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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • skid3skid3 Posts: 11
    Bought a 91 SE-R new with the SR20D engine. Sold it last summer with 152,000 miles. Still strong at the time. Still had all the original accessories, such as water pump. The engine was a major factor in my choice of a replacement. A 2001 Sentra SE with the SR20D engine.
  • rbrooks3rbrooks3 Posts: 174
    A friend of mine here at the office has a 93 4 dr Sentra with 80,000 and change on it. She does not recall ever changing the timing belt. I checked the Edmunds section for maintenance but didn't see the suggested mileage for changeing the t-belt. Of course she does not have the owner's manual. Anyone know for sure?


    Ron Brooks
  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    Does anybody know how much power the '88 Sentra sedan had? Thanks!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Her Sentra has a timing chain, not a belt. No need to change it.
  • Last time I was at a dealer service dept. for 20,000 maintenance, I was told that my 2000 GXE needed a micron filter change.
    I was not even aware mine came with one and declined the service.
    Does anyone know how I can find out if mine has one or not, and how to change it myself?
  • wgrwgr Posts: 127
    Does anyone know when the Sentra is due for a re-design ?
  • wgrwgr Posts: 127
    I sent an e-mail to Nissan North America. They replied that a re-design probably would take place in 3-4 years. Also, they said no concept picutres or info are available now.
  • nyyacenyyace Posts: 15
    Hi All,
    I need to order a new headlight assembly for a 2001 Sentra GXE and was wondering if anybody knows a good discount website to use. Thanks.
  • Some sources say the next Sentra is aimed for the 2005 model year, or an early '06
  • Anyone know of a reasonably priced source for 14" rims for a 2002 Sentra GXE? I want to put snows on the car for the winter but can't find rims other than at the dealer ($80 ea!). Tirerack doesn't carry the 14" steel rims for this model year.
  • I have a 2000 GXE.
    Occasionaly on the way to work, at the same stop sighn which is the end of a very slight decline (there're no hills in Chicago), braking causes grinding noise. Once this happens the noise pursists for next few brakings and then disapears.

    The spot the noise starts is more than five minutes away from home and I would have applied brakes several times before I come to that point without any problem. Brakes seem to pulsate a little before this happens.

    I've taken the car to the dealer twice when this happened, but they couldn't find anything wrong.

    Does anyone know what's going on? I'm a bit worried.
  • Hi all...I'm in the market for a used car and I found a 1998 Nissan Sentra GXE with 77,000 miles on it. The car is pretty good when in 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th gears, but at 60mph+ and 5th gear, it wobbles. I was told by a mechanic that it would be fixed if i did a wheel alignment and balance. What do you think? Do I make/break the deal? Thanks.
  • Mechanic sounds pretty accurate. It's probably a bad wheel alignment/wheel balance. I'd double check the struts and shocks too...cuz that sometimes will cause that problem. Also, Nissan Sentras are pretty infamous for the CV Boots going bad fairly quickly. Double check to make sure you won't need to replace those!
  • just wondering, I'm looking at one that's red, 2001, GXE, with auto, cd and etc. The price is $7000, is that a good price? the Owner told me he was in a accident, but the repair job was pretty good I can't tell the difference.

    add: forgot it's got 15k miles on it.
  • I have a 98 sentra that has 98,000 miles on it and it is great except for that now it has developed an oil leak. It just started and is small but the spots on the driveway are already getting old. So before I put it in for service I was wonder has anyone else had this problem.
  • My 94 Sentra had an oil leak that would drip oil down on a/c compressor then onto ground. It started out slow but progressed to drip more and more. Dealer replaced front oil seal and it stopped dripping.I think about $125.00 dollars for repair.Look and see if there is oil on bottom of your a/c compressor.
  • My 91 Sentra automatic transmission (83k)just lost the speedometer..looking behind the engine seems what looks like the cable in a hard to reach space (without removing stuff)..

    Does anyone have experience with cable replacement..does the speedometer have to be removed, or can it be accessed under the dash?
    Is there a possibility that something else has failed? How much would a mechanic charge for this? TIA
  • I bit the bullet and took the car to a Nissan dealer...$148.00..this car does have a speed sensor...wonder what it does better than the old metal cable..other than cost 10x more...
  • jeff186jeff186 Posts: 95
    A solid econocar but outclassed by the Civic, Protege, etc... Anyone know if Nissan is planning a redesign of the Sentra and when?
  • I am looking at an 01 Sentra SE with 23K miles for $10,000. From what I have read it sounds like a good car with decent acceleration. This one has automatic. Does anyone have any feedback or advice?
  • Nissan dealers in my area are selling new 03 Sentrass with p/w p/dl cassette for $9995.00 dollars. Do not know about transmission though.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I felt exactly as you did up until a week ago, when I purchased a new Sentra 2.5LE. For my driving purposes, the only thing this car gives up to both the Civic and Protege is rear seat room, and fuel economy to the Civic . With 165hp my Sentra is much quicker than the Civic EX and Protege LX that I test drove, has nicely weighted steering, a classy cockpit (I especially dont like the white gauges on the Civic, clearly a personal preference... but still), and a less flinty ride than the Pro. Cornering, in my limited experience, seems flat, and I like that I have all wheel disc brakes ( you need to get the ES Protege to get that). Ultimately I chose the Sentra 2.5LE because I felt it represented a great combination of performance, quality, comfort, and value. Including factory to dealer rebates, I got mine for 900 UNDER INVOICE, plus 2.9 financing. As a 21 year old, value plays a big part. One of my friends even remarked that she was glad that I got something that not everyone else seemed to have. (coughcoughCiviccough).
    Happy Motoring,

    to answer your question- the Sentra should be completely redesigned for the 2005 model year, based on its history of 5 year term redesigns. the current model was introduced for the 2000 MY.
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    But not that great either. Personally I have a 2001 Protege ES w/31.000 flawless miles on it. I was considering the Sentra, but the "Made in Mexico" label and the PRO's superior handling won me over. And don't forget the standard 48mths/50.000miles warranty.

