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Volvo S60



  • rlmc2rlmc2 Posts: 2
    I bought my T5 in Austin and have had experience with the sales and service people. The
    sales deal went down nicely---I bought mid December and got about $1000 off msrp at a time
    when T5s were more scarce and the dealer was very proud of them. Mine is loaded with all
    packages except cold weather. (I had a MB C320 on order but changed my mind.) I got the
    AOL coupon----service added things like the 10 CD changer, sun screen, etc with no aftermath
    problems. I had the car in for a look after hitting a nasty pothole---they did a slight re-align.
    They were very responsive. Having rolled up 7800 miles, it was time for oil change, tire rotation,
    and their so-called 40-point check up. I scheduled an appointment three weeks in advance so
    I could get a loaner car the day of service----they have a fleet on loaners (40s, 60s, 80s). I was
    busy and blew buy my appointment. I called back and rescheduled appointment in two days.
    I was there early but 10-12 cars were in front of me. Nevertheless, they had me in and out in
    two hours. So with that exposure to Beasley Volvo -- so far, no complaints. Hope this helps.
  • peggydpeggyd Posts: 1
    I test drove both of these and loved them both. I'm trying to decide which to purchase. Here's the stats:
    S60 T5 - all the options - sticker $37,400
    BMW 525i - Convenience package, premium package, Cold Weather package, folddown rear seats - sticker $42,845.
    I currently drive a BMW 735il (1990, 177,000 miles) so it's hard for me to get away from the BMW but I also liked the S60.
    1. I'm trying to decide if the BMW is worth the extra money
    2. What can I expect off sticker on both of these cars?
  • danufdanuf Posts: 5
    Was trying to buy a S60 in San Antonio, Texas. Deal started out smooth although the guy low-balled me on the trade in (to be expected). Salesman promise of delivery fell through several times and the dealer was slow to contact me. I finally received a call after I went by to pick up my old car. It seems there have been some positive postings about the dealership in Austin. Any other feedback besides rlmc2?
  • danufdanuf Posts: 5
    Went to the R. Beasley in Austin, TX and was treated properly. The salesman stuck to quoted phone price and the transaction was smooth and fairly quick. Encountered only professionals throughout the transaction.

    Pro: Styling, responsiveness, and attention to design detail.

    Con: Driver side blind spot (made better by the folding headrest in an otherwise superfluous touring package). The same pillar that reduces visibility also slaps air against the driver with the windows rolled down.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Just curious who you were dealing with at the Volvo Center. Was there for service today and checked into the S60 - not ready to buy yet, but thinking....Also, may have a trade in so know that game! How much above invoice do you think they will go? Thanks....

    Also, for those interested have had great experiences with the service folks in San Antonio...though the dealership is undergoing a massive remodeling in the next 6-8 months.....
  • danufdanuf Posts: 5
    godeacs: I would rather not name names as far as the salesman goes. I did a substantial amount of homework on trade-ins at the Edmunds sight. SA low balled me and would not come up too much. On the advice of a Honda salesman, I went to Carmax to have the trade-in appraised. They offered me a great price (Edmunds Trade-in estimate) and would buy the car right there without me buying one from their lot. This is a good way to pickup a down payment if the dealer is being a pain. When I went up to Austin, they offered me the same as Carmax (used the Carmax estimate as leverage), but of course, if I traded in the car to the dealership, I could take full trade in value off the tax base of the new Volvo.

    I ended up picking up the 2.4T with premium and touring package for 2% over invoice. Just a great experience up in Austin. They were probably willing to deal because they had a bunch of S60’s out back.

    I am glad to hear that the service department is good in San Antonio
  • I'm am in the market new car and need help regarding the two above vehicles.
    I can get a new 2001 S60 with everything that I want for about $33,000. I also can get a 2000 S-80 T-6 with 12000 miles for $34,500. What would you recommend and why?

    Also, I went to the s-80 townhall and noticed a lost of complaints regarding the 1999 S-80. Were most of these worked out in the 2000 s-80?
  • chaosteochaosteo Posts: 3

    I am looking forward to purchase a Volvo in Pittsburgh, PA. Do you guys know which dealer has a better service? and do u know which dealer provides storage for your snow tires and help you install it at a fixed rate if you purchase snow tires from them?

  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 351
    Hello -
    I am very close to getting this car, but have some concern about the back seats. I know there is not much leg room for adults, but I am more concerned about child seats. Do rear-facing child seats fit in this car???

    Thanks In Advance - Damon
  • richman4richman4 Posts: 1
    Damon, I don't know about room for a backward facing infant seat, but my 6 foot husband sat in the rear seat of the S60 when I test drove it, and he found it more comfortable than he had expected, both in legroom and head clearance.

