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Chevy Venture



  • fear_hopefear_hope Posts: 90
    I purchased a '99 Venture ex. at 24000 miles. It now has 33000 on it and the Service Engine Soon light is on for the second time in 2 months. Symptoms of problem was rough idle, shaking, hard starts, and sometimes not starting on first try. First time dealer said it was the #1 fuel inject or. Supposedly they replaced it, now 4 weeks later same problem. It is almost out of warranty and am thinking about trading it. Don't want to have to keep replacing injectors after warranty. Anyone else have this problem? Or anything similar? Know of any problems with the injectors on the Venture, Silhouette or Montana?
  • dsfmdsfm Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Venture LT that we purchased in January 2001 - it had 7600 miles on it and had been traded in (we were told) because the owner lived on the side of a mountain and found that it didn't handle well in the snow and ice, so they decided to get a Chevy Astro AWD. It has been a wonderful vehicle for us, at least until the beginning of May. We took a trip to Maine (from Harrisburg, PA) and the night we came back, it stalled on me while I was rounding a corner. Fortunately, after a few tries, it started again and I got home.

    The next morning, it wouldn't start, so the dealer had it towed in and kept it for two days while they replace the fuel pump (and took care of the door recall). It seemed to run fine until Memorial Day. My husband was in the drive-through at McD's and it stalled again (had to push it up to the window to pick up food and then into a parking space). It eventually started and ran fine. The next evening, as we were leaving a parking lot, it simply refused to start. After waiting an hour for the tow truck, the dealer again kept it for two days, this time replacing the ignition switch -- why, you might ask? Have no clue -- their diagnostics came up with nothing wrong, so hey, let's replace something while it's there! Oh, and of course it started just fine for them.

    So, yesterday (not a week later, mind you!), it leaves me and three kids sitting at a local garden shop. To make a long story short, it's again on it's way to the dealer, only this time the service manager agreed to give me a rental under the warranty agreement.

    Ack!!! Has anyone dealt with similar problems and had them resolved??? I'm terribly worried about reliability at this point. I love my Venture, and would buy one again, but I'm thinking I got a lemon this time! Do I have any rights if they can't figure out what's wrong? I can't afford a brand new Venture, but I'm now afraid to take a chance on another used one. We found this one for about $20,500 -- a heck of deal with the low mileage, considering the 2001 LT we looked at was nearly $10,000 more.

    Any thoughts???
  • dlubindlubin Posts: 66
    Just about to pick up our new 'family truckster' - a 2001 Montana with Montanavision, and was wondering if you can add a TV tuner to the system. Also, what have you used to play DVD's? Is there a player that can be mounted under and wired into the VCP?

  • dsfmdsfm Posts: 3
    As a quick update to my previous post, the dealer called and said the van started up fine this morning when the tow truck arrived, and they've not been able to find anything wrong -- ack!!!
  • ventureltventurelt Posts: 1
    Our 2000 Venture stalled at highway speeds when it was under 5,000 miles old. It re started and seemed OK. Dealer said they could not find a problem. Soon it was losing power and stalling again. Again the dealer said could not find a problem. The last time it went to the dealer with the same problem I threatened him with Ohio's lemon laws and said to fix the problem or give me a new vehicle.

    Surprisingly he fixed the problem. It was a poorly manufactured catalytic converter that was clogging the exhaust. The van has run without this problem for 15,000 miles. It was very dangerous to operate prior to the fix. I hope this helps.
  • big__daddybig__daddy Posts: 30
    Recently I was cleaning our Venture inside and out. I noticed what looked like dust on the radio controls. I was surprised to see that the black finish on the switches is literally coming off! This seems like premature wear for a van that's not even 2 years old yet. I'll have the dealer check it out this week when we get the oil changed. Also part of the center brake light cluster is burnt out. Can I expect these small problems to be covered under warranty?
  • dsfmdsfm Posts: 3
    Yeah! I finally have my van back! The dealer had it for two days and it finally wouldn't start for them. Turns out there was some kind of electrical connection to the fuel pump and its insulation had come off and the wire was basically charring. Sometimes there would be some kind of "surge" and the van would start just fine. Other times, no surge would happen and it would leave me sitting. So, that's fixed, and I'm hoping for many, many more happy miles on my Venture!
  • fear_hopefear_hope Posts: 90
    As a follow up... Took van to dealer. This time two more injectors were out. Dealer agreed to replace all injectors. Though I am worried about them going bad another 30000 down the road. Has anyone had any problems with fuel injectors? I understand that a service bulletin came out regarding corrosion on the 1999 Venture's injectors causing malfunctions in performance.(Per Have not been able to look at the bulletin. Has anyone seen the bulletin? I am really interested in what it says. Unfortunately I think I'm going to have to sell my van. The warranty is up in about 3000 miles and I certainly can't afford to replace costly items regularly. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  • dlubindlubin Posts: 66
    Don't know about problems with injectors on the 99's (my Montana didn't have any), but they did change them for '01 if that's any hint ...

