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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • wazappawazappa Posts: 32
    I am just curious if anyone has gotten their windows tinted on a 2000 Sentra. Was there any problems in particular with the back window, or does it tint up just fine. How much did it cost to get it done. If there is anything else that I should know about tinting the windows let me know. Thanks in advance for your help. It is greatly appreciated!!!
  • 21672167 Posts: 5
    I have a 93 sentra SER (with a 2 litre engine).I have put 171,000 mile on it quite trouble free.
    But few days ago it developed a sound and I took
    it to the dealer in Pittsburgh and following are the diagnois and repair recomendations.
    1.It failed the emission test and needs all the spark plugs and filters changed for a 415.00
    2.Front brakes freed for 273.75
    3.Lt head lamp asemblly cracked for 236.00
    (Lights do work fine)
    4.Lt fog light lens cracked for 98.00
    5.Rear brakes frozen freed for 60.00
    6.Lt outer CV booth is out 190.00
    7.The sound came from the AC pump which will cost me 700.00 to fix.

    The car according to Edmunds is worth less then 3000 dolaars .The total for these repairs is 2000 dollars.My question is the car has run fine
    are all the repairs necessary ?. Is it worth it to spend this much money on a car worth only
    3000 dollars. THe brake were done last year
    but I have since moved. This is my first time going to this dealer .The lights seem to be working fine otherwise
    Any advice will be appreciated .
  • mayankhpmayankhp Posts: 22
    I would do the following, if I would be at your place,
    1. I would not repair AC, and get it fix the rest which necessary and save repairing cost
    2. I would go to some small good mechanic rather that going to any dealership for this car
    3. I would get it fix within a fix dollar amout, say $ 400 or so
    4. I would keep this car with minimum repair till it dies
    This is my personal opinion, based on car's condition, history, and market value.
    Take it easy,
  • narenjinarenji Posts: 161
    Its been a while since I posted, but I've enjoyed reading your posts. Very informative. Thanks for being here. I read your posts about the faulty A/c from a while ago... is everything fixed now? I too feel that my car's AC is weak (I live east of LA), and I've been meaning to get it checked out. In fact, the AC feels weaker than the one in my 93 Mazda MX6.

    I hope mine isn't as involved as yours was. I also enjoyed reading your discussions about synthetic oils and the like. I want to use synthetic oil myself, but like you, I'm going to wait till about 10k miles. I would love to do oil changes myself, but how accessible is the filter? In my MX6 it was like right next to the exhaust pipe, and that made me a little concerned, so I haven't attempted oil changes on that car.

    I just upgraded the audio system in the car because I couldn't really stand the muddy sound the "premium" sound system was putting out. I got a new Pioneer head unit with 4 JBL 6 1/2 in speakers all around. There still isn't much bass, but the sound is a lot cleaner, and thats what I was aiming for. I don't think I want to take away any trunk room by adding subwoofers or amplifiers.

    I haven't been the best at checking up on this town hall discussion group, but I'm going to try harder...
  • lgoldinlgoldin Posts: 90
    I am planning to replace speakers as well. Could you describe how you've replaced front ones? What was a procedure? Also how do you take of the front panel to replace a stereo?
  • mbbstimsmbbstims Posts: 16
    Hi Folks,I'm new to the message center.I love to talk autos.

    Anyway,this is my dilemma: I have decided I am going to purchase a new Nissan Sentra or Toyota Corolla next Spring.I like to start doing my homework early.I have already spent many hours online reading about the Toyotas and Nissans.At this point I am leaning toward the Nissan because I have read that it is a dependable car,I like the styling and the price is right.(I think the Toyotas like the Hondas are a bit over priced.)I like the XE because I don't go for power options when I buy.The big question I have is how long can I expect the Nissan engine to last?I am always hearing how Toyotas seem to run forever,What about Nissans? help please!
  • narenjinarenji Posts: 161
    Well, I've replaced speakers in my 93 Mazda MX6 and they were very straight-forward. I saw the directions provided by Crutchfield that somebody scanned in... here's the address:

    Everything kinda looks involved in the Sentra. To remove the head unit, you have to partially disassemble the center dash. To replace the front speakers, you have to take apart the interior door frame. To replace the rear speakers, you have to take apart the rear deck.

