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Chevy Venture



  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Is it possible that the dealer replaces them from under the vehicle?
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 274
    I think requires the engine to be tilted forward, which invloves removing some accessories. I expect to let the dealer do this when the time comes.
  • bcd99bcd99 Posts: 45
    When I change plugs in my old cutlass ciera, I have to unbolt the front engine mount and then rock the engine forward, slide the bolt in the second hole, then do the work. I imagine the same holds true for the minivan. Will have to look at my silhouette when I get home.
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
    They are expensive because that are platinum tips for clean firing and extended life. They are capable of going to the 100,000 miles recomended change interval under most driving. Therefore that is 3x longer then previuos designs. To replace them from above you have to remove the wiper motor cover and then you rotate the engine forward. Best to replace them from under the car on a lift.
  • jonesmat1jonesmat1 Posts: 1
    I have had a similar sound like problem when idling, as well as a whining sound from what sounds like the rear ac unit when I slow down. Havent taken it to the shop yet, but would like to know if your dealer makes a final determination about it.
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 274
    Last week our Venture developed an intermittent rumble at around 45 mph. Turned out to be loose crossmembers on the luggage rack fluttering in the wind.
  • warrenw48warrenw48 Posts: 21
    I have a 2000 WB edition and really like it, but I am now having problems with a/c. I need to take it in but I wanted to get some feedback from those who have had similar problem. speed 1 and 2 doesn't seem to blow any air. Now 3 and 4 go off and on. And 1 and 2 now work (ocassionally Any one had same problem. Thanks.
  • yzfyzf Posts: 65

    Sounds like your fan switch or fan motor is kaput, which seems unusual in a new van. Could also be loose wiring given the intermittent nature of the problem. Have the dealer swap out the fan parts (under warranty of course!) and check the wiring. That should take care of your problem.

    ps: I am not a mechanic - I just play one on TV!
  • warrenw48warrenw48 Posts: 21
    Thank you for the help. I'll try to sound alittle more intelligent with my service representative now.
  • kmcarthurkmcarthur Posts: 2
    Reference #863 of 879 Gas Pump Shuts Off

    Thanks for the suggestions, but they did not work. Note: the gas pump nozzle when fully inserted? rests at an angle that is more horizontal than verticle (ie not towards the bottom of the tank) as if something is obstructing the path through the filler pipe? A truck owner with a similar situation told me he had tried everything, and it ended up being a crimped filler pipe. I hate to be pushy, but I think the dealer really needs to look into this.
    Is inspecting the gas tank, or even replacing the gas tank, or filler pipe, really that costly?
  • Hi, everyone, I am new on this board, our 98 Venture Ex.'s alternator need to be replaced, but after took off several bolts we found that it is inside just next to the fire wall, and we can not take it out, have changed a couple of alternators on other cars, never have this difficulty. Could any body help us out on this? Could we disassemble the alternator and take it out? How about install a new one in with out take off the engine mount? Thanks a lot.
  • yodlee01yodlee01 Posts: 2
    I would like to know what is a good and realistic price I can expect to pay for a new Venture WB edition with the trailering package and self-seal tires? The MSRP is 31825 and the "invoice" is 29,125. I want a silver one if that matters.

    Thanks in advance.
  • dlubindlubin Posts: 66

    I just purchaed my Montana (similar configuration, video system, etc). While I did go through GM Employee for it, I did some price shopping before hand, and found that prices were no more than $300 over invoice (before incentives).

    You should be able to get it for that or less..

    Good luck!

  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    Among other steps, (wires and 3 main bolts) you must remove the drive belt tensioner, the alternator bracket, the fuel pressure test port cap, and most importantly, you must unbolt (but not disconnect) the power steering pump and move it out of the way before you can remove the alternator. If you expect to keep the van for a long time, and will be doing much of your own repair work, you should consider getting the GM service manuals from - I have the books for the 1999 GM trio and they are a fantastic reference.
  • yzfyzf Posts: 65

    Chances are your dealer/mechanic will not try to find the cause of your problem, but just replace the fuel filler and tank instead. It's actually cheaper all around, because finding the exact cause of your problem may entail removing the tank, slicing it open and inspecting for problems. Once they've done that, it takes less time and less resources to replace the tank and filler neck than try to fix your original tank/filler neck. The allegedly defective part may be sent back to Detroit for inspection (if safety-related and potentially a NHTSA issue), but more than likely, the mechanics will simply toss it in the trash. The general attitude in auto repair is if a part is defective or SUSPECTED defective, just replace it and who cares what caused it! If that doesn't fix the problem, find another part that may have caused the problem and replace that - repeat until problem goes away.

    As for YOUR cost, since the van is relatively new, it should certainly be covered under warranty and cost you nothing more than time and inconvenience in having to have it serviced.

    Good luck.
  • Hardesty,

    thanks a lot, i went to the web site and the search only came out the owner manuals so i called them and been told that the service manual is available for $120, i think that's what i am going to get one later. thanks again.
  • yzfyzf Posts: 65

    My wife and I got our '01 Silhouette Premiere about two months ago. With no connection to GM whatsoever (besides being GM fans), we paid $200 over invoice price. That price was offered by three different dealers in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The Silo Premiere is like the WB edition of the Venture (both GM minivans built on identical platforms with almost identical features). It came fully loaded with every conceivable feature (except engine block heater - definitely not needed in this climate!) and even the automatic driver's side sliding door. You should easily be able to do that unless GM vans are particularly hot sellers in your area. This price, BTW, was WITHOUT all the incentives currently offered by GM. After getting the $200 over invoice price, we opted for the 0.9% financing.

