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2011 Honda Odyssey Discussion



  • gene00gene00 Posts: 113
    edited March 2010
    1. PAX (hate em, now an option!) run-flats are generally noisier than standard tires, maybe sleeker new design will have less wind noise
    2. bad luck on your part for b-pillar plastic
    3&4 Agree on door & sunroof switch placement, very handy in the middle (see BMWs)
    5. I use speech only for phone, (works fine), I can't get used to telling my car what temp I want
    5.NAV is fine. Lots of aftermarket NAVs are better than all built-in units
    7. disagree - sometimes I want my call to be private on my phone. Initiate bluetooth calls using voice, practice it until you get it working well for you
    8. Cruise control switch - would also prefer a soft switch but they're more $. not a biggie since there is a 2-switch system
    9. agree on the sonar implementation, please separate them
    10. The entertainment system is fine, just spend 10 minutes (not while driving) practicing and your wife will know how to use it forever
    11. probably saves $ to have separate components, but I would love more synergy
    12. true on the info system, annoying to change it every time
    13. would love the option of a fixed storage unit between the front seats
    14. it's probably CYA language - just don't drive with the wheel cranked for hours
    15. there should be a nation-wide standard for bike-only hitches, like a different size ball or something. go aftermarket in the meantime.
    16. haven't checked out the headlight off timer
    16 (you had two 16s). only way to fix the conversation mirror is to make it bigger and that ain't gonna happen. I have no problem with it's limited functionality
    17. I say lose the ECO system. 1 more MPG ain't worth it. By design it only kicks in when the engine is already running at it's most efficient. Nice try though, keep the innovations coming.
    18. a little more telescoping/tilting range would solve this
    19. agree - the 20% oil life should come on once then go away until oil change time
    20. they can't protect against everything. sounds like another one-time learning thing about closing the door manually
    21. heated seat and mirror buttons really should be soft buttons which switch off when the car is turned off
    22. I would prefer that the seat moves when you unlock the car rather than upon door opening, but I've gotten used to getting right in and going along for the ride. By the time my butt hits the seat it's already moved far enough so that I don't bump knees getting in
    23. yes, not the best placement for the seat heater switch and please make it a soft switch
    24. yes, bring back the power port
    25. auto-volume control varied by speed is a nice feature, but way down my list
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    It takes great courage to acknowledge our follies. My hats off to you for sending this note. Be well!!
  • hackattack5hackattack5 Posts: 315
    "Just when I think I've heard it all, a list like this!!"

    Way to go "Isellhondas" Just keep your arrogant attitude flowing on this forum. 1 year ago my family had 3 Honda Odyssey's an 06,08 and 09 I would guess we spent around $85,000 for them and bought them new. Well I traded mine and so did my brother because they had so many problems and when we took them back to the dealer we had to deal with people like you. My other brother is looking to get rid of his also. So go ahead and insult the people who have paid you wages in the past.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,611
    That post wasn't directed at you nor was it meant to be an insult in any way.

    It's just that I hadn't heard of most of those complaints before.
  • gwrace1gwrace1 Posts: 24
    And here I thought Hondas had no problems and were bullet proof. Makes me glad I'm still driving my 15 year old AMERICAN made Dodge Grand Caravan. It's been bulletproof with only regular maintenance required.
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    Hey just an enthusiast here sharing a link....looks very close to the concept :shades:
    2012 Odyssey spy shots
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,367
    It does look close for sure. Never noticed that rear overhang before...looks like it might be longer?
  • shekersheker Posts: 4
    Any body has idea on 2011 Odyssey prices ?
    After seeing 2011 design pictures i stopped my plans for 2010 Odyssey buy.But in $30,000 we are getting 2010 EXL version OTD.With same 2010 EXL(Leather) features ,what we can expect the price for 2011 ?
  • kohyutakohyuta Posts: 16
    To counter your post, we had a 2003 Honda Odyssey, and racked up over 80k miles on it, with only regular maintenance required. We liked the upgrades Honda made, so we decided to trade in for a 2008 Odyssey, and have only had regular maintenance required.

    We have friends who had a 2003 Town & Country, which had an alternator replaced, transmission replaced, front engine mount replaced, and numerous interior quality issues. They got themselves a 2006 Honda Odyssey, and haven't had a problem yet.

    And Odysseys are made in CANADA, which probably is still tainted in your worldview (implied by your AMERICAN comment). Every car maker has good and bad luck. I'm glad you've had good luck with your Caravan, just as I'm glad we've had the same luck with our Odysseys.
  • ajseaglesajseagles Posts: 13
    Not a fan of the new design based on those pics. Looks like a Nissan Quest got taken advantage of by, well, an uglier Nissan Quest.
  • siggie1siggie1 Posts: 56
    Our Odyssey was assembled in Alabama. According to this: Odysseys are not assembled in Canada.
  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    Actually, the Town and Country/Grand Caravan is made in Canada, while the Ody, as the previous poster said, is made in Alabama.

