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Lexus IS 300



  • Considering the current lease deals on the IS today, do you think it is still worth it to wait for the 2002 model? I am not interested in a 5-speed, but I do like some of the other additions the 2002 will offer, especially the VSC option and standard front side airbags.
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    I was asking myself the same question. After driving an RX 300 for the past few years I'm due for a change. The IS 300 seems like the perfect choice now with the lease offer, and I don't want the manual trans, but I'm still going to hold out for 2002.

    A question for any current Lexus owners, in the past Lexus offers loyalty rebates. I got one in 99' for the RX 300 ($1000) any such rebates for the IS 300?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Why would you hold out if you're leasing? The cars are distressed merchandise now--later, who knows?

    brentwoodvolvo would be the one to ask about owner loyalty benefits.
  • uofmiamiuofmiami Posts: 19
    From my understanding and first-hand experience, the rebate is now only $500, which I received when I ordered my GS430. I think in 2000 Lexus reduced it from $1K to $500. I would assume it would apply to any Lexus car you purchase, so it would be applicable to the IS300.
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    Aside from holding out for the added features, normally with leasing and is also applicable with financing is the depreciation factor. If I trade my vehicle in now I'd probably be about $4000 upside down. If I wait until the lease expires in 02' the only fees would be excessive miles, if any. In my opinion the added features for 2002 give me an incentive to not take the hit on my trade in.

    For uofmiami in 99' the rebate was for $1000 if you purchase or lease through LCF. $500 if you do so through another co. I'll most likely head down to the dealer this weekend and find out.
  • denniswadedenniswade Posts: 362
    Even with the new features, they may hold the low lease rate to attract drivers to the new car -- so you may very well enjoy the best of both worlds. But if you really don't care about the 5-speed, I'd go ahead and get the 2001 now; what do you have to lose? It certainly isn't going to get any cheaper.
  • Dennis-
    Do you think this option is worth having? I would prefer to have it due the IS being a rear wheel drive vehicle and my concerns about driving a rear wheel drive vehicle in bad weather conditions.
  • denniswadedenniswade Posts: 362
    And if you live in a climate where it snows or rains frequently, I'd highly recommend it. In that case, maybe you ARE better off waiting for the 2002s.
  • pjonkheerpjonkheer Posts: 22
    Can somebody please confirm the new features on the 2002 IS? I only know about the VSC and 5 speed manual. Also, with the 5 speed installed, will the price go down from the automatic version??

    Thank You.
  • conan126conan126 Posts: 2
    I just recently test drove the nexus and the BMW 325. What I really liked about the 325 was the manual. However, I like the IS better overall, and have decided to purchase it, but I am going to wait for the 2002. Does anybody yet know what kind of pricing. Am I safe to assume the manual might be cheaper than the automatic, or will this be offset by any new additions? Any thoughts?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Good point. Finish the current lease. There's always the chance they'll have to repeat the deals next year.
  • 00rxguy100rxguy1 Posts: 38
    When will the 2002 IS be out? I to want to buy a IS in the next month or so. But if the 2002 is going to be out in Oct. or Aug. then i want to wait. I don't want the same thing happening to me all over again with my RX. I bought the 2000 Rx in May of 2000. Then in Oct. of 2000 the 2001 RX came out w./ a slight exterior change. What a bummer! So this time around I'm going to wait! Can anyone tell me if the prices on the 2001 models will go down to make room for the 2002?
  • uofmiamiuofmiami Posts: 19
    The 2002 IS should be available in September. Lexus usually drops the next MY car at that time. I think the wait for the 2002 is worth it. Good luck
  • njmannjman Posts: 1
    I received so much good info from this forum. Thank you all. I just bought IS300 with leather, sunroof, heated seats, trunk mat and wheel locks in NJ. I paid $30,800 vs MSRP of $34,600.
    My sincere thanks to Edmunds and its users.
  • menace2umenace2u Posts: 7
    I also got an IS300 in NJ this weekend - loaded GGP (leather, sunroof, heated seats, mats, wheel locks + graphite wheels, LSD). Paid $31.5K versus msrp of $35,500. Edmunds and some slow sales made this possible.
    Dennis - Special Thx for your help. I'll update you when the supercharger goes in!!!
  • denniswadedenniswade Posts: 362
    Can't wait!