    It can be done, but to me, it looked complicated, and people on the b15 sentra discussion board (the discussion board address is: ) were saying that they broke a few retaining clips trying to pry out all the panels. I got a package deal for my system from a local audio shop, and installation was included. The install was pretty cleanly done, and the system sounds clean. You're welcome to take a look at those direction sheets and see how and if you can handle it. If you're just going to upgrade two speakers then it might be worthwhile to attempt the installation on your own, but if you want to do the whole system, I would save some time and grief and just have the store do it.

    In my MX6, the head unit just slides out of the dash, the rear speaker screws are under the grilles that just pop off. The front speakers are more involved, just like the sentra- you have to take the door frame off. Good luck, and keep us posted how and what you do.

  • kbd2000kbd2000 Posts: 1
    Just signed on to the message center, I own a 2000 Nissan Sentra GXE. The information
    from everyone's posts has helped a great deal. Just had my windows tinted about a week
    ago, and so far I have not seen any problem with the back window peeling. I paid just a
    little over $130, which is a pretty decent chunk of change, but it was well worth it. Make
    certain that where ever you take your car to have it done, that they have a guarantee on
    the work. The place that did mine took their time and it looks great. Of course, I will keep
    my eye on it, because I too have heard of problems with the back window. Hope this
  • Hey gserep1, you seem to know what you are talking about. Can you please Tell my why my Friends 95 200SX-SER's oil filter is located on the upper left side of the engine block instead of on the bottom of the engined block just above the oil pan like mine? I have a 01 Sentra SE. Thanks.
  • mayankhpmayankhp Posts: 22
    Hi Dear,
    I am sure, by this time you must have made up your mind, whether to see dealer to replace your a.c. (ordered)part or to live with existing cooling tempreture. Just curious to know about it.

    By the way how is life going? Long time no message from you, what's up?

  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    gserep1 Jul 11, 2001 2:55pm
    Yes, you have to make a practical choice with kids still in college. If you are interested in a 6-speed CL then check out

    I know you'll have lots of replies to others on here when you get back :))
  • gserep1gserep1 Posts: 92
    Hello Again,
    I have been out of the area for the last few weeks, and I have not had access to a computer...(imagine what withdrawal I was going through, LOL). I have been in Ridgecrest,California deep in the Mojave desert. The average temperature last week was about 100, but it got as high as 112. I had to do some training on the operation of some new aircraft servicing generators that your government just bought. Next week I will be in the Fresno area at another Navy base. After that, I should be back in San Diego taking it a little easier.

    I am still waiting for parts for my car (if you can believe that). I talked to my service advisor just yesterday, and he tells me that the parts are still backordered. UNBELIEVEABLE on a new car, huh? It is a good thing that mine works SOMEWHAT, and that I don't live in a very hot area, or Iwould have been in bad shape.

    On my trip last week, I was provided a rental car, while mine stayed parked. Saves on the miles, but I sure missed my car. I had a 2001 SATURN with 12 thousand miles. The car was a piece of junk already. The engine was pretty peppy, and the air conditioning froze meat, but the driveability of the car was horrible. Plus it was missing all of the creature comforts...NO power windows, no power mirrors, no cruise control, no tape player (not even a cassette player), and the brakes felt like stepping on a Hershey bar...very mushy. Plus I could not get my seat to adjust to the full upright position, which caused me to drive around partially reclined. Enough about that car. I had the option to return it this week, or keep it for the trip next week....I decided to turn it in, and use my own car, as I will be driving to San Francisco next weekend anyway, and the base is only 180 miles from my home there. I will be calling NISSAN USA next week and see if I can find a way to expedite my parts. I LOVE my car otherwise. I instantly noticed the difference between the Saturn and my car. The Sentra was parked all week, and got some much needed rest.

    Thanks cyranno99, I am very much interested in getting a 6 speed Acura CL. That 6 speed will make me go ahead and buy that car for sure.

    I am also thinking of doing that audio swap as well. I need to go onto Crutchfield's web site, and see what will fit my car.

