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Audi A8



  • To merc1, you asked about Audi S8 and the possibility of it being marketed in the US? It doesn't seem to be realistic, but what about own import i.e. through an agent?

    Does anyone know about this way of getting cars from overseas to the US legally?

  • what5what5 Posts: 15
    i read a report(cant remember where) that the S8 and possibly the S6 will becoming to the US by late 2000 or 2001. I believe this was said by an Audi of North America rep. If it does come look for a 360bhp v8 (4.2l i think) @ ~85-90k. Most likely with ESP and the option of the Audi plus Navigation(the one with the screen). Go to, and take a look at what those lucky brits get (and if you speak german, you might want to try =)
  • Well it sounds like your getting a great deal in any event. Edmunds indicates the TRADE IN value of a '97 A8 3.7 with 45K miles to be $30,500 and that's with no optional equipment.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Any A8 fans/owners going to go for the LWB version? Now all Audi needs is the lwb version with the W12 engine. Maybe for 2001?

  • salliessallies Posts: 1
    currently have a 99 A8. Have driven the 2000 A8L. Would like to purchase one but the bolsters on the seat backs and cushions are still narrow, although softer than the 99. Has anyone ever re-shaped or modified the bolsters to widen them and thus alleviate back or ribcage pressure? Thanks.
  • franks10franks10 Posts: 1
    I'd like to buy either an a8 or 8L.
    First I thought the 8L but the dealer quoted me full list. Said they couldn't get enough to meet demand. Do you think this true? I hate to pay full list. Rather than that I'd buy the a8. Previous notes on this board said 5% over invoice was doable for this car in 1999. Is it still? I live in the Cleveland area, any thoughts on dealers? Any help appreciated.
  • tjk4tjk4 Posts: 4
  • wolsonwolson Posts: 2
    I am thinking of buying a used 1997 A8, with all
    the trimmings. I need to know what to look for in
    a used car like this one.In other words the good and ugly side. The car has 33,823 miles on it and is coming off a lease program, and has be purchased by a dealer at auction to resell at 40,975. Please if you have any insight on this type of model, please let me know. Any advice would be help full.
  • wolsonwolson Posts: 2
    I am thinking of buying a used 1997 A8, with all
    the trimmings. I need to know what to look for in
    a used car like this one.In other words the good and ugly side. The car has 33,823 miles on it and is coming off a lease program, and has been purchased by a dealer at auction to resell at 40,975. Please if you have any insight on this type of model, please let me know. Any advice would be help full.
  • decatur2decatur2 Posts: 1
    I own a 98 A8 that occasionally and randomly will emit a terrible grinding noise when shifted into "park" and/or "neutral". The dealer has been unable to pinpoint the problem and replaced the transmission but the problem has continued. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
  • Which model is it, a 3.7 or 4.2q?
  • ctf00ctf00 Posts: 7
    I just bought a 2000 A8. I can not understand why Audi did not use the same nav system as they did in Europe which the same as mercedes Comand center which gives you a map of your trip...I am very impressed with this car but it would be better with the different system does anyone know why??? by the way what a difference between the 99 and the 2000...
  • I also have a 2000 A8. The nav system was designed the way it is so that you are not distracted from driving to visually process the routing commands. It's the only one that is not dangerous at more than 100 mph or on busy city streets. There are several reviewers that have preferred this nav system to the one in the mercedes for this reason. Although I haven't seen the mercedes one, I like the A8 nav system and carry a paper map for the big view.
  • ctf00ctf00 Posts: 7
    The audi a8 in europe has the same system we do & a map screen so we do not have to carry a paper map.... Agian why did they not offer the same system in the us?????? Yea I could always have a map but it would be cool to have both...
  • alloymanalloyman Posts: 3
    Bill are you out there ? The dealer checked the gas pressure on your idea of the check valve. Pressure was good. I'm thinking my starter may be the problem. Sometimes it won't start even when it's warm(until the second try). Sometimes when it starts hard you can hear a metal hitting noise. What do you think, maybe a flat spot on the starter ? I'm planning to leave the car for a few days at the dealer so he can monitor the situation.
  • alloymanalloyman Posts: 3
    I have 99 A8 with 2 winters. 1st winter on Goodyear LS (OEM) caused the Anti Locks to work very hard.
    This winter I bought Goodyear Ice Grips. A fabulous tire. Except for ride noise they handle better than the all seasons(not so soft). With these tires the car can almost dance on ice. They work well in snow too.
  • ctf00ctf00 Posts: 7
    I just bought a 2000 A8 about a month ago a I must tell you I have very mixed emotions about it. The car is fun to drive at first but it is missing something.. I get on the highway and I jam the peddle to the floor, however, my top of the line Audi just does not through my head back as I would expect it to. So I put it in tiptronic and it preforms a little better. This car should screem..The interior is great with the exception of the phone(cheep)and the nav system/radio.. Why,why ,why did audi not put a Command center in this car they put them in all the cars in europe so why not in the USA? The dealer will tell you that the virtual map is a distraction I say bull..Now I still have to carry a map around, and the system audi uses in europe has "the Voice" and the map. If they were so concerned about the driver keeping his eye on the road the would have put the phone on the steering wheel because the way the phone is now to dial you must completly take your head and look down pretty stupid...By the way why can't I get an S8?????? That car would shut me up(with a European nav/radio)
  • cesiumcesium Posts: 5
    understand why people want to buy this car. The styling is bland and old. And it's an Audi. For this kind of money you should go an get a Lexus or a Benz. What do you guys see in it?
  • My dad has a new S500 and a new A8 and a 2 yr. old LS400, for when he feels like driving (otherwise the driver mainly takes my out in our Arnage) but anyway, i sometime drive the Audi and feel very loose compared to the S500. The Audi isnt very durable compared with the Benz or Lexus either, I've noticed items such as the stereo fading out or dash bulb going out 3 times (jeez old [non-permissible content removed] accords dont have this problem)
  • ctf00ctf00 Posts: 7
    I now know for a fact that Audi has informed its dealers that the S8 will be for sale in the USA in February 2001 I will be first in line that is for sure, unless I break down and get the S500 but for the money I think the S8 is the car to buy
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    The A8 is a different animal from the big Benzes and BMWs of the world. When it originally came here it was a breath of fresh air because of it's then light weight construction compared to the S-Class at the time. It was a technology leader at the time. The new S has passed it most areas, so it may seem old to some now. I don't expect Audi to let the new S go unanswered. Their is a W12 version coming for spring 2001. The A8 is still a techo wonder.

