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  • sjmurray2sjmurray2 Posts: 65
    I'm in VA and there are plenty Z4's to go around the world twice! I am looking too, dealer seems ready to deal, but have not popped the question. There was a discussion in here around Christmas re: slow sales and it disappeared within days! Not sure why? Maybe BMW ownes Edmunds? Personally, with all the inventory, I was wondering if invoice was not fair? Cash incentives have been paid to the dealer with the 3 series a few years back. Not crazy about the car, but would like a fun car for a change. At MSRP, I would have to go with the 325 CiC. Most Z4s come with PP & CP; not too many stripped ones at the dealers in DC area. I am curious to know too! Good Luck! Scott
  • dill6dill6 Posts: 120
    got a quote Saturday on a 2.5 z-4 with PP, heated seats and metallic paint - $35,600, and the salesman had us understand that was MSRP and he might be able to beat that by $500, MAYBE.

    But checking Edmunds today that appears to be about $1,600 UNDER MSRP! Has there been a recent (like in the last few days) price increase?? He did write that number down for us so I'm tempted to take that slip of paper back tonight or tomorrow night and hold him to it.

    We LOVED the test drive, though I'm a bit put off by the lack of a spare - those run-flat tires are $200 apiece, you know! But the wife wants one, and we agree that it looks great too -I know a lot of people hate the styling changes, but I suspect they're Z-3 owners, or would like to be - I find the Z-3 just a bit 'cute' myself, and prefer the more modern, aggressive styling of the new car.

    As for the sport package, I doubt its worth the dough unless you like to REALLY flog it around the twisties. I prefer the styling of the stock 16" wheels vs. 17s anyway, and tires for the 17s are going to be even more expensive.

    I'd like to hear what you all think of the price I was offered!?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I'm not currently in the market - bought a Honda S2000 in 2001 that I am very pleased with. But a buddy of mine from Atlanta has been shopping for a roadster and, according to him, has been offered significnat discounts on the Z4, Boxster and S2000. Was indicating that $1,000 - 1,200 over invoice for the Z4 is possible. Not sure how that compares to the price you were quoted.

    P.S. If I was in the market again today, I might give consideration to a 325ci or 330ci convertible. Not quite a roadster drive, but with extra versitility and by going the European Delivery route, about the same price as the Z4's.
  • johnw12johnw12 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the pricing information. I am going to check around to see how much play exists in the quotes that I am given. Seems as though the price is negotiable for a 203 Z4. I will let you know how things turn out. I plan to close the deal on a Z4 by the end of this month. I do have a low mileage 2000 Z3 that I plan to sell on my own before pursuing a trade. I appreciate all of your comments. They have been helpful.
  • krodrenkrodren Posts: 31
    You're giving up a barely 3 yr old Z3? You like the Z4 that much better?
  • clogozmclogozm Posts: 3
    this is to johnw12 - I bought my Z4 last month. I tried to find a stripped down one, but it's pretty much impossible especially if you're picky about interior/exterior color like me. So i ended up getting a 2.5 Z4 with sports, convenience, and premium packages, and heated seats. I got all of this for $38K even (MSRP=$40,220). I went through Edmunds which went through I cold called other bmw dealers in my area trying to get a better deal, and they all told me i was getting the run around because there's no way anyone would sell it to me for that low. Well guess what? I got it for that low! Plus free mats, free keychain, and all ready to go. And I am really glad i got all of the packages that i did. i don't know how i'd do without them now!
  • dave000kdave000k Posts: 13
    An Autonation dealer in the San Jose Area was offering $2,000 off MSRP on a phone quote earlier this year. Another local dealer was offering 5% off MSRP no haggle. I really like the Z4, but it's not practical as an only car. I just can't afford it.
  • yanoryanor Posts: 1
    dave000k, which dealer is offering 5%? thx.
  • dave000kdave000k Posts: 13
    I met with the Internet manager at Stevens Creek BMW. He looked in a book labeled "Costco". He quoted a price that he said was his best price. The price was 5% off MSRP. Hope this helps, yanor.
  • droptopz4droptopz4 Posts: 10
    I've been eyeing the Z4 since August 2002 when Automobile featured the car on its cover. Through a series of recent happenings, I was put in touch with two BMW dealers. One couldn't help but the other, a BMW/Ferrari/Maserati outfit, immediately got down to business, asked what I wanted and gave me a great below-MSRP quote right over the phone. I called back the next day to order a new 6-speed 2003 Z4 3.0i in Sterling Gray Metallic with high performance red leather seats and aluminum trim, a black power top and Sport Package. Estimated production date is June 6th and I'm tracking its progress online. I'm losing sleep!
  • tjtalberttjtalbert Posts: 4
    Any info about a removable hardtop or coupe for 04?

