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Audi A8



  • Just bought a new A-8 and find it to be quite a car. Yes it is tight for rear passengers, but the other major C&D criticism of loud tires I find to be not the case with 17" wheels and Goodyear Eagles. Only major negatives to date are the placement of the armrests (too far back) making it difficult to easily access the compartments in the armrests, and Audi's unexplained inability to tell me what part number I can order to get a phone carriage for a cordless phone (pictured in the owners manual on page 169). Neither the dealer, Auditalk, or Audi client services seems to be able to explain how the carriage is pictured in the owners manual but they no nothing of its existence. Any other owners have this experience?
    I got the car without the stability control, but find that it corners well at high speeds on ramps, and does not exhibit any noticeable roll.
    I chose the A-8 over the MB E-430 4matic, primarily because I would have to wait until April for delivery, and did not want to go through a Maine winter without 4WD. I did get the winter comfort package(primarily for the ski bag), and the Xenon lights, but did not opt for the Nav system as most of them do not have very good software for Maine. I also own an Infinity Qx4, but find the Audi to have more grip and control on slick surfaces. I particularly like the Tiptronic feature, as it is quite helpful in heavy snow and ice, and in dry conditions its nice to be able to shift at the high end of the tach once in awhile!
  • Concerning the phone cradle, to my knowledge, Audi only offers one cell phone. It fits in the storage well under the arm rest (under, not in) and is only compatible with analog cell service. All A8's come prewired for this phone. Apparently Mercedes is offering a dealer installed digital cell phone (or possibly dual band?) now but since almost all the different digital carriers use different technologies I suspect you would have to sign up with a specific carrier (I believe it is Bell Atlantic my this area, No. VA). I was told this by the person who handles the dealer installed phones where I bought my A8. The dealer handles both MB and Audi, as well as Land Rover and Porsche.
    There are cradles available from third party vendors for specific brands/models of cell phones which may be what was pictured in your owners manual. Maybe it's something available in Europe or the pictures may have been taken in some Audi execs car that had an aftermarket phone installed. In either case I don't know why Audi would publish pictures (in a US manual or otherwise) of features they don't offer in that market.
  • I am glad that the only major problem with an Audi
    is the the phone.
    Audi is the latin (roman latin) word for the german word "Horch". Horch was the original car company later named Audi.
    Both words mean "listen" in english.
    Very interesting isn't it?
  • Hmmm... I wonder what the words mean in German and Latin. (sorry, couldn't resist).
  • The phone pictured on pg. 169 of the A-8 owners model is not a picture taken in an Audi execs car. It is a drawing showing a Nokia cordless phone in a carriage that has the four Audi rings stamped on it. The cordless carriage is attached to the normal corded phone carriage which "pops out" of the passenger armrest. Audi US has told me that they will try to get a part number, but no one at Audi in the US seems to know anything about it, all of them trying to talk me into getting the $465 corded phone option (which I find worthless as the phone cannot be removed from the car). MB has a cordless phone option, as does Lexus and every other luxury sedan. I find that Audi's lack of knowledge on their owners manual to be ridiculous considering we are talking a luxury vehicle in the $65K range. Corded phones are passe, and a company such as Audi who relies on breakthrough technology to sell cars, would be very deficient in this area if they can't come up with a part number.
    Sure, I could have a cell phone dealer install a cordless in the car using a different carriage, but this would render the "pop up" feature in the armrest useless. They must have the cordless carriage somewhere, as someone had to draw the picture!
  • Greetings all. Are there any A8 owners that have taken their A8's to mileages in the 100,000 plus range, the higher the better? I am presently considering purchasing a used A8 that is in immaculate condition with a mileage of approximately 60,000 miles, mostly very long distances across the U.S. and Canada. What could I reasonably expect by way of problems/repair expenditures over the next 140,000 miles enroute to 200,000 miles. Any other comments you might have in this regard will be appreciated. Thanks, Cautious and hopefully Prudent.
  • My dealer for my 2000 A8 here in Montana was similarly unsuccessful in trying to get the nokia cradle as pictured in the manual. I bought the corded phone which works great. You may also note that the 3 button garage/gate opener pictured in the manual is similarly unavailable for the A8 but is available for the A6. However, driving is why I bought this car and after 5,000 miles, I am still excited every time I get behind the wheel. The phone annoyance is just extraneous. No need to see the dealer either except for minor adjustments to the headlight aiming and trip computer calculation. I don't think I'd be this fortunate with a Mercedes and I'll gladly take mechanical reliability over frilly features any day.
  • First, thanks to all of you who have posted on this site. Your comments made me realize that the A8 was in my price range assuming I can get the dealer to discount. I am having an extremely difficult time deciding between the A8 and the E-430 4-matic, both of which are available in my area. Would really appreciate any comments on the A8, esp. handling in snow vs. the mercedes, any mechanical bugs, service stories, etc. Although the A8 is clearly more luxurious, there are features I like on the E-430 4-matic. The phone is actually a big deal as I will need two wireless services if I want to use the phone cradle in the A8. (Anyone overcome this?) The Audi dealer is saying you can install any Motorola phone, including a cordless with voice recognition in the A8. Mercedes is offering Motorola digital star-tac that is voice-interactive. Also, does anyone know if there is an after-market part to expand the cupholder to hold bottles? How about 2 cupholders in the front seat? The A8 I drove had the nav system and only had one cupholder in front. What is the story on no home-link garage door opener? Dealer claimed it wouldn't work through the double-insulated glass, but every other luxury car has it. Yeah these may seem petty, but I commute 75 miles to work each day -- drinking my java and making business calls the entire way. What do people think about the nav system -- it doesn't seem as sophisticated as Mercedes (which is supposed to be going interactive Q1 00 to report traffic conditions.)
