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Volvo S60



  • cesimscesims Posts: 12
    I would suggest trying multiple dealers to get a more reasonable price. No Volvo dealer is getting MSRP for anything they are selling, even the AWD.

    Last month when I picked up my T5, my dealer had 14 inbound AWDs, only three of them were sold(in NJ). So I can only assume that your dealer is BS'ing you, hoping that you will fall for it. Don't...
  • 1702817028 Posts: 45
    If you are going to Sweden in mid-December I suggest you try to experience the Lucia celebrations on the morning of Dec. 13th every year. If you are staying at a nice hotel they might have their own celebration right there, otherwise you might be able to see it in public places, like malls. It is an event unique to Sweden, and quite delightful.
  • Thanks for the recommendation about the Lucia celebration. I will flying from San Diego to Copenhagen on 12/11 and taking the train from Copenhagen to Gothenberg the morning of 13th. Picking up our S60 T5 with plans to drive to Oslo and then onto Stockholm. Would you be kind enough to provide a little more guidance relative to the Lucia festival.

  • Not sure on the tire pressure issue, my comment is mosting in regard to my impression of the
    'jitteryness" of the T5. I currently have a Passat 1.8T, just as you did. I've test drove the T5 a number of times and noticed the "jitteryness" of the steering. Coming from the Passat, which I think has a nice firmness in the steering, not BMWish and too much body roll, but you know when you're taking a corner and it tracks well. While driving the T5 I found the steerng to be too soft, loose, jittery, not firm. Also felt the body roll was comparable to the Passat, too much. These test drives were pre sport suspension, so I hope that has firmed up the ride somewhat. Don't get me wrong, I really love the T5, styling, safety, and power, and will probably get one in the near future. But I hope they improve the steering/handling.
  • cesimscesims Posts: 12
    You are correct about the differences in steering between the T5 and the Passat. When I was test driving the T5, I noticed the lighter steering and some of the initial "jitteryness" that I felt in my T5, but the tester that I had was on 16" rims and I could tell that the tire pressures were not optimal. I bought my T5 anyway despite these reservations.

    I have had it for about a month now(1300 miles) and I have adjusted to the lighter steering. I have found that my car is best at 32psi all around and gives excellent grip now. The T5 does have some body roll, but once it takes a set, it tracks well and without drama. I got a 2001 without the sports suspension, maybe I will fix that later in the aftermarket. If you are going to order a car, definately get this option.

    I really liked my Passat, but I would not give the T5 back for anything short of a new M3.
  • I tested a S60 AWD last week and found it to be sure handling, quick and impressive. The sticker is $36K and the dealer was willing to come down to
    $35,300 as a courtesy. Personally I'm asking myself whether I should spend $35K on this vehicle or $30K on a VW Passat GLX. Any opinions out there?
  • We just boughtthe S60 AWD last night. It's coming in next week sometime. Like you, we looked at the Passat closely. I really liked it but my wife found the visibility a problem. Also, the S60 is wider (more roomy) and the quality of the interior seems better than the Passat. Is it worth the extra $$? Your call. I figure that we're gonig to keep the car for at least 6 years, so the differential cost is marginal. At the end, we just liked the S60 AWD the best.
  • To my surprise the center speaker grill of my 2001 S-60 has no speaker in it. I've been told that it is horribly expensive to actually put a speaker in this spot unless done at the factory. I'd like to upgrade to either a trunk mounted changer or an in dash with more than one CD. I'd also like to get a speaker in the center location either from a dealer or after market. There is also spots on the rear dash for speakers as well. The dealer sells a pair for about $200.00 Any after market alternatives? Any ideas?

    Additionally, for what's what it's I really like the performance of my non turbo. I have 16" tires and a 5 speed which helps get the most out of the engine while improving stability and handling. There is however a technical service bulletin #2830 (NHTSA SB621845) that addresses new software for improved acceleration from 0 to 60 MPH. Anybody out there know anything about it?
  • You might want to post this query on the Volvo Spy forum. It's at The folks there know a whole lot about Volvos!
  • If you guys have not seen it yet, check out the new Volvo XC90 SUV. Swedespeed has a copywrite of one picture that other sites do not have. I have found that Swedespeed is the best Volvo site on the internet.

