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Audi A8



  • zierzier Posts: 9
    I just recently purchased a 2001 A6 4.2 quattro, and the engine in my car does not vibrate at idle. In fact, it is so quiet, I sometimes check to make sure it is running. I wonder if there really is a problem with some of the engines since I do not experience the same problems some of you have, or if its based on the temperature of the climate you live in. I am in Indianapolis.
  • (OOPS) Previous message lost with a key stroke before posting!

    The '01 A6 4.2 utilizes the engine found in '99 or older A8's. In 2000 the A8 recieved a minor facelift, revamped suspension (more liberal use of aluminum components), and a new 5v 4.2 litre engine which makes some comparisons difficult unless the A8 is a '99 or '98.
  • langlotzlanglotz Posts: 1
    I am happy having chipped (Dinan) my 92 325i, and am considering a 97 A8. Who are the sources for chips? I found Total Audi Performance. Audi Performance & Racing had nothing for the A8 on their site.

    Any suggestions? (Looking at a '97 Quattro with 33k miles for about $35-36k.)
  • I'm curious to know (as the Benz is my first AWD vehicle) how your AWD systems work on all of your AWD 4.2's. I noticed one thing that is annoying in the E320: Around 15 to 20 mph, and occassionally at higher speeds, when I let off the gas completely and then tap back on it, I feel and slightly hear a "clutch catch," as I've affectionately termed it -- it is this catching sensation and this slight "thud" I hear. When I questioned the Benz serviceman, he said this is a known condition, allbeit normal, in the 4-matic series.

    Q: How smooth and how noticeable is your AWD system in a) dry weather, b) wet weather/snowy weather, c) aggressive, sporty driving and in accererations while cornering.

    I know this isn't a 4-matic forum, but I do appreciate all who respond!! Thanks

  • moimememoimeme Posts: 28
    There is a certain glitch-factor if you release and very quickly go back on the accelerator. Doesn't happen often, but it's normal, even for 2WD vehicles. There's a lot of moving parts that float and re-engage when you do that. It's not such that I would notice unless I'm paying close attention, though.

    I almost never notice my 4WD, until I get into my FWD Mazda 626 and try to take the same turn at the same speed, particularly in the rain. That's when I realize how much I love quattro. The A6 4.2 is so "point-and-shoot" that you begin to depend on it. It never growls or just goes where you tell it to. Get into another car and you can scare yourself at how out-of-control it feels. The A6 goes right down the center of the lane in a hard turn, other cars do well, but you're at the outside of the lane with the rear slightly out of line. It could only get better with 4-wheel steering.

    I didn't notice this until I drove my A6 for 8-9 days without swapping cars. I was a skeptic, now I know I'll never buy another car without quattro, unless I can't afford it.
  • Thanks for the feedback,

    That reassures me, and validates what my dealer told me about the 4-matic operation and design. I knew I would appreciate the AWD after going from a '96 C280 to the '99 E320. The C280 came base -- no ASR or ESP, and it was a nightmare in winter weather. Now, I love to punch it past rear-drive germans and japanese in the snow w/ the 4-matic.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    Try going to and click on links. Early model A8 performance parts are not too hard to find, but late model (2000 or newer) are impossible to get! Good luck.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    this site is so quiet.
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Posts: 114
    To Bertram60, it is quiet. Could it be because the car costs $65,000+ to buy, and if you are one of those who can afford it, you will probably be somewhere else trying to make more money to pay for the car and/or enjoying life's sweet rewards? There aren't too many rich people who would like to spend their leisure time on a computer. Maybe they're out there on the road, having fun with the car. What ever it is, enjoy the car. Regards from NYC. Mario
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    Well, I do a little of both, work hard, play hard. Also, having spent the money, I'm always looking for ways to improve what I have, and was hoping to get some insight from this Town Hall. I guess that most A8 owners just drive thier cars and don't really enjoy them for the great performers they are.
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Posts: 114
    You're so lucky to drive one. Congratulations on your financial security and success. Me, I'm waiting for the next model, reportedly coming out in March 2003. By that time, the luxury tax would be phased out, and hopefully, it wouldn't cost that much. My family loved the current A8L model, but we can wait. If we'll need another one in the meantime, I'll just lease the new A4 or get the latest A6. I myself also work hard and would like to enjoy the fruits of my labor. So, here's to a great car. Drive safely. Mario
    BTW, if you want a busy BBS, try the A6 forum. Bye. M
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    I've been on the A6 BBS, and yes there's a lot going on (i also own a '98 A6).