    In reply to "01sentrase", the 95 200 SX is a "rear drive" car unlike our front drive arrangement, and as such, the engine is mounted front to back, or "longitudinally", unlike our transverse arrangement. Nissan can put the filter on either side of the block when they reconfigure an engine for a specific application. My experience with the 2001 SE oil filter placement shows me that it is not an ideal place to have it, but I have seen much worse...(case in point, my 2000 VW new beetle). That filter is a real pain to get to, and quite messy, because it spills all over the lower radiator hose, and some other wires. The WORST was my 1995 Taurus SHO with the 3.2L V6. The filter was up front, but you had to be double and triple jointed in the wrists to get to it, plus it drained all over the starter when it came off. That meant about 1/2 hour of cleaning when I changed it to avoid the oil smell.

    To "narenji", thanks a lot for the kind comments, and all that I can say about filter placement is make sure that the engine is not HOT, when you do the filter. It sits just abouve the exhaust manifold pipes, and like I said before, I dropped my filter on the heat shield (which is a mesh-type arrangement, and it took a half day to get all of the oil out. It smoked like an old clunker, which was very embarrassing for a new car. I will be more careful next time for sure.

    Well, I will be quiet for now, and look forward to hearing from some of you in the very near future. I will be driving my car next week on my trip to Fresno. I don't think that I can stand another week of driving GM JUNK. Some GM cars are great, but when you get "corporate rental car junk", it is depressing. I shudder to think that in a few more thousand miles, someone will buy this thing on a wholesale rental car lot. That is really scary. I wouldn't wish that car on my enemies, it is so bad.

    To "mbbstims", I believe that the Nissan engine is every bit as reliable as the Toyota and Honda engines. They are all great, but I do believe that the Honda engines are a bit smoother, but a lot more "labor-intensive", when repair work is warranted. I plan on driving mine MANY hundreds of thousands of miles. If I care for it properly, it will last. I would venture to say that any of the above-mentioned cars will perform better than most of the "domestic" (and I use that word "loosely") cars.

    I really miss talking to you guys and girls when I am away on travel, but it is really nice to play "catch-up" when I return.

    Thanks again, and take care,
  • gserep1gserep1 Posts: 92
    Hello Again,
    How is that "screeching noise" you talked about in your earlier posts? I certainly hope that you have gotten that repaired by now.

    Oh by the way everyone, I just could not resist asking if any of you have seen the newest Nissan Sentra commercial that features the 2 crash test dummies fighting to be the first one to drive the Sentra? I thought that was really cute and very original...of course I COULD be a little biased, don't you think? I really got a few chuckles out of that one for sure.

    I will probably wish that I had waited for the new 2002 Sentra when I start seeing them on the road, but I know thatthey willbe really expensive at first. I'll live!!

    Thanks again,
  • katraakkatraak Posts: 33
    This board is hardly active when you are away. I am sorry that you had this awful experience in the Saturn and to think I almost bought the Saturn instead of my Sentra. My friend has a 95 Saturn that held up beautifully but I finally couldn't pay MSRP for the Saturn.
    Anyway, regarding the engine noise I was experiencing I took the car to the dealer and asked him to take a look. He told me that the noise is valvetrain startup clatter and most SR20DE's had the noise. Like you suggested I will switch to Mobil1 and Purolator PurePlus on the next oil change and see if the noise subsides.
    LOL I have seen the Sentra commercial and liked it. I guess the 2002's would be coming to dealerships in another month or so. First thing, I will test drive the 3.5 Altima and then the Sentra Spec-V. Still, I wouldn't trade in my SE as I would be taking a big hit on depreciation.
  • gserep1gserep1 Posts: 92
    Thanks For Your Quick Response,
    I have been out of town in the desert this last week. I get the same noise in my car when I start up. I will be looking for a Purolator Oil filter with a check valve to keep the oil in the head. This will help keep that noise down. I have not been successful yet in finding this filter. When I find one I will let you know.

    I will be using my car this next week, so I will tell you how the air conditioner works in 100 plus degree weather. I will be glad to get my parts in to get this car fixed once and for all.

    I am looking forward to hearing from all of my friends this coming week. Please keep me up to date.

  • mbbstimsmbbstims Posts: 16
    Thanks for the opinion on the longevity of the Nissan engines.Iwould like to get 150k to 200k out of my next car and I did not know if the Nissan Sentry was capable of that. had a Datsun many years ago,I think it was a B 210.I took care of the car well but it still went through 2 head gaskets before 100k.Have you,or anyone else out there heard of any head gasket problems with the ewer Nissans?

