts: 21
    I would like to hear opinions regarding the 1998 A6. I test drove 2 over the weekend (one w/ 27,000 miles and one w/ 37,000 - both Audi Certified). Both were priced at $28,000. I have not owned an Audi before. The 37,000 mile car had "every option" as far as I could tell. The 27,000 mile car did not have the Bose stereo or CD changer.

    As I don't live near an Audi dealer (only one in the Portland, OR area) - I am hopeful that I would not have to visit them frequently. Please advise me on the reliability of the 1998 model as well as any areas of concern or great joy that this car entails.

    Final decision - go w/ dark green (metallic) w/ 27,000 miles and no Bose or CD or dark red w/ 37,000 miles loaded?????

    The other car that I am considering is a 2002 Acura TL-S. I have also played with the idea of a used A8 (saw a great price on a 1999 A8 w/ 18,000 miles - but the price was quite a bit higher than what I have been considering). Any personal experiences or opinions regarding these vehicles would be greatly appreciated as well!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I read a review of the 2002 A6's yesterday -- and in the article was a "pre-announcement" of the "all-new" A6 that is coming in 2003 (as a 2003 or 2004 the article did not say). After reading the article, I am getting a bit of a case of Audi Envy for those few of you on this forum who have placed orders for 2002's (especially 2.7T's with the sport package). The handling and ride equation on these new A6's is apparently a significant step forward over the current model A6's (especially the 2.8's). The new 3.0 engine was also lauded as was the TD engines offered in other (non-North American) markets.

    On a related note:

    Ralph at Northland told me that while Audi chose NOT to go to a DVD nav system that all nav (2002) customers will get ALL available CD/Maps rather than just one (as my wife and I received as part of our 2001 sat/nav options). While not as good as one DVD, this is a big cost item that, even if you would not use it much, you don't have to pay any upcharge for. Also, the Audi Telematics (not available on the first US shipments) sounds like a pretty cool fun and safety feature -- based on GM's ON*STAR and integrated with an available "factory" phone with voice command, the GPS and the entertainment system (apparently available in base and deluxe form -- base being like GM's advertised On Star offering). Upgraded and uprated brakes, standard ESP+brake assist across the entire line, lower unsprung weight on the front end, all moving the A6 a step closer to (but still not as good as) the coveted BMW chassis dynamics.

    What is this, you concede the BMW is better balanced? You bet, but that one area of superiority does not mean I think the Bimmer (5 series) trumps the Audi (A6 series) -- especially the 2.7T and 4.2 models (dollar for dollar, feature for feature, performace (overall) vs performance (overall) -- the Audi still remains my choice and for many of us in this forum, the best choice).

    And, the new new A6 (2003 calendar year) will, supposedly, move the chassis dynamics meter even more toward that coveted "balanced" rating that Bimmer-files love to shove in our faces.

    Competition keeps imrpoving these things -- my "tired" old (11,000 miles) 2001 A6 4.2 is starting to have a (as in one) crow's foot. So many Audi's, so little time (and money). . . .

    What a world, what a world.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I would not get either of these A6's -- because they are, IMO, underpowered, no other "hidden" or nasty or negative reasons. And, since you are undoubtedly buying rather than leasing, the money meter indicates that (see below):

    - - - - - - - Personally, I would lease a new Audi A4 -- loaded -- at this price point. A 39 month (maximum) lease on the 2002 A4 will probably cost less than a 39 month finance of the used A6. - - - - - - - -

    See your dealer for details on the cars, see your financing institution (and compare with Audi Financial) for details on the money. And, unless you are a rich person, don't pay cash for the car -- unless you plan to keep it "until the wheels turn square." Of course, if you are really really going to pile on the miles, I would POSSIBLY consider the lowest milage used A6, but if I needed to put miles on like there was no tomorrow, I would probably still strongly consider a brand new 2002 A4 (1.8T or 3.0) quattro (and consider the +25,000 (for a total of 75,000 miles on the "no surprise meter") mile full warranty that most dealers sell).

    One man's opinion.
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Posts: 114
    Mark, what magazine did you find the review of the new A6 in? You forgot to mention it, and I can't go to the dealer for my order until I read that article. Would probably go for the 3.0 rather than the 2.7T, if it is also available with a 6-speed. Thanks in advance. Bye. mario
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The 3.0 will not have a 6 speed manual, nor any manual at all in the US (at this point). Only the 2.7T will have the 6 spd at this time.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I think the manual suggests just using a damp cloth and that's what I use along with the California Dash Duster. I have found that a damp cloth will remove foot smudges, etc. from vinyl surfaces just fine. The dash duster does a a good job on routine dusting. I actually use a feather duster on the radio, vents, etc. Works well. The vinyl in the A6 is the highest quality I've seen AND seems really tough. I'm reluctant to put any dressing on it and risk gumming it up.
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