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Volvo S60



  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    The seats in Volvos are the best that I have experienced. With the back problems that I have, the seats are key for me.
  • s6025ts6025t Posts: 23
    Lev, Here are the BMW stats "shattering" US sales
  • s6025ts6025t Posts: 23
    I was reading an auto rag at the doctor's office the other day. It happened to have a list of reported problems per 1000 cars sold. I just about choked... Volvo was close to the very bottom (worst).
  • karrmankarrman Posts: 3
    I wonder what magazine that was?

    My Volvo is 7 months old and has had no problems at this point.
  • Yes, it's the well known fact - Volvo is average in it's reliability ratings. Some sources will put it higher and some - lower.

    And your point is...

    I do not think that anybody here argues that Volvo has a relatively high reliability. The point, at least for me, was that it's reliability is high enough - but that is subjective, and all we can do is just exchange our stories and let other people to decide for them self.

    I am perfectly happy with the reliability of my two cars that were in commission for 15 and 4 years, and have no worries about my new XC90.
  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    The only problem that I have had with my S60AWD in 27 months of ownership was a slowly leaking radiator. The radiator was replaced under warranty at the 15,000 mile service interval; I was not stranded by the leak. I'm not quite sure of the definition of "relatively high reliability"; I don't plan on deserting Volvo - there are too many good things about the brand and frankly, I am not upset over the radiator leak. Maybe this is the definition of high enough....
  • Relative to the brands that lead in the reliability department. I do not think we need to argue that the new Toyotas are more reliable (have less defects per 1000) than the new Volvos.

    And I am with you, the Volvo's reliability is high enough for me. I am staying (and going to stay) with Volvo.
  • s60 2.4s60 2.4 Posts: 24
    I am owner of a 2004 2.4 base. I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade to 7.5 by 17 TETHYS. Currently, I have the 6.5 by 15 MUSCA'S. Went to the parts department today and was advised that the will not fit the 2.4 as they do not have enough room to turn. Just confused at the moment as the TETHYS are an option with the sport package of the 2.5T. If I can go with the TETHYS will it effect my over all performance and or economy on my car. Many Thanks!!!!!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A reporter is interested in speaking with former BMW owners or enthusiasts who have found an alternative to BMW. If you would be interested in speaking with this reporter about why you now prefer a different vehicle, please forward your contact information to Pam Krebs, PR, at Please respond by end-of-day Friday, August 27. Thank you.


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  • Anyone know anything about the possibility of an R version of the new V50 wagon? Thanks.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Yes it can put the 17"s on a 2.4.
    You may need to change the steering stops though.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    No plans for a V50R at this time.
  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    And make sure the tire's circumference that you are replacing the original tires with is the same as what was replaced. Data on circumference of different tires is published by Tirerack. Otherwise, you will have speedometer (and odometer) error to contend with.
  • sirdarbysirdarby Posts: 20
    Today I am picking up a silver, 95 960 with 78,000 miles on it and not a scratch. A salesman I know who has sold me several cars in the past, called me and said it was just traded yesterday. I am purchasing it for $5,000. The original owner traded it for an Avalon.

    I took it to the Volvo dealer and had the records pulled. There were nine pages of computerized services codes. All maintenance was done as scheduled. Brakes were recently done. All I could tell was the vinyl on the top door panels was puckered and
    coming apart on the driver's side.

    Any advice would be helpful.
  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    I think you are on the wrong thread - this is for S60 models.
  • "It is poor on all Volvo"

    Not true if you go back. The rear drive Volvos, cars like the s90 have superb turning circles. Only 32 feet. I think the 850 and s60 was below 35 feet as well. It's the P2 Volvos with the terrible turning circles.
  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    My memory of the turning circle on the 850 Turbo that I owned was in the range of 34 feet curb-to-curb. The S60's turning circle is 39 feet curb-to-curb.
  • I would suggest to review the facts before someone complains. As a matter of fact Volvo has and always had very respectful turning diameter, consider the overall dimensions and design.

    Here is some numbers to compare:

    in the RWD times:

    Model Front track Width Turning diameter
    1990 240 56 67 32
    1990 740 57 69 32
    1990 BMW5 58 69 36

    in the FWD arena:

    2005 S80 62 72 39
    2005 XC90 64 74 39
    2004 S40 58 67 34
    2005 S40 60 70 35
    2005 Acura TL 62 72 39
    2005 LexusES330 61 71 37
    2005 SAAB 9-5 60 70 37

    It clearly shows that Volvo is right there with others or even better.