    If I were you and wanted to do something short term, I'd probably do either the S4 or A6 2.7. My 2.8 was very, very, very slow, beautiful, but slow.

    I too am waiting for '03 and the new S8. I bought my A8 from a friend and saved on the lux tax, not quite like buying brand new, but at 12 months old the car was hardly abused. I can't wait for some real info (supposedly a 12cyl model RS8 will be availble too). I love the L, but the short wheelbase handles like a sports car and is bigger than my A6 (although the trunk is actually smaller than the 6.

    Whatever you do, enjoy and share your experiences with others.

    Ciao, Randy
  • gwill1gwill1 Posts: 1
    Given the option of an older (say '97, 50K) A8 4.2 Quattro and a newer (99/2000, 20-30K) A6 2.x Quattro, what would be the best choice?
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    Owning both an '98 A6 2.8 and '00 A8 4.2(different engine than in '97) here's my 2cents.

    The A8's ride and handling and acceleration are tremendous. The A6 2.8 is a lot slower, feels as though it's heavier and doesn't have the crispness of the A8. The A8 gives you more interior volume, but a smaller trunk. The A6's styling is more up-to-date, but some people don't like the rear end. The A6 should still have some original service (either 3/36 for '99 or 4/50 for '00) and could probably be a certified-pre-owned car if you are willing to pay for it.

    I would call your local Audi dealer to see if they will certify a car for you (the dealers are wonderfully cooperative) and if the cars are local, see what history they can pull up on them (you will need VIN numbers) also check with a source like to see if there have been any major problems with the car (again you'll need VIN numbers). Then, drive them both on the same day of possible. My choice would probably be to get the A6 due to warranty issues and the chance of extended factory warraties being available. I fear that the A8 could be pretty costly to maintain, and if there are problems, the're going to be expensive.

    Good luck and let us know you final decision.
  • speter1speter1 Posts: 1
    I am considering the purchase of a 1996 A8 2.8. They seem a good buy in UK, around $16k - $20k for 50,000 milers compared to A6 and BMW.

    I am a bit concerned about the potential running costs though, tyres, electrical and mechanical problems, etc.

    Does anybody have any guidence for me.


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • I am driving an A6 quattro 2.8 and my lease is going to be terminated by September 2001. I did not have any problems with the car, but I am seriously considering an A8 L. Does anyone have any input on what kind of discount I should expect? I have been following manufacturer rebates but I don't see any thing happening. When I purchased my A6 a factory rebate was in place and I took full advantage of it. Back then, Audi was offering heavy discounts on A8s as well in the order of 8 to 10 Ks. I am waiting patiently but I see nothing happening and it would be very nice to hear from someone with recent experience concerning dealer discounts. If it comes down to no rebate at all, I will review my options and perhaps pursue something else. I think I am spoiled with this factory rebate thing. It is so good that I believe everybody else sould be too!Especially with the way the economy is right now.
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Posts: 114
    To Bertram60: I just got my copy of Automobile magazine for June, and it has a picture of your new A8, with a few more details. I hope you can wait two more years. As I am considering the new A6, I am personally grateful for your input in the A6 BBS. I am putting in my order for the A6 in July, and move up to the A8L after 3 years, when all the bugs had been worked out. Enjoy. Mario
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    Thanks Mario,
    I saw that picture on line a while ago and use it as my backgorund. Thanks for the heads up, I'm sure my Automobile mag is at home. I hope the new A8 ends up looking good in person, hard to tell from the picts.
  • flotronixflotronix Posts: 2
    Hi. I own a '97 4.2 with all the options, cold weather, warm weather, etc. Have had it now for 2 years. Bought it with only 13k on it. Found out after I bought it (from an Audi dealer) that the car had been an Audi training vehicle in CT, I think. They would bug it and then let service techs try to find out the problem. Car had lots of little problems when I got it, but after MUCH conversation and letter writing I was able to get Audi to cover most everything under Audi Assured. I love the car and it is hard to imagine driving anything else after owning this car. Lease is up in Dec. and I will have to decide what to do next. Hate paying the price they want for a new one, that's why i bought used. So, might buy this one out of lease (has 58k miles now) or work a trade on another 1 or 2 year old model. But on to my question. I get lousy radar detector performance in this car. If we put the same detector in my wife's 2000 Honda Odyssey it works fine. Does it have something to do with the special insulated glass? What's the solution for the radar detector? I also noticed in an earlier post that someone had a problem with AM radio reception. I do also. Dealer changed out the radio and it didn't improve. They don't know what to do about it.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    My friend had the same problem in his '98 with any type of transmitter/detector, but I don't seem to in my '00. His solution was to install a Valetine One in the car with the sensors/antenna mounted behind the grill. The glass was the problem, but it seems to have been recitified in the '00 and later models.
  • flotronixflotronix Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. I read in some Audi literature that they changed the type of windshield glass in 99 or 00, so that must have solved that problem. My windshield got chipped a couple months ago and fortunately I was able to have it fixed without replacing the entire windshield, as the repair shop said that it was very special to the tune of $3400 for replacement!!
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    Here in FL windshields are covered under insurance with no deductable, but i bet my carrier will have something to say about that if/when i have to replace mine!
  • I'm looking at a used '99 A8 with only 18k miles on it.
    Asking price is $37k; it's a lease return, very clean.