  • norbertlnorbertl Posts: 4
    My 2000 Chewy venture pings under most conditions except when engine is cold. I do not want to use plus or hi test gas because it is so expensive, and haven't tried yet to see if this stops the problem. Can anyone suggest an alternative solution?
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
    The only bulletin I saw at alldata was #99-06-04-005A which describes the procedure for checking and cleaning fuel injector deposits on 1994-1999 3.1L and 3.4L V6 engines. The deposits may restrict the injector(s) which cause the injector(s) to run lean and cause drivability symptoms such as long or hard starts, chuggle, rough idle, light or intermittent misfires, and the MIL light to iluminate. The procedure is to perform an injector balance test which could point out bad injector(s) or the need for the cleaning.
  • agt_cooperagt_cooper Posts: 202
    Is the pinging "light" or "heavy"?

    According to the owner's manual, light pinging is normal and nothing to worry about. I run my Montana on regular, and have only heard an occassional ping under light acceleration.

    Constant, heavy pinging is the sign of a problem that needs repaired, however.

    Hope that helps.....
  • norbertlnorbertl Posts: 4
    Thanks for responding (#823). Venture is pining hard under most conditions, not just a little. What needs to be repaired? Does the timing need to be retarded or advanced? Is there a problem with the fuel injectors, etc? ( Hi-test will be tried soon, but this is not really a solution for me.)
  • agt_cooperagt_cooper Posts: 202
    Many things could cause pinging, but most likely, I think, would be a timing issue. As you may know, "pinging" is the non-technical term for detonation, or more accurately, premature detonation. Basically, the fuel-air charge is exploding prematurely, which is either the result of very low octane fuel, or an engine control malfunction which is causing the spark-plug to fire too soon.

    I'm not sure if the GM 3.4 liter engine uses knock sensors, but if so, they (it) could be defective, thereby failing to correct the timing in response to the pinging.

    If it were me, I'd take it to the dealer for evaluation and troubleshooting, particularly if it is still under warranty.

