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Older Acura TLs



  • Hi,

    I have a '96 3.2 TL Premium....Very well (dealer) maintained and in great shape...I frequently have business people in the vehicle and get it detailed 3 times a year...I commute about a total of 35,000 miles a year (95% highway) and the car now has 113,000 miles (again - 95% highway)...Had all the emissions work done (mostly warranteed), timing belt replaced etc...

    The TMV Trade-In is around $14,500 - and that figure includes the hit for the high mileage...NADA says Trade-In is about $12,500. Kelly Blue Book puts it at around $10k....

    I took it to a dealership (that I'm buying a new Honda Odyssey from!) and they said the best they could do was $8000!

    Seriously - the car is in great shape w/ no dings, no accidents and a couple of "touched up" scratches...Interior is like new.

    What's it worth and what's the best way to unload it for a good yet fair price?

  • 2 things going against you is:

    a) It is the older generation TL, which never caught on with the public and had quite a sorry reputation, unlike the dynamic newer generation.

    b) The comparatively high mileage of the car.

    Your best bet would, I guess, be to sell your car privately. The dealer would never pay you anywhere close to what the car is really worth. They would only pay you a rate for which they can un-load the car at an auction (rock bottom rate).

    Hope it helps.

  • I agree with hunter001 - dealers are not interested in paying top $ for a trade with more than 75000 mi. on it because they'll sit in their lot for months (one local dealer had a '99 Aurora - a $40,000 car when new - with 70000 mi. and it sat for 5 months asking only $13500). Yours is well beyond even that kind of mileage.

    Most cities have a number of independents who sell hand-picked, extra clean, but often higher mileage imports. Some of these will offer you more - because they have buyers for higher mileage cars. Still, you'll never get more than wholesale but the fact that yours is in top condition should help you get more than most.

    If you want the most though, sell it yourself - if a dealer is offering you $8k, you could set the price at $10k and you'd probably sell it the same day (do everybody a favour and disclose the mileage in your ad). Best way to price for selling is to watch what other '96 TL's are advertising for in your market and adjust your price for mileage. The "book values" often lead you to price incorrectly - you'll either price too high and have it on the market for weeks or too low and you'll regret having cheated yourself.

