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Audi A8



  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    To make it even better, Audi is lowering the final drive ratio on U.S. version of the S8, making it faster than the European model.

  • charliemikecharliemike Posts: 87
    Damn, I need to win the Lottery!


    Any ideas on price? I'm guessing $75k
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I would guess right at 70K, maybe 72K or 73K with options, if there are any.

  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    I too am surprised about the speed difference the S8 has over the A8. A8 has 310HP and does 0-60 in 7.3 seconds. The S8 has 340Hp and does 0-60 in 5.5 seconds.

    That's a huge difference. A big part has to be the stick available in the S8 (or is it?). 30HP does help a little. But I can't help but think the car must lose some weight to make that big a difference.

    I can't afford it anyway, so I'm never going to find out.

    As to the price, the A8 hits $70K without a cell phone or Nav system. The S8 must cost significantly more. I'd guess closer to $80K. I would guess AoA would build-in all but the priciest of options. Perhaps all of them.
  • billmillsvabillmillsva Posts: 53
    Yeah, that's 0-60 in 5.5 with a stick. And the 310 hp A8 should get there in under 7 with an auto, at least it use to with the 300 hp 32V
  • They can't decide on which body style, yet have a few new engines to play withand the new A8 is supposed tbe priced less than the current one
  • jeskjesk Posts: 13
    thinking bout buying an a8 l version. has anyone seen the 18" wheels available on the car? if so where can i look at them. am going to dealer on thurs but want to have an idea of what i will be requesting on the car. i hear the car has a lot of room for negotiating. is this true? has anyone compared this car directly to the 740il? if so thoughts?
  • site in A8/S8 forum that has one with 25" wheels.
  • jeskjesk Posts: 13
    test drove the a8l today. what a beautiful car! excellent pick up and handled exceptionally for a big car. did not sense tremendous body roll. not suprisingly, the salesman was a total jerkoff who had no interest in budging on price. this suprised me because i have read many posts in this topic indicating that there should be serious discounts on this car. also, i wanted to test drive the a6 4.2 and he was dead set against it. is this because the commission is much higher on the a8? the a6 4.2 is a great looking car, wish i had drove it. just was not up to fighting with him. i will never understand how car companies can continue to employ such idiots trying to sell a $72,000 products. had a much better experience at mercedes-too bad didnt like the car.
  • I'm sure AoA would love to hear about a sales man/dealership that refused to let you take one of their cars for a test drive, assuming of course that you are serious about buying one of these two cars.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    He (or she) gets rated on overall sales. He doesn't like lost sales.

    Even if he keeps up the front to you (somewhat unlikely), he will give the salesman a thing or two to think about. My guess is if you call the sales manager of that dealership right now he'll have that salesman drive to your house today in an A6 4.2 to let you drive it.

    Note that letting a car salesman know where you live (so he can drive over) is not necessarily a totally good thing...
  • jeskjesk Posts: 13
    i am pretty serious about buying one of these cars. however, they think that you have to buy the damn thing the first time you step into the showroom. i dont know about you, but i like to take my time and have a really good feeling before i plunk down that type of cash. i am a salesman myself and cant imagine turning the screws on a potential customer like that. i have no idea where they find these guys, but most of them have suspect sales skills, very little product knowledge and horrendous interpersonal skills. im done
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    I've rarely met one who wants to be a car salesman. They just see it as an entry into the higher pressure/high powered portion of sales. I think they'd really rather be selling real estate or something.
  • lourosnerlourosner Posts: 1
    Anyone have a suggestion where I can get a great deal on a '00 A-8 in the Philadelphia (southeastern PA)area? I seem to recall a comment about a dealer in Altoona, PA selling at $1000. over invoice. Thanks.
  • jeskjesk Posts: 13
    if anybody knows, i would be interested as well. i am going to lease the car.
  • The audi salesperson I bought my car from was the best person I have ever dealt with. Fair,extremely knowledgeable about the product, great on followup after I bought the car, upfront and flexible on price, wanting to make sure I got the car I wanted. Made sure I testdrove everything that Audi made (and he still calls me to testdrive new offerings. This dealership is one of the highest volume Audi dealerships around. Unfortunately for some of you, its in Montana -- but if you can figure out the angles, there's no salestax in Montana.
  • The Quattro Club of America has local chapters that usually have a "favored" dealership and this is usually based on which one is the most cooperative with the local/regional chapter. You may want to see if you can contact whom ever runs the local chapter of QCUSA in your area for suggestions. These dealerships are usually favored because they grant special privileges like "tech sessions" and discounts on parts to Chapter members though so I'm not sure how much using these favored dealerships will affect your ability to get a great deal when buying or leasing a car.
  • jeskjesk Posts: 13
    did you get an a8? if so, did u buy or lease and how much did you get it for? i would buy from this dealership and have car shipped if price was right
  • jeskjesk Posts: 13
    another audi dealer just called me and told me that the a8l will list for about 70k and they will discount up to 5k off the car. lease it to me for about 1000/mo for 36 mos 12k per yr. how do these figures stack up?
  • Has info on the new A4, RS4, and others including the A8 W12 oh, it is in German though, couldn't find in English, will look later
  • I bought a 2000 A8 when they first came out and received a sizeable discount off of list. I am not comfortable disclosing the amount on this web site.
  • jeskjesk Posts: 13
    if you feel like discussing it with me, i would love to hear about your experience. i can be contacted at tks
  • on the upcoming Audi models. I think this upcoming A4 looks better than the present version and definitely better than the 3 ser.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    At the bottom. This indicates the photos are fake.