  • I have not driven the mercedes 4matic and would not consider it since there is not a mercedes dealer in my area. Anecdotally I have heard that mercedes tend to have a number of mechanical problems that require them to be in the shop quite a bit --- my A8 has been near mechanically perfect even with all the techno features. I have had my A8 in all kinds of ice and snow conditions and it has performed flawlessly. I went and got Q-rated michelin pilot alpins for the winter but unless you're 70% on ice and snow, I wouldn't bother, the eagle ls all seasons that come with the car will probably perform fine. I couldn't ask for a better handling car and its hard for me to imagine that the mercedes handles as well. I'm sure it doesn't have the motorcycle type acceleration that the A8 has with the 310 HP, 40 valve V8 -- for me this is critical since 80% of my driving is on 2 lane roads where passing time is a critical factor. On the phone -- I now have a portable and the attached motorola in the car. I like the motorola since reception is orders of magnitude better than my nokia handheld due to the external antenna and 3 waat booster. I have found that the handsfree speaker system does not sound intimate enough for callers on the other end so I pick up the handset frequently. I'm not sure if you pick up the handset on the mercedes system that you still have the antenna waatage boost. My regular garage door opener works inside the A8. I believe the insulated glass which provided the transmission problem previously has been deleted in the 2000 A8. My dealer does not know why the homelink is absent in the A8 and he sells alot of them. This was also an issue laste year. If you are into driving, the nav system in the A8 is the only way to go. You don't have to take your eyes off the road to see what's happening. It's not just me that feels this way on the nav system but also every automotive reviewer I've read. I find it works well although I haven't been to any urban areas yet to see how accurate the cd is. I don't have traffic so traffic condition reporting is not important. On cupholders I put one of those 16 oz stainless steel nissan type coffee cups in the holder and it works and looks fine. If you're commuting you could probably use the cupholders in the back also and reach them fine. You can't fit big bottles in either location so you're probably stuck here. Good luck on your analysis and let us know what you decide.
  • I was wondering can you get the S8 through European Delivery.Also does anybody have info on how the A8 rides and is it a better value then the A6 4.2.
  • So this is a drawing of the phone and you say the drawing has the Audi rings stamped on the phone. Sorry, you have to work with me here since I have not seen the 2000 manual (I have a '97) but I am not sure how a drawing of a phone indicates that such a thing really exits even if it has the Audi rings drawn on it. Does the manual indicate this cordless phone is an option or is it like the picture on the box of, oh say, a frozen dinner i.e. a "serving suggestion"? (sorry to compare the Audi 2000 manual to a frozen dinner box but it was the first thing that came to mind) I have read a few post by A4 owners who have installed Nokia cordless phones in their vehicles using the Nokia manufactured car kit which includes a cradle. These installs were done using the existing corded phone prewire that comes with the car but required some modification/custom parts to make it work. When properly done, the Nokia had all the functions of the wired phone including the muting of the stereo system on incoming calls. How that resolves the issue mentioned with the arm rest in an A8 I am not sure.
    Although I can understand your frustration with what you have seen in the manual, keep in mind, Audi is a car manufacturer not a cell phone service provider. The reason the A8 is a $60K+ car is mainly because the quantity of Aluminum used on the car and the cost of the R&D that went into developing that technology and not because you can get it with a custom fit cordless cell phone.
  • Does anyone have any firm facts on dealer incentives or credits that would help them move remaining 1999 A8s off the lot. I have a dealer whose first offer is to sell 1999 A8 at invoice but I feel that there is most likely more room to move here (of course feelings don't's the facts that count and I'm looking for any help here as I arm myself with information). Since I'm looking for a close-out special here, I'm not being helped (versus a '00 A8) that the base price in 1999 was 57,445!! I recently saw an ad for a 1999 A8 with 4k miles for $56000 at a dealer north of Chicago, presumably a "demo". Does anyone have any other info on recently sold 1999 A8s? Thanks in advance.
  • Thanks for your insights. I still haven't made a decision -- feel that my convenience-oriented issues with the A8 might start to bug the s--- out of me on a daily basis. Still, I like the car. Asked the salesman when Audi was going to update the phone. He checked into it and it sounds like July-ish. (Anyone know more about this???) Also hearing that EPS, while supposedly an option, is not yet available, something that I insist on. So, I may decide to wait and see what Audi does. I believe they are only going to offer the long wheel base (due out in Feb.) so it may change how the car handles slightly. By the way, the E-430 *does* have great power and kick. The main difference I notice is that the Audi responds more quickly when you step on it whereas the Mercedes has a slightly longer hesitation before it kicks in (eliminated with the manual mode).
  • I do not know what may or may not be going on with this. It probably varies by dealer depending on their volume. However I can tell you that I had a few email conversations with a non Audi dealer who told me he picks up '99 A8's at auction (Audi factor exec. loaners so he said) that always had less than 10K miles and would pay $49,000 for them and sell them for $54,000. Picking one up under this situation or the one you sighted in Chicago, I think, would help you avoid the luxury tax, although I also think that could be dependent on if the car had been previously titled or not.
  • rjfissrjfiss Posts: 4
    The drawing in the owners manual also includes a page of text referring to the use of the cordless phone option, so this is not just a "cereal box". While my comments on dissatisfaction with the folks at Audi on their lack of knowledge on this phone may seem to be nitpicking, I find that this is an irritant that should not exist on a new car purchase in this price category. It just doesn't put Audi in a good light when compared to the knowledge and service provided on a new car purchase from most MB or Lexus dealers, and it sure as heck is not right that they have the phone in the manual and didn't bother to explain it to their dealers in the US. Nonetheless, thanks for your comment on the aftermarket possibility. I'll check it out to see if a phone with cradle exists that can fit the armrest carriage.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #68:

    rjfiss, I certainly understand your frustration but ironically if you check the MB and Lexus posts you will find the exact same phone misinformation problem is occurring there as well (and at least in the case of MB I think it is the same Motorola phone setup).

    [email protected]
  • Yes I know what you mean when know one from Audi knows about a part featured in the manual and it does sound like a screw up on Audi's part as far as publishing an image of the phone and a description of it's use if it's actually not available. And from what I understand, Audi has never been really big on accessories so this maybe a mind set issue. (ever seen a Volvo accessory catalog. Talk about options.) Having said that, digital cell phone formats seem to be part of the problem. The corded Audi phone uses analog technology which was the standard for years but, as we all know, that is changing. I don't think any new service areas being added these days are analog and most of the big providers of cell service who were analog are either adding digital service in areas currently covered by analog or converting to digital in the old analog coverage areas. So the quagmire of the technology change creates a problem as well. Then there is this to consider, the corded phone system currently/previously available was made specifically for this car when there was basically only one standard for cell phones and little competition. The cordless Nokia you are referring to is a mass market product (I know it has the Audi rings on it but I suspect you can draw a parallel to the Sprint insignia on my Nokia in that it is a product not designed specifically for use in a car, in this case an Audi) which you can buy through any retailer who sells Nokia products. These mass market products are usually discontinued every 1 to 2 years. So Audi is faced with a couple of dilemmas here. A) Do they bother to sell a product that their customers can get just about any where else for less and B) if this product is going to be obsolete in a couple of years, what do they do then? Most of these cell phone equipment manufacturers do not maintain connectivity standards on these mass market products when they drop a model and introduce a new one.

