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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • cneumancneuman Posts: 55
    thanks rennybosch. No I'm not.

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Yes, some of that Lexus Link removal business may have led to the permanent removal of it as an option on new Lexi. Although, I admit, I did subscribe, however, I was not happy with the gal telling me every time I started mine that it was active. I assumed it was unless otherwise advised. There is no way to turn the voice off short of removing it.

    My 05 doesn't have it, thankfully. I never used it, and I don't need it.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Hi Banker!!!

    My mother-in-law had an LS with the link lady that drove her nuts and I figured out a way to shut her up.

    I'm trying to remember the EXACT thing I did... if I recall there is a volume button up there somewhere.. I just cranked it all the way down and you would no longer hear the lady each time you started the car up.

    I'm not 100% sure if that's what I did but I'll do some research and see if I can find the exact method.. but have peace.. THERE IS a way to shut that lady up.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Check out message 5603 in this discussion.. also do a search under "lexus link volume" and you'll come up with all sorts of hit on this forum.

    It seems the lady can be quieted to hushed whisper but not turned off completely.

    I remember though, NOT hearing this link lady when I turned the volume down. Give it a try though and see what happens!!

    Good Luck!!
  • cneumancneuman Posts: 55
    Thanks gteach26 and sv7887. Something so simple and so wonderful. Much better. :)

  • My seat warmer "on" lights work for both front seats. However, the seats do not warm up at all. Fuses are good.

    Highbeams do not work. Bulbs for both highbeams had melted. These have been replaced with affect.

    Any ideas on these problems.

    Thanks, Mike
  • it has been a long week.

    i meant to say that the low beams don't work and the bulbs were melted. hi beams are ok.

    thanks, Mike
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Halogen bulbs will actually melt the glass encapsulation if run a low DRL voltage levels.
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Hi All: I have a 04 LS Ultra with 16k miles presently, my car rides
    increasingly harsh and feel every small bumps and drain covers on the road; feel like it doesn't have shock absorpen and the air suspension is not working properly, I tried to use the normal or sport mode, it doesn't make a difference. Took it to the dealers(2) total 4 times, multiple test drives and inspections, both stated nothing wrong with the suspension system, stated original tires in 85% new without flat spot and no need to change tires per dealer, I had the tires balanced. I seeked assistance from Lexus customer care with phone calls and a letter, all stated nothing wrong with the car and they won't do anything about it, one head mechanic stated the ride quality is poor compared to 05 or above. Tires balance and alignment done recently. Paid $70k for this car, ride was like butter when I bought it, and noticed the change a year later, and now the ES loaner car takes bumps better than my own. Does anyone have the same problem or suggestions? Please advise, thank you. swiftm001
  • leza2279leza2279 Posts: 10
    My 2004 LS430 lease will be expiring in a few months and I am trying to determine if it makes more sense to buy a new ES350 or pay the residual of $37,013 and keep my LS430 which is in excellent condition.
    I am in my twilight years and am looking for a car that will be provide the comfort and be maintenance free for the next 10 years or so.
    Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    IMO, the ES, while a nicer Avalon, is no LS430. Older folks I know have done just what you're contemplating, and inside of a year, traded their ES on another LS. You just can't go down that far and be happy it seems. Buy your LS. You'll be glad you did.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Wow - something so simple..... I'm ashamed I didn't think of it myself. Thanks, gteach.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Sounds as if maybe one of the reasons you've reached your twilight years is because you have avoided the hazards of FWD.

    I suggest you continue to do so.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I concur completely. As I said, the ES is no LS.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    I would suggest that if you drive around alot- trips- that you purchast the current car and use it for a year or so more...The new Ls is coming soon and you then may prefer a new one that should take you the rest of the way..I think that gives you a dream to hold on to....Tony ps If you do keep your present car give some consideration to an extended warranty
  • famwaldfamwald Posts: 114
    ..."one head mechanic stated the ride quality is poor compared to 05 or above."