    Volvo XC90 Pictures at Swedespeed

  • While clearly subjective, I find vvspy. com to be a better site. It too has details and pictures of the XC90. Danny
  • KawiKawi Posts: 14
    amacker, the only cars that have center speakers in front and back have the upgraded HU-803 system with Dolby Prologic. Apparently very few cars come direct from the factory with this system standard as the average Volvo buyer wants a cassette deck. The HU-803 does not have one in place for a 4 disc changer. Plus at $1200, most people balk at the price. I went to three different local dealers and found that not a single S60, T5 or otherwise, had the 803 in it.

    Also, from what I understand, what you've been told is correct. Adding the factory stereo after the fact is VERY expensive. My dealer wouldn't even toy with the idea. The factory 10 disc changer alone is $800 not including cost of installation. I'd like a trunk changer myself and did a little looking around. So far the only compatible changer that the stock head unit can run is an Alpine 6 disc changer. It has M-bus compatibility which is what I think allows the stock system to control it. It goes for about $250. I haven't looked to see if the harness for the changer is already in the car. If so, I may just do it myself. If not, I may wait to see if a 10 disc compatible changer comes out in the near future and then have someone install it for me.

    By the way, I have a 3 week old T5, that I thoroughly enjoy, that I traded my Passat for. I find it interesting that so many Passat owners gravitate to the S60. I think it goes to show that both cars have a real similar appeal.
  • cr8ncr8n Posts: 8
    I am getting serious about this Volvo as a replacement for my Maxima. The base 2.4 manual is the same price as a Maximia SE, but of course lacks a few features (sunroof, leather, 255 HP, heated steering wheel, trip computer, memory power seats, 250 W Bose stereo with 6 disk in-dash CD, etc.) However, because of the new style and the features it does have over the Maxima (headlight washer, dual climate control), I am still willing to consider it.

    Considering the poor reliability reputation of the S80, and the negative discussion over on the S40 board, I am concerned about the reliability of the S60. JD Power and Consumers Report don't have the data I need to feel comfortable.

    Can S60 owners comment on their experience?
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    why would you want to go from a Maxima to a S60? I just went the other way - from a S90 to the Maxima GLE and I am glad I did.

    Reliability is clearly on the side of the Maxima -main reason I switched.

    Boy, that SE must be loaded because the base Volvo S60 is close to $30K, OK maybe $29K with manual.. How can an SE be that much?

    Based on the growing pains of the S40 and S80 and the problems with the S70 I would consider waiting a while until Volvo proves their reliability.

    Of course, you realize maint costs will be higher too on a Volvo....