    Also, for those of you thinking about overseas delivery, I just ordered my S60 through the local dealership. The base price of each model is at least $2,000 less when you buy it this way, the options are all priced lower, plus I get $800 towards my air fare - quite a deal! But you have to do it soon to get a 2001 model, because the factory shuts down for the entire month of July, and after that they will be assembling only 2002s (at least that's what the dealership told me).
  • inssiinssi Posts: 2
    I have driven my T-5 automatic for about 4k miles and I feel it may have the same traits as S80 had with early models. There's a clunking sound and feeling coming out of right front corner going over expansion joints and potholes. Anyone else had problems with chassis?

    Nothing much more to complain, except for some plastic interior panels, which may come loose and rattle. Also black exterior strips start to discolor. Anyone know a better protectant than Armorall?

    I wish the engine had a bigger displacement, or that i'd opted for manual. The car feels like a 1.3 liter Citroen under 2500rpm. It's difficult to spool the turbo without a clutch. My old Dodge was so much more responsive off the line...

    My T-5 was probably one of the first ones on Long Island, and it has drawn positive attention. Now a few of my neighbors have bought S60s too.
  • shellzshellz Posts: 43
    Could be that you are having a Volvo S80ish problem. My S80 T6 had the clunking too, but it was on the left side. Does your car ride pretty roughly? It turned out that our clunking was due to defective shocks and not the bushing problem that all the other owners were having. Don't know what to do about the exterior strips, I covered it one time with the armorall but didn't like the shiny look. Maybe you should try something from Meguiars, or if Zymol makes anything, that's always a safe bet.
  • shellzshellz Posts: 43
    Damon, Volvos are very family friendly. The rear seats of the S60, like almost all Volvos, are designed to be ISO-FIX compliant. That means that if you buy a seat that's built in the ISO-FIX standard, then all you have to do is snap the chair in. Try Volvo's website for more information.
  • kjookjoo Posts: 27
    Before any of u buy the S60 wait . If any of u want AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) my Cousin works for a Volvo dealer now and he told me this fall their will be a S60 AWD 2.4T no T5 awd as expected. And by next Fall a S60 and V70 R with awd .
  • kelly54kelly54 Posts: 7
    Do you know the price point of the AWD?
  • I have a chance to buy a Dealer's loaner S60 2.4 A with 3,600 miles on it. They are offering me $2,000 off the invoice price of $29,300 (MSRP of around $31,300). I like the car, and the deal sounds fine to me. What do y'all think?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421's Road Test of the 2001 S60 is now accessible from the Additional Resources box on the left sidebar - check it out and let us know what you think.

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  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 351
    Options are:
    Platinum Green Metallic
    Premium Package
    Electronic Rear Head Rests
    17" Alloy Wheel and Tire Package.
    I leased for 48 months, 15K yr(47% residual), and money factor of .00095.
    Volvo gave me $500 towards the purchase for currently owning another Volvo (V40), and waived the security deposit. Cost is $385/mo + tax.

    I love the car! I have received many complements on it already in the first day. I highly recommend the Geartronic.

    Overall, I agreed with the Edmunds review on all accounts. So far, my only complaint deals with the sound of the radio/amp/speakers. It is a weak. I am looking for some suggestions as to how to improve this. Any ideas???

    In any case, for the money, I could not be happier.

    I will let you all know how things go with the car.

  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 351
    I am interested in purchasing this.
    It looks like it will cost me $300 + installation (reasonable???).
    But the Parts Manager said I need to also purchase all the updated speakers as well, or I will only get distortion. This does not seem right to me - I think the speaders in the 2.4T with Premium Package should handle the extra power - any ideas or suggestions?
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Well, I went to the Car Max in SA today and had my car appraised at $12,841!!! This is a very nice 1997 S90, 55K miles, 4yrs old today. Edmunds value is $16K and Kelly Blue Book is $14.6K so Car Max really "low balled" me. Am sure the Volvo folks in SA or Austin will do a lot better esp if they want to sell mea new S60!
  • pmvipmvi Posts: 63
    You're right, and the Parts Mgr is wrong.

    Either way, you should listen for yourself to see if you even need it (you might be surprised).

    I ordered my T5 with the extra 200 watt amp pre-installed at the factory. The stereo sounds fantastic! Maybe at the limit there would be distortion, but the limit is way louder than you would ever actually set the volume. IMO, amps help tremendously.
  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 351
    Thanks for responding. I did read your earlier posts, and saw that you did order the 200 Watt Amp from the factory, and was wondering if you upgraded the speakers. Obviously not. I also noticed that in the OSD program, there is no mention of a requirement to upgrade the speakers either should you want to order the 200 Watt Amp. So I am going to go to the parts manager with this info, and I will let you know what happens. In any event, it is going to be $300+ just for the Amp, whereas at the factory it is only a $200 option - great move on your part.