    Good luck.
  • yodlee01yodlee01 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice from you all. I was able to purchase a silver 7 seater WB with the trailer towing package and the self sealing tires for $800 below the dealers stated invoice. This was before any incentives from GMAC or my trade-in. Unfortunately you have to add TT&L back in before taking off for the trade-in. But with the .9% financing my finance charge for 60 months is only $685.

    Thanks again
  • I love my GM van, but does anyone have a pronounced wind noise around the edge of the door and the windshield? It could be coming from the mirror. If so, were you able to correct it? By the way, it isn't coming from the black cowl at the base of the windshield that other people have experienced. Thanks.
  • drgw1drgw1 Posts: 3
    I had part of the rubber gasket that surrounds the windshield pop up just recently. It did create some wind noise. Doesn't appear they use any adhesive to attach it, just a press-fit.
    Might check that.
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    One of the rear tires on my wife's van must have gone flat as it essentially disintegrated and almost melted, my wife said when she started noticing a noise and the smoke she stopped but as she was trying to get onto the shoulder and out of the way she noticed that pressing down on the accelerator didn't do much. Was that the traction control kicking in due to the severe imbalance in tire rotation ??
    Although they are the factory FR680 Firestones and not the Wilderness, she demanded I replace them all with Michelins!
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The traction control only works for the drive wheels which, in this case, would be the front ones only.

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  • smahlesmahle Posts: 14
    My 99 Venture has had numerous problems since the day I drove it off the lot. I have had fuel injectors replaced, main seal, window motors, door seals, anti-lock brake lights not functioning, air bag light issues, etc.... I have 35xxx miles and am looking at trying to get an extended warranty from GM. The service manager thought they might extend it up to 50,000. I am not sure if I have had enough problems for it to be considered a lemon. Should I push for a replacement vehicle? This has been the worst vehicle I have ever owned.
  • yzfyzf Posts: 65

    Sorry to hear about your problems. Lemon laws vary with each state. Generally, a new vehicle is considered a lemon if there is a reoccurrence of the same problem on an ongoing basis despite dealer attempts to fix it. For example, if you ABS was continually malfunctioning despite numerous attempts by a dealer's maintenance department to fix it, you may have a lemon allowing you do demand the manufacturer buy back the vehicle. Again, each state's lemon law varies somewhat. You may want to check the laws of your home state. A useful guide to various lemon laws can be found at

    Good luck.

  • smahlesmahle Posts: 14
    I did speak today with some corp. person from GM. At this point they will not give me an extended warranty, due to the fact that they have repaired all the problems of this van. They will look at each problem on a case by case basis after the warranty date. I have looked at my state lemon laws and it won't meet the criteria for being a lemon. I can't imagine another van having this amount of quality problems from top to bottom. Thanks yzf. I hope other Venture owners have better luck with their van.
  • I noticed the Canadian flag next to your name so I presume you're Canadian eh? LOL. Anyway are you aware if there's a lemon law in Canada?
  • Bought a 2001 WB Venture about a month ago. Got less than the price from this web site, around $26K. The kids love it. We took an hour and a half trip and the whole way my son watched a movie, my daughter listened to a cd and my wife and I listened to the radio. Where has this van been all our life!!! No problems so far, don't expect any. Bought from Dennis Hanks Chevrolet in Ozark, MO. Excellent dealer, very friendly.
  • drgw1drgw1 Posts: 3
    2000 WB Venture
    Grab handle on inside of lift gate broke. Not the mounts, but the "plasto-rubber". Just split.
    Dealer fixed it under warranty in 20 minutes.

    There doesn't seem to be much activity on the topic of Ventures. Either not many people buy them, or folks aren't having as many problems with them as with other makes as someone else pointed out.

    Sister and her family just bought a new 2001 Venture LS or LT. They had taken a drive in ours and really liked the three-across seating. They have two kids also. They were looking at the Honda but couldn't wait...
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    #1. On the Olds Silhouette site see msg 351 re reprogramming of new remotes, which most dealers want $75.

    #2. Re sliding door latch recall. Never got any advice from GM (Have 2000 LT)and wondered if it only applied to a certain batch in production. We have not had a problem.

    #3. Agree this is not a over active site compared with Ody, MPV etc. As I mentioned previously all these other brands have definitive problem sites. Maybe we are all a little smarter.
  • I wish that I felt smarter for buying this GM Venture. There are many of us including myself who have had continuing problems with this van. Either the dealers don't know how to fix them or they are just problems. I have intermittent starting problems, and an airbag that continues to come on despite having the module replaced. Also clunking noise from the driver's side front that sounds like maybe the strut. Of course dealer cannot duplicate or find the reason for the problems. If anyone has found a lasting solution to these issues please post. I am so frustrated with this vehicle. I decided to sell it, but noone wants to buy! HELP!
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