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Chevy Venture



  • mommygraymommygray Posts: 3
    Just an update on my posting of yesterday. My husband took the van to a local garage just to get their opinion, because I didn't want to wait a week to get into a dealer service department if it was something we were going to be paying for anyhow, but anyhow the mechanic seems to think that the rotor in the front passenger wheel is warped and that it needs to be turned or replaced, new brake pads probably needed, and bushings packed. We have an appointment with dealer on Friday and was assured that it would be fixed. I will update after that. Other that the scrubbing noise, we love it so far.
  • bessejbessej Posts: 13
    If the mechanic is suggesting that you need the front bushings, ( I am assuming he means bearings), packed, he is ripping you off. There are no bearings to pack. It is a front wheel drive car and if he suggests that you have the rear bearings packed, ask to watch him as he takes them off as they should be sealed and last the life of the vehicle without needing to be packed. This is a great way for mechanics to make money and not have to provide any service.
  • sintrasintra Posts: 15
    I had exactly the same problem last year and they fixed it at the garage. It has been OK so far. It had even damaged the paintwork.It is true that the noise was frightening.
  • mommygraymommygray Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info bessej - this is certainly good news to know before we go to the garage. I will update after Friday. Thanks again.
  • minnbillminnbill Posts: 28
    Now that I got the "Change engine oil" light to turn off (post 775, I pressed the pedal 4 times instead of three and it turned off), now my fuel gauge is stuck on full. I gassed up 4 days ago, have driven 150 miles since then, and the gauge still reads "full". Now I know my mileage isn't THAT good. Have to go in for an oil change in the next week anyway, guess I'll have the dealership check this out, or does anyone have any ideas what may be causing this?

    (I like this van, but these nagging problems, including a failed power window switch, are beginning to aggravate me. Only bought a year ago!)
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344

    I have similarly noticed that if the tank is really filled up, the needle takes some time to shift off the full mark and would think that it may require more than 150 miles to move off, especially on a long run. From then it can move a little quicker. What does the overhead readout say in terms of mpg and gas used? (I find it is over optimistic - less gas than actual hence better mpg.)

    Assume it goes down to empty when ignition is turned off.

    As an aside the oil change light came on, having changed the oil/filter over weekend. Tried the four times, but in the end lifted the hood and reset by moving the fulcrum with the throttle cable right round to the stop. It has not come back. What I fail to get is that if the oil monitoring system is based temp/revolutions, why does it come on in the case of new oil.
  • p222p222 Posts: 5
    had a 2001 ls extended venture that had all four middle and rear windows leaking. had it to dealers 7 times ,and they could not fix it Chevy gave me a replacement and im having the same problem with water collecting on the interier window seals look like i will be going to the service department 7 more times for them to tell me they cant fix it. any one else have any water leaks?
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    If you start the van with your foot on the brake pedal, the ABS self test will happen when the pedal is released. The test normally happens during starting, so it is masked.
  • romathromath Posts: 1
    Hello, We are considering getting this van. My dad is a GM retiree, so I'm eligible for certain pricing. However, it really doesn't seem like that great of a deal. How much were you all able to negotiate price-wise on the Warner Bros. or LT Edition? I think we want the 8 passenger model as we have 4 kids. Thanks for your help.

  • rbb2rbb2 Posts: 70
    We just picked up a Montana with the GM discount and it was around 13% off sticker. That should be near or below invoice so there is no negotiating. You also get either the 0.9% financing or the current rebate which I believe is either $1500 or $2000. I don't know where you've been getting your vehicles but that is a great deal.
  • sjs442sjs442 Posts: 1
    When you say 13% off sticker (which is about invoice), is that before one takes off the rebate or after? I.E. MSRP discount to Invoice then subtract Rebate or MSRP minus Rebate = Invoice.
  • rbb2rbb2 Posts: 70
    With the GM discount you take the percentage (which for the minivans is about 13%) off of the MSRP. So if the van's MSRP is $30,000 you get $3900 off of that. Then you can take the rebate off of that. If the rebate is $2000 you get a total of $5900 off $30,000.

    Usually with GM discounts you are getting the car for less than invoice before the rebates are even factored in. Therefore, there is no haggling usually on that price. If there is a dealer incentive you may be able to haggle with that to get even more off of the vehicle but it's probably not likely they will part with it unless they have a vehicle that has been sitting around for a while and want to get rid of.

