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Volvo C70



  • First of all, VolvoScott is not getting married!! Good try though. Rich, if you have a 2000 C70, you should have a 5 spd automatic. You can tell this by looking at the shifter console which should read PRND43L. Thus far it is holding up very well. However, it took us technicians awhile to get used to. Sure shifts differently than anything else I've ever driven. To Schuhc, you should be praising your fiance for making the changes she did. Have you ever attempted re-selling a 5 spd manual late model volvo? Also, the moondust is a beautiful color, definitely one of my favorites. You will be standing apart from the crowd. You probably won't have to deal with the piston cooling valve because Volvo updated the part and is now installing it in the new cars coming off the assembly line. Aside from wheel shimmy, no you shouldn't have any problems that aren't typical of an S/V 70. Make sure when either of you fill the gas tank on it to tighten the cap until it clicks or it will cause the Check Engine light to illuminate due to an evap leak. Keep in mind that most any low profile tire with 17" wheels will have balance problems. Rest assured you will absolutely love this car. Break in, I would give it around 8K-10K before I began to let it spread her wings. The service interval is 7500 miles on it. I would recommend you do an oil and filter change in between this interval. Turbos thrive on oil, and you will benefit in the long run if you do this. Hope this helps out. Best of luck!

  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    I know have a new c70 coupe. Have had "new" 850, 850t and s70, and would say after the first 1,000 take it easy and then let her rip. These engines are designed to run and not wait 6-7 kmiles to enjoy. I have 6,000 on my C70 and run like a dream. Have never had engine related problems to driving them all out. In fact last week on the way back (help pit for an Audi A4 in the Motorola cup)from Sebring, ran the car up to 130. In fact,you will find that people want to race you (must be the look)I was tried five times on my round trip from Ormond Beach. Most of the time I leave racing to the track and not on the streets, but sure is tempting. I have the 17" wheels with no balance problems.
    Enjoy driving
  • richc70richc70 Posts: 6

    Hey ... sorry about that marriage thing. I just got this 2000 C70 convertible auto LT Moondust, tan inside and top with all the works.(except 17" wheels I wanted a softer ride) It must have gone to my head.

    My car was built mid February 2000 but I checked the shifter and it says PRD321. I guess I got last year's 4 speed trans. Is there any way I might still have the 5 speed auto?


  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    Thanks for the information. If it's all the same to everyone, I don't think that I am going to let Lisa know that she made some wonderful choices on OUR car.
    One last question.
    Chances are I won't have over 5k on it by the time we are taking our drive from Illinois to Colorado in August. Am I doomed to below 60 the whole way there or am I allowed to go over, just not accelerate so fast?

  • Rich, I checked with one of these salesman at our dealership, and he said only a few of the early 2000's had the 4 spd. 2000's were being produced in June of 99. So, who knows whether ya do or not, if in doubt, count them as they go through the gears. schuhc, today I was rethinking what I posted before and I'm wondering what drugs I must've been on. The turbo itself will break in over about 5-10K miles, but that shouldn't hinder you from letting it pump. If the turbo's going to go, it will go within 1000 miles. It ain't gonna happen, they're too good! As far as the engine itself, it will take care of itself no matter how you drive it. The turbo's in these cars are dang good, I haven't had to replace one yet, only had to repair oil leaks on them, which is normal. As far as you driving on your trip,just drive it like anything else, and keep the sound system cranking! Sorry for the confusion. Scott
  • richc70richc70 Posts: 6
    I was going to start using Castrol Syntec 10-30 in my 2000 C70 at the 7,500 mile oil change. Do you think this is too soon? Should I wait till the 15,000 mile oil change? How about Castrol synthetic auto trans fluid? I was going to do that at 7,500 miles.

    Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it since I want to keep this convertible for a long time.