  • Hello we are currently in the market for one of those three cars, we like the 740i the best, but isa it worth $70,000? The dealer near us has a great deal on a 2000 that only has 300 miles on it (it wasa demo). It is a fully loaded car! cd,weather package, sport package, navigation, and all that other good stuff. Email me at, if you have an opinion.
  • billmillsvabillmillsva Posts: 53
    I suspect your car drives just the way it did when you test drove it. If you didn't like it then you shouldn't have bought it. This car has two big things working against it that affect it's acceleration, the Quattro system and the automatic transmission which interfaces with your foot through a Bosch drive by wire system. It's a compromise, you want your neck to snap, buy a RWD manual transmission car and live with the trade off in bad weather driving. The A8 is luxury sedan not a sports car. That said, it still out accelerates a BMW 740 from 0-60 mph.
    As far as the phone is concerned, if I remember correctly, they are not even allowed to be used when a car is in motion in Europe so this is probably a mentality issue. Where the car is made, using the phone while it's moving is illegal so having the phone where you can't see the keys, in Audis' mind, is a non issue. This becoming more common is the US as well i.e. operating a phone while driving being illegal. Since the dealer installed phone is analog and digital seems to be the wave of the future you may want to consider going to an after market dual band phone with a hands free set. I have this in my car and I have it installed in my center console where the drink holder normally lives. It makes it much easier to see and operate. If you want confirmation of what number you are pushing on a key pad you still need to take your eyes off the road (even if the key pad is on the steering wheel) but you can dial by feel with the phone located where I have it and with a quick glance confirm the number before you hit the call button. Also you eventually memorize how many button pushes it takes to get to scroll to a frequently used number in your handsets phone book as well so calling these numbers does not require taking your eyes off the road. And it is possible to intergrate these after market systems (or I should say I know it is with the Nokia 5100/6100 series phones) into the factory wiring for the dealer installed phone so you maintain the stereo muting function, use of the built in phone speaker and have a clean looking installation.
    As far as the S8 goes, you can buy one in the US next year (2001) but it will have an automatic transmission.
    Be happy. You have a wonderful limited production car that was a technological breakthrough when it was introduced. Just keep in mind that cars are like computers, there will be a better version coming out soon. When Audi drops that 450 hp W12 in the A8 (guess that would really make it an A12), every other car in the category will be at the back of the pack for a couple of years.
  • joegrazjoegraz Posts: 2
    Wow. Continental tires on an A8? I have the 17" rims, and these tires make them look quite wimpy. Has anybody out there replaced them with a more aggressive looking and performing tire??
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Pay $100K, get Continental tires. Conti's aren't all bad, it depends on which model they pick.
  • Bill:

    After 10,000 miles on my 2000 A8, only 2 complaints. First is the rear seat legroom which I can live with (since I never sit back there), and the A8L which I saw is just too big. Second is a tire question for you. I still have the Eagle LS stock tires on 17" rims for summer driving. It would be nice if there were less body lean on tight curves without a noticeable "setting" of the car after the start of the turn. My dealer says that going to higher performance tires will significantly help this. What do you think?? Are the SP 9000's the way to go? What about snow/wet traction with these tires during the shoulder seasons before my michelin pilots are on?

    BTW, not a single mechanical or repair issue so far other than a minor adjustment to calibrate the trip computer and a reaiming of the headlights. I guess my yoga allows me to dial the phone while I'm driving without a problem.
  • billmillsvabillmillsva Posts: 53
    Hi Roger-
    Sorry for the confusion, the SP9000 does not come in a size match for the 17" Audi rim so it's not an option. When I said if you have 17" you can just change the tire I mean to something better than the Good Year LS. The 16" rim is just going to give you to high a profile tire, regardless of it's qualtity, for any truly aggressive maneuvering. As you may know I have Michelin Pilot XGT Z4 on Ronal R-28 17" rims and have been perfectly happy. The 18" combo I mentioned would most likely not be your best bet for winter. Keep the 17" for that season.
    As far as body lean or roll goes, tires will not really cure that. You need to work with the suspension to reduce lean or roll. Got $2,200 burning a hole in your pocket? You can get the S8 suspension kit for your A8 (installation not included) which will help with this and lower your car 20 mm in the process. Get those 18" rims with the Dunlop SP9000's and that S8 suspension kit and, well, one word comes to mind ..... Cool!
    Just remember, you're still driving a 4,000 lb. car so be careful!
  • charliemikecharliemike Posts: 87
    If they'd bring the S8 (twin turbo Quattro A8) to the US, the 2001 BMW M5 would be quickly forgotten.

    The S8 (Euro version) is an amazing car. You can see it in action in "Ronin" starring Robert De Niro.

  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    The S8 comes to the US this fall.

    Of course, the S8 isn't twin-turbo in any country. It may have been in the past, but the version in Ronin was not, and the current version is not.

    Audi is known to have been working on a twin-turbo 3.7 V8, but they haven't installed it in anything yet. It will certainly develop a lot more than 340HP, the rating of the current S8.
  • charliemikecharliemike Posts: 87
    I thought it was ... My apologies! I don't speak German so the site was a bit hard to navigate =)

    I'm really surprised that they can get the S8 to go that fast because of it's weight. I would think that it had more than 340hp.

    Again, apologies for the twin-turbo comment. I totally missed that.
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