    Modern RWD are right there too.

    2005 BMW5 61 72 38
    2005 MB E 61 71 37.5

    Cars just got wider over the years and ride on bigger tyres.

    My conclusion - the turning radius for the P2 platform is not bad at all, right along the best in a class.

    P.S. All the numbers are from the MSN Auto specs.
  • mrkbbd1mrkbbd1 Posts: 7
    I have it narrowed down to three cars, a volvo s60r manual, bmw m3 convert. SMG, and the Mercedes c55 Amg. What do you suggest, its a very difficult decision for me.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,651
    life's rought, ain't it?

    How bout a used S60 T5 and a couple years of college tuition?

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Yeah - I was holding my tongue and trying not to go down that road!!
  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    First of all, be careful!

    Unique would be the Volvo. Fact is you can get in serious trouble with all three...are you sure you want or can handle a car THAT fast already?
  • So did I...

    And I would want to hear from his parents...
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,651
    yeah. sorry. i thought about deleting my post right after i wrote it, but the evil side of me refused. i don't want to see it get too personal, so I gotta say I DON'T want to hear from his parents. I do have to point out, though, as a tip to anyone else who may be turning 16 and have the need to post a similar question: don't announce the details! Just say "hey, i'm considering these 4 cars. which one is best?" Because giving details about your personal situation just opens the floodgates to annoying and unwelcome comments from people like me. :)

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • s60 2.4s60 2.4 Posts: 24
    Agreed… careful! If I had the liberty I would go with the R personally. It is truly a one of a kind auto and in a class of it’s own. All of these autos are ready for the track.
  • If this is for real, I can tell you that of the choices you have put forth, and assuming that this acquisition is a present to you -- the Volvo S60R is the only car that seems to combine performance and prudence -- it is AWD and that could save your hide.

    All these cars, frankly, would NOT be my choice to give to a 16 year old. If this would not offend anyone, I would suggest an S40 T5 AWD -- new; or an Audi A4 1.8T ultra sport.

    If you really want to blow your mind and your parent's money try the Audi S4.

    But, to repeat, of your "short list" the Volvo S60R would be the best choice. Another thing, it will be the kind of car that you will not see yourself "coming and going." You'll have a bit more individuality with the Volvo S60R that is.
  • Currently I have about 500 miles on my 2004 2.4. I have been doing a lot of highway driving and have been averaging ~18-23 mpg at 55mph. I understand that it will improve by 3K on the car. Is this normal? Just want to make sure nothing is wrong. Many Thanks!!!! p.s. running 93 as Volvo Recommends
  • Sorry forget to add in the city ~10-15mpg speeds 25-30mph stop and go.
    Thanks again!
  • mmmm8mmmm8 Posts: 26
    Just came back from Brussels, Belgium for the MY05 S60R F1 OSD. Very lucky to be one of the 15 owners to take delivery of the first 15 MY05 model. The trips was great. I bought along my family. Unfortunately, we were sick. But people were friendly and helpful especially Volvo staffs and others owners. The car is great. We took delivery of the car in Sweden. Took a ferry to Germany. Drove the S60R through the autobahn to Belgium. At one point, I was driving 120mph. :)
    Saw the formula one racing. Volvo treated us like a king. Thanks to everybody. Great memories and friendship. Now, can't wait for the car to come back.
  • Having found posts like these helpful in my research, I decided to put my 2 cents in.

    Bought my 2004 s60 2.4 Titanium Gray/Black Lthr 2 mos ago. Traded in a 2002 Passat, before that drove Japanese junk.

    Having recently undergone back surgery, seat comfort was a high priority and the Volvo doesn't disappoint. The seats are excellent.

    I'm fortunate to live in CA as I got the special CA package which includes sports seats, 17" wheels, fog lights, and metal interior trim like on the T5. I hated the fake wood on the 2.5T's and luxury package 2.4's. The car looks awesome, I need to tint the windows though.

    Though I miss the power and better steering feel on my Passat, the Volvo is way smoother in the way it rides and more quiet.

    So far no problems and the car keeps growing on me, I'm starting to understand this Volvo loyalty thing and perhaps this is the start of a long relationship with this Co.

    However, I'm a little worried about Ford's influence. I'm glad I was able to get the last of the completely designed by Volvo models. I'm interested to see how the new s40 works out as it's the first Volvo designed with a shared platform.
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