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Toyota Camry 2006 and earlier



  • jcthom4jcthom4 Posts: 24
    I'm looking for a very good deal on a 2001 Camry LE with a value package and maybe moonroof. Anybody get a great deal that they would be interested in sharing with me?
    Thanks in advance :-)
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I will not get into prices because it would be a BIG conflict due to my profession, but I will tell you the new incentive package came out this morning. Before I get into this, I need to offer my usual disclaimer that all rebates and incentives are regional. What I have only applies to dealers in VA, MD, WV, PA and DE.

    The 2001 Camry has a $1250 customer cash rebate from today until 8/14 or you can get 3.9% financing. On the 15 to the end of the month, that drops to a $750 rebate or 4.9% financing. Financing requires pretty decent credit and is for terms up to 60 months.
  • jimsxnjimsxn Posts: 108
    There are many other factors which are equally important, if not more, than size. The ability to steer away from trouble, to brake to a stop in a shorter distance and the manouverability/ affinity of suspension and rubber to the tarmac would probably save you from getting involved in an accident.

    Some of the small and medium cars, Camry included, are equally goood in crash tests as the bigger cars. The most important thing to note is the level of intrusion into the passenger compartment in frontol and lateral crashes.
  • Thanks for all the good info from you. I have 2000 LE (4cy, Japan built) and got to say tha tthe transmission is far superior than Accords in terms of smoothness. We had 96 Accord (auto) and it was really uncomfortable transmission, specially local stop and go traffics. However, for 85K miles we had, it was completely trouble free except it did have one recall from Honda Motor.

    Now with my Camry, I've gone back to the dealer for the car drifting to left. The dealer checked it three times and now they think it might be the tires calusing this, they are General brand tires. I remember reading this type of topics in the past posts, has anyone got a good solution to this or is this something that I should live with?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The General tires on my family's 2000 LE 4cly are nearing 24K miles and are going to be replaced by the end of the summer because they are already worn. They squeal around turns at above 3 mph, generate too much noise, and just plain suck. I would never buy General tires again based on this experience. Lets hope the 2002 has better stock tires.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    The September issue of Automobile magazine has a photo of the 2002 Camry and a full artical on the ES300.
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    boy, that Lexus is pretty hideous looking! I would definitely grab the '01 ES if I was to choose between the two. Some Lexus customers are going to be furious with that Prius/Celica looking front coupled with the boxy butt. I just hope that the new Camry doesn't turn out that way as well... I wonder if Toyota makes the worst looking sedans in the U.S. -- they make some nice looking cars like the LExus IS300 and the GS and maybe even the Avalon doesn't look too bad, but no need for words to describe the '01 Camrys (*ugly*)... let's pray that the comments made by those who have sighted the new Camry are correct.
  • Which brand of tires are you thinking about switching to?
    Yes, my General tire squeals also. It is hard to imagine factory stock tires like a family car does not show long durability. I am not sure about the validity of General tire's tread life(something like 420) as shown on side of the tire.
    Let's see how much Toyota is going to (or already did) discontent the components of 2002 Camrys to cut the cost or to make more profits.
    Like I said before, Camry is no longer an inexpensive appliance (car).

    Oh, I hope new Camry is not as fat (over-bloated) as ES300, yikes.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    It's not my car, so that won't be my decision- It'll be my parents. Cost dictates, so I wouldnt be surprised if *they* just got new Generals. In addition, the Camry is leased for 36K or 39k miles, and so I also wouldnt be surprised if they only choose to replace the two current Gens with worst wear, putting new ones of perhaps a different brand on front and just move the other two to the rear.

