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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • narenjinarenji Posts: 161
    I saw the G35- looks sorta like the new Altima, but this one is supposedly rear wheel drive. Looks good, but it's to be a "high-performance premium sports sedan" so I'm guessing it'll be priced close to the I35, not close to the G20. The G20 looks like it'll still continue basically the same next year. I didn't know that this site existed, and is Nissan's official site for news. I think they should upgrade the G20 engine to the new 2.5L from either the Sentra SE-R or SE-R spec V. The 2.0L engine is a bit underpowered for the market the G20 competes in. The site does say the G20 continues as a 2002 model, and the G35 should be out by spring 2003. They should probably name the G35 with a different alphabet, because it really doesn't share anything with the G20.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    Yes, they should have called it a J35 - RWD and such. But I read somewhere that the G35 is supposed to compete with the Lexus IS and the BMW 3 series. That would be a tough battle. As for making a G25, I would say that might cut into the Altima's market. People would say that it is a dressed up Altima. I always thought of the G20 as a nice handler, not much of a hot rod sitting next to a stick-shift Maxima.
  • rukeitharukeitha Posts: 3
    Hi, All! I'm a first time buyer so just about everything is new to me. I'm interested in the Nissan Sentra 2001 GXE 4door automatic. Do you know or have you experience negative things regarding this vehicle? If you just want to contribute advice to a first-time car buyer (like what is the "MA"), that would be welcome, too.
  • jay104jay104 Posts: 2
    Just bought a '01 Sentra and love it!! Does anyone know where i can get Sentra accessories online. I checked out a few sites and was unhappy with their selection. Thanks for your help!
  • katraakkatraak Posts: 33

    I you are looking at the Nissan Sentra GXE then it is a very good choice. I own a '00 Sentra SE and after 14000 miles I can say that this may the best econocar in the market right now. There was a rattle in the driver's side door which was fixed under warranty, other than that no problems at all. The GXE you are looking at has 127 HP which still is more than that of the Civic DX (115 HP) and the Protege DX (103 HP) you are also considering. If I were you I would test drive all the cars and then choose the one you like best. If you can overcome the funky rear styling of the Sentra then you can't go wrong with it.


    If you'd want to buy accessories for your Sentra online then may I suggest this website.

    They have a wide selection of OEM accessories and for a limited period they also offer free shipping, by UPS ground, in the continental US.

  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    if you could list the sites that you have visited then I/we could give you some other alternatives.... you might want to contribute to this thread also - qbrozen "Buying Parts on the Net" Mar 28, 2001 8:43am

    rukeitha - I see that you are having an interesting choices between those three cars. I'd say from personal experience that the Sentra is almost trouble free. Of course, the Civic and the Protege are good choices as well. You might want to choose it over the other for looks or comfort. Do some comparison shopping using Edmunds database. Read over what you should look for in a test drive. You should try to take each car for a 10-15 minutes test drive through different road surfaces if you can. Good luck!
  • katraakkatraak Posts: 33
    mention was the "MA" charge. I belive it is the advertising charge that Nissan levies on the dealers. The dealers inturn pass it on to the consumer. I guess the amount varies from dealer to dealer but I have yet to see an "MA" charge above $300. You can always negotiate with them to completely waive it or reduce it substantially. One good thing is that Nissan dealers are almost always willing to negotiate
  • zhzzhz Posts: 29
    I paid $400 for the "MA" fee for my 2000 GXE. BUT, they were offering $1500 below invoice so, I end up buying my GXE for $13235. incluing the 7% tax and their doc. fee.
    What I care about is how much I have to pay. I don't really care what they call/label those fee or how much they want to label them. Let dealer make some money. They have to eat, just like us.
    2001 GXE doesn't have the key hole on the passenger side door, HEHEHEHE. I only use the key for ignition anyway.
  • katraakkatraak Posts: 33
    Somehow I am under the impression that you are from Columbus, GA. Am I right? If infact you are from Columbus then I live in Auburn, AL, which I guess is less than 40 miles from your place.
  • baltychenbaltychen Posts: 50
    Well, My fourth alternator now. Yesterday, the alternator just died on me. The battery and brake lights were on when I spotted on the freeway. Pepboy changed for me last September. Only just last ten months. The voltage regulator dead and caused the battery boiling shoting fluid acid out of the battery. I have to use baking soda fluid to neutralize the acid. It looks like the aftermarket alternator is not an answer. Next time, I'll get a new on. Peopboy just charged me the labor for a remanufactured alternator. Thank God.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    Sure the dealer has to eat. All I ask of a dealer is to be forthright with the price (no funny business with the $$). The "MA" fee seems like the usual dealer shenanigans. If they want to make $400 profit, then come right out and say so. Some dealers are quite honest and upfront with their pricing, but others still attempt to hoodwink customers with the usual add-on fees. The internet makes the consumer more knowledgable than ever. It seems some dealers still haven't got that message yet.
  • zhzzhz Posts: 29
    I am from Columbus, GA. I guess you got that "impression" from the I bought my 2000 GXE from Atlanta though.

