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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • rs18rs18 Posts: 4
    If you open the hood and look slightly behind the auto transmission dip stick, there is something that looks like an "small" oil filter facing up. It's not the oil filter so what is it?

    I saw it on a GLS but my GT doesn't have it. Both are auto with the same beta engine.
  • Its the auto transmission filter
  • Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone has heard if Hyundai is going to produce and Elantra GTS (a sedan version of what the GT is)? Or was this just a rumour?

  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    and have all three trim levels available in sedan and hatch.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Love to see it but they may be concerned it would eat into Sonata sales. How about a Sonata GT?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    I think people looking for an Elantra GTS won't be the same buyers as for a Sonata. The GTS would be a small, fast, fun-to-drive compact sedan. The Sonata is a smooth-riding highway cruiser, the Buick of the Hyundais (if you will pardon the expression). For example, I would not buy a Sonata because it is too big for my tastes. But I would be interested in an Elantra GTS (except that I already own a '01 GLS).
  • as per word from sr. management at Hyundai. In May 2002, that's the word I got. I'm surprised this isn't surfacing anywhere else, given the seeming believability of the information provided. I'm real eager to know just whay upgrades the sedan will get.
  • Backy and Cioran,
    You may not have noticed my previous postings mentioning a low pitched squeaking noise on our 01
    Elantra. Happened when the clutch was depressed or released after the car warmed up. Kept waitng for it to dissapear, but the squeak got louder. Eventually, the dealer replaced the clutch under warranty after lubricating all the linkage twice. Also furnished a car for our use while clutch was being replaced. The work was done at around 20,000 miles. We are at 30,000 now with no further problems.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    When I was at my dealer on Friday for an oil change I asked them if there was going to be an Elantra GTS. The service manager said that he had heard that it would come out in late spring. He said that it would come with all of the GT's goodies but leather would be an option. Also, it appears that Hyundai will offer the Tib's 6-speed as an option in the GTS and GT.

    Further, I was told that it appears that Hyundai is planning an XG350S sports sedan for 2003.
  • What is a good source for pricing help? I have been pricing the 2002 Elantra option 3 automatic transmission vehicle. My price is well below the TMV. So what should I pay? This is my first new car purchase and I feel like I'm out of my league when dealing with this buying process.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    Actually I did notice your earlier post, but thanks for reminding me. My noise seems to be different from yours in that it's noticeable even when the car is cold (e.g. I can push the clutch pedal in and out when the car is sitting w/o the engine running and hear the noise). So it's possible my problem is different but I will keep your note in mind when I take it to the dealer.
  • edovidedovid Posts: 22
    I was really disappointed in Toyota (and I've owned several) when I tried their web site's comparison between the LE and the GLS. Unlike Honda, whose web site flat-out shows you that the GLS is better, Toyota gives you slanted information, avoids anything detrimental, and makes a big deal out of nothing ("Corolla has a much better corrosion warranty - unlimited vs 100,000 miles!" - great).The site is poorly designed and the car is a lot more expensive. They oughta be ashamed!
  • I just bought a 2002 Elantra today and I already have a concern.

    After driving it from the dealar to my house, approximatly 20 miles, I smelled like the brakes were burning. I drove it later tonight and the same thing happened.

    My boyfriend told me that since is a new car, it's just braking-in.

    Is this normal brake-in?
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    burning off. Look at some of the other posts on these forums. Usually lasts about a week or so.
  • isseyvooisseyvoo Posts: 121
    My mother bought a GLS last August. In December, the right windshield wiper quit working (fixed under warranty). Yesterday, she opened the right rear door, and all the weatherstripping surrounding the top of the door fell away. Neither item is at all earth-shattering, but it does begin to cause concern on a car with only 3,600 miles on it. Anyone care to offer reassurance?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    A windshield wiper that stops working for no reason at all (am assuming there was no reason, no abnormal strain on the wiper etc.) is not good, but at least it is a minor problem in the grand scheme of things. If it happens again I'd wonder. My GLS' wipers have held up through almost two full Minnesota winters, one a cold one and one a mild one, so your mom may have just got a bum part. Re the weatherstripping, I noticed when I first got my GLS that a few of the little plastic fasteners that attach the weatherstripping to the left rear door had popped out (or maybe were never fully seated). I popped them back in and have had no further trouble. It's possible that on your mom's door the weatherstripping was not installed properly at the factory. Might want to have the dealer check it to be sure all the fasteners are intact and properly seated. Also I think it helps to coat the weatherstripping at least once a year with Armor-All or something similar. This helps avoid sticking and keeps the rubber pliable. I've done this to all my cars for many years.
  • mauvasmauvas Posts: 18
    Don't worry sharing1. I got a similar smell in my 2001 VE (GLS) which lasted for more than a month. It seems to be a coating they put to protect the car during the cruise from Korea, or is something related with a rust protection for the floor pan.
  • I don't think GTS is coming out. If GTS thing is true, Hyundai suppose to make one by now and release in Korea. (They always made new model year earier than US)

    And I think the rumor about XG350 sports sedan will not be true, since they're doing only facelift of the XG350 this year.