    My 2 cents
  • My 2000 TL was recently shifting roughly. Having come from a manual transmission for my whole life (still longing for that third pedal), I checked the transmission fluid and found that it was 1 pint low. The service manual shows that the transmission fluid should be changed at 90,000 miles. Is this normal? I know that oil consumption is normal, but how about transmission fluid? If not, is there anything that I should be checking for...damage, leak, etc.
  • mhammy84mhammy84 Posts: 167
    I just found a Technical Service Bulletin for my Infiniti I30 (with BOSE stereo) that explains the steps of a simple test for interference (popping noise). TSBs usually have some sort of remedy, such as replacement of a part with an upgraded one, to address and remedy customer complaints. However, the only remedy for this situation from Infiniti was that the service people advice the customer to keep the phone at least one foot away from the unit. I dont see what more they can do...replacing the stereo would not remedy the situation.
  • I called my dealer again, Radley Acura in Bailey's X-Road Va. and they put a different spin on the info I got the first time. They use 5 W 50 Mobil oil and NOT a blend that they told me the first time! SO the oil cost would not make up the difference you spoke about. Incidentally, to answer another post, I owned a Mazda 929 (1988) before buying the Aura 2000 TL.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,955
    Does anyone know of a link to a full description of the operation (and limitations) of the Acura TL Sequential SportShift? I currently own a car with something like this, and I am curious if the Acura has the same (umm) odd behavior under certain circumstances.
    - Ray
    Who still finds such a device superior to a manual trans in many circumstances.....
    2016 BMW 340i
  • I'll be shopping for a CL Type S or possibly a TL now that a Type S wil be available soon.Can anyone suggest a dealer in this area & how much they'll come off MSRP?Thanks for your help...
  • ftm1ftm1 Posts: 21
    I have a 2000 3.2 TL & have not had any problems with the 5speed Sport-Shift Transmission.
    Here is a link to the Acura TL scroll down & it says something about the Sport-Shift The transmission in the 99 are slighty different from 00-01 models. 99 has 4 speed & 00-01 have 5 speed that enhances acceleration & engine efficiency.
    The 00-01 models will shift-up from 1st to 2nd by themselfs the 99 will not. I think Acura did this to keep people from over reving the car in 1st gear.
  • ftm1ftm1 Posts: 21
    I live in Washington DC. I purchased a 2000 TL last year from Rosenthal Acura in Gaithersburg MD.
    I don't know how much off the MSRP they will give you. I really don't think you will get any or much because the TL is a hot selling car.
    You may be able to get a good deal on a 2001 3.2TL sedan & not the 2002 TL Type S. You also may for sure get a great deal on a CL not the CL Type S. The reason for this is I have seen on my dealers lot plenty of them.CL does not sell as well as TL or CL Type S. I see it this way from any dealer little or no wiggle room on The 2002 Type S TL & CL Type S. I see some on the 2001 TL when the Type S comes out. I see more on the CL because I see plenty on lots. Shop around to find a good buy.
  • Phalpin1
    Previous posts have reported 2001 prices of approx $26,600 (car and destination) for 2001 TL at Pohanka in VA and Tischer in Laurel, MD. In fact today in Wash Post Pohanka is advertising new 2001TL for $25,950 +$480 destination +$189 fee = $26,579 (if my math is correct). Yesterday (18 Feb) I was at Criswell Acura in Annapolis, MD. They had 34 TLs on their back lot( I counted) and what appeared to be an equal number of CLs. I would think they would be amenable to some dealing. Good luck and keep us informed of any deals you strike.
  • I took delivery 10 days ago of an '01 TL without nav in Houston, Texas at a price of $27,300 with no add on fees. Maybe not the best deal, but the car is great. Only thing I don't like so far is the glare from the dash when the sun is overhead. Am I the only one this bothers, or is there some easy fix?
  • raznarazna Posts: 3
    I'm looking for a new car and was considering the 3.2TL without Nav. Can any one tell me about a good dealer in or around Harrisburg,PA area and what would be the best price(before taxes but including Destination). I also read about the new TL-Type S coming out next month would it be worth to wait, I mean would we see a price cut on the 2001 3.2TL.
    Is the TL Type-S a 2002 model or 2001? When could one expect the 2002 3.2TL model? Would it be priced the same as 2001 model? Anyone using the Nav system in and around Harrisburg? Is it useful and worth the extra 2K? Any information would be highly appreciated.
  • boe_dboe_d Posts: 66

    I went to my local dealer in Santa Monica and they said they wouldn't have any until June. My car has been totalled and I don't want to wait that long. Some people have posted they will be getting theirs in March. Does anyone know of a dealership that is getting them early?

  • markz2kmarkz2k Posts: 112
    My sister bought a CL-S there last December; I was later talking to a sales manager, and he said they expect them in March 15, though I suppose the first shipment could already be sold. Call them, and ask for Kenn.
  • robnisrobnis Posts: 78
    I live in Lancaster County and can give you some info. Probably the best deal you can get will be at Apple Acura on Route 30 in York. They are consistently lower than Jones Acura in Lancaster. As you know there is NO Acura dealership in the Harrisburg/West Shore area; however, in a year or two Bobby Rahal will be adding an Acura dealership to complement his Lexus/Camry and Honda dealerships. Thus you will have a local place to service it.

    The map of the Harrisburg area is ok. While I have seen some minor errors, it does contain a nice job of the major routes: 83, 11, 15, 283, 322, 81 etc.

    The 2002 TL will have a minor price increase, but you should still get one for around 27,500 to 28,000. You will need to add tax to this figure. Still, I would walk out of a dealership if a final price is not UNDER 30K.

    The new TL/S will be out in March. If you are considering one may I suggest you go to Apple Acura and test drive the coupe version. The new 2002 TL/S will be like that except you get 2 more doors, a 6 in dash cd, memory seats, and some other minor changes as well. Actually Acura indicates there are around 500 overall changes from 2001 to 2002. If you want one you need to get a deposit ASAP.

    Best wishes!
  • dj5dj5 Posts: 42
    My 2000 TL has 12,600 miles and the Maint. Req. Light flashed about a dozen time when I first start the car and then goes off. Anyone else had this problem? If so, what caused it?
  • dj5,

    This flashing is not a "problem". It is simply a timer that goes off every 7500 miles to remind you to perform periodic service on your car. You can reset it by pushing a combination of the trip odometer buttons (It is documented in the manual). Then in another 7500 miles, it will start to flash again.
  • dj5dj5 Posts: 42
    Thanks stephenc....

