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Audi A8



  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    That has it's advantages for some, who want an A8, but can't afford a new one. A year old A8 is a good car and if you plan to keep it for a long time, the resale won't really matter. The A8 is a wonderful car.

  • And if you have A8, 740/50 Sclass money, why would one worry about resale? It's just like those ppl who pay 40k for a car and cry about the gas milage, as if it's a sub-compact or diesel. If you can't afford gas, don't buy it. If you worry about resale don't buy it, you probably couldn't afford it anyway Audi resale may not be like MB, but it's on par with BMW and Lexus, and much better than Acura and Infiniti.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I kind of agree with that, but it is disappointing for a car to be worth so little after a few years, but I myself wouldn't base a purchase of a certain car based completely on resale value.

  • jwilkersonjwilkerson Posts: 15
    I just wanted a feel for the Audi resale. I have no experience with this manufacturer. If MB can deliver the CL500 Coupe I ordered in October 99, I will go with that this summer/fall. The A8L just caught my attention with the engineering and design. Seems like a very high quality vehicle for the price, and not plastic inside. Thanks again for your opinions.
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    the A8 isnt like the CL500, which you can drive for a year and sell for what you paid for to the impatient who must have the car!! PS the normal thinking that the first year depreciation is actually what the car is really worth is bogus... audi loses money on every A8 they sell due to the aluminum frame and technology behind it and it has harsh depreciation. vs the SUVs which, in the navigator's case, is a profit of almost 15000 a car and have little depreciation.
  • isn't as drastic as you make it seem. The A8l has been selling better than the A8, since its arrival. The 740i depreciation is rather weak also, so is the LS00, Jaguar too. There's no doubt that MB has the best resale, they also cost more upfront. Remember, when you buy a car, you won't get back the money you paid. If you are going to have a car for a year or two, why not lease? It would make sense and save you money, rather than buying outright and expecting a great return..That's what the stock-market is for.
  • mdchockeymdchockey Posts: 3
    got car for $64600 here in ny. it's an a8L w/ 17" wheels and xenon headlites; those were the only opts. it think he mad $2200 over inv and dest chgs. called client relations over new 2001 support pkg and they said that 4/50k pkg is applicable to all audi 2001 models. i told her to make me feel better about the fact that i just got a 2000 model ( less than 60 days ) by knowing that audi either raised dealer cost or increased msrp to account for the extra value in wty enhancements. her response, 'oh no, just a value-added piece for all 2001 audis'. isn't that a kick in the [non-permissible content removed]! it seems that audi here in the usa is sucessful inspite of themselves. i just read my quattro qtrly newsletter and it mentioned the S8 to be delivered in the usa in canada starting in 2001. i'd hold for that car (i'm not recommending audi to anyone at this point ) but if you're gonna do it, the S8 has 360hp over the A8L 310 hp. and when the hell will they incorporate pwr folding mirrors and a digital phone connection. get with it. vw passat has folding mirrors - same company, right? oh yea, check for universal homelink to be included. my prod date was 3/2000, deliv date 5/2000 and it wasn't included. client relations sent one to local dealer who installed it at n/c; but it need to go back to dealer because they failed to rewire the visor to automatically deploy courtesy light when folded down. again, 2 months of svc, going in for 3rd svc call in august. that's another thing - always get a 3-4 wk leadtime on the next svc appt - to go back for the same problems. if you like the car and are willing to be as crazy as i, more important than $ is svc. interview the svc manager and staff, find out about loaners, and leadtimes for appts - you will be back.........
  • at least they do on my '97. As far as depreciation it seems the std. A8q looses about $4,000-$5,000/yr on average over 4 years. It's anyones guess what this will mean as far as the "l" version since it is so new. If it's selling better than the std. then it may depreciate at a lesser rate but from what I see here on the price of the "l", higher resale value goes hand in hand with a higher mark-up on the original sale price. By the way I've have problems with rear shade too. A replacement was ordered at my last scheduled service and that was over a month ago. Still no notice from the dealer on it's arrival, but then again it took 6 weeks for them to get the first aid kit that goes in the rear arm rest.