    I'm starting to get aggravated by all this anti-ES ness. Fine, people arent crazy about the way it looks. (I think it will look sharp in darker colors) But flying off the handle saying that "I wonder if Toyota makes the worst looking cars" is such BS. The GSs, the LS, the Matrix, the Celica, Solara, IS, Highlander, 4Runner, and from the pics, the new Camry are some of the better designs out there. Has anyone else seen the whale resemblance in Chrysler's vehicles? Or GMs lack of styling ability, save a few platforms. If you dont the way a car looks, don't by it, and move on. Its a frekin' car! We aren't talking about spouses here.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    ...model on it looks a bit better than the powder blue model, also, the silver model I saw doesn't look all that bad.
  • Just want to say our friends Camry LE 1997 is still running perfect, it has 80,660 miles as of yesterday and it runs like new. All of the miles are freeway and he maintains it more then is needed. Also the paint is Metallic Black and its so shiny and new looking thanks to meguiars wax and high care.update us about all your camrys , thanks
  • dmrasdmras Posts: 4
    Thought I would chime in with my Camry. Mine is a 1994 LE 4cyl it has 152K and running great. The only costs I have had outside breaks, tires, tune-ups, fluid changes are:

    Water Pump around 85,000 - $375
    Engine Mounts around 145,000 - $400 (parts under warranty for being a good customer.

    Otherwise the cars runs and looks great. I have some minor issues that I have decided to live with: Front Left ABS sensor gone at 130K ($300), Dash light, Radio LED light and finally my power antenna went about 5,000 miles ago.

    I keep looking at new cars but because the car won't die I get to put off buying a new for what I hope is another two years.

    As for styling, I personally like the '02 ES and Camry.

    P.S. my wife has a '94 Celica with 74,000 with no unusual maintenance/repairs.
  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    Well I first saw the pix 2 nights ago for hte ES...after 2 nights it has definetly grown on me. The front still leaves things to be desired but the rest looks pretty good...the interior is especially nice...the front is still a blob with celica lights but after 2 days the looks have definetly grown on me
  • sense70sense70 Posts: 8
    94 to 97 Honda does have problem with the smoothness of its transmission.

    Since 98 model, they have fixed that problem. I have 98 and 01 accord, they are very smooth.

    Camry has always been about $1000 more than Accord, now with the incentive, it is a good time to buy a Camry.
  • rward99rward99 Posts: 185
    The new 2002 Camry has a redesigned 4-cylinder engine. Ultra Low Emission and 158 horsepower. That's 22 more horses than the 2001.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    They only fixed it with th 4 cylinder models. The Accord V6 automatic does not really jerk or kick like old Hondas, but it shifts "inelegantly" at best.
    The Civic automatics since 1996 have been pretty smooth.
  • msw1msw1 Posts: 2
    I bought my Carry EL 5/99. I loved my car up until I began to have the continuous problems. I first noticed that the mid section (when the car is lifted there are scratches) underneath the car was scratching quite easily on almost any driveway. Driveways that other cars have gone over with no problem. The dealer of coarse just acts surprised and does not have an answer. Others with the 99 have experienced the same problem.

    I initially took the car in 5 times until it was finally fixed for drifting to the left. They tried alignment and tire rotation several times.

    At approximately 5,000 hi my car stalled 3 different times and the dealer replaced the fuel pump. The dealer again was not very customer service oriented.

    At about 15,000 I heard rattling from the left front tire area and reported twice and they never heard the "noise". The noise was not observed until I had a second mechanic ride with me (1st was in a hurry and concerned about his own brand new navigator being in the shop) for a different noise which was a loud knock when I reversed on a hill and switched to drive. That noise was not fixed but the rattling noise was fixed by replacing the shock absorbers. The knock was not fixed until I changed the breaks at 32,000 i. Before changing the breaks Toyota made another attempt (4th) to take care of the problem by changing the left baring.

    At about 33,000 miles my right blinker was blinking fast when panel lights were on only. Toyota replaced the connector. About 300 miles later the same problem happened to the left blinker and the mechanic told me that all he did was make sure the connection was being made by "banging" the headlight. According to this mechanic several Camrys are having this problem and become loose on bumps.

