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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    Just to clarify, with the rack I bought you only need a hitch receiver on the car, not a hitch per se (which I think of as one of those metal balls). I would call Lexus corporate customer service, I think it is 800-usalexus. If you find that a hitch receiver is not available from Lexus for the LS430, there are third party alternative such as going to u-haul or, I'm guessing, maybe sears. BTW, Thule or whomever may specify a certain Class hitch receiver, Class 2 for example.
  • lexus lslexus ls Posts: 10
    I am looking to but a 1995 ls 400. I wanted to know if when the sun roof is fully open does it make a like wind/loud bass that pulsates noise at like 20+ mph? I just want to know because i love sun roofs and if i can't open it all the way then i am not going to buy the car. Urgent lol, thanks for the time
  • steven1steven1 Posts: 4
    Sure can't help you on the noise. I know my LS430 is quiet. However, with regards to carrying bikes, it now makes no sense to attempt to attach them to the roof as it will block usage of the sunroof.

    Thanks for sharing.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    I had a 96 LS for many, many miles before I bought my '01, and I never noticed any kind of sunroof noise issues as low as 20mph. Granted, at 85mph on the highway, you probably arent going to want to have the sunroof open, but thats true of any car. Below like 60mph though, its pretty quiet.
  • topspin628topspin628 Posts: 373
    Any opinions on the merits and value of each of the above packages would be appreciated. I also want the Smart Key option and am not clear if it is included in either.

    Also, has anyone hear cross shopped the LS with the Jag XJ8 and MB E 500? These are my final contenders and I'm leaning toward the LS for reliability.
  • chicagoedchicagoed Posts: 69
    Yes, I have a very annoying low-pitched drumming noise from my open sunroof on my '04 LS430. My previous three cars (different brand) with sunroofs didn't have this problem. Something for Lexus to improve.
  • topspin628topspin628 Posts: 373
    Any opinions on the merits and value of each of the above packages would be appreciated. I also want the Smart Key option and am not clear if it is included in either.

    Also, has anyone hear cross shopped the LS with the Jag XJ8 and MB E 500? These are my final contenders and I'm leaning toward the LS for reliability.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Smart key is not part of the option packages. It's an add on to them and I believe just about every LS that comes in, except maybe the premiums, has it these days. The Custom Lux gets you a few more things - most notably dynamic laser cruise, laminated side windows etc, and in some cases includes nappa leather at an added cost. But in some areas it may have neen discontinued per posts from last week.

    I doubt many people here cross-shopped the E. It's a noticably smaller car in and out thus in a different class. Most either went straight LS or cross-shopped the S-class and in a few cases the 7-series. I had cross-shopped the E and the S-class with the LS (A8 as well) back in 2001. The E was no match for this car as a premium luxury sedan (I've been in the new E and it is no match either) but the S and this were a photo finish. As lavish as the S is I just find this car to be more luxurious, slightly smoother and better riding, a tad quieter and far more reliable. The fact that it is cheaper is the icing on the cake. The A8 is a stunning car (both in 2001 and now as far as I'm concerned) but it misses the refinement and smooth ride of cars like the LS and S by a wide margin. It's also a reliability nightmare. No Jag experience at all - I just know the people who used to live next door to me couldn't wait for their lease to be up. They had a reliable car but they just didn't like it. But that was around the 2000 MY.
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 211
    If the problem being discribed is what I think it is, it can be stopped by lowering a rear window about 1/4 to 1/2 inch while underway. Hope this helps.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    I can tell you of experience first hand with Jaguar, and M-B. The E is nice, but as one magazine put it "computer-controlled controls". The steering is vague, as is the throttle, and the brakes are just awful. I hate that electro-hydraulic nonsense. There is NOTHING wrong with good ole mechanical brakes. I dont want a computer trying to guess what mechanical brakes "should" feel like, when my ACTUAL brakes ACTUALLY feel like that. Other than that, the E has a very strong residual, and combined with free scheduled maintanence, makes it a good choice for a couple of year lease, and a bad choice for a long term buy.

    The XJ8 is all new for '04...and while it does improve a lot of things, (the majorly cramped cockpit for one), its still behind in a lot of things. Of all the full size luxury imports, the XJ has the least amount of features, the plasticy center console, and the rather claustrophobic high dash line. Plus, its not that much fun to drive. When you get into highway speeds, it feels nervous, and the typical Jaguar numb steering doesnt help. Also, why cant Jaguar do a decent set of brakes? It stll has their signature too long pedal stroke, followed by a mushy brake response as the binders try and stop the big car. Also, unlike M-B, the Jag's residual is literally horrible. The car will lose 50% of its value in 2-3 years. Its not very reliable either. Jag's CR ratings are the same as M-B and BMW as "worse than average".

