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Dodge Intrepid



  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Do Not use a Can of Lysol to stop the mildew smell!! It simply doesn't work. here is what you need to do:

    1)Start the car
    2)Set the exterior vents to the "Recirc" mode
    3)Set the temperature lever/knob to the highest setting for hot.
    4)Set the vents to either Face or Bi-Level (Face/Floor)
    5) Set the Fan (Blower) to the maximum speed setting.
    6) Exit the car
    7) Let the heater blow air thru the vents and into the cabin for at least 15 to 20 minutes. This will kill the mildew residing in the air circulation ducts.
    8) After 20 minutes open the exterior vents by setting them to the "Fresh" position...this will get rid of the burnt mildew residue and flush it out of the system.
    9) Repeat procedure as needed until bad smell goes away.
    10) Again do not even think of using Lysol or other will not work.

    To prevent the bad smell from coming back:

    Whenever you start the A/C:

    1)To cool down the interior fast, set the exterior vents to "Recirc".
    2) After the interior has cool down, immediately set the exterior vents to "Fresh" as this will prevent mildew from forming again inside the vent ducts.
    3)If you live in a hot/muggy climate observe these steps religiously to avoid this pesky and embarrasing smell.

    Hope this helps.
  • Intrepids are very good cars.I had a 1998 Intrepid base model, very nice car. It had 86,000 miles, and no problems. I sold it to my aunt who totaled it, oh well. I got a 2000 Toyota Celica GTS, totally different type of car, but it's okay. My mom is looking into buying a new Intrepid ES.
  • Owner of '99 ES with almost 50k miles. Would like any suggestions on original tire replacements. The less road noise the better.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    i've heard that bf goodrichs are good, but i don't know the particular tire model name. if i find out i'll post back again...
  • pobrepobre Posts: 3
    Sounds like a quick fix....I'll try that 1st before TEO's idea. Past 5000 mile mark and the Intrepid's doing fine. I'm itching to get a wing added and the back windows tinted. image
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    a guy over on usenet put michelin pilot xgts on his 97 intrepid and really likes em. claims they ride better, have more traction and are quieter than the eagle gas...
  • Mitchshin,

    I recently put a pair of Pirelli P6000 tires on my '96 Intrepid ES and have been very happy. My car had Michelin Pilot xgt on them before this pair and I found the Michelins to ride harder and noisier, though they had excellent grip. The Pirellis ride much softer (better to disguise the rattles and better for comfort) and I haven't noticed a significant compromise in grip (though I don't drive aggressively). They are H-speed rated, however, whereas the Pilots are V-rated, I believe. Good luck.

    -Brian A.
  • Try Lysol,but make sure they spray it inside the evaporator,ask your Dodge dealer to perform the job for you ;there is no charge for that,it´s covered (warranty).
    They have to spray a "full can of lysol",make sure they do it right,there is a TSB for it from Dodge.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Is only a temporary measure. Anyone is welcome to use it, but the heather method has proven to be far more efficient in the long run.
  • I used once Lysol,two years ago and no more bad odor.
  • Reading again your post where you gave us your formula a pasted this :

    "9) Repeat procedure as needed until bad smell goesaway.""

    So, how many times do we need to perform your formula to eliminate the bad smell???

    In your post # 609 you said Lysol is temporary measure,so that means anyone using Lysol will need to apply it more than once,so the same applies to your formula.
    Which is the one??
  • I used once Lysol,two years ago and no more bad odor.
  • CH: Which Lysol product do you use?? I assume its not the toilet bowl cleaner, as an Intrepid would block almost any drain after flushing.

    I tried Teo's method and perfer it, as it can be accomplished while driving, eliminated the trip to the dealer or the Lysol store.
  • WOW you are so funny,you can almost be a clown,yes I had a very good time reading your post,so keep up the good work,you should NEVER stop,you make me laugh,and laugh,you are the best thing it happened to me in my life!
    BTW,you are right I used the bowl cleaner can,you are so SMART! how could this be possible,you knew the product I used!!!!
    And just tell us how does it feel,to try Teo´s method while driving?????? Driving at full heat,with the fan at max speed!!

    Take care,and you should be at the Guiness book,don´t you????????
  • I probably should have been more detailed in my post re: driving. Step 7 is accomplished while stopped for lunch etc. I set the controls, exit the car, using auto start restart the vehicle, do my own thing, come back, procede on my way and follow the remaining steps, thus eliminating the waste of time.
    I now use the three steps as explained in post 600 when using the a/c and the odor problem has not reoccurred.
    The first time I had the odor problem the local Chrysler dealer sent me to an a/c contractor, and their cure was as posted in 600, the contractor told me to definately not add any foreign products to the system as it will only mask the problem and eventually make it worse.