    Let dealer do their own number game. I only care the amount I have to pay -- how much I have to write on the check. I personally don't think the invoice price is what they really paid those cars for. They paid invoice minus dealer holdback and something else -- at least for those "big cities'" dealerships.
  • gsbhasingsbhasin Posts: 21
    Hi good folks.
    I am offered a used 98 Sentra GXE (automatic) 70,000 miles for $5500. I am new to the USA. Is this a good price to buy or is something fishy here? I think Edmund's TMV is $2000 more than that figure.

    Or is it some fraud or salvage title etc.?

  • zhzzhz Posts: 29
    That's a good deal IF it's in good condition.
    Of course whoever offer you that deal won't tell you if it's a fraud. You'd have to find out yourself. Take it to a mechanic and pay them to check it out. And hopefully it's from one of those flooding area, like Houston couple of months ago.
    There are other places to check out the title. You have to pay, too.
  • sentrafansentrafan Posts: 40

    Thanks for the link. I just ordered a micro-cabin air filter from them for $26.84, no shipping or tax. Gotta love this forum :-)
  • katraakkatraak Posts: 33
    I am thinking about getting the indash 6 disc CD changer. Nissan MSRP is $399 and you can pick it up at for $126 with free shipping. Too good a deal to pass it up. If anybody else is interested in a dash mounted CD changer then you may want to look at this deal.
  • zhzzhz Posts: 29
    I bought couple of oil filters from For $4.47, it's a pretty good deal too.
    I don't know how good the micro-cabin air filter will be. I might get one too. And I also need to get a set of splash guards.

    would you post the procesure and how hard it is to install the cabin filter when you get it? thanks.
  • jay104jay104 Posts: 2
    I want to put a spoiler on my '01 sentra, any
    suggestions where i should get this done, dealer, private etc. I also want to get white guages. Any idea how hard they are to install? Thanks for your help!
  • gserep1gserep1 Posts: 92
    I have been gone this week to the hot desert of southern California, and I am glad to be back to a place thatis under 80 degrees F. I just read this thread about Nissan, and I will have to check it out. Having an SE, I have most of the good accessories already, but I WOULD like to put on the inside rear view mirror that has both a compass AND a thermometer. I wonder what that costs at Nissan_accessories. The dealer wants $209.00. I also wonder how much electrical wiring has to be installed. I was told that the wiring was already in place just above in the headliner, but have not been able to verify it. I have not seen ANY Sentras with this option, but I HAVE seen the 6 disc in dash CD Changer. I am thinking of installing the changer and changing the single disc CD with a Cassette player. I really miss my cassette player, since I have so many cassettes that I still listen to.

    Well I will make this one short. I am in the San Francisco area until Monday, and back to San Diego on Tuesday in time for work.

    I have missed all of my friends, but ai am sure that we will be chatting next week.

