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Chevy Venture



  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I have had both problems and the back of the drivers seat came unstitched rear left seam. The dealer sent it out to an upholstery shop who made a proper repair under warranty.

    The plastic trim lodges of the rubber door seal. We had no problem with manual door behind driver. The powered on the passenger side it fell down.

    In the end I found that you need to get super glue GEL, not the regular liquid. There are two pieces sticking up from this plastic trim. Put the super glue on the top, may have a piece of foam on it. That's why you need the gel. Put the glue on and hold it against the roof.It adheres very quickly. Then I put some on the inside of the black door trim where the plastic trim rests.

    So far this has worked 100%. Interesting that on the other door no problem.

    The airbag light has beenn up before with some other owners. Suggest you jog back in the posts to about beginning of July.
  • I started emailing dealers to get their best price. One of them called me today and told me for a Venture Plus with AM?Fm/CD/Tape player he could do $100 over invoice minus the rebate plus tax and taggs and anything else I might want like warranty and all the other junk they will try and sell me while there. I know the invoice price is $22492. Does anyone know if GM charges their dealers an advertising fees per vehical? A few people have mentioned $350 to me but I cant find this on any of the sites.

    If this dealer is not giving me the business Im going to take it. $100 over invoice rocks. I may even add a few more options at that price.

    I think there must be a dealer incentive we dont know about. At that price the dealer is makeing about $750 (hold back plus $100) Someone mentioned they have a pretty hefty surplus of the Ventures on hand so that could explain the deal I guess.

    I'll post how it turns out. Anyone kow of any GM advertiing fees or dealer incentives?

  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    Since the dealer has cited the invoice, ask to see it; it should have the advertising charge on it.
  • tbone14tbone14 Posts: 10
    We did the same thing and got pretty much the same deal. Although we have not bought yet because of the high finance rate. I just have trouble with paying 9%, although they have the lower rates in place of the 2000 rebate. We also believe that there is a dealer incentive floating. Don't believe that they are sacrificing profit, they have a back end deal. The best deal I received form the net is $100 below on invoice, but the color was wrong. Offham posted a great site which is very funny, (check out the emails on the home page)but also gives some great information.

    Although the published finance rates are currently high, I think or at least hope there will be some deals given to move all the 00 ventures on the lots.

    Good luck, let us know how you make out...
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I would concur that apart from the regular holdback, there is an additional incentive that is given to dealers to push those 2000 off the lot. The current $2000 rebate is the highest they had back in late Dec/early Jan, and you could get another $500 if had owned a GM auto.

    Nevertheless, the 2001 are on the production line, so the 2000 on the lots is "what you see is what you get". As I had mentioned earlier GM have an excessive "day" inventory of autos including vans.

    In some ways that forces a compromise, maybe on color, options and model availability.The GM BuyPower site does give you the insight on what the dealer has on the lot.
  • I Already have my financing lined up. 6.95% from my Credit Union if I can get 20% down. (the rebate plsu my old car should get me the 20%). If I cant get 20% it will 7.95%. Compared to all the other rates Ive seen I think it's good. I'm going to see if I get any takes on my old car this week. If not I will trade it. I don't want to wait too long. That excessive inventory of 2000s wont last forever.

    I'm startn to have some fun with the dealers.... I told two of the others that responded what my current best deal was. We'll see what they say. I love pitting them against one another... god I love the net.... After all those yeas of them haivng the upper hand I finally feel like I can get a decent deal.

    A friend of mine worked at a car dealer as a lot attendent. He says I should get my best deal at one place then ask if I can take it home so the wife can see it. Then drive it to another dealership and tell them I'm about to buy it at this price and can they beat it. I'm thinking about it but I don't know that I'm quite that bold. Besides... I'm getting in the area where they might not have much room to undercut each other now.
  • Does anyone have any idea when the 2001 ventures will start to appear on the dealer lots? I checked out and it sounds like some of the features that cost extra on the 2000's will be included in the 2001. Thanks for the link! I guess I could just go into the dealer and order one?
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had problems with the stock General tires that come with Ventures? I bought a '97 Venture Ext. new in August of 1997, and the tires that came with it were the General Self-Sealant tires. Come to find out, that "[non-permissible content removed]" that they put inside the tire, will settle into one spot on a really hot day. Also, if you pick up a nail, the self-sealant doesn't always work, and tire repair shops do not like to mess with these tires because of the "[non-permissible content removed]"! With the "[non-permissible content removed]" settling into one spot, it mays for a someone bumpy or uneven ride. I was wondering if anyone else has had that problem, or has seen something like this posted in the various sites.