    As for the S-class, it used to be a very nice car, but its become really dated, and really expensive for what it offers. In the last C&D super lux comparo, the rankings were as follows: (which I agree with 100%)

    6. M-B S430
    5. VW Phaeton
    4. Audi A8L
    3. BMW 745i
    2. Jag XJ8
    1. Lexus LS
  • sandiegotomsandiegotom Posts: 50
    Can anyone out there provide me with a copy (Adobe Acrobat file, for example) of the CBEST (Customized Body Electronics System) settings for the 2004 LS430?

    During the 1000 mile/30 day service on my LS, I asked my dealer to reset the auto door lock function to operate when the car speed exceeded 12mph rather than when the transmission is taken out of Park. This option is described on page 48 of the owner's manual. When I picked up the car, I noted on the invoice that the technician "did not find programming change in the computer to allow for doors to lock at speeds of 12 mph...". To make a long story shorter, the Service Advisor and Duty Service Manager basically told me that it couldn't be done, that the owner's manual was probably incorrect, and they could not (or would not) produce a copy of the '04 CBEST settings for the LS. I had earlier been shown a copy of what turned out to be the 2002 LS CBEST which said the locking function could be changed to 5mph - their reaction was that Lexus must have dropped the option for 2004. They advised me to take up the issue with "the factory". Customer service at its finest!!

    At any rate, I would like to be armed with correct info before I take on the dealer again...thanks in advance...

  • chicagoedchicagoed Posts: 69
    I went through the same request (12 mph locking, Page 48) with my dealer two months ago, and also found that they cannot do it. Lexus Customer Service looked into it for me, called back and said that the manual is just plain incorrect. At least your dealer noted on your invoice that they couldn't do it; my dealer's invoice said "changed setting as per customer request", then I had to drive right back and show the service writer that it was NOT done. Not much of an apology either. They also are unable to do the option on page 114.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    The 2001 E430 residual did not hold up well at all. The E's from the late 90's though had held their residuals very well when I was shooping in 2001 - noticably higher than any other car at that time (including S, LS etc). But from 2001 till now the LS residual percentage has become the highest and the E has fallen pretty far - probably due to the MB quality issues.
  • lexus lslexus ls Posts: 10
    I think some people know what i was talking about and wanted to thank you for the help. The cause I believe is from a vacuum of air with only one entrance and exit for air. the sound come from the vibration of the roof and glass of the sun roof. I just wanted to know if the lexus ls 400 did that. Thanks for clearing that up. lol, I know the reason for the vacuum because I have a 1999 suburban and if you open the one of the rear windows you get the same noise. that just shows the build quality and bad craftsmenship of American cars, that is my reason I am going to buy a Lexus.
  • lexus lslexus ls Posts: 10
    My friend just bought a new dodge durango with the hemi. It is quite impressive. But he wanted to cry when i got next to him with the 1995 lexus ls 400 i was test driving at a stop light, of course I set that up. Plus the fact that he paid 37k for the SUV. He only beat me by a little and at the end of a test drive of like 3 miles straight road, I cough up to him because i was doing about 150 mph and the durango stops at 130 ish, so he claims. Though not bad for a suv, at like the quarter mile mark the front bumper of my car was at the back bumper of his car. Not bad for a 10 year old stock Lexus. Just thought every one should know lol
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    I tested the sunroof open up to 50 MPH this evening and did not note any drumming. I did hear the air rushing by though. The front of the moon roof has a deflector that pops up a small amount to help deflect the air out of the passenger compartment. Also, the auto/one touch open feature does not open the moon roof all the way. It stops the auto opening feature about three inches from full open for passenger comfort. If you want to open it all the way, you must hold the button aft.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    The supposed "Hemi" is no great return of the famous engine of 'Cuda fame, its just marketing jargon that Chrysler brought back from the dead to sell cars. If he was upset by your LS, get next to him in an Armada. The big bad MODERN Nissan 5.6L wins against "hemi" power every time. Considering how powerful Toyota's 7 year old 4.7L V8 is, when they finally get around to replacing that with a real 5.xL V8, the domestics should be cowering in fear of that engine as well. Its really just embarrasing. Beating Taurus and Impala is one thing, but the Titan is Nissans first full size truck. GM and Ford have been doing them for a half century, and it only took Nissan its first try to beat em all.
  • sploguesplogue Posts: 53
    Darn it! I want those mud guards for my 2002 LS430. Unfortunately, the vender listed earlier doesn't have them in my car's color, Mystic Gold. Anyone know where I could order them in the right color?


