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Oldsmobile Alero



  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Check and see if the dimmer control is all the way to one end, at one end it turns the dash lights on full and turns the interior lights on.
  • Haven't posted anything about our ownership experience in awhile, and as I'm looking at another CDN$500 repair bill after just paying off a CDN$820 bill it's probably time for an update. 2000 Olds Alero, 4dr, 3.4L V6, about 159,000km (99,000 miles).

    The $820 bill was to rectify a coolant leak the lady of the house noticed -- had to top up coolant, which was unusual, and noticed a leak on the garage floor. She also took the car in for service, but from what I gather the pressure test showed failures and the service included a rad hose, valve cover gaskets, manifold gasket, a cooling system flush. While they were at it they replaced the thermostat. The plug terminals had a rough brownish deposit, so it does look like coolant was leaking into the combustion chamber.

    Going by the part numbers (10477565, 24504709) they also replaced the oil pump seal and throttle body inlet seal at the same time ? It's been too busy and lacking in daylight to poke around the engine compartment to verify that, but those seals were only $6 out of $820.

    Our recent $500 bill is, I suspect (dropping off the car on Jan.2nd) , yet another front hub assembly to replace. During our Christmas travels the "Trac Off" "Service Vehicle Soon" and "ABS" lights all came on at the same time. Turning off the engine and starting up again seems to "reset" the error code (i.e. no lights) and the traction control and ABS work. But after a few hundred meters/yards or, more often, 30-60kms (20-40 miles) the lights come on again.

    So when I've only bought 4 wheel bearings and hub assemblies over 5 cars, and 3 out of those 4 is all on the Alero, I think that is too many ! These hub assemblies presumably saved a few pennies or dollars per vehicle but for me it is an ongoing cost of hundreds of dollars into the same vehicle.

    Does GM corp. honestly expect owners to be such fools as to even consider a GM for their next purchase ? To ignore everything their ownership and financial experience has taught them and believe the advertising instead ? Market share was GM's to lose, and they've done everything in their power to do so.
  • My sister borrowed my '01 Alero and used her car charger (which she says doesn't work in her car) and now neither of my aux chargers work. I looked in the fuse box in the car but don't see where this fuse might be (I am assuming this is all it is) but I don't speak car. Anyone know if this could just be this easy and where this might be or am I going to have to pay someone for this? I can't charge my cell phone (my only charger I can locate for my phone) or play my IPod (an even bigger issue).
  • dlc2dlc2 Posts: 10
    In my opinion, one hub is too many. We have two Aleros in our family. My daughters was bought new in 2001 and has low mileage on it (42,000 miles). It has had the front right hub replaced, a few brake jobs, and the bubbling door panels.
    Her boyfriends has had the lower manifold gasket replaced at the cost of almost $700 from the local Pontiac dealer. Talking to anyone in Oldsmobile is a waste of time. I understand there has been a settlement on the gasket issue that will be announced in February. Hope they will come up with a partial refund, because I don't want any discounts on future purchases. I have four GM products sitting in my driveway, and will not be buying another. The 2003 Grand Prix with less than 20,000 miles has the common problem of not being able to remove the key from the ignition after shut off. Traced it back to a broken wire on the shifter solenoid, and that was easy enough to fix, but when GM is making crap, they shouldn't be surprised when Toyota and Honda out sell them.
  • dlc2dlc2 Posts: 10
    I don't have the owners manual in front of me, but there has to be a fuse for that outlet. There is a fuse panel on the drivers side of the dash, and also one under the hood. The stuff under the hood is more for engine electronics, so it's more likely on the drivers side dash.
  • I have a 2001 Olds Alero that's had the front wheel bearing hub assembles replaced twice. Unfortunately all the dashboard lights (ABS, Trac Off, Service Engine Soon) continue to come on/go off intermittently. Can anyone tell me if the ABS wheel speed sensors in the wheel hubs can be purchased separately from the bearing assembly or do they always come together. I'm trying to determine if my mechanic replaced the sensors when he replaced the hubs.

    Thanks in advance for your expertise!
    Livonia, MI
  • I am having the same problem with my 2001 Olds Alero. The ABS, Trac Off, Service Engine Soon lights came on so I took it to a dealer that said my left front wheel hub needed to be replaced. Before I'm taken to the cleaners, I wanted to see if anyone knew if this was a proven fix to this problem. Prior to that, a shop I use regularly told me I should get my front left wheel bearing fixed over the next few months. Any help would be appreciated!