    Right now you can't order a 2001. They stopped production. So that means that you either wait till the fall or have them locate one (use and you can find one on your own). If you do a locate, the 13% may drop a bit. GM doesn't give as much of a discount when locating which may mean you pay up to $500 more for the vehicle vs. ordering but probably more like $300 more.
  • cpdcherrycpdcherry Posts: 2
    We decided to go with the LT. The WB van costs about 1k to 2k more, while adding the TV/VCP and leather seats and subtracting the traction control and touring suspension.

    Prices on the LT edition (not including customer rebates) ranged from 27835 to 26290. The price you get may depend on whether or not the vehicle qualifies for the dealer incentives. The GMbuypower web site is very useful if you want to check out what is available at dealers in your area, but it can be time-consuming to search for a particular car with the specific options you want.
  • blendengblendeng Posts: 12
    Does anyone know if the 2001 venture/montana have rear window wipers?
  • jamkatandjamkatand Posts: 1
    Just signed on the dotted line for a new WB Edition and 24 hours ago I wasn't even thinking about getting a new vehicle. Why did I do that..?

    ...yesterday, I got a call from GMAC, plus a mail shot, which says I can terminate lease on my current vehicle early (Pontiac GP - not due to run out until Feb 2002). Not surprisingly, the condition on early termination is that I must get another GM vehicle.

    I already like the Venture as it is one of the only mini vans with 3 second row bucket seats. I have 3 children so this is perfect for me. I've also driven one as a rental once and it seemed fairly easy and car-like to drive.

    To cut a short story even shorter, I went to local dealer and got the WB at dealer invoice. I also got an extra $500 off as part of this lease termination deal and I as didn't want another lease I was able to get 0.9% finance over 5 years with zero deposit.

    It may be possible to get a better deal than this as I believe there is a current surplus of all Venture models and I didn't have to try very hard to get this deal. Either way I'm fairly satisfied with the deal I got.

    I should be able to pick the van up in a weeks time - will post any good/bad I vibes get as the experience unfolds.
  • dlubindlubin Posts: 66
    We've pretty much decided to purchase a GM minivan (we have a 99 montana now coming off lease soon) ...

    We're looking at the Warner Bros. Venture, Montanta w/ Montanavision, and the Silhouette Premier.

    I know the Olds/Ponti have steering wheel audio controls and tach, the ponti has lower boddy cladding and 'sport suspension', and the olds has auto temp. control.

    Does the venture have less sound deadening material (sounds louder)? I know it doesn't have steering wheel controls or a tachometer.

    Anyone have an idea of the differences between them?

    Thanks in advance,

  • offhamoffham Posts: 344

    I would feel that you are down to personal visual preferences on the three vans. We have the 8 seat LT Venture in Dark Blue, which maybe the vanilla of the three, but as far as we are concerned it gets the job done, rides great and good mpg, especially on long hauls. For us the three second row flip and fold modular seats were a better option than the two captains chairs.(We had them in the old APV, so it was a definite.)

    We never looked at the other two as essentially more expensive, and in any event did not like the outside cladding/orange lighting on the dash for the Pontiac Montana.

    Someone has just posted that you are now down to what is on the dealer's lot as production for 2001 has ceased. This may create a better price opportunity for you.

    Good luck...decisions, decisions
  • amazineamazine Posts: 11
    Does anyone own a 97 or 98 venture with over 100,000 on it? Friend at work it selling his and it has alot of miles on it. Not sure of what is the model but he loves it. He's not asking alot for it but don't want to get stuck with a van that will need a new motor or trans. Any help will be greatful...
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
    The Director of Music Education in my town has a 1997 Pontiac TransSport Montana which as of the 16th of May has 155,403 miles on it. No engine or trans repairs. He drove his 1990 Pontiac Transsport to over 210,000 before getting the 1997.
  • q124q124 Posts: 3
    I've been lurking on this site since the purchase of my 2001 Venture back in December. Can anyone comment on or experienced saturated floor (sponge and fabric)coverings just under the dash areas? I uncovered the area (driver's side) and found that the emergency cable is sealed tight (from the interior) but found evidence of mud and water pooling across the entire width of the inside flooring (including rust on the console support, CDRom tray) up to the start of the seat mounts. I plan on bringing it in. Could a set of mud flaps do the trick?
    Thanks in advance!
  • jamiemacjamiemac Posts: 2
    I just paid invoice + $100 for a 2001 WB edition with the trailering package in Western WA. They also gave me about $900 more than I deserved on my trade in - $12,400 for a 98 CRV in "Average" condition - the appraiser program here stated around $11,500. So it works out to about $800 below invoice, which is the TMV quoted here. They pretty much let me set the price, and didn't want to argue too much when I came with a stack of Edmunds' printouts. I got the 0.9%/60 mo. financing, which is about as close to free money as you can get, so I'm pretty happy with my deal.

