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Chevy Equinox Air Bag Service Indicator Light

runoxrunox Posts: 153
edited May 15 in Chevrolet
I don't want to dig through 1000'sof pages of generic problem threads for this one.
2010 4/LT 62,000 miles
All of a sudden I am getting an intermittent air bag service light. The indicator is not constant. It will pop on and stay on sometimes and other times will go out. I can drive a few days with no light, others it will pop on for an hour then go out. It seems more like a loose sensor connection versus air bag defect. I've read elsewhere the indicator has been problematic with older EQs. Before I blow a half day to bring it in, where are the sensor connections? I just want to be sure the connections are tight. Are there any other quick fixes out there?


  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,275
    Not sure why, but I might be a little hesitant to mess with things like air bag stuff myself.

    I might suspect a connection problem with connector under one of the front seats. Might be loose of potential have some corrosion if it has gotten wet at some point.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,109
    Keep us posted on what you find out when you do take the Equinox in, runox! We're available in the meantime as well if you have any questions related to warranty, recall, vehicle build, or the process of working with a dealership.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • runoxrunox Posts: 153
    I definitely do not intend to mess with anything other than wiring connections away from the sensor or deployment capsules and even then I wouldn't disconnect, just jiggle and compress em a bit. I find the intermittent signal curious. Typically sensor indicators won't go away when there is a true problem.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 153
    edited January 2013
    I think I've uncovered something. Not quite sure what the issue is but.....
    I had a long drive up to Mass and noticed the air bag service light is triggered when I turn the heater temp up to 80 or higher. I was checking under the seats since that is where a few have said there is an airbag sensor. While I didn't see anything that I would consider an airbag sensor, I noticed the heat duct for the rear located under the front seats is positioned to blow directly on yellow electrical connectors that appear to feed power to the seat hydraulics.

    Leaving early in the AM on both days I cranked up the heat to 80+ to get things warmed up quickly. Within 20 minutes, the airbag sensor indicator started going on and off. It doesn't stay on, just lights up for a second then goes off. It was doing it about every minute for 3-4 minutes before I turned the temp down to 78. The indicator went off and stayed off.

    About an hour later I cranked the heat up again. Sure enough, within 15 minutes the airbag service indicator started coming on and off. This time I changed the fan to dash only, no floor heat. The light went off and stayed off, even at +80 temp. I turned the heat down to 78 and switched back to floor only heat and the service light never came on.

    An hour later I tried it again, heat up to 82 directed at the floor only. Bingo, the airbag service light went on for second, then off, repeating every minute of so. I let it come on for 5-6 minutes, the switched back to dash vent stopped going on. I repeated the settings every 30 minutes and sure enough, every time it was set over 80 the service light came on. The final hour and a half I drove set at 78 on the floor and the light never came on again.

    So, I toyed with the heat settings on off over 2 - 4 hour drives. Every time I cranked the heat up to +80 and directed it to floor only, within 15 minutes the airbag service light blinked on and off every minute.

    I know the new EQs have highly sensitive electronics, but I would not expect a connector under the seat to have any control over an airbag sensor.

    Possibly, there is some form of airbag wiring or sensor that is near the duct work and when that area gets warm it is causing something to expand trigger the indicator light.

    This could to be a time consuming service check at Chevy trying to replicate the conditions and I'm not so sure they are going to have an immediate solution unless this one is in their service directives already. Because the airbag system parts and labor are so costly I don't want them to be testing replacement parts at my expense. Maybe this is just a programming issue, but I doubt it.

    So, if you happen to read this, I'd appreciate it if you can try to replicate this condition on your 2010-2013 EQ. Set the heat to 82 or more and direct it to the floor only while on a 30-45 minute drive. Yea, it seems like you'll be baking for a while, but I can assure you it doesn't get that hot in the cab.

    If there is a known solution, please let me know. For now, I'm just keeping the air temp set to a max of 78 when needing it. Over the 8 hours of driving the indicator light never came on when the set temp was under 80 so I'm not concerned there is a safety issue.

    For now, I'm going to try placing something to extend the floor duct past that yellow connector to prevent it from heating up and see if the results change and that connector can be ruled out. It would indicate the source to be the electronics behind the dash.

    Comments from GMCustSvc welcome. If a regional tech rep would like to observe, I'm open to it.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,109

    Good research! I wish I had some technical information to send your way, but as a customer service representative, I don't have access to that. We'd be happy to get you set up to have this checked into by your dealership for starters - let us know! Our email is (include your name and contact information, the information you discovered in your post, and the last 8 digits of your VIN).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • runoxrunox Posts: 153
    I should have posted my solution sooner. Soon after experiencing the air bag service light on my Nox, my son experienced same on his Honda Civic. It seems to be a common problem for Hondas. He found a technical video for a fix on Youtube...dismantling the cover off the seat belt fastener and cleaning it ! What the heck, if it worked for his Honda. I blew it down with compressed air and reassembled.....Son of more air bag service light. I never would have guessed in a million years that seat belt sensors would trigger an airbag light.
  • I have the same problem with my 2011 Equinox. The light will come on and off all the time. I have had my car serviced & they said it was the seat belt rubbing the wires, so they moved the wires back into place & oiled the seat belt (drivers side). It worked for a few weeks, but noticed everytime we moved the drivers seat then the light will come on. Took it back to have it serviced & they said it was fixed. Now it comes on when the seat was moved, noticed that when the seat was moved up the light will stop coming on. So, now when the light comes on I will move the seat & it wil stop...
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,109
    Hello roygilliam72,

    I apologize for the issue you are experiencing with your Equinox. I understand how a light displaying intermittently can be frustrating. I see you have worked with your dealer a couple of times in regards to this issue. I would like the opportunity to further discuss your situation with you. Please email us at socialmedia(at) and include your contact information, VIN, mileage and dealer name and location. We look forward to hearing from you!