    If you want to find the info I am referring to on the Nokia in an A4, and by the way I think this guy put it where the cup holder normally resides, You can go to the following URL:

    I was referred to this URL by some folks who post on the A8/S8 forum at (formerly

    Hope this helps
  • You know it's late when you use "know one" when you mean "no one."
  • I have a 99 A-8 with 13,000 miles. In general it's a great car. Does anyone have an erratic problem with starting. Most days a turn of the key starts it immediately. At other times you can keep cranking and nothing, until you try again. On the second try it usually starts immediately.
    In addition has anyone had a problem with the following: Windshield Wiper chatter. After a full year of aggrivation the dealer finally found out the correct angle and repaired. The drivers side still chatters a little at the bottom. Switching to a Bosch 22" Microedge Excel helped futher, but not perfectly.
    Does anyone get a electronic whining sound when first driving when cold ?
    Does anyone have a radio head unit that displays incomplete LCD information ? This seems to happen regularly in the cold weather, especially when the car doesn't start immediately.
  • rjfissrjfiss Posts: 4
    I can't seem to bring up the suggested URL. I keep getting a message that the URL is not at Mindspring. Is it typed correctly?
    Re: noises in winter - I do get a "thump" coming from the dashboard. It thumps about every 15 secs when the car is at idle. Don't know what it is, but assume it is some mechanical part doing something normal.
  • I had a starting problem happen to me last week. The car had been sitting for a while and, although it was in the garage, the temps had been very low so I am assuming there could be some relation. The engine sounded like it had one of those compressed air starters when it was trying to turn over. It started once, ran very rough, then died. After it died it cranked again for about 5 seconds with no turn over, then cranked and started, ran rough but finally smoothed out after about a minute. I have had a problem like this with other cars an it was determined that the gas in the fuel line was draining back to the tank. There should be a back flow valve to prevent this but they can get stuck open every once and a while. I also dumped a bottle of dry gas in just in case this was a water freezing in the fuel/fuel line problem.
    -Concerning the wipers the only problem I have is a big dead spot when the drivers side returns and hits the water the passengers side has displaced. There seems to be poor contact with the windshield in the center area of the blade and there is little to no contact at the upper edge.
    -Concerning the whining noise, I seem to get one from the sound system any time the ignition switch is in the on position. The engine does not need to be running. The level of the whine is constant regardless of the volume of the sound system so it is easy to hide it with a little boost in program volume but if I am listening to music with a quite passage, there it is. The dealer has replace the amp and the head unit but the whine remains. It seemed like it had gone away after they replaced the amp but it returned a few days later. replacing the head unit did nothing.
  • Try this:

    when the page has downloaded, click on:

    "Cell phone integration with hands free II"

    this was posted by the same guy who had the listing on mindspring. There is a link there to email him if you have any questions as well and he may have an updated URL for the one I listed previously. Hope this is helpful.
  • This link takes you to an index of FAQ subject. Click on "electronics" then select:
    "Cell phone integration with hands free II"
  • An update to those of you thinking about an A8:

    The new long wheel base models are due out in Feb. Dealer told me they could no longer order short wheel base, so those in stock or currently in shipment are the last! The long wheel base sticker will be $5,000 more. Nav system, Electronic Stability Program and Cold Weather Package are standard on the new model (which adds up to about $3300 list). Audi is supposedly working on the antiquated phone (analog and hard wired) but that probably won't change until the 01's are out. Dealer ordered me a long wheel base model "on spec" today. No obligation whatsoever to take it but he loaded it with all the options I want. We'll see if I can resist...
  • I don't see it listed in brochures; do you have to have NAV package to get a compass display? or at least the direction the GPS determines you're moving. Thanks
  • mcurtin:

    Yes I do think you can get the A8 for 5% over invoice. My dealer says that the A8L will not be available until past february and that both the A8 and the A8L will continue to be offered. I have the nav package on the 2000 A8 and there is no separate compass.
  • rgreenberg:
    Thanks very much for your comment; as someone on the A6 topic said, it seems pretty "lame" that audi does not offer a simple compass display for those $s. Anyway, it still looks like a fabulous sedan. And you were right on: today, first offering at one of the 3 dealerships I'm going to consider was 1.055 over invoice for one with MSRP of 66,805.
  • Yeah, there are a few quirky things like the lack of the compass, the lack of the garage door opener (which the A6 has), and the phone issues that have been discussed ad infinitum.