    Why are you looking at fake photos? I could make up my own impression of what the new A4 would look like. But it wouldn't make it any more likely that what you see on this website.
  • see it, all of the other photos are the same car except that photo. Look at the trunk and tail light shapes.
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 91
    Anyone hearing anything about the next-generation A8? Just saw a sketch in a car magazine, accompanied by a blurb that said the space frame was significantly re-engineered to weigh one-third less but be several hundred percent stronger at key stress points.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    2003 model year for the new A8 in the U.S. market, bet on it.

  • jwilkersonjwilkerson Posts: 15
    I have owned a Benz for 23 years. Have a 96 S500 and a 450SL. Don't like the new S car. I have never driven an Audi. Manufacturer rep. contacted me recently regarding the A8L, says I can drive one for 3 or 4 days. Looked it up on the Internet, and it is about $10K less than the S500 with much the same list of equipment, except warranty. Why only 3 years? Benz is 4 and a lifetime of 800 number service, Audi only 3 years.
    Seems like the manufacturer is not really standing behind the vehicle. Most others going the other way, longer, more attractive consumer oriented plans. Anybody know what the deal is with the "Premium Alcantara and Leather Trim Package at $3,500? Your comments and opinions are most appreciated. Many thanks...
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    the 2001 audis will have the 4 year warranty as well as scheduled servicing. if the warranty concerns you that much, go for the next year. i think the alcantara is a suede that goes on the roof and doors, not sure if it goes under the leather covered surfaces or replaces them. the A8 is a great car, even better in long form. be sure to check out the big BMWs - 7 series esp if you want a sporty car with a huge interior. it is a bit old looking on the inside and out and will be replaced in the next year. the A8 will hold out for 3 years until the next design (important if you dont want to buy a car that will look old in a year). the A8 is at the middle of its life cycle, so all the glitches should be worked out. one warning with the A8- do not get into an accident with it, it has incredible insurance costs to fix, since it is aluminum and needs to be lifelighted to the nearest regional specialist if it needs to be fixed. other than that, it's a great car, maybe the best, without the gimmicks of the MB and has fantastic safety crash scores, with secure AWD.
  • jwilkersonjwilkerson Posts: 15
    Thanks for the data on the new 2001 Audi A8L. When will it be available? Seems the Manufacturer Rep. is pushing the 2000. Do they have many in stock in the midwest? How much discount are most dealers providing? The car cost the dealer with delivery about $62,500 invoice, or $71,500 sticker. I think $2,500 front is enough for any dealer. What is the resale for this car in the three to four year category? Any idea why they are going to a 4 year/50K warrant in 2001? Is it just the competition? Will the built in phone be removable in the 2001, as with the MB S car? I know very little about an Audi. What is the service history like? Your insight and opinions are genuinely appreciated. Many thanks.
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