    Laura M.
    GM Customer Care
  • We have a 2010 Equinox 4 cyl 6/28/12 we took the car in for repair this is what was stated on the invoice from the dealership Customer States Air Bag Light on B0014 Sys OD Doc 11-00-41-001 connectors loose and not making connection replaced connectors on side air bags retested system OK
    There was NC I believe due to mileage 35129 on that date.

    Today we took it back in for repair stated on the invoice Customer States air bag light on B001A 04 B001A OD driver pretensioner circuit connector at pretensioner loose and not reading correctly replace connector and retested system OK The charge on this invoice was $101.80 mileage on this invoice was 54489 so I presume the first one was under warranty. So how many more do you think we will have to go back to the dealership how many more $100 invoices will we have - GM Customer Care people help - is there a recall regarding this popular issue?
  • texan21texan21 Posts: 1

    I have a 2011 Equinox LS...2 days ago I was on a long road trip and all of a sudden the bells started dinging and the SERVICE AIRBAG indicator showed up on my console. It did it all the way from Buffalo, NY to Albany, NY. It would go off for a while, but come back. I called my local Chevy dealer and they can't get me in for a week. I have extended coverage, so I'm hoping this is under warranty as the manual says that there shouldn't need to be any needed service on airbags. Any insights are greatly appreciated.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,109

    Hello texan21,

    We are sorry to hear of the concerns you experienced during your road trip. I see that you've scheduled an appointment with your dealership for next week. Please keep us updated on your resolution! If any additional assistance is needed please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at Attn:Andraya. Thank you!

    Andraya R. GM Customer Care

  • tweety3409tweety3409 Posts: 1

    I had the same problem in the last few weeks. I have a 2011 Equinox with 47,930 miles. It would come on then go off and yesterday it was so frequent it was making me crazy. I took into Ardmore Chevy in Ardmore PA and was EXTREMELY shocked that it wasnt covered by my extented warranty or by CHevy. Had to pay over $200!!. If I didnt fix my air bags mught not work is what I was told. I can't take that chance with my 14 month old daughter in the car. This is a safety issue that shouldnt go bad in general but I've owned my car 3 only years today!!! I've contaced gm DEFINATELY not happy about this!

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,109

    Hello tweet3409,

    We can certainly understand your frustration with unexpected repair costs. I see you mentioned that you have been in touch with GM about this concern. If any additional assistance is needed, you are welcome to reach out to us via email at Attn:Andraya.

    Andraya GM Customer Care

  • runoxrunox Posts: 153

    80,000 Miles now and service light started coming on again. This time I took it in to Chevy since A) there is a service notice now about the seat connector, B) this is the same issue subject to 2004-2009 Equinox recalls, and C) it's the same subject of the recent 2010-2014 Traverse recall. In as much as the Chevy engineer blew the approvals for the ignition design, you've got another rogue commanding the seat air bag wiring. Cost me $290 to replace a $29 part that GM should funding.

  • zipadeezipadee Posts: 2

    Just took my 2010 Equinox in for SERVICE AIRBAG

  • zipadeezipadee Posts: 2

    It has a problem with the back hatch opening on its own! The clock is always 5 hours ahead, even after resetting it. I needed a rental because the dealer in Cleveland, OH doesn't know how to fix it. I'm concerned this will be costly as I'm at 57000 miles. Please tell me about the service notice for a seat connector and the recalls for 2004-2009. Can this be covered under recall?

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,109

    Hi zipadee,

    Were you planning to authorize repairs once you get into a rental? We certainly recognize your concerns and we understand that vehicle repairs can pose as an inconvenience. We're sorry if you're having difficulty working with the dealership. If you'd like to private message us your VIN, full contact information and dealership name we would be happy to reach out to your dealership to discuss your situation. We're also available via email at

    Amber N. GM Customer Care

    @zipadee said: It has a problem with the back hatch opening on its own! The clock is always 5 hours ahead, even after resetting it. I needed a rental because the dealer in Cleveland, OH doesn't know how to fix it. I'm concerned this will be costly as I'm at 57000 miles. Please tell me about the service notice for a seat connector and the recalls for 2004-2009. Can this be covered under recall?

  • Same deal here on my 2011 AWD Equinox. It's the passenger side that's causing it. Comes and goes. If I punch the seat while driving a few times, it clears it. Has a mind of it's own. If it bothers you while driving, Just hit the menu key on the dash. Ringing will stop. Anyhow I knew all along it was a wiring or sensor issue. If the passenger shifts their weight in the seat, that too will set off the air bag alarm.

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