    I am currently at 35,000 and shopping for a new car. There is not a sedan out there that I truly like but I do not have a choice right now since my warranty is almost up. My advice is stay away from this car and Toyota's service kept. They are curtious most of the time but are patronizing and do not get the job done.
  • msw1msw1 Posts: 2
  • Can someone here clarify this myth (or fact)...

    People around me tells me that I should use the same brand of gasoline... switching brands occasionally could damage my car. Is this true???

    Question 2:
    Is it better to use brand name Gasolines, or all gasolines are same as long they have the same Octane rating???? I have been using cheaper brand, such as Arco... I use to fill mines up with Chervon, but gas are expensive this days, especially in San Francisco @ $2 a gallon.

    Appreciate if one of you could answer my question, Thanks.
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    I am convinced that survey results are manipulated by the dealers. If you have a problem the probability of getting a survey is that of a snowball in hell, your name is not forwarded to anyone for send out. that is how dealers get the "Five Star Service ratings" Their employee calls after the servie work to see if all is well, if a great job they refer you if you complain they never refer you for the survey.

    I concur on Toyota service, patronizing and dubious, I have had to contact Toyota directly for answers and in a few instances those replies have contradicted the dealers and service manual.

    As to brands of gas, I have not found a diff but I am sure that one exists as it certainly does for motor oil.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Wow. Sounds like you got a very poor example, though I note a couple of similar problems. (I do believe that service surveys are random.. all our servicing is done at the Toyota dealership, one time we got surveyed on consecutive visits, and have now gone for a while w/o any questionaires.)

    So far our family has/had two examples of the 4th gen (97-01) Camry, both leased. Here are the problems we encountered. Both are what I would call typically equipped "bread and butter" models. The 2000, as compared to our 97, has the remote keyless, the 6speaker AM/FM/Cass/CD and Pwr. Driver's seat package, and upgraded standard 15 wheels/tires. Both with ABS.

    For the 97 LE 4cyl:
    1)First 3K miles- intermittenly, manually adjusted driver's seat creaks annoyingly. continued throughout.
    2)Recall Service: Brake/Shift Interlock Mechanism
    3)About 25K--noticeable fast left turn signal, fixed under warranty (some type of fuse issue).
    4)Throughout: Scapping undercarriage on certain driveways. (I guess this problem was allieviated in 2000 with the switch to 15inch tires, b/c we haven't noticed it with the new one??)
    5) Excessive tire wear by 30k miles.

    --> Car turned in at 39K and change.

    For the 2000:
    1) Excessive tire wear as we approach 24K miles.

    Although I thought the 97 was a decent, purposeful family car, it seems that our 2000 is put together more solidly, probably owing to the age of the design in both cases. And although the General tires on our current example suck, I think the wider tread/lower profile result in less understeer, or at least they seem to.. the tires dont seem to "scrub" as much around turns.
  • Has anyone upgraded wheels/tires for their Camry? We have 2000 LE V-6 with 205/65-15 with Dunlop SP4000. We want to upgrade to 16" wheels with lower profile and wider tires. The largest stock combo is 205/60/16. I talked to Tire Rack and asked them if 215/55/16 or 225/50/16 would fit. They said 225 are way too big and 215 might fit and may require rolling fenders.
    Any info and experience with wheel/tire upgrade would be appreciated.
  • ravvie4meravvie4me Posts: 110
    the pics for the 2002 Camry? I find it odd that Toyota would release info/pics, full detail and road tests for the Lexus ES300 (which comes out later than the Camry does) before the Camry. Usually it is the other way around.

    Does it have to do with production in Japan versus Kentucky?

  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    Hey MSW1,
    why don't you get one of those nice Hyundais or Kias! They just last forever you know. NOT. The Camry is by far one of these best sedans available in quality, safety, and reliability. Yes, the Accord is good, but not great--this is Honda's fault, not the car. They just don't have the same kind of durability as a Toyota. Toyota vehicles can last forever. It's not uncommon to see Camrys, Corollas, and many other models making it to 300,000 miles. I know someone with a 1991 Civic. It's at almost 200,000 which is good compared to American cars. However, it is falling apart. Cruise control, AC, and several engine parts have gone and are pointless to replace due to price. It also leaks oil and the condition couldn't be fixed on various occasions.

