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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Word is...the SE-R will ONLY come with a 6 speed. I know that's official on the Spec-V. I've heard mumblings about the SE-R too.

    Contact Nissan directly. Salespeople at dealerships are woefully undereducated about their for BMW, Infiniti and Lexus salesguys.
  • bobcatbobbobcatbob Posts: 187
    The SE-R will have a 4 speed auto tranny, according to the Nissan website. I was hoping there had been rumors about pricing out at this point....
  • manavimanavi Posts: 150
    Has anyone else read the review of the new SE-R in the latest issue of Car and Driver (or was it Motor Trend)? It is not a full test drive review, but they do say they drove the new SE-R and give some impressions regarding the car. Interesting that there is a test drive in this magazine and there is still no pricing data released. The review did not give any hard numbers regarding performance, only general impressions and estimations. The car test driven was the Spec-V and the review said that, due to the limited slip, the car absolutely rockets out of corners. The article states pricing is estimated to start at around $17000, I would assume for the base SE-R.

    Oh, the article also stated that the SE-R is replacing the SE, but that the XE and GXE will still be produced. Makes sense.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    ...Having an auto. At least the Spec V is only going to be 6 speed!

    BTW, manavi, thanks for the link.
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    The SE-R WON'T be auto ONLY, just auto available.

    The SE-R Spec-V wil be 6-speed manual ONLY.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    I'm just lamenting the fact that an auto is offered at all on the SE-R.
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    Sorry, I misunderstood what you said and thought that you thought that the SE-R was auto only. Just trying to help. :-)
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Currently, limited-slip is available on the SE
    only with the stick, making the PP price about 2 bills more....This was the selling feature that made me buy my SE; and the limited-slip IS awesome, exiting corners, taking off from a standstill, and with the right tires, magnificent for driving in the snow. Does anybody know if LS will be avail on autos on these two new Sentra models?
    Also, anybody else out there enjoying their KDW Y-Rated 215-50-16's like I am; just put my second set of 4 tires on at 35,000 miles......(excessive wear at the edges from sliding thru the corners caused me to put a fresh set on...)
  • lgoldinlgoldin Posts: 90
    Glad to see you are still on board. You where one , if not the first of SE owners here and gave a lot of useful info. I am planing to put the same tires as you when original tires wear out.
    To answer your question. According to Nissan LS will be available only on Spec-V, which is only available with 6-sp manual.
    Now, I have a question. Can anybody say what is the proper technic of taking corners with FWD? I doubt it is the same as RWD. There is no school in my area which teaches performance driving. Does anybody know good web site for this?
    Thanks in advance.
  • kstephankstephan Posts: 41
    It appears from the specs on the Nissan website that except for the 170-hp 2.5-liter engine (and styling tweaks), the base model SE-R is not much more than a decontented SE w/PP. I'm really surprised the LSD isn't included on the SE-R, but is on the SE w/PP. I wonder if the suspension tuning is the same as the PP, or maybe even a lower spec on the base SE-R. In any case, the overlap seems to confirm that the SE as we know it is gone for 2002.

    I guess it makes sense from Nissan's point of view, but for anyone with an SE w/PP, you shouldn't feel like you now have a clearly inferior car. Also, I'm not sure I like the SE-R front end more than the regular one. It would be nice to have the extra 25 hp, though...but you could get that through tuner tweaks, I'm sure.
  • bobcatbobbobcatbob Posts: 187
    I would imagine the interior and packages SE-R will closely resemble (i.e. tamer) the current SE w/ pp as it is replacing one of the curent Sentra models. This is of course wishful speculation as I hope both do not come with the unattractive red and black interior mentioned in the Car and Driver article.

    I'd also guess that the GXE will get the 145 HP engine and the XE the base engine.
  • kstephankstephan Posts: 41
    The colorful interior on the SE-R Spec-V is pretty gross, although not quite as pinkish in reality as the C&D photo makes it appear. I'm not sure if the regular SE-R gets the same interior scheme. The Spec-V does have special seats of some sort, so maybe only it gets the wild colors.