    Does this sound like a decent deal?
    Are there hard to find bugs that could cost me down the road.

    I figure since it's still under mfg. warranty I should be safe.

    Can someone tell me if all scheduled maintenance is included up to a certain
    time and milege on this car?

  • lostwageslostwages Posts: 21
    Steverisisty: We are in the same boat! I am also considering a '99 A8 in the $37K range (black car in Seattle by chance???).

    I have never owned an Audi, so I will not be much help to you. I am hoping an A8 veteran will assist both of us regarding this technological wonder of a car. I love the 300hp and quattro system!

    I have not driven the A8. I drove an A6 over the weekend but did not have time to drive an A8. I liked the A6, but my wife likes the look of the A8 better, and I like the idea of a larger car with the bigger engine. My only concerns are maintenance for this complicated machine, and the fact that an all new A8 will be on showroom floors in the spring of 2003. I know that is quite a ways off, but it will kill the resale value of the current body style.

    Please share your test drive experience and what you consider the pros and cons to this car.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    I went from a '98 A6 2.8 to my current '00 A8. The A8 is an amazing car to drive ('00 has a different 310hp engine than the '99). My car is 19 months old and has 37k miles. There have been a few problems, but nothing major (other than annoying rotor warpage). While I can't imagine driving anything else, I do not think that I will keep this car for anything longer than the 4y/50k warranty (it was certified pre-owned w/5y/75k Audi warranty) due to what I know could result in some major maintenance bills. Brake problems (specifically warping rotors) are a common complaint and can be solved by using cross drilled rotors and better pads. I have not done this as Audi is still very happy to pay for repairs. As this has been a high mileage commuter for me, I will probably take the loss and buy the new S8 when it arrives (at least that's my current plan).

    My best friend (and previous owner of my car) has an '01 S500 sport that I had last week (poor soul took delivery of his new 996 Turbo) and can say that while the Audi doesn't have the street recognition of the MB, it is certainly much more enjoyable to drive. My buddy agrees, and wished that he hadn't passed on his '01 S8 and bought the MB.

    If you can have the cars certified by an Audi dealer, can get a hold of the service records and don't plan on owning the car for more than 3-4 years, I would highly recommend the A8. Remember even Audi's CPO warranty is from the date of initial delivery of the car. If you are worried about the costs associated with owning a high end, complicated sport sedan (it is all of these), then don't bother even driving one. It makes the A6 feel like a poorly designed slug, and NONE of the competition can compete. A8's are the best kept secrete around! MHO
  • jtouga1jtouga1 Posts: 8
    All you European car lovers out there, please check into "European Parallel Importing" on the Smart Shopper in the Town Hall.

    I really need you opinons and advice on this subject. Thanks...

  • lostwageslostwages Posts: 21
    I am leaning towards buying (or more likely leasing based on one of the above posts re: long term costs) a '99 A8 that I have found on the internet. The car is offered at $36,900 w/ 16,000 miles.