    Good luck!
  • cr8n: Here's another idea. I just went from an 850 turbo (1995) to an Infiniti I35. I drove the S60, but didn't like it for three reasons: (1) It's actually smaller than the 850, particularly back seat legroom, (2) It seems a bit overpriced for what you get, and (3) Volvo reliability seems to have gone down since the Ford takeover (may or may not be cause and effect, but it's quite noticeable in the CR frequency of repair charts).
    The I35, on the other hand, seemed to be a bit nicer Maxima, and I preferred its interior (eg, better gauges and popup nav system), and it's only a little more expensive.
  • Kawi, Thanks for the info. The 6 CD Alpine unit is the option is the most mentioned in place of the 10 CD VOLVO unit. The interface that will make it work with the factory 613 radiois suppposed to be available in Jan 02. An after market dealer offered to intall the 10 CD unit from VOLVO fro $795.00. I figure I can probably get the 6 CD Alpine unit for around $450.00.
    I'll probably buy the rear speakers from the dealer (about $200.00 with the grills) and let the after market guy install them.
  • bg18947bg18947 Posts: 184
    I'm contemplating an upgrade of my 00 Legacy GT Ltd with another AWD replacement sedan. How does the S60 handle compare to the Subaru or 02 Audi A4 Quattro? Obviously, the Subaru has the least power, but I'm wondering if I am making a trading mistake. I do love the looks and handling of the Legacy, but it needs to be Blitzened in the States.
  • I shopped the S60 2.4t last Spring here in Minnesota, no deals anywhere. Today a dealer offered me $1000 back in "loyalty" money (I own an S70), $465/month on a 48 month lease with $1200 buy-in. And this one has the premium stuff, leather, sroof, CD, cold wthr pkg, etc, lists for $35,000. He says this is good only till 12/31. I have a feeling that things could get even better in January. How does this stack up with what any of you other prospective S60 buyers have found? Thanks in advance.
  • Well I just returned from Gothenberg last night. In the course of 5 days I put on almost 1K miles on my wife's car (she stayed home). The car was a pleasure to drive, responsive, comfortable and fun. The Volvo folks at TDS were wonderful. I can not say enough good things about the TDS folks,the car, the trip or the TDS program.
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    How is the performance of the new S60 with just the NA 2.4-liter I-5? I believe that it's the same engine that made its debut in the '93 850 (I have one of those). Since I can't afford a new Volvo, I'm just going to go ahead and look for a clean '97 850, preferably a GLT. Those things aren't too different from the S60, although the latter car is way better-looking, in my opinion.
  • I recently rented a base S60 in Florida. I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of the base engine. Performed very nicely with the air conditioning off and showed only a slight let down with the air on.

    I would say that if you are looking for adequate but not hot off the line performance the base S60 would be quite adequate. The car was equipped with the premium package (leather, moonroof, 100 watt CD) as well as optional 16in wheels.

    Car stickers around 32, I think. A 2.4T comparably equipped would go for at least $2500 more.

    I don't see the value unless you are a speed freak and I don't think the 2.4T is that fast. To get real speed you need the T5.
  • rustyrrustyr Posts: 10
    I'm another former Passat owner. I really enjoyed the Passat (1998). No problems with it: 1.8T 5spd, leather, sunroof, etc. But I wanted all wheel drive and the newer Passats don't have the same appeal with the added chrome. The car's initial design was cleaner and spoke for itself. The chrome additions would have worked with a redesign IMHO. The S60 AWD is a great car. Much more plush feeling interior. Styling is incredible. It's very logical to me and fits where I am as a car owner right now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the reliability factor but so far, so good. The ride is great, handling is confident, power is certainly adequate. It's too new to know about gas mileage but the first tank is averaging 20, mostly around town. And, no chrome.
  • As a current (and happy) Passat owner ('99 GLS), I have for some time been looking forward to the S60 AWD as a possible enticing alternative. Quite frankly though, I'm a little puzzled as to what my extra $2k for the Volvo would get me ($3k to $4k more if you add leather and a moonroof to the S60 to make it more comparable to the GLX).

    Both sedans provide about the same hp and torque as well as a 5 sp. automanual transmission. Both have earned excellent crash protection ratings and offer similar safety equipment (with the edge going to the S60 for its whiplash protection front seats.) Although the S60 comes with auto-off headlights and dual-zone climate control, the Passat seems to come with more features overall and has a somewhat better warranty. The biggest trade-off seems to be the cramp rear seats which nonetheless do fold down in the S60 versus the fairly comfortable rear seats with a measly center pass-through in the 4-Motion sedan.(This is probably the greatest failing of the 4-Motion sedan IMHO.) The problems encountered with the S40 and S80 in recent years also makes me wonder more about the reliability of the S60 as compared to the Passat. The potential offering of Xenon headlights and Dynamic Stability Control with the S60 may shift this comparison more in its favor, but meanwhile the Passat seems to be the better value.

    Possibly former Passat/current S60 owners could enlighten me (some a little more) as to what swayed them on this matter. However, one subject that I would respectfully differ with others on is the exterior treatment of each car. I would take the chrome trim of the B5.5 any day over the black molding accents on the S60. That detail alone detracts greatly from an otherwise pleasing exterior.
  • cesimscesims Posts: 12
    I had a 1999 Passat GLS until the end of October when I traded it in for a 2001 S60T5.