    Good acceleration - city or highway; car has been to 105mph a few times and is regularily driven 80-85mph w/out a problem.

    The ride is different than in other cars in this price range. Some call it harsh, others call it firm, depending on how much you value cornering ability and complete stability as opposed to a comfy, yet not so thrilling ride.

    The ES comes w/a beautiful black interior (think baby-BMW), 16" alloys, all power stuff, CD w/4 speakers and tweeters (the tweeters maybe only in Canada?), spoiler, ABS.

    Great braking w/standard ABD w/EBD on the ES.

    Twin-trapezoidal-link (TTL) rear suspension!

    Better looking than the Sentra at the rear IMO, front and sides are ok on both cars.

    Reliability: PRO - Made in Japan, recommended by Consumers Report and won a 10-car comparison over the Civic, Corolla, Sentra, etc in Nov 2002 - for the second time, 3rd best-selling car in Canada - although sales #s don't mean a thing!

    Driving fun: PRO

    Price: PRO. 0% financing in the US from what I heard!

    Looks: PRO - subjective

    Comfort: PRO has a larger rear seat and room, Sentra a more forgiving ride.

    As a driving and car enthusiast the choice is clear. As an A->B type of person, it's still cloudy...

  • I bought a nissan sentra on jan. 15th and a week later it was in the shop for a bad catyalitic converter.I had to ,or have to buy an exhust manifold also,because the two comes in one piece.Its going to cost me $901.37 to have repaired.I didn`t get a chance to drive my 1998 nissan sentra but 5 five days.Eastern Carolina nissan did not want to fix it because I didn`t purchase the extended warranty.Right now Nissan Dealer here in New Bern do not have a happy customer.That was my first time and last time going there
  • Car manufacturers are required by federal law to give you a 5 year/50,000 mile emission waranty. If you fall within this category research it. Good Luck.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Not for anything, but the Sentra 2.5LE (similar in price to an ES) comes with an attractive interior, comparable to the Pro's, 4 wheel discs with ABS, (so the Pro has no advantage there), side airbags standard, a 180 watt 7 speaker CD audio system (better than the Pro's), and an extra 35 hp (sure contributes to driving fun, by my definition). The bumper to bumper warranty is shorter than Mazda's, but the Sentra's powertrain warranty is 5 years/60,000, which compares favorably. Yes, the Pro handles better. But in my eyes, thats about it.
  • After having my brand new car 5 days it rained. Terrible "barfing" noises started. After three visits to service they finally "roughed up" the rotors and that noise let up (it's still there when it's wet out), but then the grinding started, metal against metal, sometimes a screech in reverse. Service says they don't hear anything, partly because when I get there the car has warmed up and it gets softer and because they don't want to hear it--but it's there--especially in reverse, when I pull out of the garage and when it's wet and in the morning. It sounds like I need brake pads. They refuse to do anything. I have 550 miles on the car. Am I doing damage by driving it this way? Any suggestions? any solutions?
  • narenjinarenji Posts: 161
    my wife and i have a 01 protege ES (i used to own a 01 sentra se that i traded in for a WRX), but I can tell you that handling and rear seat are the only places the protege has the sentra clearly beat. If I could do a comparison myself:

    Acceleration: Sentra was clearly better, and the engine sounded good doing it. The Pro's 2.0L hates to go above 4000 rpm. it whines and it's gruff. Very much unlike the 2.0L of my old 93 MX6.

    Interior: The pro interior has nicer materials, but the Sentra interior is more modern. The sentra stereo was definitely better than the lame Protege stereo (the US doesn't get tweets). Its esp. lame because Mazda chose this whack 2.25 din size that no one has a proper aftermarket kit for.

    Braking: Sentra's brakes more powerful, but Pro's brakes have ABS w/ EBD

    Handling: Protege slightly better due to TTL, but on smooth surfaces Sentra dynamically had higher limit.

    Reliability: Both equal, no problems with either one having owned them both 1 year...

    Driving Fun: Sentra, great engine combined with reasonably good handling.. Pro's engine ruins it for me, though handling is good.

    Looks: probably Protege, a bit more crisp than Sentra

    Price: Protege; Mazda can't sell them here, i got 0% for 4 yrs, now it's 0% for 5 yrs.

    Comfort: Pro; TTL helps w/ that and rear seat is comfortable. Sentra beam susp made for rough ride on all but smoothest roads.

    Bottom Line: I wish the Protege had an engine to match the rest of the package. It needs an engine that like to rev, esp because the gearing is so short.
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    Good comparo!

    You might wanna post it in the PRO-vs-Sentra board. It is a balanced comparo from someone that owns both cars.

  • giant56giant56 Posts: 9
    My wife and I just purchased 03 Sentra LE. Traded Chevy Cavalier (wife's college car) and I must say that we really like the Sentra. Of course it has a lot more options than the Cavalier (RS model). Any other 03 LE owners out there that would like to share there experience thus far (likes/dislikes)??
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