    Bye for now,
  • dannym11dannym11 Posts: 18
    I've been thinking about the same rear view mirror. I went onto another Sentra site and asked if anyone had installed it and one guy posted the full Nissan installation instructions. Go to the site and perform a search under public forums, modifications, cosmetic using a couple of relevant keywords. This site is a great resource for all things Sentra by the way.
  • gserep1gserep1 Posts: 92
    I sent a message a few minutes ago, but it did not post. I hope that this one does. I hope to buy the mirror that I saw in for 170.00.

    I got the best mileage EVER on my SE this last weekend. On one stretch in California, I got 36 miles per gallon. I drove 146 miles on 4.2 gallons of gasoline from Magic Mountain in Valencia to San Diego. I did not use air conditioning, and I used Shell 87 octane as a change from my regular Union 76 for this one tank. I probably will not be able to duplicate this feat again to save my life, but it was nice to see that it can get it in perfect conditions.

    Thanks again. I will be looking for that mirror real soon.

  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    were you going downhills and with a tail wind? :)
  • zhzzhz Posts: 29
    I have a 2000 GXE. Last weekend, I got 36.8mpg for a 250 mile trip. I slowed down to 70mph, AC on, 3 adults and about 100 lbs of stuff. It's the first I got better than 35mpg.
    I believe the speed is the most important factor for gas mileage.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    different cars have different sweet spot for optimal fuel efficiency.
  • gserep1gserep1 Posts: 92
    Hello again,
    as a matter of fact, I WAS going downhill for quite a bit of the way. If you are familiar with Southern California highways, you know that it is all up and down hill. I was stuck in traffic for a bit, through Los Angeles, but after that, it was smooth sailing all the rest of the way. I hope to find that "sweet spot" more often....I was amazed at how good it runs if I slow down a bit. This car "begs" to be driven so much, it is a welcome change to not be in a hurry. Also I believe that there is just BETTER gasoline at some places. You NEVER know when you will get a REAL good tank of fuel, but it does happen every now and then. I also know when I get a losy tank as well, because the engine runs like crap.

    After my last 2 trips to the desert, I hope to slow down the miles somewhat. I have 8000 miles so far, and that is just going into my third month of ownership. It is a very pleasureable car to drive, I can't stop driving it.

    The Sentra is getting to be a pretty popular car these days. I have 3 friends who all bought one in the last month...(all GXE's, but still Sentras nevertheless).

    Right now, I am answering a questionnaire from Nissan on my service experience with the repairing dealer. Boy, you DO get a lot of correspondence from Nissan...which really is not a bad thing. I hope that will help to get my backordered parts sooner.

    Thanks again, and take care...

  • katraakkatraak Posts: 33
    gas mileage for the SE. The most I got was 31.5 on the freeway cruising between 70-75 mph. But I have to concede that it was very cold outside, around 10-15 F, and cold weather is detrimental to gas mileage. I guess when doing 70 mpg on cruise control we can see 32-34 mpg.
    And regarding Sentra's getting popular I have seen only a handful of them in my area over the past year or so. Of those most were GXE's and 1 or 2 SE's. The upside is that my car is unique with all the sea of Civics and Corollas around.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    You're right about some gasoline being better. What do you think about the SE's ride? I think that it is not that much different from my CL, but my brother thinks that it is too rough for him over some surfaces. This comes from a guy who used to drive a Maxima and a Camry.

    Yeah, I am sure Nissan wants us to stay as customers... offering test drives and mailing out surveys.... Nah, I think that you convinced your friends to buy those Sentras :)
  • gserep1gserep1 Posts: 92
    Hello People,
    Long time no hear from..especially KATRAAK. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to drive all the way to Alabama just to see if you were still alive, lol. I MAY still be driving as far as New Orleans in the next few weeks. If I do that, there is NO telling when I will be able to slow down on the miles...(probably NEVER). I hope that it stops the raining over in the deep south. Plus I hear that it has been in the high 90's and 100's through parts of Texas....kinda like driving across a giant frying pan..(no fun for sure).