    I will tell you why I am disappointed with the stereo as is. It is loud, but not 'full' enough to me. The bass seems mumbled (especially when playing rock), and when the volume is low, the stereo sounds a little like it is coming from a tunnel. I know I am being picky, but I figure 4 years (plus) with the car, I better enjoy every minute.

    By the way, installing the AMP only provides a 1 year warranty, not 4 year. Gotta love it.
  • pmvipmvi Posts: 63
    I haven't heard the system without the amp, so it's tough for me to say. My stereo definitely has a "full" sound though.

    If you do decide to upgrade the speakers, don't go with the Volvo ones. I looked into just upgrading the rear hatshelf speakers before I even received my car. The parts alone were well over $200, then you pay for dealer labor rates ($80/hr in LA). For that money you could do a lot with aftermarket products. Don't ask how much I spent on the CD changer though. That is priced outrageously, but there's not much of a choice, since direct-wired aftermarket systems like Alpine will not work with the new Volvos, and a software download is required. There is no such limitation on speakers.

    Now that I have my car, I am not really considering any stereo upgrades as the sytem sounds absolutely great!
  • I'm hoping to get a feeler before I sign a lease this weekend. I'm in the Atlanta area and the lease agreement would be as follows:

    S60 2.4T
    Metallic paint - Venetian Red
    Premium Package
    Touring Package

    39 months
    15,000 miles
    $449 + tax
    $1500 due at signing (cap reduction, first month, fees, etc.)

    I don't know what they've set for the price of the car, but it seems like a pretty good deal. I'd like to know what others think about it. If anyone in the Atlanta area responds that's great, but input from anybody is appreciated.

    - Joe
  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 351
    Hello -

    The deal sounds not too bad, but I think you need to get the following information from them:
    Money Factor
    Residual Percentage
    Cap Cost of the Car.

    For example, I just leased a similar car last week. It was the 2.4T with Metallic Paint, Premium Package, Geartronic, 17" Wheels, and Electric Folddown rear headrests. This probably has a very similar MSRP to yours (within a couple of hundred dollars).

    I paid 1% over invoice (due to Ford X-plan), and then received $500 off the cap cost due to Volvo loyalty money. So, effectively I 'paid' less than invoice. Then, the acquisition fee ($500) and state fees ($200 or so) were added to the cap cost. I leased for 48 months, at 15K/yr, and this had a residual factor of 47%. The money factor was .00095.

    This turned out to be $386+ tax per month.

    My out of pockets were as follows:
    First month payment
    Dealer fee ($399!)
    and ZERO security deposit (again due to Volvo loyalty program) totalling $1000.

    Note that I put $0 money towards the Cap Cost, which I highly recommend.

    Anyway, if you get the money factor and residual percentage, I will be able to help you determine the cost of the car.

    I love the car, and highly recommend it!

  • I'd like to know if there are any engine problems with the S60 or anything else? :) Happy 4th of July weekend everyone... :)
  • jcb123jcb123 Posts: 18
    I just visited my local Volvo dealer today and did some test drives on the S60 2.4T and the T5. Both were great rides. I am looking at the following deal and wanted some feedback on the price and terms, etc:
    S60 2.4 T
    Venetian Red
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Package
    Touring Package
    17" wheels
    Dealer is offering price of $34,734 which is about $1200 off MSRP.
    He is looking for a CCR of $1495, plus usual first months payment, security deposit, acquisition fee, etc totals $3062 to drive away.
    Terms are 36 months /36,000 miles with monthly payments of $454.
    What do you think of this deal?
    Has anyone had problems with their S60 ?
    What about the 2.4T versus the T-5?

    Thanks to all
  • dbomzdbomz Posts: 4
    Hey all:

    i am looking for an affordable car with a manual tranny and some kick. I have test driven the saab 93 SE, the subaru impreza (awd) wrx and the volvo s60 T5.

    The t5, by far, was the most impressive car of the lot. Its size was very comforting, the amenities were endless, and it was the only one that hit 0-20 before I could take my eyes of the road to examine the speedometer, and similarly made the jump from 40-60 in 3rd gear in milliseconds. Even above 60mph in 3rd gear, the engine purred as if to say "is that all you can do?" - and, unfortunately, the dealer in the car said "sorry, but that is all i can let you do."

    Also, the breaking and handling were excellent.

    The volvo was the only car of the lot in which i felt that i was physically protected in case of an emergency-even though it did not have the awd that i might otherwise prefer.

    I agree, however, that the shift box is very eccentric, I felt like i was driving "robo-car." However, my wife liked it so i guess i can't complain.

    If i can justify the cost, i will pick up one of these babies as soon as i can!
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