    I have been doing my own oil changes (every 4000 miles) with Mobil 1 synthetic and Honda OEM filters. After reading your posting, I remembered reading something about resetting the maint. req. light in the owners manual.

    To reset the light, with the ignition off I had to press and hold the Select and Reset buttons and then turn the ignition on and continue to hold the buttons down for approx. 10 seconds.

    Thanks for the input. Saved me a trip to the dealership. Zero problems with my TL in the first 12,600 miles.
  • raznarazna Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info Rob. I also read about the 2002 3.2TL (not Type S) having the six CD changer and the 2002(not Type S) model being out in March. I would be considering the 3.2TL instead of the Type-S as it has all the features I need in a car. No doubt Type-S may definelty be a better car with more HP, memory seats,etc. but I guess I would put in the extra 2K on the Nav system (a bit tight on the budget as I was first considering the Accord EX ).
  • The 2002 3.2TL (not Type-S) will also have memory seats and mirrors, in addition to the 6-disc in-dash CD-changer, fog lights, and tilting passenger mirror (when the reverse gear is engaged for ease of parallel parking).

    The Type-s, in addition to the more powerful engine, would also have stiffer springs, firmer dampers, thicker/stiffer rear stabilizer bar, larger wheels (17" vs the 16" wheels of the TL), VSA (vehicle stability assist) etc., in addition to some other "not so obvious" differences like differences in anti-lock brakes and traction control system.

    But the NAV, I would emphatically suggest that you go for it.

  • raznarazna Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info AH. Do you know when the 2002 3.2TL (not Type-S) will be available? I guess there would definatley be a price difference between the 2001 and 2002. Do you see any chances of getting a price less than the MSRP for the 2002? Do you think once the 2002 is introduced one may get a good price(below MSRP) on the 2001? Sorry for so many questions..... Thanks
  • All indicators point to a mid-march/early-april release of both the 2002 TL versions (Type-s and non-type-s).

    I think it would be MSRP (or very close to it) for a while, but the supply-demand equation should catch up within a few months of release, I would presume. But you should be able to get a lot of "relatively" good deals on the 2001s (which, essentially is the same car as the 2002s, minus a few doodads). If price is an important consideration, then I would suggest to grab a 2001, right around the time the 2002 release happens.

  • According to Houston area dealers both the TL and the TL-S have March 15 arrival dates. I spoke with a dealer yesterday (Tues 20th).
  • I just put $1K down on a type S. I ordered a Pearl/Parchment. Dealer says I'm about three down on the list, but unfortunately, Acura is shipping the common but popular, nighthawk black and silver models first to fill the lot (approx. 20 per dealership in mid-March). Therefore, those of you interested in a more unique color (not to say better) you'll have to wait until early April. My dealer said $31,500 is a pretty good estimate in this economy for the non-navigation TL-S. Oh yeah, and there is this guy on Edmund's Townhall, Turbotc, who keeps knockin' the TL, and claims his '99 ES300 a superior vehicle. I just can't figure it out. I open this forum up to anyone and everyone willing to defend why the TL is a superior value/vehicle to the ES300.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    in this discussion, I have invited PeterUbers to create a new discussion titled "Acura 3.2TL vs. Lexus ES300" - let's save the conversation for the new area.

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  • There is an existing 2002 Acura TL-S topic already up and going. I for one would appreciate posts specific to the TL-S to post there. As I and others have already pointed out there does not seem to be much buzz or anticipation for this vehicle. My local dealership has 23 coming March 15th with 4 spoken for.
  • one dealer has a car in stock, and it is maybe already sit in the lobby for several mouths. I may be able to get a good price on it. Is there anything wrong for me to buy it? What is the big difference between this car and a new producted car? Does it really matters?

    By the way if I put deposite I should use credit card or check, or doesn't matter.

    Some quick response is highly appreciated. I need to make the decision very quickly.

    Thanks a lot.

  • I just did a search for "2002 Acura TL-S" as post #568 said and the new edmunds search engine told me ZERO topics. What's up with that edmunds?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Here's a link: 2002 Acura TL-S.

    Apparently, the search engine here on our new site does not index numbers. If you had searched for "Acura TL-S" it should have found it. (I didn't try it, YMMV!)

    To tell you the truth, I have found it a little easier - if I KNOW that what I'm looking for exists, anyway - to use the browser Search feature on the discussion list page.

    That said, the Search engine is undergoing some kind of renovation, I am told. Improvements are in the foreseeable future, I do believe!

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