    Bottom line if the Lysol works for you, use it, but it shouldn't be necessary to flame others who use a different method, opinions can differ, but civility can also be maintained.
  • Stop with this kind of advices:

    "but it shouldn't be necessary to flame others who
    use a different method, opinions can differ, but
    civility can also be maintained."
    Before giving the advice,behave as you would like others to behave to you,I don´t like people to make funny or flame me,but anyway,no hard feelings,and let´s keep it smooth ok?
  • sche1sche1 Posts: 1
    JJ Don't be too hard on the resident expert, there are always those present who believe they have the monoply on being correct. See the following copy

    "A Lysol can will stop that smell."

    I tried that cure, I put the can in the trunk left it there for three days, same problem. I then put the can in the glove comp., again for three days same problem. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, I followed those instructions to the letter.
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Gee.. I fail to log in for a few days and it seems we've become a male version of Heloise! See..this is why men don't have "helpful hints" columns or "housekeeping magazines".. Oh sure, we offer good suggestions, but then we have a few beers and start taking book over which method is better. Last ditch solution? Arm wrestling or dueling pistols....
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    I was interested to see that someone mounted the Pirelli P6000's on their Intrepid. Have heard good things about them. Also heard that the Eagle LS tires (yup, from the LHS and formally the 300M) are a good choice--apparently they ride better, transmit less noise and offer improved traction. When the GA's on my mother's first gen Intrepid recently wore out, the dealer replaced them with Goodyear Regatta's. I've seen them available at a variety of locations, and they are less expensive and offer all season tread.
    Think I'd also consider the Avid H/4's, the new Goodyear Aquatred 3, and the Michelin MXM4 used on the Intrepid R/T...
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    #620: I Agree!
  • adf1adf1 Posts: 20
    Just got to 33K miles on my 98 ES. Touching (not really pressing) the breaks on high speeds, causes the car & steering wheel to viberate and if I want to stop, it extremely viberates. It happens only on high sppeds. I suspect it's the rotors and since I'm still under warranty I wonder if someone in the group has either had simila problem or knowledge about it. Appreciate any help.
  • I had the same problem with mine,my dealer replaced the front and rear rotors,they replaced the 4 of them because they inspected them and saw they were out of specs.
    My service manager told me that it was caused by unbalanced wheels,since I took my car to their shop and they performed all the services,I was not charged for the new rotors;but he insisted that when a tire is not well balanced you will gently apply the brakes and your steering wheel,or the pedal or the rear of the car will vibrate,sometimes you can experience one or all the conditions.
    So make sure your tires are well balanced,try to align,rotate and balance your wheels every 6500 miles,you will have a longer life for your tires and no more brake problems.
  • by what you describe, it sounds like your discs could be warped.
  • No,they looked fine,they just pluged in a dial on them, and saw they were out of specs,caused by poor balanced wheels.
  • adf1adf1 Posts: 20
    Well, I balance/rotate mine every 5K miles, and thus I have this question if it's covered or not.
    I'd like to have this information BEFORE I go to the dealer, to have a better argument.

  • Next year my wifes go to work car(91 Buick Regal Limited) will hit 140,000 miles so she wants to sell it and get a Champagne 98-99 ES with leather like the 98 ES we test drove in Aug 98.We choose between the 98 Dodge ES and a 98 GS Buick Regal and purchased the 98 Regal GS and like it fine.Our only experience with Dodge was a new 94 Intrepid that we traded off in 1995 with only 27,000 miles on it.It had lousy head lights,drivers power seat stripped out at 18,000 miles,computer went bad,AC worked half the time,etc.It drove good,3.3 had plenty of power,got good mpg,was roomy,but wasnt reliable.We traded it off for a new 95 Buick Regal Custom and our local Buick dealer had lots of trouble selling our 94 Intrepid.We have (4) liscensed Buick Regals 98 GS,91 Limited,86&85 T-Types, and all are good dependable cars.I'm a Buick man and would rather see my wife get a 97 GS or 97-98 LS Regal but she wants an Intrepid.I'm still concerned about the quality and reliability of the 98-01 Intrepids and their trade in value.Intrepid owners,you are going to have to convince me that we should consider a used 98-99 ES for my wifes go to work car.You see a ton of 1998-2001 Intrepids going down the highway but are they more reliable than the 93-97's were?I see alot of unhappy Intrepid owners posting here.
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Regal, I personally like our 99 ES with leather, and have had 24,500 trouble free miles. But I wouldn't buy one if I were you. You like Buicks and the Dodge will automatically sense this (they are like dogs in that way) and begin to fail you as soon as you drive off the lot. Your pheremones are set for Buicks, and I wouldn't rock that boat if I were you. Please, do yourself a favor and buy the Buick instead. You will be happier, just knowing it's a Buick and not a Dodge.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Dueling pistols, please...10 paces and turn...hey, it worked for Alexander Hamilton...well, I mean it worked for Aaron Burr.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Aha.... there you are! I knew something would drag you out of the bushes! LOL....

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