  • The tires that General makes that are self-sealing, America GS60 GenSeal, are not the ones that came on my Y2K WB Venture. My wife thought that the dealer told her that they were the sealing kind, but when she got a nail in them last week, and one went flat (the built in air compressor came in handy. Short trip to the tire store), she realized that we didn't have them. According to consumer reports, this is the only self-sealing model that General makes. I would bet that very few Ventures that have Generals have the self-sealing variety. I have the XP 2000 model on my van, and according to General, these aren't self sealing.
  • I know it is probably a nice little feature but why? You can buy a good tire plug kit for $10 and a small portable air compressor for about $25. The only other thing you need is a par of plyers to pull the old nail or screw out. It takes about 15 minutes to fix a puncture, it usually lasts a good long time, and takes just slightly more effort than chanigng your oil to do.

    I keep a kit like this with all my other esential stuff in my tool box in the car. I usually end up fixing other peoples tires in the parking lot at work more than my own. Nice to know I have it if I need it though.
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    Now that I'm home, I was able to take another look at the tires. They are "General XP 2000 GT Gen Seal" tires. In taking a look at the original sticker, it was part of their Safety and Security Feature that included Theft Deterrant and Self Sealing System, a $210 option. I had the opportunity to look at one of the tires off the rim. I should have used the word "goop", but guess "[non-permissible content removed]" is just as good! Anyway, the first dealer wouldn't touch it, and finally someone else plugged the tire for me. So much for the self sealant. I am hoping someone else who has these tires will let me know their opinion of them. They are supposed to be 80,000 mile tires, but I don't think I can take it that long. I've had the van three years and only have a 36,600 miles on it. The tires will dry rot before they wear out at that rate. Thanks again for your thoughts.

  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    I think I'm going to go with the Goodyear Aqua Tread tires next time. Was thinking that they would work well with the Traction Control System. If you may think otherwise or have a better suggestion for tires for a '97 Chevy Venture Ext., please let me know.

    Thanks again,

  • What city, State do you live in? 9% sure seems high for Interest rates. I think GM still has low financing, at least that's what i've seen. I'm in los angeles and I know i've seen rates at 3.9 and 4.9. Maybe they are higher where you live. I used to be a salesperson for dealers. For anyone interested in a new vehicle, Email me and I'll give you the "inside scoop" on how to get an awesome deal on new vehicles.
  • Ready to buy in Baltimore,Md. Venture LT w/ 1SD pkg. 7 seats, 2nd row captain seats. $26,794 plus tax of 1340 plus title,lien, reg & tags, and tire recycling fee of 140 less $2,000 rebate, bottom line of $26,298.Any comments; looked at Edmunds TMV.
  • I almost bought a 1997 Venture on 8/19/00. However, talking to the only two people at work I know that own a Venture, they both(yes, I said both) had to have their 1998 3.4L engines rebuilt shortly after 30,000 miles. Can't believe there are no posts here about 1998 Venture engine problems. They said the start of their problems was a noisy engine at startup, which the one I was going to buy has. They said there was a technical bulletin, repair by complaint only, out on the engine,however can't find it with Edmunds search. And they did get new pistons in their engine, one lady received a new engine. Chevy wouldn't do this if there wasn't a problem. Anybody else out there had engine problems? Does your engine have a little tapping sound on start up? Better check it out!!! The dealer I was going to buy from didn't want to deal with it. They will just sell it to some other unknowing soul, warranty being up in 2 months, and this baby has 30,000 miles. Good luck to someone!
  • I do hear a ticking sound after start up but this goes away after 15 seconds or so. I don't know if this is normal or not for a 2000 Venture? I've found a service bulletin at ;

    57-61-24A JUN 98 Cold Engine Tick or Rattle After Start-up

    I'm not taking any chances and will have this checked out tomorrow.
  • I drove over to our local dealer's lot on Sunday evening to see what was new and found to my surprise a 2001 venture in sandrift metallic. It must have just been delivered on friday or saturday because it still had all the factory stickers etc. on it, this dealer also has 4 2000 ventures on the lot yet.
  • I forgot to mention in the previous post that I LOVE the new grill on the front end of the 2001's!
    It is much more attractive than the present grill. I really couldn't tell if it had a power sliding door, but it did have rear air and on-star. Unfortunately, the seating arrangement is not what I am looking for, want the captain's chairs in the center.
  • hate_gmhate_gm Posts: 2
    Even if ypu can ignore the safety test photos, is it worth the hassle of spending hours/days in GM shop while they fix one problem after the another?

    GM's quality may be comparable to that of Ford and Chrysler but it is no way near Toyota and Honda.

    By the way, their roadside assistance was a no show even after 3+ hours during a recent breakdown on an interstate (one of so many so far)

    Yes, i was stupid enough to buy an American car after so many years of dependable Honda/Toyota ownership.

    All of us even thinking about looking at anything other than Honda/Toyota should get our head examined.

    This should be a no brainer. STAY AWAY FROM GM (or Ford or Chrysler)
  • hate_gmhate_gm Posts: 2
    How can there be a "deal" on Venture?

    After buying Venture, you get nothing but hassles and hours at the dealership?

    Buying junk is not a DEAL at any price.

    Buy Honda or Toyota.
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