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2014 BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
edited January 27 in BMW
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  • t_mt_m Posts: 9


    I am interested in buying a new 2014 328i xDrive. I would love to do my research on pricing before I start talking about money with the salesperson.

    Here are the specs I am looking at: * 328i xDrive Base Price $36,155 $39,300 - Luxury Line $1,910 $2,100 - Imperial Blue Metallic $500 $550 - Black Dakota w/Exclusive Stitching $0 $0 - Anthracite Wood $0 $0 - Cold Weather Package $865 $950 - Driver Assistance Package $865 $950 - Lighting Package $820 $900 - Premium Package $2,820 $3,100 - Technology Package $2,865 $3,150 - Harman Kardon Surround Sound System $795 $875 - Automatic High Beams $230 $250 - Destination Fee $925 $925

    MSRP: $53,050 Invoice Price (per $48,750

    What should I expect to pay (excluding tax / license)?

    Thank you.

  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 163

    It partially depends on where you live....dealers in SoCal, tend to be very competitive with pricing. This sounds like a purchase to me... I would shoot for $500 over invoice, then minus any incentives you have. Also, if you can make the time, consider European delivery, you could easily save another 2-3 thousand. If you are ordering and are flexible about the pick up, you can do a PCD delivery to South Carolina, that way you can go to any dealer you want. Finally, if you are ordering, send your build and offer to purchase to various BMW internet departments in your area and see how they respond.

  • t_mt_m Posts: 9

    Thanks konacoug. Yes, this will be a purchase. I didn't know about euro delivery. Sounds like fun and savings at the same time. Probably won't work with my crazy schedule at work, though. I live in the seattle area. I don't know if dealerships are competitive here. I'll start contacting the internet departments as you suggested. Thanks for the advice.

  • Do better deals occur in the winter as they do with MBs ? Or, is the BMW holiday discount usually the best one? I've been looking into getting a 328xi GT for my grown children to share when they visit and for me to use when they are not home, but I get confused by what I have read. Maybe it's my age.

    A local dealer gave my kids a lease quote of $625 a month for the car below with 12,000 miles year, which I thought was ridiculously high, plus did not list a price value for the car. So I went in to speak to someone there myself.

    First I got the car's MSRP based on what my kids wanted/dreamed of having which was $55,050 and then got it down to $51,150. After some discussion in which I asked about the money factor, residual and buyout values - the dealer's mouth actually fell open in surprise - payments dropped to $599.99 which I thought was still high.

    When I asked about 10,000 miles a year the payments dropped to $586.68 a month with Cash Due on Lease of $3,722. Along with the first month's payment, this cash would include an acquisition fee of $925, sales tax of $1,973, fuel surcharge $60, tire, inspection and document fees totaling $97, plus a tax on the fees! of $80.

    Shouldn't I be doing better? The money factor was 1.45 (seems high), residual was 59% and buyout was $34,380.

    I keep reading on here to contact dealers in SoCal. As I live in the North East and may lease, picking it up there or in S. Carolina is out. I'd waste too many miles getting it home. If I bought, it might make sense, but I think buying might cost far more a month.

    Thanks for any advice or input.


    November 30, 2013 2014 BMW 328i xDrive GT Exterior: Imperial Blue Metallic Interior: Saddle Brown exc. stitching Dakota Lthr Luxury Line (Req. ZPP) (required) Trim:
    Highlight Trim Finishers: Pearl gloss chrome (included / no charge) Wheels: 18\" light alloy wheels multi-spoke style 416 (Luxury Line) (included / no charge) Cold Weather Pkg Premium Package (required) Driver Assistance Package (required) Driver Assistance Plus (Req. ZDA, 609; No ZMM) Technology Package Heated front seats (included / no charge) Side and Top View Cameras (Req. ZDA) (included / no charge) Navigation system (included / no charge) Lender: BMW FS Type: Lease Term: 36 Months Miles per year: 12,000 miles/year Tax State: NY Monthly Payment: $625.68 Total Due at Delivery: $3,940.70 including 8.625% Sales Tax

  • Is This A Good Deal?

    2014 BMW 328i

    Bay Area

    MSRP (Base + Options) = $45925

    Invoice = $42425

    Dealer Offer = $40,100

    The prevailing incentive is $1250 cash on the 328i

    Thanks for your responses.

  • jicbulkjicbulk Posts: 20

    2014 328xi is in my garage:

    $49,975 Sticker $43,522 Sales Price 61% Residual - $30,485 $500 down + $4,234 Trade Equity ($11,500 and I owed $7,266 on my '07 328i Sport RWD 6spd Manual) $358/mo.

    2014 328xi Sport Line Premium Cold Weather Paddle Shifters Navigation

    This car is Incredible.

    328xi b.jpg 101.7K
  • buycartoday77buycartoday77 Posts: 2
    edited March 18

    Just signed for a 2014 328i sedan

    $44,225 sticker (metallic paint, premium, lighting, driver asst, heated fronts)

    $38,447 + TTL (net of $2000 options credit)

    $40,097 OTD

    I wish I had the $2,000 USAA rebate.

    Now, I gotta sell my G37. It's been a good 3 years.

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