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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • I have a 94 Sentra, auto transmission, with 202,000 miles. When I accelerate to about 55-60, the engine starts kicking, and I have to floor it to gain more speed. Sometimes it starts to kick even sooner, like at 40-45. Is this a classic symtom of the tranny giving out, or could it be something simpler and less costly? Any other possible explanations? Thanks!
  • Does anybody know why the light on my gearshift doesn't light up? Do you think it might be a fuse or what? It's the light on the center console that shows you drive,park,Etc....
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I know Im like 2 months late with this post, but this is VERY typical of the Sentra with the 2.5L engine. Mine has done this from the get-go, and some have even asked me if I've left my car running after I exit. I could care less, means nothing.

  • Hiya everyone

    I am suprised by the problems everyone has had with their Sentras... maybe I have been lucky. I have a 03 SPEC V and love it! I haven't had one little problem with it and it is a blast to drive. :) I got it used a year and a half ago and have put over 30,000 miles on it so far (I have 47,000 total now). I drive it pretty hard too.

    A friend of mine has a Mazda 6 and my car will kill his all day long in both acceleration and handling (he has the 6 cylinder). :P

    What a great car!
  • i just bought a black '02 sentra gxe 4-door sedan. i was wondering if you have the stock cd player. if so, is there a light on it so i can see the time at night?
  • ahqahq Posts: 37
    Greetings! I drive a 2002 Sentra GXE 1.8 Automatic. It has 47K miles on it and is still riding on its original tires, i.e. Bridgestone B381, size P185/65R14 ("T" speed rating). I'm looking to get a new set of all-season tires ASAP. I live in Wisconsin, so snow traction is important. Ride smoothness takes precedence over sporty handling. Any suggestions or recommendations based on your experiences would be much appreciated!
  • ahqahq Posts: 37
    I drive a 2002 Sentra GXE as well. The standard OEM stereo (AM/FM radio with single-disc CD player) does have a backlit LCD display, so yes, you should be able to read the display at night when your lights are on. Speaking of illumination, the transmission shifter indicator light (PRND2L) went out, so I'll have to replace its bulb sometime soon.
  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46
    I'm considering buying a new Sentra SER new or used.
    The new cars only come with automatic tranny, unless you
    get the Spec V model which I don't want.

    Does anybody out there have an SER automatic? I was
    wondering how well the automatic tranny works with
    this engine?
    Also is this car dependable?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Lower case messeges are so much easier to read...many will just pass you by, as it's just to hard to read. So please, no more shouting!

    The Sandman ;)
  • Well hubby had an accident in his 01 sentra :sick: . Skidded on ice and hit another car. Here is my question the whole front passenger side is almost gone and the drivers side is pretty banged up. The air bags on either side didn't go off . :confuse: Anyone know why? the car is a wash and we need to purchase a new one. We are considering another nissan only because the thing still starts amazingly . If you seen it you would ask how the thing still starts but it does.

    Another question does anyone here know of any place we can donate it to ? it is in pretty bad shape but hate to just junk it I am sure it is good for at least the parts in some areas .
  • hi all , i just wanna know what i need to modifie on my car (Nissan Sentra Se-R 2003 (no-SpecV) to get a Spec V.. Do i have to change only the transmission or i need to change something else. i know a got the same engine 2.5 and i can get 6 speed transmission for 300$ can, what else i need.. thanx for reply.!!!
  • I do not mean to intrude, but do you know how I can find out if my 2001 Nissan XE vehicle recalls have been "addressed" ??

    Rob L :confuse:
  • Sandman,
    Do you know how I can find out if the recalls on my 2001 Nissan Sentra have been taken care of??
    Rob L
  • Go for the Sentra, it's well built and can go the distance!! :)
  • yes, the car should STAY in overdrive unless you are going up and down steep hills. :D
  • Ckeck out the BF Goodrich 60 series, I understand their one of the best!! :)
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I would go to your closest Nissan dealer and let them put your vin # into their computer system.. That should tell where and when any recall or tsb items were done.