  • tmhgatmhga Posts: 1
    Sorry this is late jwilkerson. Availability for 2001 A8L is upon us. Mine arrived at dock over weekend, delivery next week.
    On resale. Like most high end luxuries (w/possible exclusion of MBs other than S500), value drops off pretty quick. I am leasing (Company car...) to combat the gamble. Audi seems to be subsidizing the lease numbers, although they are up a bit on the 2001 (interest rate bump...). The A8L is pretty hot (if you can call expected sales of just north of 2,000 for all A8's "hot") right now. I was only able to split the difference with the dealer in Atlanta.
    Good luck in your search. By the way, the S8 someone referred to only comes in the shorter wheelbase, I understand. That's why I didn't hold out for it...
  • jwilkersonjwilkerson Posts: 15
    I just received a manufacturers test car to drive for three days (A8L) It has the high end 18 inch wheels and tires. Gives it a hard ride. The acceleration is better than my S500/96. The car is about 1000 pounds lighter. The drive is comfortable and everything seems to work correctly. The interior has much more workmanship in it than the current MB S500. No sharp plastic. Higher quality leather than the Benz too. I will drive it for a couple of days and post results. Off the bat, I'd say this is heads above an S430 in quality and could very well be more car for the money (2001) than the S500. List for the car is about $72K. Dealer has about $63K in it. I think $2K profit is sufficient. So, lots of car for about $65K. The service problems are a concern.Thanks for your opinions.
  • jwilkersonjwilkerson Posts: 15
    The manufacture provided me with the A8L to test drive over four days. This is an elegant vehicle. Audi has come a long way. The interior is much more refined than the S500. No cheap plastic, sharp edges, thin cushioned seats, a finer grade of leather too. It is very quick off the line and would out run an S500 easily. I know, I own one. My vehicle had the option 18 inch wheel and high performance tire. This gives a very hard ride, unless you want a very sports car feel in a luxury sedan, go with the 17 inch wheel and year round tire, an inexpensive option. Audi needs to expand the warranty to four years and 50K miles. They have done this for the 2001 model. Next, they need to make the 800 service call for life. MB has it for the life of the car. Everything functioned well. Stereo was similar to the Benz in sound quality. GPS, very difficult to manage, as with the MB. The windows creaked, not squeaked, but just a constant very faint creak to them. Plenty of room in the back seat and trunk. High quality interior detail is much more refined than the new S500. No sharp plastic, no thin seats, and the leather quality is better than MB. The swede on doors and leather arm rests were excellent It is a lot of car for $72K list set up the way I would like it, options,xeon lights, phone and 17 inch wheels. Dealer has about $63K in it. I think if you can get it for $65K you are buying an lot of car and technology. However, body shops consider the car almost unfixable. Insurance is very high with the all aluminum and many shops will not even tackle a fix up job. My suggestion, wait for the 2001 to arrive at your local dealer, try one out in a week or so. If I were going to buy another S500 today, I think I would purchase the Audi instead. You might want to check on service in your area. Lots of complaints with schedules and parts availability. I have been a Benz owner for 23 years. Have two now, 45SL and 96/S500. Maybe I can find a good used 1999 S500, the last of the grand tank cars, I should snatch it up. Mercedes knows they have a problem with the new S cars. But they are selling well to people that do not know the difference. Perhaps MB will work on the interior, it needs help, especially to previous S car owners. I would be glad to answer questions on the Audi test, should you have some. Kindest regards...
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    There was just an article on Car & Driver on how Audi worked with insurance companies on the A8 to ensure it was highly fixable, in order to keep insurance rates down.

    Most shops just don't have the tools, it is fixable if you go to the right one.