    Now, I understand that just some random vehicles aren't made very well. It happens in call makes and models-even Toyota. Toyota just does a better job at limiting the number of erroneous vehicles produced than other companies. Hyundai and similar brands make the claim to price...and that stupid warranty...I doubt they will be around in 10 years. Toyota's claim has been....and will always be quality and everyone knows that. I know that many people that regularly read and respond on this board agree.

    And when looking at any other car like Taurus, Lumina, Accord, etc. don't let price be the deciding factor! Example: If you can get a Camry and Taurus with pretty much the same options and features but the Taurus costs $2,000 less....go with the Camry. The materials used are of higher quality and durability. The Camry will last much longer and will need less items replaced if you plan on using the vehicle for a good amount of years. It will also have a higher resale value. If you are going to spend $20,000, you might as well go the extra mile and spend a little more for a better vehicle. That's my father's philosophy as well as mine. Hope that your rare and unfortunate experience hasn't turned you away from Toyota. They truly are good cars and any mechanic or car expert knows it.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932

         That's a link to pictures of the 2002 Camry. The 2002s are currently in production. They are being put in a holding lot in Georgetown, KY until the launch. I'm guessing that Toyota wants to keep their best selling car a secret. When the right moment comes (hopefully soon this month or next) they will unleash the 2002 Camry and stun the world. My father who works in the plant in Georgetown has seen the Camry upclose and likes what he sees. He admits its a vast styling improvement over the current generation. The Camry will have GPS on the SE sporty model supposedly. My mom who works for Toyota in Erlanger is concerned that the new Camry will eat up Avalon sales due to its more upscale ambiance...although it will be keeping a similar price to 2001.

         In 2003, if the new Accord comes out which I think it will...I'd say it will take some styling cues from the new Camry. Honda has this odd ability to predict styling of Toyotas and then release their own vehicles a year later. Look at the Accord vs. Camry, Odyssey vs. Sienna, Integra/RSX vs. Celica (2002 and past generation). I must applaud Honda though for the Civic, they just stole looks from their 2000 model and not from Toyota.

  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I sold my Honda, (a 94 Civic coupe as some of you may have read about in previous postings) with 105K miles on it, just 16K more than I purchased it with, in seemingly perfect condition...I had all dealer service records and it ran flawlessly... until 97K and change when the Head Gasket blew, it cost me (a frekin HS kid) $1100 to fix, the car never ran right again, and so instead of payin insurance on a junker, I said goodbye. After all was said and done, that car cost me just under 7 grand for 16K miles. (excluding only gas). It almost makes me cry, and I'm a 20 year old male.
    I'm still a fan of Hondas, (much less so than Toyota or Nissan, though) but you can bet your [non-permissible content removed] I'm NEVER going to buy another one USED.
  • ravvie4meravvie4me Posts: 110
    Thanks for the pics. Can't wait to see it in a different color, like (dark)blue, green, red, or silver. I've never really been a fan of either black or white paint jobs.

    That must be the Japanese model, because I can see the steering wheel on the right, as opposed to the left for North America.

  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    Welcome for the pics. Yes, that's a Japanese website....and I bet thats the only place you can find new Camry pics. (Japanese websites) Usually they have a lot more inside info there because cars come out a little sooner there than in the US. I agree with the white and black colors. Never have been a fan. I like silver and dark blues and greens though. If it looks that good in white, can't imagine a deep blue. Oh I'm getting too excited so I better go.
  • taurus2taurus2 Posts: 63
    There's a picture of the 2002 Camry in the September 2001 edition of Automobile Magazine. It looks a little different the the japanese Camry. Go out and buy a copy. Its well worth it. It also has a test of the new 2002 Lexus ES300.
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