    Ride quality will be different between the 04 and 05 LS models. '05s have a different suspension system. I noticed it when I test drove both model years (used 04 and new 05) and personally preferred the 04 'ride'. The dealer didn't have any with heated seats so I went with a new 05 model.

    Have you moved to a different area, with different road materials? That can make a big difference in ride and noise levels.
  • dnicednice Posts: 3
    i just bought a 92 ls 4oo and the engine light is glaring at me while I drive. How much would a thourough tune up cost? anybody
  • dnicednice Posts: 3
    :sick: :confuse:
  • to leza2279 : currently , i own an ls430 . i ordered a 2007 es350 that arrived last week . no , i did not buy the car , and switch . For $ 41k it is a joke on the buyer . the car IS NO DIFFERENT THAN THE ES 300 OF 1992 , EXCEPT FOR THE EXTRA TOYS . additionally i tried a test drive on the "luxury" model ,( $ 44+k ), and the drivers seat hurt my back big time .: speaking of seats , the front of the drivers seat has an electric bladder that inflates and deflates , to "IMITATE" the action of the ls 430's adjustable seat bottom . that "mickey job" should be in the "can you believe it " book of "flops,and fibs .
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    You don't need a tune up, you need the error code downloaded, and the part that has faulted replaced. That could be next to nothing, or a few hundred dollars. But new plugs won't help. The light will remain on.
  • dnicednice Posts: 3
    I just came from firestone and based upon what I told them they concluded that I need to replace the starter and may or may not need to replace my powersteering fluid pump. what is an error code and how can I downlad it. I could use your help. I hope it is as simple as you say. If not, I have to come up with $1400.00. :cry:
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    What you said is wrong with the car, cannot be related to the starter or the power steering pump. RUN from those guys.... they're crooks. Do you have a Check Engine light on?
  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    strongly urge you to take your car to the dealer. Even if more expensive, they will fix it. No way is a "check engine light" coming on because of a starter or power steering problem. If you let Firestone "fix it" I predict you will be sorry.
  • oacoac Posts: 1,594
    Why take your LS to Firestone ? Like others have suggested, run from this shop and get a certified Toyota or Lexus mechanic to inspect and diagnose the problem for you. Inspection and diagnosis is under $100. That'll save you a lot of headaches, I suppose.
  • rennyboschrennybosch Posts: 329
    Hi Pat,

    Recently the display format for this page seems to have changed to a bit wider than it used to be. I have my screen set for 1024 x 768 pixels and the page is a little too wide so I always have to scroll it horizontally to be able to see the last few letters on each line. Is there some way that I can change the display format to accommodate 1024 pixel width? It appears like it is set for 1080 pixels wide -- is there such a standard?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Gee Renny, I can't imagine what is happening. I view this page on one of my computers at 1024x768 all the time without seeing that, and that's with mildly enlarged fonts. Do you have your fonts enlarged?

    Why don't you drop by the Forums Software discussion and post there. Perhaps one of the Forum admin types can help you with this. Scan through the last few pages - you'll see where others had this problem at 800x600 and that the techies fixed that the middle of this month.

    I'm sorry, I know how aggravating having to scroll from left to right to read each line on the page is.
  • Got an email from Sewell Lexus ( announcing that the LEXUS 2006 DVD Navigation System Update - Generation 4 - Version 6.1 is now available for Pre-Order for November Release. $288, though they also say if you return the old DVD to Lexus they will give you a rebate of "up to" $40.
  • ....and he's proud of it. He says the LS is the finest car in world and wants Ford to reach that level of car making.

    Check out the article below. It seems like Ford's got themselves a CEO with some mojo.
  • I thought my LS430 2004 was riding rough, took it to the dealer and he could not find anything wrong either but told me to only put 30 lbs of air in the tires. I had a 2002 RX300 which I thought rode better after changing tires to Good Year.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Did you just acquire this car? Seems like you don't like much about it. If you have the 18in wheels, the ride is a little harsher, but the cornering is enhanced. I had an 02 which had 16in wheels on it, and I upgraded them to the LExus 18in wheels as soon as they became available in 04. I actually thought the whole car improved, got quieter, and handled better.
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