    Thank you for your help,
  • narenjinarenji Posts: 161
    I think I'm going to venture out and get some jack stands and creep under the car to see where the filter etc are at. I will also need to get a car manual, probably haynes. I saw the Mazda's filter when it was getting serviced once. So you take your car to like one of those service places where you work on your own car, but use their tools and their equipment for a fee? I wonder where I could find one around here... After you had problems with your A/c, I checked the temperature of my car's a/c, and it seems to be putting out about 46-47 degrees. My 8 year old Mazda is putting out about 41 degrees. Of course, the Mazda has the older r-12 refrigerant, which is supposedly colder to begin with.

    So is my temperature measurement cold enough? It sometimes doesn't seem like it. When you turn the fan speed up, the temperature reading drops precipitously. It's only about 54 degrees on like 3, but the same thing happens in the Mazda as you turn the fan up. When I called my dealer and another local one, they both said that 46-47 degrees is plenty cold for a r-134 powered a/c unit. Are they being honest? Hope your car is fixed soon.
  • I was wondering if any of you had experienced this. When I drive around in the city my car doesn't get very cold (even with the fan all the way up) but on the highway it's so cold I can barely keep the a/c on at even the low fan speed.
    Is this normal or something to get checked out?

  • zhzzhz Posts: 29
    I went for a 250 mile trip yesterday. The A/C work SO well that it was "frozen". I had to turn it off. It was working fine -- freezing cold air, after that. They (people from said that 2000+ sentras are known to have this problem.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    Yeah, I am sure you'll like the CL. The oil filter placement for it is a breeze to change.... just like the current Maxima. Tell me about hard to reach oil filter. I had to crawl under my old Integra and reach up into a little space... there's no other way around it - partly because it was a four cylinder and partly because it is FWD. You can spill lots of oil through the filter when the engine is warm/hot. The Sentra oil filter placement is fairly easy to get to.

    Have fun on your trip :)
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    I sure hope they build some more 5sp Sentras for 2002. I can't seem to find any 01 5sp. Plenty of automatics though. I've heard that the SE will be discontinued and replaced by the SE-R. For someone who doesn't necessarily want more power and lower fuel economy, as will be the case with the new 2.5L, but still wants the good handling, you better get an 01 SE while you can.
  • jliu_2000jliu_2000 Posts: 7
    2 airbags of my Sentra GXE were deployed during a not-so-serious accident. I didn't have dealer fix it because they quote totally $2,000 for parts and labors for 2 airbags.

    Any one has any suggestions ? I couldn't sell the car before the airbag is fixed. Thanks
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    probably true since they will not make the 3.0L V-6 either. The G20 will run for a couple more months as a 2002 before it will get replaced by the G35 in the Infiniti line-up. So it makes sense for Nissan to get rid of the 2.0L engine.
  • narenjinarenji Posts: 161
    Not to be rude, but I haven't heard anything about the g20 being replaced by the g35. I was pretty sure that the I30 was a dressed up Maxima and that the I35 would replace the I30. I've heard rumors that the next g20 will have the 2.5L Sentra V-spec engine standard, so I guess it would be called the G25. The Altima is supposed to get the 2.5L of the Sentra V-spec standard, with the 240 hp 3.5 V6 optional. The Maxima is to get the 3.5 V6 standard, but with 260 hp. Correct me if i'm wrong...
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    no prob.. check out - you should see a picture for the G35 on the right side. I don't think that they want a G20 and a G35 for next year, right?
  • ryuanryuan Posts: 1
    Hi, everybody

    I am a rookie here and also to cars. Is '96 Nissan Sentra GXE 4-dr Sedan chain belt or rubber belt? How long should it be changed? And usually how much does it cost? Thanks.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    I'm fairly certain that the 1.6L engine has a chain which needs to be changed about as often as you change the pistons - in other words, never.

    Check your manual to be sure.
  • peejaypeejay Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    Does anybody know how to take off the EM shift knob? I have been told to twist it counterclockwise, but I tried it and it didn't want to come loose! Any suggestions?
  • peejaypeejay Posts: 2
    Ooops, meant to say OEM shift knob.
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