  • droptopz4droptopz4 Posts: 10
    The optional hardtop is listed in the Z4 accessories catalog. You'll need to contact your BMW center parts dept for availability.
    BTW, I took delivery of my Z4 3.0i on Saturday. It's an awesome machine.
  • sree72sree72 Posts: 1
    Made up my mind to get a Z4 3L.I was going to add the premium package. I was hoping to get advice on the pros and cons of the sports package.
  • droptopz4droptopz4 Posts: 10
    The only items added to the Premium Package for the 3.0i are the power top and power seats. I did without the power seats and ordered the automatic top separately for $750. I did go with the Sport Package so I could take full advantage of the car's handling abilities. The suspension is lower and those big 18"ers pick up every crease in the road but it was worth it for the handling. Depends on your driving style.
  • ronincolronincol Posts: 1
    I completed a two hour test drive of the Z4 3.0 6 speed in the Colorado Mountains and am in awe of the car. Wonderful power, acceleration and handling. If I had any more power, it would be impossible to keep my drivers license and I worry a bit about that with the Z4. Have owned three previous Bimmers and an Audi 2.7T and the Z4 is a monster in comparison. I personally love the bold and innovative styling. I was like a little kid during the test drive!
    Now for the business stuff. What is the best discount anyone has received and by what dealership and where? I am looking at a car that has a $45,000 MSRP.

    Also has anyone seen the Maldives Blue car with beige interior and how does it look? Is the upgraded extended high performance leather worth the money?
    ------------------------------------------------------------------ -------
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I have heard of $1,200 over invoice for an "in stock" 2003 Z4 3.0 in the DC area is possible. It came up when I was discussing 5-series pricing with a dealer.
  • laptopkidlaptopkid Posts: 3
    Hey, Does anyone here have an Urban Green Z4? If not, does anyone know where I can see a real picture of the color? Thanks.
  • domshardomshar Posts: 10
    Christmas holidays, I got a Titanium Silver 3.0 with black leather interior, gray top, premium package, cold weather package, 17" run-flats and more. I had test driven it three times, because I could, and when I saw my wife's face after she test drove it, I knew we were trading in our baby (a 2000 323i). It had been the best car I ever drove. I still miss it. HOWEVER, the Z4 is AWESOME. Yes, it is bad in snow, even when the roads are just starting to cover over ( is what it is....a roadster). My 323i went very well in snow, by the's a matter of how smart you drive, isn't it? The Z4 is supposed to be fast. Well it is, but you'll find that it is surprisingly faster than you might have thought. And looks? EVERYONE turns to look at it when I drive by them. Kids stop playing roundball and stare. People genuinely love its looks. I find the interior very roomy. I am 5' 10'', 210 lbs. Great headroom. Easy to use top (automatic). I have the steptronic (I love this tranny, traffic to/from work makes a manual really impractical). I had to replace one tire (I hope it's the ONLY time...the nail was too close to the edge to repair...lucky me). We find the wind and noise are very tolerable with top down, we did by the wind screen that goes across the back of the rollbars. I get great gas mileage (27 or so hiway), although going 84 miles a day, I wish it had a bigger gas tank. If you are thinking about buying one.....DON'T...don't THINK, that is....get one now! Enjoy what is indeed the Ultimate Driving Experience.
  • domshardomshar Posts: 10
    I need to check with my dealer on this one, but has anyone heard of such a thing for the Z4? My brother has the Volvo XC90 SUV...very nice by the way, but he was unhappy with his reception and a few other things. He got a software upgrade at the dealer's. I have always thought the premium Carver stereo in my Z4 should have better reception, and now I wonder. They already did an upgrade for my steptronic transmission, and it is much improved. Anyone?
  • droptopz4droptopz4 Posts: 10
    Ronincal, I took delivery on June 7th. The MSRP on my Z4 3.0i was $45,000 and I bought it for $41,000 with no trade-in. I had to hunt around a bit but it IS possible to find a very good deal. Yes, I've seen the blue/beige combo and it looks nice - just not my taste. The one thing I noticed (and didn't like) was that even the shifter boot was beige. Good luck!

    Laptopkid, I saw both the green and the burgundy colors on E-Bay Motors. Most Z4s there are 2.5 versions. I'm not sure if they're still there but check it out!

    Domshar, I share your love and excitement for the Z4 3.0i, although mine is a 6-speed. After doing my homework and reading everything I could on the car, it's faster than I thought it would be and handles better too...and photos don't really capture its true presence. Most people stop to tell me how beautiful they think it is. It's a rolling piece of art with high performance!
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