    Also can't wait to see what Toysport comes up with; they're working on the system right now. I'll keep ya'll posted on their progress.
  • Dennis-
    I have read about the VSC option that will be available for 2002, but I don't think I really understand the advantage that VSC provides to the TRAC and TORSEN LSD option available in the 2001 now. Can you educate me on this?
    Where I live, it doesn't snow, but we do an occasional ice storm in the winter. I most concerned about driving a rear wheel drive vehicle in heavy rain. When it rains here it pours and everyone here seems to put on their idiot hats when driving in the rain. :>)
    Outside of this option, I would hold out for a 2002 for the auto dimming rear view mirror (I have it in my Solara and really appreciate it with all of the SUV's on the road) and the added arm rest.
  • denniswadedenniswade Posts: 362
    is to help maximize traction by making two tires do the work of one. Vehicle skid control is designed to use engine braking and the brakes themselves to retard power and/or apply braking as needed to maintain directional control -- especially while braking hard in an emergency.

    You can buy an auto-dimming mirror in the aftermarket.
  • jcbrackjcbrack Posts: 9
    I think a better explanation of VSC is as follows.

    Basically VSC corrects oversteer and understeer. Lets say its raining and you accelerate too hard while turning a corner...normally major oversteer will happen, with the tail coming out. VSC will chime in and correct this. It will actually brake the front outside wheel, thus generating a counter rotational spin on the car...very cool technology.

    For understeer VSC will engage the traction control and brake the inside front wheel to try and pull the car around the corner.

    Another way to look at it is, if you lose control of the car...the computer takes over to get the car back under control.

    I have a GS300 and LX470, both with VSC and it WORKS! VSC has come on a couple of time in the GS300 in the wet and once in the LX470 in the snow. Well worth the money and in afew years will be as common as ABS.
  • denniswadedenniswade Posts: 362
    with the addition that the car will also drop engine revs as necessary to correct the situation.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Pardon the interruption - I want to explain the name change of this discussion.

    Since we have moved to our new platform, we no longer have the requirement to stop and restart discussions after the numbers of posts exceed a certain limit. Since this discussion can continue as long as anyone has anything to say about IS 300, there is no longer a need for the "Chapter 2" that has been included in the discussion name. Down the road, that could confuse our newer members so I have removed it.

    I've altered the name slightly of the original IS 300 discussion in the Archives to differentiate it from this active one.

    Please continue...

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  • indesj01indesj01 Posts: 3
    i just drove an is 300 yesterday and am serious about buying but i too live in the east where it always snows and rains. learning about vsc makes me want to wait for the 02. there will be an all wheel drive in the future but exactly when is not clear. does anyone know when the 02 will be available? the dealer says June but when in june or if that is reliable is unclear.
  • Dennis and Jcbrack- Thanks for explanations. That helps a lot.

    indesj01- June is the earliest date I have heard in regards to the availability of the 2002. I had been hearing August and as late as September.

    I'd love to see them become available in June.
  • magwire1magwire1 Posts: 2
    just ordered one ! The car handled very well and was quick. the five-speed auto is convenient. not better than a stick but then driving through the lincoln tunnel is no pleasure with a stick. i know, i've owned 3000gt vr-4 '92. great car.
  • When I first saw the IS, I wasn't that thrilled, but that's only because someone souped it up beyond belief. After driving the car, it was a no brainer over the Bimmer... I've never had so much fun driving a car before. My sister owns the Bimmer, and it is a nice peice, but the Lexus IS 300 is a serious car that keeps impressing me over and over and over again. And it commands a lot of attention... too many people own the 3 series, so it is nice to stick out. My IS 300 is black, with no spoiler and the gold package... I got it as a demo with 3000K miles, and paid only $30,000... not bad considering the 330 was $39,000. I've already named my car "IS-abella the [non-permissible content removed] Wagon." :-) Here's to Lexus... I never thought a car could make you happier... man was I wrong!
  • indesj01indesj01 Posts: 3
  • VSC will be available in the autos. LSD in the manuals. Lexus has the 2002 models officially coming out in August. All-wheel drive is also not an option, yet.
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