  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    May be a stupid question.
    How will I know if my Turbo is leaking oil? I imagine I will smell it burning. Is there a certain spot that I should look for leaking oil?
    As my last car was a '73 TR6, I am not sure where I would look for an oil leak because with those cars we would just pour a quart of oil over the engine every 500 miles or so.
  • jcarpijcarpi Posts: 17
    I may be a little late in responding to this inquiry, but I test-drove the CL the same day I drove the C70 HT for the first time. There was absolutely no comparison in pick up or responsiveness. The CL was just another Honda. I love my C70, it's Venetian Red with grey interior ,and I get comments all the time from strangers about the car. This is a great car. I have had the door-lock motor replaced already (on warranty). Don't care about resale, cause I'm keeping this car!
  • Schuhc,

    You will quickly know an oil leak either by a technician telling you, or you will have a spot on your driveway. There are usually 2 places that the oil will leak from. 1 is the main inlet hose on the turbo itself. This is the one that is not always fixable. Usually, you can cut off about an inch of a bicycle intertube and stretch it over the turbo neck. Sometimes this will stop the leak totally. Others it will only slow it down, it's just a chance you take. The other place it's known to leak, is the turbo oil return line. This is easily fixed with a gasket and O-ring, and will likely need to be replaced under warranty. Not a big deal on either one though. And by the way, the only stupid question is the one not asked. Turbos are cool though, wonder if John Lingenfelter can make me one for my pickup?
  • winfredwinfred Posts: 11
    Just wonder did anyone can get a deal for 2000 LT C70 just 2% over the invoice price in California. I am living in Bay area now, and moving to LA soon, so where or which dealer can offer a better deal? or is 2% over invoice realilistic?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,663
    Just been catching up on C70 posts...

    schuhc, from what I know about breakins, you shouldn't keep the car on the highway at a constant speed.

    If the limit is 60, you should vary it from 55 to 65 i.e. don't use the cruise.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Ivan: Thanks for the additional breakin informaiton. As we will be driving through Nebraska and Iowa I think I will vary the speed from 125 to 91 the way there.

    I believe the standard is 3% over invoice. I paid 39,200 for my HT and invoice was 37,785 with the options I added. I would shop around a bit because I think the convertibles are so hot they are looking to move LT coupes off of the lots.
  • richc70richc70 Posts: 6

    I ordered my C70 LT convertible,with everything extra except 17" wheels through Priceline. I paid $500 over invoice plus $50 fee to Priceline. I am very happy with my purchase.

    Good luck.

  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    I have heard the same thing as rich is saying above. It is not uncommon for the onlines to be cheaper. Try autobytel as well. I would imagine that the Volvo dealers are much more prevalent in California. Unfortunately we only have 1 in Chicago and then 4 within 60 miles of the City.
  • I swap my S40 for my C70 Thursday next. My used C70 has no autochanger, so I want to take out the autochanger from S40 and place in C70.

    Has anyone done this, and if so, any pointers?

    The S40 seems to have the changer unit and what looks like a trasformer next to it - do I need to take out both from old car? Is the second box a transformer even?

    All help gratefully received, albeit about 5,000 miles from where everyone else seems to post from.

  • nevis418nevis418 Posts: 1
    I am in the process of buying a convertible for the first time and have my choices down to the C70 and the Saab 9-3. I am leaning towards the C70 due to the styling and the comfortable ride. I felt that the seats were the most comfortable I have ever sat in.

    I plan on keeping this car a long time so I am concerned about the reliability. My wife and I drove a used 1999 and felt that there was a lot of shaking noise from the door and the dash. I suspect that this is from not enough structural support causing the car to flex more than it should. I am also concerned about the seal of the convertible top after a few years. Saab definitely has more time on the road with the convertible, but my heart, and backside, keep pushing me to the Volvo.

    I'd appreciate any comments from somebody who has driven the convertible for a year or so.
  • lweiss9069lweiss9069 Posts: 2
    i am shopping for convertibles. the c70 is my first choice. Is it worth 13000 more than the solara? Are people happy with the volvo?
  • lweiss9069lweiss9069 Posts: 2
    i need front wheel drive
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Why would you even consider paying an extra $13,000? My C70 is going to be delivered at the end of June, but I considered the amount that I wanted to spend and compared the CLK, S4, and C70. The Toyota is a whole different class.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Biased opinion.
    Go for the Volvo.
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