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Ford Windstar Electrical Problems

terrykemmterrykemm Posts: 1
When I close the tailgate or side door the delay relay does not always work. Sometimes the interior lights will go out and other times they will not. Any ideas of a resolution for this?



  • dmnifongdmnifong Posts: 2
    Take wd40 or crc or simmillar and spray it into the place that looks like a horozonatal v that is where the latch method is located then slam the sliding door 3 or 4 times. This will probably fix your problem. My windstar does the same thing and this solves the problem then I have to redo it every week or so. If that does not work then try the same thing on the two latches on your back gate.
  • 88fan88fan Posts: 2
    About a month ago I hit a bump in the road. When I hit the bump, my radio and entertainment center(VCR combo) quit working. I checked the fuses and #6 was blown. When I replace it, it immediately blows. I have tried a larger amp fuse and have went all the way to a 30 amp which is double what was in it before. Has anyone experienced this before? Any help would be appreciated.
  • stuckistucki Posts: 1
    After parking the Windstar the tail lights remain on. If I get back in and pump the brake they will go off. However, many times I will get out and forget to check the tail lights, the result being a dead battery after a couple of hours. Has anyone suffered this problem and if so what is the fix?

    Thanks much, Le
  • I have exactly this problem, right now as I type. Were you able to resolve this? thanks
    Bill D
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    I used a little WD-40 (like) lubricant on the moving parts and brake sensor on the brake pedal.

    That fixed the problem.
  • I tried checking the fuses under the dash and none are busted additionally, I checked both tail light bulbs and they are still good. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • when you find out let me know i have the same problem with a 99 also my interior light flashes as well
  • My windstar just passed 140,000 miles and at the same time all this happened:
    ABS light - ON
    Parking Light - ON
    OD off light - flashing
    Spedometer - not working
    Odometer - not working displays ------

    Does anybody have any ideas? As I said, all of this came on or quit working at the same time.

    Let me know. Thanks.
  • smcsloansmcsloan Posts: 1
    i am frustrated!!!!! i bought a manual for this van , and it doesn't help me. both low beams are out. changed them. it worked. two weeks later same thing. changed again. still not working. checked fuses , replaced headlight switch. nothing. the first time , my hi beams worked. now they only work if i hold it in "flash" position. someone said to check wires. where would i do that at? i am 30 yr old widowed mom of three. so i am on limited income. is this worth my time to fix? any help or suggestions would be MUCH appreciated. thank you
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Master Cylinder leak!
  • Did you ever find out about your situation? Our 2002 Windstar is just above 125,000 and while driving home at night we had:

    Battery light on
    ABS brake light on
    Airbag light on
    brake light on
    radio went on & off
    head lights, brake lights, signal lights went off
    And the van started to hesitate as we were 1 mile from home.

    Would like any information. Thanks
  • dchalkdchalk Posts: 3
    Our 03 Windstar Limited @ 72K miles is experiencing a lot of electrical issues. The most bothersome right now is that the outside temperature gauge is acting up again. A reputable garage replaced the sensor and it worked for for a few weeks and now is acting up again. When it is 75 degree F out, it may show a temp of -11 degrees. We also get the annoying reset chime. This usually occurs after the battery goes dead and we have to drive the car in a circle to reset compass.

    I took it back to garage and they gave up. They think it is a bad module but are reluctant to spend any more time or money on this repair.

    Any ideas as to what is causing this erroneous reading? The compass is working fine BTW!!
  • klkkidsklkkids Posts: 1
    I own a 1995 Windstar, basic model. I have a problem with the ground wire to the starter, but only occasionally. Periodically, it will act as if the battery is dead when I attempt to start my van. If I manipulate this ground wire attachment to the starter with a wrench, it works fine for a period, then needs to be messed with again. I have tried cleaning the connection attachments/wires. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? Would changing the battery ground wire help? Thank you.
  • I have a 2003 Windstar, the interior lights flash on and off whenever we are driving. My power sliding door on the driver's side will not shut on auto no more, it keeps opening back up when it tries to close. another problem the dealer cannot fix.
  • I had the same problem and discovered that it was a blown fuse. Check the owner's manual, but I think the location number is 10, and I believe is a 15A fuse. If you replace it and it blows out again, you have an electrical problem that needs to be looked at by a mechanic.
  • vipaymivipaymi Posts: 1
    I bought a windstar 1991 and the windows from the door won't go down. If anyone knows a reason for that we will apreciate the tip to fix them :cry:
  • mykgmykg Posts: 1
    I disconnected the negative battery terminal, placed a test light between the terminal and the loose cable and the light came on. Indicating a possible short, I believe. I removed/replaced fuses until the light went out to isolated the faulty circuit and found that the fuse where the previous owner tied in the radio was the potential culprit. After pulling the radios power lead and replacing the fuse, the test light blinked and I could hear a clicking sound under the dash at the same frequency as the blinking test light. It was fuse #29 - Interior lighting, etc. Does anybody have any ideas about what my next step(s) should be, please? Thanks.
  • jnmtpcjnmtpc Posts: 1
    I believe that your problem may be in the headlight switch on the steering wheel. ie: the combo hi-low and turn signals. This part could be expensive so I would rule out other problems before changing it. This may require removal of the steering wheel to change on some model cars. It would be unusual to have bad wiring although it is possible. Checking the wiring is a lengthy process and can become quite expensive. i recommend bringing the car to a DEALER with a good rep. This will cost you about $100. to diagnose the problem but they will pinpoint it and tell you how much it will cost to fix it before they start the work. As for your question; "Is it worth fixing?" only you can answer that. It is entirely up to you.
  • king12king12 Posts: 2
    there might me a short circuit or something might be groundsing out you should fix the problem and not use a bigger amps fuse this could cause your car to go on fire the fuse prevent a fire if the line is overloaded with a bigger fuse it could melt the wires then cause a fire
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