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Oldsmobile Alero



  • Just wondering if anyone out there owns a 5 speed alero. I have a question concerning a noise i hear if the car gets heated(after a drive) when
    the rpm is around 1500 -1700 i hear this noise like a belt is lose kinda like a scratchty noise and it only happens at this level of rpms. Is it normal?
  • I can thank my Olds dealer for over 9000 dollars
    worth of damage to my car. I found that my 1999 Olds Alero Gls 2 door had bad rotors. I had called the dealer several times to see if the parts were in for replacement. FIVE and a HALF weeks later, my car and I were involved in an accident, with still no new rotors. What happen: I was traveling 35 in a 40, a deer came from the right side of the road about 40 meters in front of me. When I applied the breaks, they locked up. ABS should not lock up under normal use. However, because of the bad rotors ABS can not operate correctly and this caused my car to lose control of the road. Needless to say, I have not see my car for 2 mouths and it still has two more weeks to go until it is completely repaired. I would highly suggest that you do not apply your breaks hard with bad rotors. Trust me, the Alero does not hold up well hitting concrete walls at 30 miles an hour.
    Western Pennsylvania
  • I could really use the groups help. I'm shopping for a new car and have narrowed it down between the alero and a mazda 626. I know they aren't too much alike but I'm pretty loyal to this dealer. Treared me pretty darn good in the past. Anyway, I really like the alero but am getting a little worried reading about the problems some have. Am I overreacting? Service at this dealer is not a problem so is it worth the time it may spend in the shop? If these are problems that dealers know about i'm thinking I can put up with a little warranty work if I'm still getting a good value and a mechanically sound car. Besides, in it's black paint and polished wheels it is soooo easy on the eye.
    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
  • dd1336--I looked at and test drove many moderater priced midsized cars. i chose the ALero for its comfort, abs and traction control and value of rhte money. (see my posting in Alero vs Sonata vs 626). I've never heard anything really great about a 626. i test drove a 4 cyl and it had no power. The 6 cyl requires premium gas (delar said it could run on regular but I was afraid of voiding the warrantee and doing damage to the car). There are some good deals on Alero 2000 leftover. (2001 is basically unchanged so you can save yourself a bunch of $). I leased an Alero GL3. 6 cyl is silky smooth.
  • Has anyone successfully replaced the factory CD/cassette desk in this car? I have tried three different "standard" size decks and none of them fit, including the Panasonic model that Crutchfield "guaranteed" me would fit. I hate this car!!!
  • What's this about PREMIUM GAS? It says right in the manual that it takes REGULAR UNLEADED! Unless the regular gas in your area is less than 87 Octane, there is no reason why it would void your warranty. It's in chapter 6 if you want to show your dealer.
  • I think he meant the 626 recommends premium. As for the Alero v 626, personally I'd pick the Alero. The 626 is a decent looking car(better than most Japanese cars in that price range) but you'll pay several THOUSAND more to get a V6 than you would to get a comparably equipped V6 Alero. My brother has a 99 Alero GL V6 coupe which now has 21K on it and the only problem his car has had, is the driver side window track has broken twice. Mechanically, the car has been very sound.
  • Are you just putting in a head unit or are you putting in a head unit and an amplifier? I know for a fact that the Kenwood 5001 fits. That is what I have in my GLS 2 Door. I added amplifiers and new speakers to the car, this is where you need to do some work. The interior of the dash is a cheap plastic that onces scored it snaps very easy. This will make room for the RCA's running out of the head unit. If you have anymore questions feel free to e-mail me them.
  • I'm not sure if there is a separate topic for this or not. I did not want to start a new topic if there was no interest. I saw some cool pictures of the Alero OSV show car. The only other information I could get was:

    Alero OSV (Oldsmobile Special Vehicle division)
    2.4L Supercharged variant of the GM DOHC
    230hp at 6000rpm
    230ft/lb torque at 4100rpm
    13in vented/cross drilled front disc
    Approx. 3100lb Curb weight. Could be less or more, I'm guessing.

    Has anyone here actually seen the car in person? It looked lowered, had what looked like 17''rims on some serious rubber, and a bunch of ground effects stuff, was happy to see the lack of giant spoiler. Any rumors on a production date? I'm going to be buying 2003-05 with $2500-3500 in GM card earnings which makes this car very attractive if:
    1) They actually make it.
    2) It goes to production with at least 220hp, 5spd, giant brakes. I could care less about the rims and ground effect stuff.
    3) Price is no more than $4000 over the loaded Alero GLS.
    4) I would like 4 doors because of my 80lb dog and the fact that I'm too old to be a boy-racer. But I dont have to have them.
    5) I would also like HID lamps as a $500 option but I can live without that too.