    It is advertised as having all options but for the cell phone. I have searched but can't find a site that will give me detailed info re: standard equipment and what optional equipment was offered on the '99 model. I would like help in finding out what options this car should have. Additionally, any input from owners of the '99 model would be appreciated (pros/cons). The 2000 and 2001 sound great, but my budget is in the '99 range - although the newer 310 hp engine would be nice!
  • Things seem to be a little slow here. You will get better results on the site, go to the A8 forum. $36,900 for a low miles '99 is a good deal! Good Luck!
  • pjn2pjn2 Posts: 2
    I posted ? on the AM radio a few months ago. It finally was solved by the dealer (under war) when they replaced the arial assembly. Works fine now.

    They also just replaced the tranny in my car - also under warranty. It shifted funny between 4-5, slipping a bit. And it did something very odd at high speeds (+70) when I let up on the accelerator. It kind of thumped, let go briefly. Wierd. Service mgr couldn't believe it either and they changed chip several times, went back and forth w the factory, etc. Finally they just swapped it out. Solved the main mechanical problems but since they changed the chip it still acts odd when in 5th gear. It still shifts weird, even w the new tranny. I'll have to take it back again. This is my 6th Audi and I've never had problems before. I love this car, but this problem is getting tiring.
  • acelinkacelink Posts: 106
    Anyone know where I can see the pictures of 2003 A8 on the web? Thanks.
  • We have a 1998 Audi A8 with 52,000 miles. Other than rotor warpage, taken care of by Audi, and sorry Goodyear tires when new, it has been an excellent high performance sedan. Good fuel economy on the open highway, 23 to 24 mpg at 80+, and reasonable around town, 17. This is the type of car that quietly sneaks up on folks and is extremely competent. I recommend switching to Michelin or Pirelli if your Audi has the Goodyears, the difference in handling is incredible. Also highly recommend Gerald of Audi Service at Don McGill Audi, now Advantage Audi in Houston, Texas, he knows how to take care of the car and the customer.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Thanks for that post. This topic on what is one of my favorite cars, was dying. The recent Avantissimo concept shows the direction the A8 is headed. It will be an awesome machine.

  • I have tested a lot of cars and owned a lot of cars. It seems that the only car to own for luxury, performance and some class is the A8. A current review liked the 750 better, but there is to much "stigma" associated with Beemers here in L.A. I've owned 4 Audis in the past, and look forward to another.

    The best deal seems to be a previously owned 2000 A8, with the latest improvements. Anyone know if the 2000's had the Hot option with the solar sunroof/ air exchange system and insulated glass?

    Also - for a very active A8 forum, please see the one on the Audiworld site. Don't know why this one is so slow - the A6 forum is very active here. I guess we are just too exclusive.
  • my 2000 A8 had the warm weather package which included insulated glass, solar sunroof/air exchange system. The A8 is by far the best high performance sedan in the world. I regrettably have just sold mine, but will be ordering a new S8 when the next generation comes out.
  • aimanaiman Posts: 61
    and the topic dies once again....
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081

  • rmorin2rmorin2 Posts: 110
    I am trying to decide between a late model used A8 and a 740i or iL. Would appreciate feedback from A8 owners. Lots of information available from 7 series owners as compared to A8 owners. Particular problem areas and modely years would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • aimanaiman Posts: 61
    as a non-owner, I suggest you to go with the A8. A8 is rare, and look waay cooler inside/out than bmw.
  • The A8 is quicker and more sporty than the il. And because most drivers don't know what an A8 there is the fun of surprising riders with its ability to cruise, uneventfully at super legal speeds.