  • alerogal: I could hear the hubs vibrating for many miles before they were replaced each time but the dash warning lights and presumably the loss of ABS and tracking functions have been and continue to be a persistent problem. The car is going back into the shop again, probably Friday. I'll let you know the results or you can write me at
  • skibry1skibry1 Posts: 174
    I would listen to your regular shop w a y b e f o r e a dealer...Good Luck
  • Problem fixed? The ABS wheel speed sensors are integrated into the hubs...and apparently these cars like to eat hubs. After having the hubs replaced last week for the second time (supposed the first set of hubs were defective....which I doubt because the were installed a month apart..September & October '07 ) the car went back to the shop yesterday because the dash lights were coming on intermittently. The shop owner said the mechanic had failed to reset the computer so supposedly all is now well. We'll see in the next few days if the repair holds.
  • dlc2dlc2 Posts: 10
    Reseting a computer will keep the dash lights from failing? I don't get it. That sounds more like an electrical problem than a computer problem. I really don't understand GM. They had a good looking car that was fun to drive at a reasonable price. I see many younger people, college and high school kids, driving Aleros.
    If they had produced a dependable car, these up and coming car buyers would have a favorable opinion of GM and may make a purchase in the future when they land the first job. With the Alero track record, I bet a lot of them look to Honda or Toyota. GM cut corners and used cheap parts, and it will come back to haunt them.

    BTW, did you get any type of warranty with the replaced hubs?
  • While I certainly agree with you regarding the poor performance of the US auto manufacturers, I can't complain too much being that my wife got over 150K mostly highway miles on her Alero before the original hubs wore out. Her mechanic friend replaced the left hub in September '07 and then the right hub the following month. Then all the lights came back on. The mechanic said "the hubs were bad" and replaced both under warranty but we had to pay for the labor a second time. Then all the lights came back on again, but only intermittently. That's when the mechanic said he reset the computer. Makes no sense to me either but the ligts have stayed off so far. Now we're shopping for a new car and gues what she looking at....a Honda, Toyota and even a Hyundai....
  • I have this problem in my 01 Alero as well- haven't fixed it yet (tools still boxed up from moving), but pretty sure it is just a short in the wiring. The fuse box for the aux chargers is under the hood of the car. I have replaced it three times to make sure the fuse itself wasn't bad. As soon as I connect the charger, the fuse blows. You would be better off, as far as cost, to fix it yourself if you can.
  • katrinahkatrinah Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Olds Alero, 4dr., V6, 3.4L with about 104,000 miles. My mechanic has replaced the hub/wheel bearing only to have the lights you mentioned come on. He couldn't understand why? I then paid to have an Olds dealer take a look at it only to tell me it's the hub/wheel bearing that needs to be replaced.....again in a 1 month time span. ahhhhh

    Also, Temp gauge wasn't working. I noticed coolant was low but no leaking on ground. It was mixing with my oil. I had my mechanic replace the intake manifold gaskets, coolant sensor, thermostat & he did a flush. Temp gauge seemed to be fixed....for about 2 weeks. It's not working again. I advised my mechanic and like above.......he has no clue as to whats going on, so he contacted an olds dealer & spoke to a technician who said the temp gauage may not be working due to a pinched wire grounding out or possibly the PCM needs to be "flashed" or reprogrammed. So I take it into the olds dealer to look at it & they say I need intake manifold gaskets......again.

    Have you heard anything else re: the settlement for the gasket issue you posted in your 12/29/07 blog?? I've tried researching this and have found that GM's been slapped w/ a gasket class action lawsuit in Canada for vehicles built b/w 1995-2003. This started back in 04/06??? They stated a similar lawsuit in the U.S. was granted class-action status in 1/07 but I can't find any info on it????

    I just paid off my vehicle and don't want another car payment but I'm thinking about shopping. :confuse:
  • pixie03pixie03 Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 Alero and love it all for one thing: Can someone please tell me how to get my "low tire pressure" and "change oil" lights to go off?? I have had all of this taken care of, but am unable to find an owners manual to tell me how to make to problem go away - I am finding this highly irritating since I drive a lot for work. Any info would be great! Thanks! :shades:
  • katrinahkatrinah Posts: 3
    Open your drivers side door. There is a fuse panel on the side of the dash. Take the cover off. MAKING SURE YOUR CAR IS JUST IN THE "ON" POSITION, tap the red reset button once then look at the instrument cluster behind the wheel. Keep tapping the red button until the light you want to go away is blinking. Once it's blinking, hold the red button for 10 seconds. The light should then go out. Do the same for each light. Hope this helps! :-D
  • pixie03pixie03 Posts: 2
    IT DID! Thank you SO much!
  • jaybayzjaybayz Posts: 1
    okay, so I am having many problems with my Alero.