    Good luck!!!
  • dude357dude357 Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2001 Warner Brothers Edition and the brochure says that there are 6 head phone jacks and 4 wireless head phones, I can only find the 2 head phones by the rear audio controls, The dealership has no clue where the other 4 head phones jacks are. Has any one found them.
  • dude357dude357 Posts: 2
    My new 2001 Warner Brothers Edition has two small circle patches on the 2nd row modular seat behind the driver. The dealer says that all WBE's have this defect. I have seating for 8 if this helps. The defect is in the cloth inset near the bottom of the seat back on both sides, it looks like a bad patch job, the center is gray and it has a white ring 1-2mm around it. Has anyone else had this same problem.
  • jints2282jints2282 Posts: 33
    The 2001 WBE brochure is incorrect. The 6 phone jacks are 2000 features. The 4 cordless headsets are new for this year, see WB entertainment guide in your glove compartment. For your 2nd question, I have 7 passenger seating (2-3-2), but I have not noticed the small patches you are referring to.
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
    The "Defect" you are asking about is the locator marks for the "LATCH" (Lower Anchorages and Top Tethers or Children system). Page 1-82 in my brother's Montana Owner's Manual. The dots help ypou line up the lower anchor frame from your child seat. If you fold the seat in half, you will see the metal rings in the lower cushion that line up with the dots.
  • My 98 Venture hesitates off and on starting at about 45 mph and up. Nothing horrible, just annoying. Worse on hills. Anyone else have this??
  • jerry2170jerry2170 Posts: 1
    Two earlier msgs referred to a 13% GM discount. Where can I get some info on this? Appreciate any info. Thanks.
  • hfdadhfdad Posts: 29
    I had my 99 Venture in for an oil change the other day and dealer wanted to change fuel filter. I was ready to say yes till he quoted me $50. I have 28000 i. on it and was wondering if it really needed it and if it did is it much of a job to do? There is no mention of it in owners manual. Can anyone help me.
  • josephv2josephv2 Posts: 1
    My 98 Venture all of the sudden makes a loud grinding noise when I press the brakes. The noise seems to be coming from the back of the van. It has approximately 48,000 miles on it and recently was in the shop because the check engine light was on. When they looked at it they said it was a computer chip problem. Has anyone experienced this loud grinding noise and is there a possibility they are related? Is it even safe to drive this van into the shop? Any feedback is appreciated.
  • big__daddybig__daddy Posts: 30
    Sounds like the rear brakes are due. Does the grinding noise stop once the brakes are warmed up a bit? I doubt the check engine light has any relation to the grinding sound. Did the mechanic do a brake inspection?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Re #832. Seems the dealer trying it on. As you say there is nothing in handbook and most gasolines have a filter on the pump before it enters the tank.

    If you had done 75-80K miles could understand, him asking but at 28,000 would be a waste of money. You would have no idea that he actually did the job...!
  • hssbrownshssbrowns Posts: 2
    I have a 99 Venture, and the interior lights come on when making a right turn. Have nearly 40,000 miles on it, so I guess I'm dead as far as warranty goes.

    I've seen a two posts about problems something like this. Any suggestions???
  • hssbrownshssbrowns Posts: 2
    We've had similar problem with grinding from our rear brakes. No excessive wear occurring, and seems to decrease or stop altogether after driving a few miles and applying brakes several times. It sounds like the ferrous materials are prone to very rapid accumulations of surface rust, which causes the grinding nose. According to several mechanics, this is common with newer brake materials (no asbestos used any more...)
  • ssantenssanten Posts: 1
    We own a 2000 Venture with leather seating. The drivers side seat ripped after about 20,000 miles on the side next to the door. It turns out that it has very little padding next to the side air bags installed in the seat (check yours) and the bags were causing stress on the seat when entering and exiting.

    GM has told dealers that this is due to people having items in their pockets, according to our dealer. It would be out of the warranty period if this were the case. The dealer, to their credit, said that was dumb and they are fixing the seat. After they get a new seat they are sending it out to have additional padding installed in the area impacted.

    If GM is reading these posts, you need to do better. You should cover your defects without question. I am aware that a consumer could rip these seats, but it is obvious that you have a defect, repair it.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    RE your note and we had similar problem posted wayback. The dealer sent me and the van to an upholstery shop, who didn't even have to ask what was the problem. He knew as a number had come through his shop.

    Under warranty he took the seat apart and put more foam as the wire frame support inside the seat and made a small hole in the side support bolster fabric.

    Truth of the matter is that GM scrimped on the seats, so full pockets or not is the weakest of excuses.
  • dennie4dennie4 Posts: 24
    I can't be the only one with a bad smell coming from the air conditioner. It smells terrible. I took it to the dealer a few months ago. He said something about GM giving the dealers a hard time about fixing the problem. The smell had gotten worse so I took it back a week ago. The dealer put deodorizer in it, and said to try that. I had heard that many GM vehicles were having this problem. He said the fix GM had for it wasn't working. Some kind of blow by unit. I'm pretty sure the fix he used won't last. Any ideas of what the problem is and how I can get the dealer to fix it
  • I have a 2000 Venture and am interested in installing a low profile bug defector to protect the paint on the hood. Considering the integral design of the Venture's hood/grille, I'm looking for recommendations from those that have already installed bug shields. Again, I'm looking for one that is a low profile design and molded to the contour of the hood. Thanks!
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