    Would you buy this car?
  • The OSV models are currently a concept which Olds is considering. Last November at the SEMA show in Las Vegas they displayed a supercharged Alero, a supercharged Intrigue, and a lowered minivan. My advice for Olds is to BUILD THEM!!! Except, the van. Ditch that in favor of an OSV Aurora. Also, just last week Autoweek had a brief article on Detroit's Woodward Avenue dream cruise and they had an Intrigue with the Northstar V8 and an Alero with the Intrigue's DOHC V6. Olds still says they are considering the OSV vehicles. If they will do them right, I would definitely consider one. I think the supercharged Alero is a decent idea, but I also think the Alero begs for a nice DOHC V6. The Intrigue's V6 is probably too big for the car's engine bay for production(and it would make the car too front heavy) so Olds really needs to develope a smaller DOHC V6 for the Alero and mate it with a 5 speed manual. Moving on up to the Intrigue, keep the supercharged DOHC from the original concept, but add a 5 speed manual to that as well.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Definitely go Alero. It's more fun to drive and it is very reliable. My mom has a 99 and it's been perfect aside from a sticky door which was fixed in 5 minutes at the dealership. The 626 isn't bad either, but I think you will enjoy driving the Alero more.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Sounds like a good idea but I've heard that GM is considering dropping the entire Olds line, since there's a lot of redundant capacity. I havn't heard any more details. Perhaps the Alero will be re-badged (Buick maybe?) if this happens, since it seems to be a popular seller.
  • I don't think GM is serious about dropping Olds. Actually, this rumour first appeared in late 1992. Olds just introduced a totally redesigned Aurora and will have a redesigned Bravada within a year and I think the mini-van is slated to get an update in a year or so as well. What the division needs is more advertising and some "halo" models such as the OSV versions of their cars. Olds has one of(if not the lowest) average customer age of all GM divisions and their customers have the highest level of education of all GM brands and the Alero, Intrigue, and Aurora have all been successful in bringing customers who typically buy imports only, into Oldsmobile showrooms and alot of them are buying Olds cars. The only other GM division to do this was Saturn. GM desperately needs Oldsmobile and I think the division will stay. If ever a GM division were to go, my vote is for Pontiac or Buick. Now don't flame me as I like these divisions as well, but if Buick doesn't do something to lower their customer age, they literally will follow them to the grave. Pontiac is okay age wise and while the new Bonneville and the GP are great cars, the Aztek is just plain awful. With the Firebird being dropped in a year or so, Pontiac will really have nothing to carry their performance banner.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Yes, you make good points. I wouldn't be surprised to see some consolidation in GM's lineup in the not to distant future. Just where it would occur however is anyones guess.
  • My Alero GL3 is 2 weeks old with 800 miles. The car greatly exceeds my expectations in all resepects. But I have one problem. When I enter or exit a driveway or parking lot the bottom on my car scrapes the road if there is a slight incline or decline. I guess that the car is lower to the ground than I realized. It happens when I go into my driveway. I find that if the steering wheel is perfectly straing I can lessen the scarping. But sometimes when entering a parking lot I am turning and can't have the wheels perfectly. Truthfully I hate hearing the scraping sounds but I am concerned that this will cause long term damage to the car.

    Does anyone else have this problem. If so how have you solved it.


  • What is scraping the ground is probably the plastic splash gaurd thats below the bumber(almost beneath where the radiator is). Many cars have this and it will scrape as my Intrigue does this and my father's Aurora is even worse as it is even lower. The worst it does is scratch the plastic, unless you hit it hard at a high rate of speed.
  • i also just bought home an alero gl3 as the newest addition to my family. i finally decided to replace my beloved 91 cadillac seville. although i was sad to see her go, my wife and i couldn't be happier with our new oldsmobile. we also looked at a malibu but were turned off by the bland styling. we had been thinking of buying an alero for a year and were finally able to because of the gm supplier discount offered by the company i work for. on top of getting the car for the same price a gm employee would pay, we also got the $1500 dollar rebate. it was a great buying experience not having to haggle with the dealer and knowing we were getting a great deal on a great car. i've learned quite a bit reading all the postings here. my car has 1600 miles and not one problem so far. all i need now is tinted windows but we'll have to wait for our tax refund for that. by the way oldsmobile is here to stay!
  • Just got the October Road & Track. Not sure if you guys have seen this, but here's a quote:

    "For those who enjoyed the hotter OSV (Oldsmobile Special Vehicle) concepts for the Alero and Intrigue featured on the auto show circuit, have patience. The division is awaiting the final go-ahead and if approved, OSVs will appear in the 2002 model year."
  • In anyone from Olds is reading this forum(as we discovered they were in the Intrigue forum), JUST DO IT!!!. Give us an OSV Alero, Intrigue, and Aurora.
  • My 2000 Alero is 4 months old and I've already had the brakes and rotors replaced and today my windshield cracked from the inside while I was shopping. I wanted to know if anyone else has had a problem like this with their windshield.
  • oldsmobile, give us osv for all models-4 door alero too not just 2 door. recently i noticed a lot of noise when driving my alero in the rain coming from the passenger rear door-it sounds like it's not shut completely. no water getting inside tho. also the boot on my emergency brake tore. i'm having them fixed at at my first oil change. and why do service people think we're idiots? the one i talked to acted like i was being too picky about these but i told him i have the right to expect near perfection on a brand new car. unfortunately there's only 1 dealer where i live. manual says to use 87 octane (midgrade) fuel-would using regular unleaded void the warranty or hurt anything? it seemed to run fine on the 1 tank i put in but i went back to midgrade to be safe. fuel economy has gotten better. still very happy with the car. i hardly ever get to drive it tho-the wife takes it over.
  • Never heard of a windshild crack on the inside of ANY car before. It's probably a manufacturing defect. Make sure that your dealer replaces it instead of fixing it since it's well before the end of the warranty.

    As for the water noise in the passenger rear of the car, it's actually on both sides of the car and that the headrest is muffling the other side. This is normal and compared to other cars that I've been in, it's actually not as loud.

    As for the fuel, I would stick to using 87 octane. Using a lower grade fuel could cause inproper combustion (knocking) in the engine. Also, from what my mechanic friends tell me, don't keep switching back and forth between different octanes as the computer will have to constantly keep adjusting itself. Mileage will inprove as you build a carbon layer to smoothen out the pores of the cylinders. You might also want to consider a product called Microlon to help reduce friction.
  • darkwolder, thanks for the advice. you really think the water noise is normal tho? i find it quite annoying. i'm going to have my wife drive and sit in the passenger seat to see if i can hear it on the other side like you said. my '93 sunbird doesn't sound like the alero does when driving in wet weather. i think i'll stick to the midgrade fuel tho per your advice. does anyone know at what mileage a new car is considered broken in? i really want to use the higher rpms but i don't want to hurt anything before break-in. i got to try out the traction control this past weekend since we got a foot of snow here in wyoming-impressive. overall, very pleased still-just wish i had another dealer to choose from. thanks again!
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    It takes about 2,000 miles to really loosen up. After that you won't feel anymore improvement. That's what I consider broken-in. The manufacturers have other guidelines for towing or other driving situations.
  • I've got a 99 GLS and I love the car despite a few fustrating problems. First, I had problems with the brake rotors, the dealer turned them at 5,000, replaced them at 15,000, turned them again at 22,000 and now replaced with the 'redesigned' rotors at 30,000.

    The battery aparrently had a slight leak and just died one day after drying up. The dealer replaced it no question. The other fustrating repair was a new intake gasket due to a small coolant leak. When I had it at the dealer recently, they replaced it again when they told me they found a small oil leak (sounds like some jag didn't do his job right the first time).

    Anyways, I love the car and the stereo is far better than anything I've heard from the factory. If anyone is considering this car, definately get the rotors replaced with the redesigned ones.
  • I have just recently purchased a 2000 GX Alero 3 weeks ago. I love it but when I get to speeds of 60 to 70 I have a very irritating rattle/vibrating noise coming from the top of the dash. Does anyone else have this problem and can tell me how to stop it. I am a commuter and I hear it all the time, the radio doesn't drown it out. Please email me a response. Thnx
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Take it to the dealership and let them look at it. Little rattles pop up in cars, and the service departments should be able to find it.
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    I do not have an Alero but am just here to see what others think about the car. I have a 2000 mitsubihi galant that had an rattle and strange vibrations here and there from the get go. I now have about 10,000 miles on it and to my good luck the noises are fading. Sometimes time and some miles will cure the rattle troubles. Trust me once your car gets some parking scratches and nicks rattles and little things will annoy you less.
  • grisouegrisoue Posts: 18
    Rich, you might be ruining your radiator. Take a good look under the car and search for scraping marks. Hopefully, it's only the spoiler, but I've heard from a review that the radiator is not well protected and that it extends below the bumper.

    If ever you find a green puddle under your car, that's a dead giveaway for a scrapped radiator.

    I hope this helps.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    grisoue> If ever you find a green puddle under your car, that's a dead giveaway for a scrapped radiator.

    The modern cars are using new engine coolant. It have orange (or rather rose-orange) color.
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