    The first problem i have..i saw on a lot of other post in which the Trac Off Anti-Lock and Service Vehicle soon lights are on..I read and alot of them said it needs a hub. Is this the problem or is that what some people are experiencing?

    The second problem is that the heat doesnt work..Like it blows only on level three and four and when it blows it is only like a little heat.....IS anybody experiencing this problem?

    Next problem is I think my car has an electrical problem in the back. For some odd reason the tail lights come on as soon as you start the car up. I mean i do not have to turn lights on at all. I thought it was an Alero thing but when im behind another one their lights are off during the day. The speakers in the back doesnt work and i dont believe that they are blown out either. None of the buttons at the bottom work either. I mean the A/C button nor the back defrogger button or the other two work. I have to wipe the back window manually just to see out of it. IS this some kind of electrical problem?

    Another issue is when Im driving the car on the highway and i get up to like 60 or 65 the car shakes and when im braking on the highway when it hits 65 or 60 it starts to shake again.

    Last issue was my power steering and antifreeze keeps leaking. Im am feeling the two up once a week. I have tried every brand that says stops leaks but none seem to stop it. gas mileage sucks like i have to feel up at least twice a week. I am getting a tune up but I AM CONVINCED MY CAR IS A LEMON :lemon:
  • I have a 2002 Olds Alero. When I try an use my turn signal, they don't work but, my four way flashers come on and all my dash lights blink.

    Any suggestions?
  • rdeschenerdeschene Posts: 329
    Re: "The second problem is that the heat doesnt work..Like it blows only on level three and four and when it blows it is only like a little heat.....IS anybody experiencing this problem?"

    It's your blower motor resistor. If you search this forum, you'll find that many people have encountered this problem (including us). My husband replaced that part himself, but it was a challenge.

    Re: "Last issue was my power steering and antifreeze keeps leaking. Im am feeling the two up once a week. I have tried every brand that says stops leaks but none seem to stop it. "

    The latter may be an intake manifold gasket problem ... again, something many other Alero owners (including ourselves) have experienced. Search the forum, and you'll find many references to it. A class action lawsuit has been filed in Canada, but I'm not sure where that's at now: CTV lifts hood on potential problem in some GM cars
  • nbeltnbelt Posts: 13
    could be the hazard light switch. there was a recall for that switch. try that, it'll be a free part from the dealer that might solve the problem. check for more info.
    hope that helps.

    oh by the way my car still gets crap gas mileage like appx 20 mpg in the summer and appx 12 in the winter mostly light city driving. ive replaced all normal maintenence parts and no difference. if you got any info to help me with that please reply
  • rlw612rlw612 Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 Alero with only 49K miles. The air condition only blows warm/hot air it doesn't get cold at all. I had a neighbor recharge the air condition with refrigerant, for a couple of days, the air got a little cooler, but still not comfortably cold and now it's back to blowing only really warm air. Any suggestions before I take it to the dealership would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • rdeschenerdeschene Posts: 329
    I suspect you have a leak somewhere which will need to be fixed. Recharging doesn't work if the coolant is leaking out.
  • rdeschenerdeschene Posts: 329
    Re: "oh by the way my car still gets crap gas mileage like appx 20 mpg in the summer and appx 12 in the winter mostly light city driving."

    Strange We're still getting around 32 or 33 mpg (highway driving) with our 2000 Alero. I know that things like winter fuel blends and snow tires (ours are on steel rims) can lower fuel efficiency, but for us it only goes down to around 29 mpg (again, highway driving; we haven't kept tabs on our in-town driving, as we do so little of that), which is well ahead of what you're getting.
  • laurievwlaurievw Posts: 1
    I changed out the water outlet and that stopped the leak but it still runs hot. The oil recently was changed and still looks good. I fill the resevior up will coolant/water but seems to go somewhere cos I can't see it in the resevior where does it go? I can't see if the water is circulating or not. I need help
  • What type does a 2001 use R134 or R12?
  • slicker24slicker24 Posts: 2
    Hey all I have an alero with problems...big surprise....anyhow it's a alero 2002 2.2l ecotec does anyone know how to Safely disable the speed limiter on this car? :lemon:
  • hehe...I get a kick out of what's happening here because I have the problem with hubs with my 2002 alero....I have the 2.2 ecotec ver...I've given up on gm and went to a local car parts store and bought an aftermarket hub with a lifetime warranty and installed it's worth doing it yourself if you have the know how or a car friend to help you.....
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