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2015 Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience

dilberticdilbertic Posts: 55
edited August 26 in Subaru

About to order a 2015 2.5i Limited with Moonroof - Keyless - Nav - Eyesite package and a few extra's options wondering what people have been paying for the new models.


  • fred25fred25 Posts: 90

    dilbertic, it would be helpful if you are about to order your vehicle to post what pricing have you have been quoted: the cost, the taxes, and any fees the dealer is charging you. Plus where you are located. You will get better responses if you post your numbers. We are all here to help each other. Thank you.

  • jammy3jammy3 Posts: 1

    I'd love to know that as well. I'm looking at the same exact model. I haven't gotten any quotes from dealers yet. According to Edmunds: Base Price Invoice is $28,106/MSRP $29,995/TrueMarket $32,906*. It doesn't list taxes. There is an $850 destination fee. $215 for "Regional adjustment for zip code." My husband and I suck at negotiating. Any tips would be great. Thanks!

  • freddrfreddr Posts: 9
    I think the best way to start is to contact several dealers via their website and ask for prices, some are more open than others but the more info the better. Try to pit them against each other.
  • fred25fred25 Posts: 90

    freddr I agree with you to use the dealers web site. But before you contact the dealer YOU must educate yourself as to what the invoice and MSRP pricing and know what the cost of different trim lines. In addition know what options cost. In this way you will have a good idea of what the vehicle may cost you. Also be advised that Subaru does not manufacturer as many vehicles as the other dealers such as Honda, Nissan, Toyota, etc. Since this is a new redesign the demand is very high and the supply at this point is low. That's why it is essential to know your pricing and what you will be willing to spend.

  • fred25fred25 Posts: 90

    Sorry for the typo it should read other Manufacturers

  • freddrfreddr Posts: 9
    I see that you are looking for 2-4% below invoice for a 2015 Outback; are you finding that the dealer then adds on the dealer fee? Thank you
  • shustershuster Posts: 7

    you should go for about 10% of msrp...i had no problem getting that on a base model

  • gilangilan Posts: 5

    Hi I wanted to buy an Outback Limited 2.5 PEVZ with no option in White for my wife. None of the dealers had this in stock in SF Bay Area. However, Carlsen Subaru offered to order the vehicle for me to be delivered in 2/3 months. He said most of the Limited versions come full option and I need to order it if I wanted with no option.

    Anyways, I got an offer from Carlsen Subaru in Redwood City for $600 below invoice. I didn't buy they car because I know for 2014 model year, the dealers were selling them for $1000-$2000 under invoice.

    I'm waiting to see if I can get the car for at least $1k under invoice. Maybe by xmas that is possible.

    Anybody else in the Bay Area had any experience with the Outback Limited?

  • drddodrddo Posts: 33

    A few weeks ago I got a 2015 2.5i Limited with keyless, nav, moonroof and auto dimming mirrors for invoice. I got the quote from a dealer in the Detroit area, and my local dealer matched the offer. I got a few other offers close to invoice in the Detroit area as well. I was Emailing dealers in Chicago and they were taking off $500 from sticker on average...

  • fred25fred25 Posts: 90

    drddo You indicated that you got a 2015, 2.5 limited with keyless entry etc for invoice. What was the actual invioce price that you received? Did you lock it in with a down payment?

  • drddodrddo Posts: 33
    MSRP was $33,469 and I paid $31,063. With $200 doc. fee, $1,898.78 tax, $15 title and $8 plate transfer my grand OTD total was $33,161.78. I did secure the car with a deposit. They had to trade with another dealer for the car, since they didn't have any with my requested options on the lot.
  • nyc6035nyc6035 Posts: 12
    I'm looking at a 2015 2.5L Limited with the following:
    Moonroof papckage with keyless, pushbutton start, nav & eyesight (MSRP2990)
    Rear Bumper Cover
    Trailer Hitch
    All Weather Floor mats
    Rear Seat Back Protector

    MSRP $34942
    Offer Price: $32,172 plus $379 conveyance fee total: $32,551 plus tax, etc.
    So $2770 off MSRP or just shy of 8% off.
    Located in Westchester County - Lower CT area.

    Car will have to be ordered due to inavailability of eyesight.

    Thoughts on offer?
  • fred25fred25 Posts: 90
    NYC6035. What is a conveyance fee?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 29,156
    fred25 said:

    NYC6035. What is a conveyance fee?

    Connecticut's version of a doc fee...

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • max_tmax_t Posts: 2
    I negotiated the following deal in Milwaukee, WI:

    Car: Outback 2015 Limited 2.5i (Carbide Gray)
    Options: option package 22, popular package 5
    MSRP: $33,998
    Negotiated price: $30,954 (~9% below MSRP) + full tank of gas
    Dealer fees: $195
    Acquisition fee (for the lease): $595
    Title and License: $79
    Tax: charged monthly as part of the lease payment
    Residual value: 57%
    Money Factor: 0.00050

    I could have pushed for a few hundred $ off more for the negotiated price, but I got really good number on my trade-in and will be getting a nice chunk of cash back from the equity in my old car.
  • max_tmax_t Posts: 2
    forgot to mention, the pricing above also includes the body side molding option.
  • fred25fred25 Posts: 90
    Thanks for the explanation of the conveyance fee.
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