    The rates aren't very low anyway, because the A8 apparently has 3 times the accident rate of other cars in its class.
  • mdchockeymdchockey Posts: 3
    jwilkerson is right; these windows creak, not squeak. such an annoyance. like to drive this car and enjoy the quiet; but the slight creak blows me away. does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? everything on this car is as tight as it comes, but this is puzzling. love to hear about any fixes/ suggestions/ solutions....pls advise.
  • If your windows creak take it to the dealer and have them fix the problem. It is usually due to misalignment and can usually be fixed permanently although it may take a couple of tries.
    As far as insurance goes, I doubt the A8 is in 3 times more accidents than other cars in it's class based on demographics alone. The A8s' insurance rate is so high because IF it does get in an accident it is incredibly costly to fix. Much more so than other cars in its class. Considering the high price point of the vehicle the insurance companies are very unlikely to total it for anything but the most severe damage. There are only 4 or 5 places in the US that can work on the Audi Space Frame and something on the order of 27 that can deal with painting aluminum properly. If the car gets in a wreck, it must be shipped to one of these places for repair ($$$). Consequently if you get in a wreck you will be without your car for a long time so you need to have a rental for a long time.($$$) The insurance pays for all of this. That is why the premium is so high.
  • There is a discussion on the insurance on A8's on the site. Most ppl just figure it's going to cost more because it's aluminum. It's actaully in the same range as the 7series and S clases. Why don't you call your insurance agent? Or get quotes?
  • mbnutmbnut Posts: 7
    With used A8 prices dropping I inquired as to the cost of insuring it versus my A4 1.8T. A 97 A8 was only $150 more per year ($700 vs $550). I consider a minimal increase for all the additional car you are getting.
  • I'd double check on that figure. That's what my agent told me at first then the bill came and it ended up being almost $1,100 a year. The agent didn't realize the car has a "T" (high performance) rating. I checked with other carriers in the area and this was still the lowest price. I asked my agent what the rates were on a 740 and the price was about $150 less a year. Not much when you are talking about these cars but it's about a 15% decrease for a car with the same price point. PS these figures are from a '97 A8
  • mbnutmbnut Posts: 7
    I'll do that. I did challenge him when he quoted the figure. I told that I expected it to be higher due to the aluminum body and repair procedures and he stood by his quote, but he did try to steer me in the direction of a Mercedes. But I agree I still don't trust the quote and will double check with another agent.
    By the way I drove one yesterday. It came pretty close to automotive perfection. It was only marred by the fact that it had been sitting on the lot for a while and the tires felt flat spotted. Tremendous acceleration on the highway. Very tossable for such a big car. Other than the tire noise super quiet on the highway.

    How is the upkeep? This one had 50K on it and had the 5 yr 75k warranty.
  • Mechanically the car has been great. Only had one problem with rough idle after a cold start. Dealership replaced the plugs and wires and have not had a problem since. There have been a fair amount of little things that translate into annoyances more than anything else. Rear window shade was broken when I bought the car. Was fixed but is now broken again (from what I've read this is an ongoing issue.) Spouses remote keeps dying or loosing it's programming. Stereo has a high pitched whine (faint but noticeable) when the ignition is on. Both the head unit and the amplifier have been replaced but the noise persists. I suspect the cars' data bus is bleeding into the lines that run between the head unit and the amp. I have to say even with this noise this is the best factory car stereo I have ever heard.
    If the car you are looking has been sitting at the dealership a long time, take a good look at the paint. Mine had been at the dealership for quite sometime as well and had developed acid rain marks on the horizontal surfaces which you can only eliminate by repainting the affected areas. Unfortunately I did not realize what these marks were when I bought the car and now I either have to live with them or pay to have the affected area repainted since this kind of damage is not covered under Audis' warranty although I suppose I should trying running the issue past Audi CS to see what they say. The dealership did not disclose any damage to the car when I bought it.
    BTW my car currently has about 25K miles on it and was manufactured in January of '97.
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 90
    Just saw a blurb in a car magazine about a new S8 . . . essentially an A8 with 360 hp. Anyone have any more info, such as introduction date, chassis/brake/wheels modifications, etc? Thanks.
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