    The Sandman :)
  • I just had a new engine put in this vehicle. After the engine was put in, there's a knocking, seems like, right under the gas pedal somewhere. When I release the gas pedal the knocking stops, and I hear the knocking only when driving over over 30 MPH. It's a slight knocking, like a vibration is causing it. I rotated the tires, front to back and that didn't take away the problem.

    Any ideas on what causing it. I think I'll be taking back to the repairman who put in my engine.


  • This car I bought recently (1997 Nissan Sentra GXE) ac controller (dial) only works on the 4th setting dial position. 1,2,3 dials are dead. But #4 is strong and load. Any suggestions on what to do?


    Joe :confuse:
  • i had a 1996 Nissan 200sx wit the same problem what u need is a blower resister it doesnt cost that much 2 purchase and it takes a few minutes to replace the old 1... :shades:
  • I went to the dealership and purchased a new resistor and put it on while I was there. I was so happy to see the blower work properly. So I went to auto zone, got the engine light recycled and much to my amaze, noticed that the controller was not working again. The engine light later turned on again and I'm back at square one.

    What should I do next? I was thinking of having it diagnosed again for free with Auto Zone and let them tell me what they notice what's wrong and go from there, unless you have another suggestion.

    Thanks again,

    Nissan Sentra 1997 GXE 1.6 :sick:
  • Just learned that because I didn't put it in its casing, where its kept cool when the AC is on, the resistor went bad on me. The service tech said that it will take about a week in warm air. The temp. today was around the mid 50's and it only took about 1/2 hr. to go bad. I'm so confused. I think I'm going to pull another one out of an wrecked Nissan and try it out again before I go out and buy a new one.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Blog with us about the new Sentra from the Detroit Auto Show: 2007 Nissan Sentra!
  • comaqccomaqc Posts: 2
    The problems started about a year ago and are getting worse with time. First the horn became intermittent. Then the parking brake light would come on unwarranted during driving. The cruise control also kicks out by itself intermittently.
    About one month ago things got worse. The automatic shift lever stays stuck in park with, so I cannot shift into gear. The parking lights come on by themselves and I have to turn the light control swithch ON to turn the lights off.
    Finally, this week, the battery went dead and the repair shop said that the alternator ws not charging. Upon dissambling the alternator, they found nothing wrong it The tested it, pût it back in and the battery still does not get charged.
    My dealer has looked at the car five times so far and has not been able to solve the intermittent problems.
    Am I the only problem with weird, intermittent electrical problems?
  • We are having the same problem with our Sentra. Was it the safety switch? Thank you.
  • comaqccomaqc Posts: 2
    The Alternator is now charging the battery correctly. Nothing was done to fix this; it just came back on normal by itself. However, nothing comes free. Now, the shift lever solenoid still does not work so we manually insert a key into the provided slot to disanguage the lever off the Park position. When the alternator came back on, we realized taht we had lost the rear window defogger and the windows lowering and raising switches do not work anymore.
    This is so ridiculous its almost funny.

    Where is thesafety switch located?
  • On my way to work, my headlights blew out, and the battery and brake light came on.

    According to the general consensus here, when the battery and brake light come on, the alternator is shot. Another guy had his alternator overcharge and blow out his lights on the forums too.

    I replaced the alternator, but the battery and brake light is still on. I see 3 fuseboxes on the car. One driver side under the dash, one under the hood on the driver side, and one under the hood on the pass side, but I dont' see any fuses that would seem to be blown. Am I just missing the fuse, is it there? If so, whats it labled as? What else could it be if its not the fuse? Thanks in advance.
  • gail7gail7 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Sentra GXE with 49500 miles on it. I had a starter put in in July at 44000 or so miles and it just went again tonight! any one else had this trouble?
  • snowssnows Posts: 1
    I have two 2001 Sentras with the gear shift light out. Nor have I figured out how to take it apart to fix it. It looks like it ought to be easy once you know the trick.
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