    But --- I weight driving experience by 50%, reliability by 30% and all these other things by 20%. I now have 5500 miles on a 2000 A8 and driving is still incredible. The only dealer issue has been a slight reaiming of the headlights. I'm very satisfied, irregardless of the quirks. Good Luck!
  • Just bought a 2000A8 1000 miles ago and have this really annoying sporadic rattle in the head liner. Of course it never makes the noise when brought back to dealer. Any one else have this problem?
  • spenser44,

    funny but i have a 2000 A6 2.7T and i get an annoying vibrating sound from the headliner. it is above the sunvisor. if i put my thumb up there the sound stops. if i let go, it starts up again. it can be heard when i hit small bumps or moderately rough roads. sounds like the exact problem you have but i've bee afraid to take it back to the dealer for fear that they will make it worse by ripping open the top of my car.

    but i guess i'll have to take it in if the rattle doesnt stop. i'll let you know what they have to say and if you find out before i do, please let me know.
  • Also have new (600 mi) A8 and while much to like, I notice an irritating air leak (wind hiss) from somewhere near top of drivers window at speeds over 35-40 MPH. If in the course of finding out about "rattles" you get any general tips on headliners and ?"sideliners" or window seals, please advise, as will I if I ever get time to get vehicle back to dealer.
    Also ? to spenser44: have you had any difficulty getting seat positions memorized? Altho I seem to be following the instructions to the letter, I can't get it to work right and "stick" or ... when I touch the number and the bar all at once "it" will send seat and mirrors to the previously set parameters for that setting. Thanks...MJC
  • mcurtin,
    there are 4 drainage tubes that run from the
    sunroof gutter channels down the pillars. 2 of
    these were clogged when I took delivery, they were
    blown free with compressed air and its been trouble free since. Strange as it sounds I believe these gutters are the main factor in headliner noise and wind hiss.
    Good Luck.
  • Thanks for your response and suggestion; will definitely have that done next trip to dealer or I suppose someone with an air compressor. I also saw an article on Audiword from someone who found air leak coming from area where outside rearview mirror attached to body; he repaired it with a small section of plastic tubing.

    Also, I solved memory seat problem (I was just touching incorrect will be working on having the remote memorize the correct memory setting.

    Has anybody heard of "upgrade" of driver's sun visor to one with homelink built A6 has. It looks to me like it coould be an easy swap-out.
  • The A8 model had problems with the homelink systems previously due to metallic tint in the windows and therefore Audi did not offer it on this model. It is my understanding Audi is no longer using the tint so the suggested swap should work but you may want to check with the folks at the A8 forum at Audiworld for possible issues with interchanging the visors.
  • I'm looking at a 97 A8 used off a lease. The deal looks great - asking $28.9K for a 3.7 with a bit over 45K miles (miles a bit high, but seems to be a great price...). Anyone have thoughts (good, bad, other) on the 3.7 model and/or the 1997 model year? Any thoughts on purchasing extended warranties?
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I am so sick of the A8! I spent way too much time in the A8L at the auto show and it just makes me sick! I have been wanting an A8 for 3 years and no one has given me one yet. Seriously, this is one great car. It really fits me like a tailored suit. It's not too big, and not too small, it's just right. The materials, seats, and looks are just perfect. Being a Benz man, I'm not supposed to like an Audi so much, but I can't help it. My only problem with the A8 is that it cost a good deal more than the similar-engined A6 4.2. Audi should offer an A8L with the W12 engine for 2001. Other than the all-aluminum construction I can't see why more of these aren't sold. Damm near perfect. You A8 owners are really lucky.