    Also, I heard one rumor that Hyundai's gonna release LZ450(Hyundai USA web site has picture of it) in 18 months for about $30000, which is V8. I hope this rumor is true.

    However, if Hyundai decides to make GTS for US only, that'll will be great. or At least more hp for all Hyundai models. (like 200hp for Tiburon? or 160~170 for elantra? something like that)
  • Here's email I got 05Feb02 from Hyundai management:"A new special 2002 Elantra GT model will be coming out in May that is based on the 4 dr sedan including lots of upgrades." I REALLY don't expect a horsepower increase, but all the other GT features are welcome.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    When I talked to the service manager last week he told me about the GTS coming out in late May. He said that it will be a 4-door GT and will be priced between the GLS an GT. He also said that a possible 6-speed would be offered as an option in the GTS and GT in the fall of this year. As far as a XG350S, he indicated that the "S" would come with 17" wheels and a sports suspension.
  • maybe i got my gt just i bit to early .... but i guess soon as u get something there is always something better soon down the pipe .
  • printzprintz Posts: 70
    02 Elantra with 120 miles......Car so fine is great.....
    1)How do you know(would you hear something), if any of the front struts might be bad?..
    2)What grade gas are you guys putting in?.Manual says you can put in 87 on up......

  • Sharing1: My Elantra GT's burning smell also lasted a while. It finally went away after I drove the car about 950 miles.

    I now have 1200 miles on my GT, and I like it quite a bit so far (carbon blue, auto, Package 11). A month into my purchase, I'm glad I didn't spend the extra $3,000 on a comparably equipped Mazda Pro5. Just one thing doesn't seem to be working: the low fuel indicator light. The owner's manual is not specific about when this light is supposed to go on, but, just to experiment, I've let it run as low as 14 gallons down on its 14.5 gallon tank, and still no light. Until I have a chance to get it checked out, I'm just going to fill up at around the 1/4 full point. It's really not a big deal, but does anybody know when this light is supposed to illuminate?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    If it's true that the "GTS" will be available in May, then they should be showing up in port in San Diego pretty soon. I hope whoever did the reconnaissance on the GT last spring and spied them on the docks in San Diego before some dealers even heard about them can come through again with advance reports of the GTS.
  • It seems my low fuel indicator light (on lower portion of fuel gauge) comes on when I have between 1-2 gallons left in the tank. While this light is on if you look at your trip computer thingee you'll see that familiar gas pump icon showing your "range of miles" left in, if I average say, 30 mpg, and have about 2 gallons left when low fuel light is on...this "range of miles" display shows about 60.
    Now, the other day after my low fuel light came on, I drove it almost down to fumes (ie at fill up I had about 1/2 gal left!!) AND guess what??
    When I got below 1 gallon in tank, and the computer thingee "range of miles" got BELOW 30 THE GAS PUMP ICON BEGAN FLASHING and the number 30 disappeared! Bottomline for me: when fuel gauge light comes on you have 1-2 gallons... when the gas pump icon flashes you have less than 1 gallon remaining. Hope this helps.
  • Well it finally happened, I purchased my new 2002 Chianti Red GLS Automatic today!! I can say just after a short drive home and a 'once around' that I'm very impressed in the power the engine offers and the nice little things they thought to include.

    Also, I'd like to thank those on these message boards which helped me make an informed, educated decision and allowed me to feel as if I was in control. I had a fairly decent buying (first time) experience and I know it wouldn't have gone this well if not for the help you've given me. Thanks again and you can welcome a new club member :)


  • I would like to quote the guy above and ask you guys if you know how to know if your struts go bad. I also want to know what fuel you put in the car and if the rattles in the doors are covered in the warranty. Thank you.
  • Hi all,

    I have an 01 Elantra Automatic GLS which is approaching the 25K mile mark. It has been flawless and I have not had a single problem as of yet. This will be the first time the car is taken to the dealership since I bought it. I am about to do the 30K mile service and would like to know what should usually be done. Some of the work I will do because I don't think it is too difficult.

    This is what I plan to do or have done:
    Tune up - I will do. Just replace spark plugs since I believe no timing adjustment is necessary since we have direct ignition engine
    Oil and lube - I will do since I always do this anyway
    Fuel filter replace - have dealership do this
    Transmission service - have dealership do this
    Coolant flush - have dealership do this
    Tires rotated and balanced - have dealership do this

    Anything else I am missing.


  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    Do at minimum everything mentioned in the manual for the 30k service interval, so there will be no debates later about warranty coverage and improper maintenance if something should break.

    Re fuel: 87 octane, cheapest I can find.

    Re rattles covered under warranty: yes for at least the first 12 mos/12,000 miles. After that I'm not so sure... may depend if you can track the rattle to some sort of defect.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Tell tale signs of bad struts are: squeaks, creaks, thumps, or loud rattles whenever you hit a bump, or the strut absorbs bumps with more then one up-down movement and feels floaty. Someone in the XG300 forum just had both rear shocks replaced under warranty. He was hearing a thump from the rear and the ride seemed overly busy. My Miata had a nasty loud rattle/thump whenever I hit a bump and the steering and ride was very darty and nervous feeling. It was traced to a leaking front strut.
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