    Also I posted this question in the Aftermarket area, but I'll ask here as well. Are there any accessories which lock into the chair holes? I though there were, but I can't seem to find the evidence again. I'm looking for something like a removable storage chest with a tabletop that can replace the center seat in the 2nd row.

  • jints2282jints2282 Posts: 33
    Since I work for a GM supplier, we got a pre-negotiated deal of GMS plus 4%, which looking back, wasn't a very good deal. I think with the surplus of vehicles, invoice should alomost be automatic, but I know some dealers are still trying to add the destination of $640 even though they promised invoice price. If you can pick up a WB for less than $28K, go for it!
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
    The GM Supplier price is lower then most dealer's invoice price. And the destination charge is part of the total cost of the car therefore should be included in the invoice price.
  • jints2282jints2282 Posts: 33
    I just had my first oil change at 2k miles. Why didn't the oil life in the odometer display reset? If the oil life is dependent on the temp, the new oil should have return its life back to 100%? This depressing the gas pedal 4 times, I don't remember reading this section in my 2001 owners manual to clear the change oil light?
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
    The 2000 Vans use and Oil Change Light in the message center, the 2001 use also use a digital readout of "%" of life in the odometer section. The 2001 reset the oil life by holding in the reset button for 5 seconds, the display should go to 100 then turn the engine off. the gas pedal reset is for the 2000 model. (Montana so I would guess Venture is simular).
  • jamiemacjamiemac Posts: 2
    When I bought my 2001 WB Edition the other day I thought it came with wireless headphones. THe salesman (who obviously new much less than I did about the car) said that it didn't and I wasn't sure. However, the next day my wife came in to sign the papers and she saw that the van was supposed to have wireless headphones and a remote for the VCR. The dealership wasn't too sure about this, but they came back and said the manufacturer would mail them to us in 3-5 weeks. This seems very odd to me. Does anybody have similar experience?

    Maybe if the dearlerships actually knew about the cars they were selling, they could sell more of them, not that I mind getting bargain prices because they don't. ;)
  • jints2282jints2282 Posts: 33
    I was expecting wired headphones until I did my research. My 2001 WB did come with two black pouches in the trunk area, on the right side, behind the net. 4 headphones and 1 remote, and 10 aaa batteries. These headphones and remote work off the line of sight on top of the screen. Front passengers can't use or if you are standing outside the vehicle. In addition, you will be asked to select 2 videos and given a WB key chain and a membership card for WB stores. I heard you get something each year on the date of purchase as the vehicle's birthday. Enjoy!
  • Has anyone experienced problems with premature battery failures. We have a 98 venture with 50,000 miles. We had our first battery go at 34,000 miles which spilt acid in the engine bay. The second went just 4 months later and we've just had to fit another 14 months after that. The first 2 were repaired under warranty but the last we've had to pay $150 for a GM battery - not exactly value for money. I've asked the dealer repeatedly to check the electrics to make sure the battery is not being overcharged and I've been assured everything is okay. I collected the car yesterday and today the driver's power window stuck down. It's now back with the delear. We've also had to replace headlights due to moist ingress and the trim quality is not very good. All in all we like the car but the reliability is very poor and we're seriously thinking of getting something else.

    Has anyone had similar experiences and being able to identify and cure the problems.
  • greg32greg32 Posts: 48
    We had our battery go bad at 38,000 miles(Argh! Just out of warranty). It broke and spilled acid but nothing was damaged. Haven't had any problems with the second battery yet but it's been about eight months. They checked out the electronics and alternator when the battery went bad and said all was ok. Interestingly, we have not had any problems with the side door not closing with the new battery. Perhaps there are a bad batch of GM batteries of which one we received when the car was new.

    No problems with the headlights or trim. 97 Venture with 43000 miles.

    Good luck.
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