  • David-

    just wondering, are you in the US. As far as I know the 3.7 engine was never available in the US although maybe it was in '97. I have a '97 4.2 and my $.02 worth would be get the Audi Assured certification. If you are buying through an Audi dealer they should be willing to do this at no cost. Actually if the car is coming off a lease I think you need to buy from an Audi dealer to get the certification. It will extend the warranty to 5 years/75K miles but the free oil changes end with the original warranty. The other two things that I can think of off the top of my head to consider are the fact that the 3.7 does not have the quattro all wheel drive and the '97 model year did not have the tiptronic feature. If you live somewhere that gets any kind of substantial winter weather, the quattro drive train is hard to beat. As far as the tiptronic goes, It's a matter of preference. I test drove an A6 that had it and found I would for get that I had to do the shifting since there was no clutch pedal. There is some suggestion in Audi's lit that indicates that the tiptronic has better programming for the electronics that control the tranny. Best thing to do is drive both and see what you think.

    Bill Mills
  • what5what5 Posts: 15
    to my knowledge the 3.7 was availible in '97 and '98.
  • Quite possibly true. Best to check with Audi if there is any doubt. I believe you can contact them through a link on their web site. One other issue that came to mind is the '97 A8's have the metallic tint on the windshield. If you are a cell phone user this will cut your useful range unless you use an external antenna and if you use a radar detector, well, forget it. It reduces the effectiveness by over 75% unless you have some form of bumper/grill mounted feed horn. It also creates problems with the effectiveness of garage door openers.
  • Thanks for the input. The 3.7 was offered in at least '97 (possibly '98) as the basic A8. As for Quattro - I'd like it, but living in the mid-Atlantic states, it's valuable about 10 days a year - so no loss there. I drove the A6 with the Tiptronic and being a long-time manual fan, found it less than satisfying - rather go automatic if not truly manual - so no loss there either. I'm looking into the warranty issue - no answer yet as this was a secondary lease - i.e. not direct from Audi.
  • To merc1, you asked about Audi S8 and the possibility of it being marketed in the US? It doesn't seem to be realistic, but what about own import i.e. through an agent?

    Does anyone know about this way of getting cars from overseas to the US legally?

  • what5what5 Posts: 15
    i read a report(cant remember where) that the S8 and possibly the S6 will becoming to the US by late 2000 or 2001. I believe this was said by an Audi of North America rep. If it does come look for a 360bhp v8 (4.2l i think) @ ~85-90k. Most likely with ESP and the option of the Audi plus Navigation(the one with the screen). Go to, and take a look at what those lucky brits get (and if you speak german, you might want to try =)
  • Well it sounds like your getting a great deal in any event. Edmunds indicates the TRADE IN value of a '97 A8 3.7 with 45K miles to be $30,500 and that's with no optional equipment.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Any A8 fans/owners going to go for the LWB version? Now all Audi needs is the lwb version with the W12 engine. Maybe for 2001?

  • salliessallies Posts: 1
    currently have a 99 A8. Have driven the 2000 A8L. Would like to purchase one but the bolsters on the seat backs and cushions are still narrow, although softer than the 99. Has anyone ever re-shaped or modified the bolsters to widen them and thus alleviate back or ribcage pressure? Thanks.
  • franks10franks10 Posts: 1
    I'd like to buy either an a8 or 8L.
    First I thought the 8L but the dealer quoted me full list. Said they couldn't get enough to meet demand. Do you think this true? I hate to pay full list. Rather than that I'd buy the a8. Previous notes on this board said 5% over invoice was doable for this car in 1999. Is it still? I live in the Cleveland area, any thoughts on dealers? Any help appreciated.
  • tjk4tjk4 Posts: 4
  • wolsonwolson Posts: 2
    I am thinking of buying a used 1997 A8, with all
    the trimmings. I need to know what to look for in
    a used car like this one.In other words the good and ugly side. The car has 33,823 miles on it and is coming off a lease program, and has be purchased by a dealer at auction to resell at 40,975. Please if you have any insight on this type of model, please let me know. Any advice would be help full.
  • wolsonwolson Posts: 2
    I am thinking of buying a used 1997 A8, with all
    the trimmings. I need to know what to look for in
    a used car like this one.In other words the good and ugly side. The car has 33,823 miles on it and is coming off a lease program, and has been purchased by a dealer at auction to resell at 40,975. Please if you have any insight on this type of model, please let me know. Any advice would be help full.
  • decatur2decatur2 Posts: 1
    I own a 98 A8 that occasionally and randomly will emit a terrible grinding noise when shifted into "park" and/or "neutral". The dealer has been unable to pinpoint the problem and replaced the transmission but the problem has continued. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
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