    There are issues with lots of cars...and now I've had some issues with the torque converter on my Odyssey. So, reliability-wise, I'm not blown away. That said, the CR reliability reports speak for themselves. And no, they aren't a fluke, or biased against this car or that car. The build quailty of the Chrysler twins is clearly not great--you can tell that just be touching the plastic on the dash.
  • gene00gene00 Posts: 113
    Last time they had a model re-do (2004 -> 2005) here were the MSRP differences:

    2004 LX $24,490 2005 LX $25,195 (+2.9%)
    2004 EX $26,990 2004 EX $28,195 (+4.5%)
    2004 EXL $28,490 2005 EXL $30,495 (+7.0%)

    So, doing a straight extrapolation:
    2010 LX $26,805 2011 LX $27,585?
    2010 EX $29,905 2011 EX $31,250?
    2010 EXL $33,405 2100 EXL $35,745?

    This is a rough guess, they may try to hold the line on prices if the economy stays slow, they may keep the LX under $27k so it looks better, who knows? You won't be getting prices below invoice for the first several months, I'm pretty sure about that.
  • gwrace1gwrace1 Posts: 24
    That must be why the Chrysler Minivans have outsold every other make and model. They must be crap because they are American made. Mine was made in St; Louis not Canada. There is always Toyota if you like instant acceleration air bags popping out and brakes that don't work. I was a Consumer Reports subscriber for many years and finally gave up on them. They have such a preconceived perception of quality from the Japanese auto makers that often time new models were highly rated before they were even tested or reliability ratings calculated. Don't tell me they were objective.
  • kohyutakohyuta Posts: 16
    Chrysler minivans were the top-selling minivans until 2007, when the Odyssey took the #1 spot. And that was in spite of Chrysler's fleet sales, which can boost sales numbers quite a bit. Chrysler may still have the cumulative lead, but that's because they were the only ones making a minivan for so many years. And even so, having the highest sales numbers doesn't necessarily mean the best quality. McDonald's sells the most meat of any restaurant, but I wouldn't call it a quality meal.

    Chrysler invented the minivan, and from 1983 until about 2003 were the best in the business. The competition caught up to them (Ford, Toyota, Honda), and they've been playing catch up. In 2003, we cross-shopped, and we liked the Odyssey the best. Out of curiosity I checked the Chryslers again in 2008, and still liked the Odyssey better.

    No one here has said that American-made=crap. As pointed out, the Odyssey is American-made in Alabama. Everyone has different opinions, your Caravan has served you well... great! Our Odyssey has served us well too.
  • doggrandmadoggrandma Posts: 144
    What year is your Odyssey? I am interested in buying a 2010, but I wonder if Honda has fixed their transmission/torque converter/soft brake problems.
  • doggrandmadoggrandma Posts: 144
    We have 2 large dogs, too, but we don't use crates. We put them in safety harnesses and attach the harness to a seat belt.

    There is a website ( that reviews vehicles for their "dogginess". :)
  • doggrandmadoggrandma Posts: 144
    You might check out the reviews at
  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    Well, you can believe whatever you want. It is your money. The St. Louis Assembly plant was shut down in October of '08 and hasn't reopened, but...if you makes you feel better to believe that the Dodge and Chrysler are still built there, knock yourself out. The rest of us know that they are all built in Ontario now, but whatever.

    And if you want to believe that the Chrysler vans are outselling every other model, again, feel free. The rest of us actually look at sales figures, so we know that the Odyssey has been the best selling van for some time now. Even including fleet sales, which have made up a large percentage (I've seen some estimates that it could be as much as half) of Chrysler minivan sales.

    As far as CR--again, whatever floats your boat. The reliability ratings are based on large numbers of user responses so I don't find attacks that they are "biased" to be credible. CR has given several American models good reviews, and one of the most reliable vehicles on the market according to CR is the Ford Fusion. In addition, their "top pick" in the large SUV category is the Chevy Traverse, over the Toyota and Honda.

    In the minivan category, yes, they rank the Chrysler twins poorly and the Toyota and Honda highly. As a consumer,. I came to the same conclusion.
  • ajseaglesajseagles Posts: 13
    My wife and I would have bought a Routan if the Chrysler were any good, because the technology features were so much cooler than the Odyssey and even the new Sienna, for the money. But when you step up to the better engine (which is necessary for a fair comparison), the Ody is actually cheaper to buy at comparable trim levels. Heck, even the Kia was more expensive (not MSRP but likely actual cost) when putting on the options. My wife liked riding in the Odyssey better than the Sienna - if not it would have been a tough call between the two.
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