    The front rotors have been a problem but Audi has taken care of any issues. The original Goodyears were sorry, now replaced by Michelins. You will enjoy the Audi.
  • When looking at the A8 ask to visit with the service manager and see how they react to the customer. Our dealership treats us very well and always has a loaner car available. They go above and beyond the call of duty.
  • By far the best sport sedan on the market. 2000 saw an increase in hp and decrease in weight (more aluminum used throughout), so they're a little quicker. Most definitely by whichever of these from a reputable dealer as these are both frighteningly complex and expensive cars to own and maintain. Brakes were the reason for my separation from my beloved '00 A8. I'd make sure the car was under Audi Advantage if at all possible. Also see if you can pull service records to see what's been done. FYI my 2000 was sold (traded) for $39,500 with 40k miles in excellent shape and loaded (nav, phone, warm weather, cold weather, premium sound, comfort, xenons, everything) so I'd look for a '00 if at all possible. Take advantage of the rather high depreciation due to this spectacular cars unrealized potential in the US.
  • garybsigarybsi Posts: 5
    Wife and I took an A8 for a test spin last weekend. Started with the A6 and then the 8. Unbelievable experience, disguised and well kept secret.
    I was looking at the Lexus after listening to my Lexus friends drivel, but after driving an A8 I think my mind is made up. In the snow belt everyone with the Lexus complains about the rear wheel drive. Not a problem with the Audi.
    As technoligically advanced the Audi is, my only complaint was that there is no automatic turn off for the headlights when you exit the car ( even Chevy has that feature). I find that amazing when you consider all the other toys the 8 has to offer. Not a major problem but it really surprised me it was missing.
    The dealer was even surprised that it wasn't either standard or an option for the Audi.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Did you try the A6 4.2 by any chance? One of the fellows on the boards has owned both it and the A8 and seems to prefer the A6 4.2.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    One of the reasons I loved my A8 was that is was a wonderful little secret. It's both the upside and down side. I had more than one person get in my A8 and start drooling, then we'd go for a drive. It is by far one of the most competent vehicles on the road.

    The A6 4.2 is also a tremendous vehicle, albeit somewhat smaller inside. If you need the space of an A8 (as i believe only the long wheelbase models are around other than the S8) that go for it. If space is not a priority you should look into the A6 4.2.

    Happy Hunting!
  • garybsigarybsi Posts: 5
    mbnut1, I did drive the A6 TT but found the seats a little short for my legs. Considering the fact that I am need the extra length in the legs from the hip to the knee I am opting to get the A8. Other than that, i thought the A6 TT is quite a nice vehicle. In my opinion, the A8 is much better than any MB I have driven.
  • automan227automan227 Posts: 118
    I have had my 1998 A8 4.2 for about a year now. I picked it up Audi Assured about a year ago. Since that time, there have been no really major problems with the car and love the car. Could just used a little more power....pre owned s8 here I come.

    Anyway I thought I would just clarify some of the problems that other owners have had and that I had.

    1) Radar detectors/garage door openers not working. This is caused because of the fact that the body is all aluminum and that until 2000 the A8 was manufactured with a windshield that had lots of metal in it therefore causing such devices not to work. I even had to get a handsfree phone kit so that I could use my cellphone in the car, because otherwise I would not get a signal.

    2) Transmission shifting in a funny way.
    The A8 is equipped with a feature known as Adaptive Learning which learns your "driving habits" and then...well...tries to adapt to it to get the best gas mileage. My service manager told me to bring the car in and he could fix the shifiting problem. As he did it (let me watch) he explained to me this whole adaptive learning system. When he gave me the car back he said that the problem should be gone, but that I will notice a minor loss in gas mileage. Sure enough when I got back in the car and put my foot down on the gas, the thing flew forward- Something which I was not expecting since I had gotten used to that other shifting pattern.

    Since then I have had basically no problems reliability wise.

    Hope this helps any perspective buyers.

  • garybsigarybsi Posts: 5
    I recently ordered a new A8L 2003 for delivery in October. In view of the fact that the A8 will experience a re-do in the summer of '03, I am wondering what the effect will be on the current body styling when the new style hits the market next summer.
    I visited another dealer this week and they were willing to knock $3000 off the list price which I felt was inadequate for a car that is going to have a make over next summer.

    What thoughts do any of you have about the pricing for the current model in view of the make over. If I purchase a new A8L I am somewhat concerned about the depreciation issue in view of the changeover. That leaves Option "B" - leasing.
    The new pricing schedule is out for the '03 and Audi apparently has put together a $1950 package which includes the Navigation System, Front and Rear Parktronic, Tire pressure Monitoring System and 17" forged wheels with All season tires. The Solar sunroof option remained at $850 as an option. The effect is a $1490 savings over the '02 model for those options.

    Also, does anyone have any idea of what the "new" body style will be, or where it can be seen?

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