    I had considered a new Passat, but like some others here, the chrome does not sit well with me. I liked the styling of the <2001.5 models. Definately a personal choice thing...

    I was going to wait for the W8 Passat, but I talked to a few dealers about preliminary pricing and all of them were in the $40k range and up and unwilling to come down. I don't know how Volkswagen dealers are going to move W8s if they insist on charging $40k for them.

    I did eventually get a leftover T5 for $2.5k under invoice(~$33.2k) because my Passat was out of warranty(2yr) and starting to cause problems for me. Ignition coils, rough idle, etc.
  • It seems reasonable that your less than stellar experience with the Passat coupled with an urge for more performance would lead you to the T5. I also tend to agree that there will be little room to dicker on the W8 pricing when and if it comes out. However, despite the end-of-the-model-year pricing on your T5, it is still about $5k more than what many normally pay for a GLX (FWD). To change the equation a little more, the basic warranty for the Passat has much improved since the '99 MY.

    If similar price breaks are offered next year on the S60 AWD, then I can see the Volvo as the more logical choice. (And if the S60 makes one far more emotionally satisfied than a Passat could ever offer, then I understand choosing the S60 regardless of the price difference - as long as you got the $$$.)
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    Are the S60 automatic transmissions the same model/unit that was found in the old 850/S70? Can these things put up with hard use or abuse?
  • I am a very happy owner of an S70 AWD and am planning on trading for the new S60 AWD. I can get one now or wait for 3 months and get it with the new DSTC. Does anyone have an opinion on this option. I drive a lot (28,000 miles a year) in all kinds of weather. What do you all think? Also does anyone hear about any Volvo promotions coming up soon?
  • My concern too! The only difference is that I am a happy owner of entry S60 for a year now. With lots of snow in wintertime (I live in Moscow, Russia)availability of AWD immediately made me looking at it. And then there was a review of major Russian mag 'Autoreview' with S60AWD vs Passat 4motion. It was clearly indicated that it makes sense to wait for DSTC as road control was difficult near extreme compared to Passat. And it's even though S60 is one of this mag's 'pets'!

    So I have decided to wait for DSTC, with no clear info yet when it's available...

    Has anyone made direct comparison Geartronic vs regular Automatic on AWD or 2.4T??
  • rustyrrustyr Posts: 10
    Obviously DSTC isn't available yet. Can someone clarify the difference? The best I can figure is that STC is a low speed traction control (up to 25 mph) and DSTC is all-the-time traction control. Since the AWD feeds the gripping tires at any time, what exactly is the virtue of the DSTC? I can see the value at low speeds when starting in snow, etc., but what is the benefit of DSTC, if my higher speed assumption is correct?
  • esp63esp63 Posts: 27
    My understanding of the difference is as follows(see the s60 brochure for Volvo's explanation):

    STC: applies/release brakes, reducing fuel to engine as necessary to eliminate wheel-slip at all speeds.

    DSTC: does the above but also monitors steering input to "guess" where the driver is trying to steer and factors the desired path into the wheel-slip control activities. For instance, if your trying to turn right and the back end starts to break loose, DSTC will apply brakes/reduce throttle input, as necessary, to keep you turning to the right on your intended path. STC will simply try to compensate for the wheel slippage and leave the rest up to you. AWD will pretty much give you the STC experience with the addition of actual power transfer decisions(in addition to braking/throttle decisions) switching from front to back and side to side. Adding DSTC to this configuration adds a micro processor factoring in where you intended to be steering when traction was lost.

    I'm driving a 2.4t with STC and have no qualms(I live in Florida). If I still lived upstate NY, I'd probably have thought a little more about getting AWD and may have gone "full-boat" by shooting for the DSTC option. My previous car was an s70, and all it had was low-speed traction control. I never had any problems in foul weather but I knew better than to push the envelope too aggressively. That is the key with any configuration you choose. If you're an aggressive driver, load it up.
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