    At worst you could order the lighest color available and your dealer could paint them then install...I would expect they would charge for paint and install about $100 per but I don't know for sure.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    I know you have both; I may be having second thoughts about leaving the LS for the GX. Help!
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I fired a few warnings there for you. But my wife and I thoroughly enjoy the GX and would buy it again without a moment's thought. It's a great value considering the luxury ride and trim and in its class nothing touches it for me (though I do like the Tourag styling but that's it)

    The LS is the best mass produced sedan in the world - in my opinion - so comparing top quality lux cars to it is a losing proposition, let alone an SUV. But the GX is a fabulous truck and I look forward to driving it all the time. Having both the LS and GX is having the best of both worlds - given my wife wanted a Lexus suv that was smaller than the LX. With that said I still prefer the LX to the GX as it is definitely the premier SUV in the Lexus lineup and probably the best made SUV on the planet - though arguably the Range Rover is just as or a tad more luxurious - assuming you can deal with its reliabilty issues. But the GX is the equal of the LX in ride and is a better handler - two very crucial staples. It's just that for all around comfort, luxury and cargo space the LX reigns for me.

    Anyway with all that said I can't imagine you won't love this GX. You'll have to stop comparing it to the LS though because its a totally different experience. On the other hand maybe you need a complimentary LS to go with it.

    I knew you'd get to the bottom of the vibration thing on the GX. Thanks for that post. I don't have any hint of the vibration but I know what to do now it is if it happens.
  • ron36330ron36330 Posts: 69
    Contact any Canadian Lexus Dealer. The mud flaps are in their parts catalog.
  • lexus lslexus ls Posts: 10
    if it is opended all the way it will make a drumming noise. it should anyway. most of them do lol thanks again
  • lexus lslexus ls Posts: 10
    yea the hemi isn't the old time hemi. My friend had one in a car years ago that he restored. but he thought that it was faster than the armada. i told him it wasn't. LoL. My dad is has a toyota tundra with the V8 and he loves it. But wants the double cab. I told him that toyota is coming out in 2005 or 2006 with a 5+ Liter motor, and that it was going to put Nissan, GM, Ford, and Dodge to shame! And it will! Even if it is only a 5.3
  • topspin628topspin628 Posts: 373
    When do we get to find out if there will be any slight changes for 05? Maybe incorporating Sat. radio in a cleaner package?

    Also, on the Lexus web site they no longer show saddle interior as an option. Any guess as to why that would not be available now.
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    I'm taking advantage of the early lease return offer from Lexus financial, and will be turning in my 2001 LS. I'm picking up an SC 430 today, and my dealer is trying to locate an RX in the color my wife wants, so I'll be migrating onto those discussions. As soon as they get the RX, the LS goes in for that. The SC decision was partially driven by the realization that if I didn't do it now, I'd probably never get another car of the SC type vs a sedan. While I mostly "listened" on this board, I enjoyed everyones help and comraderie. I plan to be back, since when my "toy" is ready to be returned I intend to get a 2007 LS. Best to all. Steve
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    The SC is fabulous. I loved the ride and feel of the car the few times I drove it. It strikes a great balance between very good handling and an excellent ride thus it will never win car rags tests since they want nothing but handling. But it is an absolutely great car that does every thing very well. Interior luxuruy feel is tops in the league it plays in as far as I'm concerned. I still can't take my eyes off of it whenever I go into Ray Catena. What color combo are you getting. The silver always draws me to it the most but I like this car in every color.

    The RX is great also. I've really liked the new bamboo pearl color whenever I see it. I always request the RX as a loaner when the LS goes in for maintenance. Did you inquire about the hybrid?

    Best of luck with both.
  • chicagoedchicagoed Posts: 69
    Just noticed a strange thing about the rear seatbelts on my '04 LS430. The receiving device (with the red release button) for the LEFT seat passenger is to the RIGHT of the receiving device for the center passenger. This neans that their belts would have to cross over. The belts are keyed so that the center belt cannot be latched into the wrong receiver. Should this be this way?
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    I vote "NO". I have had two LS430s that were delivered the way you describe. I believe it is just an assembly/design problem that is easilly remedied. In both cases, I just twisted the belt receivers until they were in the proper position so they could be locked without crossing the belts. It is very disconcerting for the center passenger or left passenger to try and put his belt latch into the wrong receiver. Once I reversed the receivers by twisting them around, that solved the problem.
  • feverhartfeverhart Posts: 144
    Many thanks ljflx and you others that extoled the virtures of the 2004 LS enough to convince me to update from the '01 ultra. Elaine's very happy with the ultra and I'm happy with the custom lux. You were right on as to the increased smoothness & quiet ride. My sense of speed is going to have to be re-educated. Heading down the highway at 60 MPH ( I thought) read 70 MPH on the speedometer.

    HOWEVER, I was dissapointed to see in the maintenance manual that it is required every 5k miles rather than giving the option of 5000 or 7500. Considering that every other luxury manufacturer makes it a 10k to 12k, especially for oil changes using Mobile 1, this seems like a regressive move.

    ONE OTHER QUESTION: The manual indicates that there is no way to use the bluetooth to dial out while driving? Any experience to the contrary? Will be checking in with Cingular to replace my current mobile with the t616, as I guess this is the best one available through that carrier.

    Many thanks again for all of the accurate info.
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