    I have kind of mixed feelings about the new SE-R, because of its appearance. I'm sure the Spec-V will be sensational to drive, but I wish they had a two-door coupe (or even hatchback) version instead of tarting up the four-door somewhat tastelessly. I always liked that the old SE-R was subtle. It was all about real performance, not flash. But I guess flash sells...
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    They do have a hatchback, unfourtunately we live on the wrong side of the Atlantic to get it. The European 3 door hatchback is quite attractive compared to the US sedan, which we have been saddled with because marketers think all Americans love sedans and hate hatchbacks. Of course they are wrong.
  • kstephankstephan Posts: 41
    mdriver, I know from British car mags that Nissan has a model in Europe like you describe, the Almera. I wasn't sure if that's their Sentra equivalent, but it sounds like it is. I have no idea what the Japanese equivalent is called--maybe it's an Almera too.

    I don't know if I'd be quite as critical of the U.S. sedan's looks (I mean, I have to like it--I own one!), but I definitely agree there should be some other model offered as well. You're right; a lot of us don't hate hatchbacks. I wish Nissan hadn't become so afraid of building two-door cars. Remember those days when they had the 300ZX, 240SX, original SE-R, and NX2000? Maybe it can happen again. And let us have the Skyline too.
  • gserep1gserep1 Posts: 92
    Hello Everyone,
    It has been a while for me. I have been out of town on business. I did get the new Mobil 1 0W-30 synthetic oil installed last week, and it has really made a difference. However, the BIGGEST change came from the oil filter. Both Purolator and AC make oil filters that really work for the SE. They are bigger than the stock filter, and both have a big anti-drain back valve inside. These filters allow the use of 4 quarts of oil instead of the partial 4th quart as with the stock filter.

    The start-up noise that is common with the stock filter is gone now, and it runs great. As soon as I can get a mileage average, I will report it to you.

    I would tell anyone that is considering changing from regular to synthetic oil to "JUST DO IT"... IT IS WORTH IT!!

    Thanks again,
  • I'm liking the SE but I wonder if it's really worth the extra $2K. I mean, I'm not gonna race it and it's only 0.2 L difference in engine size. Any thoughts?

  • gserep1gserep1 Posts: 92
    Hello There,
    I will start off first by saying that the SE is not for everyone...hence the GXE, XE, and the CA. Someone has to buy the other cars....I am just glad that it is not me.

    There is a world of difference between the SE and the others. If you have been following specifications at all you will see that the "measly" .2L difference equates to 19 horsepower more, at very little fuel expense. It is just a blast to drive. 122 hp to 145 hp is nothing to sneeze at in my book.

    The seats are infinitely better in the SE, as is the suspension and brakes. The stiffer suspension results in a much stiffer ride, but performance people really do appreciate it.

    The SE also gives you rear disc brakes for safer stopping. If the performance package is also selected, a wealth of extra goodies are included. These goodies include a variable flow muffler that produces backpressure at slow speeds, and then opens up to allow greater flow at high speeds.

    In closing, let me say that I ENJOY my car immensely, and would not trade it for any other Sentra variation currently available . If performance is not the most important thing about your car, then the GXE, XE, or the environmentally friendlier CA may suit your tastes. There is no CORRECT answer on this one, To each his own in that respect. Any of the Sentras are excellent cars, but SOME of us want just a little MORE!

    Good luck on your choice. Please write us back and tell us what you finally purchased.

    Thanks again,
  • zhzzhz Posts: 29
    The biggest difference that is easiest to SEE is that there are much more GXE on the road (maybe in dealership parking lot). Of course SE has much better goodies. But GXE still can kick some [non-permissible content removed], i.e. anything slower than GXE. GXE has more power than Civic LX. GXE is more like $3000 less than SE.
    Can you tell what kind of car I have? yeah, GXE.
    If I have more money, I'd buy SE too. But if I have even more money, I'd get a Maxima.
    BTW, you can get an ALTIMA GXE which costs about the same (or less) as an Sentra SE if you don't need sports feature of SE.
    I like GXE for its price/power/feature combination.
    I don't think XE is a very good choice. Imagine a 5sp w/o tachometer. Actually, it's not that bad.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    The SE makes the little Sentra feel sporty. The stiffer suspension and more powerful 2L engine make the SE well worth the extra clams in my opinion.