    As far as the ride of my SE goes, it was one of the reasons I bought it. I have had nothing but performance cars for myself during the last 15 years. 2 Mustangs, 2 SHO's, 3 Thunderbird Superecoupes, and now this SE. I guess if your rear end is sensitive to tight suspensions you might object, but soft riding cars tend to make me feel like I am on my living room sofa. That is where I like to sleep now and then (if you get my drift). To each his own, but I like a car to give me some feedback, and not so much body roll.

    To Cyranno99, you are making me jealous with that CL of yours. That has been my car of choice for the last year or so, but it is still in my plans....stay tuned.

    My air conditioning is working so good now, I may not let them fix it when (if) the parts ever come in. I found out that the evaporator and filter drier and amplifier are still out of stock. The dealer decided to replace all of these parts in hopes of finding out the real problem and keeping me happy. I tell you, if I had to PAY for all of these parts, it would not get done that way. They would have to show me just what the problem is before I paid for it. The filter drier I can see, and the orifice tube, but an entire evaporator assembly??? No chance. I looked for the low pressure switch, which is normally found under the hood on most cars, but I found out that it is part of an assembly called an "amplifier" which is under the dashboard. This part has been known to be defective in 2000 and 2001 Sentras, and it is designed to keep the evaporator coil from freezing by turning off the compressor JUST before it freezes...( which should be about 33 degrees F. Then it comes back on as it warms back up over 40 degrees. It is a pretty expensive part, and access is not that easy. NHTSA knows that this problem exists, so if you are having A/C problems, it is a good place to start. 45 to 50 degree temperature on the indoor coil is too hot, and will not provide the proper cooling on a hot day, or when you have a few extra passengers bringing their body heat into the equation. As things progress with this saga, I will keep everyone posted.

    I have not heard from the rest of the crowd in a while....."mayankhp" "mdriver" "mbbstims" "newsentraowner" and a few others, so if you guys and girls are still alive, drop a line and say hello.

    On another note, I got lazy and forgot to rotate my tires at 5000 miles. The front tires are showing NO appreciable wear whatsoever, and the steering wheel still tracks straight and true. Maybe I will move them around at 10,000 miles.

    Take care to everyone, and answer back when you get the opportunity!!!

  • katraakkatraak Posts: 33
    As you can deduce from my posting here I'm alive and well. If'd want to drive to Alabama to see if I am alive you are welcome anytime. But the thing is I'm now staying right now in your backyard, Pomona, Calif. It is a suburb of LA. Came here for an internship in the beginning of June and will stay here until the end of August. LA beats the hell out of staying in Alabama in summer. I love the weather here, there its hot (85-95) and very humid during July and August. Don't hope it stops raining there, because rain is a welcome change from the stifling heat.
    Good to know your AC is working when you need it most. But tell me something, how is it working so good and still needs replacement parts. Am I missing something? Did you get the suspension recall work done on your car. Lucky me, my car was not affected by the recall as it was built before June 00. I'll keep this tutorial of yours in mind if and when I have an AC problem. Thanks for being so informative.
    Haven't heard from "mayankhp", "sentrafan", "zhz" and "newsentraowner" in a while. I know that "mbbstimms" has made up his mind to get a Corolla so we may not see him on this board again
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    gserep1 - if you are going through Texas in the summer then I hope your car has window tints. The tints make a big difference and so does wearing long sleaves! You read news about big guys suffering heat exhaustion so it is good to make sure your A/C is in tip top shape.

    Yes, I think the SE's ride is a good compromise even for not so sporty folks. My brother's car has been averaging 26-27mpg lately for mixed driving (A/T). He said that he installed a micron air filter. Fairly simple job. He's looking at a CAI using K&N filter. His car has been problem free.

    I'm happy with my CL and I hope that you'll like the 6-speed manual if it comes out. I hate to say it, but it still is a better deal than a Maxima with 3.5L engine. I sure hope Nissan can prove me wrong with the redesign Maxima next year.
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