    BTW, someone wrote "I don't think XE is a very good choice. Imagine a 5sp w/o tachometer."

    Why do you need a tach? I'm 27, I've been driving 5 speeds for 17 years and I NEVER look at the tach for shift points. In fact my old Nissan Stanza XE doesn't have a tach and I never miss it. In the 3 months I've owned my 01 Jetta 1.8T, I've only looked at the tach to figure out why my engine screams so much at 85.
  • zhzzhz Posts: 29
    You must be a big guy. 10 years old and driving stick. It must be hard to push the clutch.
    I said XE..... but that's only my opinion. Tach. is good at least for break-in period. It's also good for gas milage. It looks nice too. I didn't have tach. for my old car either.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    The biggest difference between the GXE ad SE is the better handling on the SE. But anyone looking at the GXE would find it well worth looking at a Hyundai Elantra with its standard 140HP. I think the Elantra is better built and offers many features not even found on the Sentra SE, like power windows that continue to operate after the key is removed. That particular feature is often found only on high end luxury cars. Also, the 5yr/60k b to b warranty is hard to overlook. I would never have given the Elantra a chance unless a friend had bought one. After driving that one, I am convinced it is probably the best small car available. The fact that you can get one for about $12k fully loaded, should put to rest any resale value fears, not that the Sentra is very good in that area either.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Actually kinda small. Started out driving the old 83 Nissan Pulsar and Toyota/Nissan trucks.

    mdriver: Yeah, the Sentra is a darn good value for the money and class. But the power window thing is on many chevys too. Don't think that['s much of a luxury feature.
  • dannym11dannym11 Posts: 18
    the other big difference is the engine. With the SE you can also get the performance package, which gets you a lot of goodies for the money - viscous limited slip diferential, front strut sway bar, firmer suspension, nice alloy wheels, 180w stereo...
  • mdriver: I have also thought of the Elantra as an alternative to the Sentra GXE but I've heard that the Sentra 1.8L is actually better than the Elantra (2.0?). Obviously I'd know if I'd had a chance to test drive the Elantra. Also, the 3.9% financing from Nissan (only til 8/31!!) is tempting and the Nissan dealer here is pretty good.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    You still cannot compare the list of features on the Elantra with the Sentra. An Elantra (with the $500 rebate) with ABS and standard side air bags, power windows, auto, heated mirrors, electrically operated ventilation controls, 15" Michelins, etc. is about the same price as the stripper Sentra XE. In fact, ABS is all but impossible to get on any Sentra, especially the SE. No 5yr/60k b to b or 10yr/100k powertrain warranty on the Sentra.
  • lgoldinlgoldin Posts: 90
    That's interesting how things are different in Canada. ABS,traction control and side airbags are not even an option in Canadian version of Elantra. And if you want all power options you have to go automatic. The warranty is the same as Japanese cars. Sentra SE here includes ABS in P/P along with some options you can't find in Elantra in any price, such as limited slip differential, factory installed immobilizer. I guess Hyundai doesn't consider Canada as a valuable market. 8-)
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    That's their selling point along with low prices. They offer a huge warranty and crazy low prices to suck in buyers.

    Show me a large number of Hyundais on the road, running well with over 100k miles. I'd say finding that with Nissan is pretty easy.
  • bobcatbobbobcatbob Posts: 187
    Why would they need to offer that long a warranty? I'll take a Nissan over a Hyundai anytime...

    Now, has anyone seen any prices on the SE-R yet?
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    If a long warranty is a sign of poor quality, then Lexus and Acura must be no better than Hyundais, and VWs with their 2yr/24K b to b warranty, must be bulletproof. Length of warranty has nothing to do with quality, but I bet Sentra owners would not turn down a 5yr/60k b to b warranty and say I don't need one. Sentras are not exactly super high reliable cars, as Consumer Reports claims they are about average reliability overall.

    Today, the reliability difference between the best and worst cars is relatively small and I suspect the Elantra is at least as good as the Sentra. I used to own a Sentra and back then, I would never have considered a Hyundai. But after driving one (2001 Elantra), I am very impressed with the quality - and I am hard to please.
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