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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm negotiating for a lease on a 2007 M35X and I'm interested in the Technology package and satellite radio only. My salesman told me that getting satellite radio( Sirius or XM) will be difficult since it is mostly only coming in on cars with the advanced technology option which I don't want. Do you find this to be accurate?

  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 930
    I think you have found a dealer who didn't order their cars with Sirius or XM radios. Have them find one for you if that's what you want.
  • palaltpalalt Posts: 25
    A Chicagoland Dealer just forwarded the following Infiniti incentives to me:
    New Incintives
    2007 M35 and M45 1000.00
    2006 G35 sedan 2500 -coupes 1000.00 and a special APR
    2006 FX 2000.00
    2007 FX35 2000.00
    2007 FX45 3500
    2006 QX56 3500.00
    2007 QX56 3000.00

    This same dealer quoted me on a new 2007 M45 Sport w/Tech pkg. $54650 msrp, $3730 discount, Sale price $50920. Even adding the $1k incentive/rebate, doesn't sound like enough discount. I'm going to push for 10% discount PLUS the $1k incentive. I think Saturday 12/30 is a GREAT day to make an offer. I always buy cars during the last couple days of the year, knowing dealers are hungry to close out their month and year.
  • I doubt you would get 10% plus the $1000 incentive, but good luck. If you want to wait until the end of the year, go shopping in the last week of March. March 31st is the end of Nissan's fiscal year and I suspect that's true of most of their dealers.
  • I just leaesed a m35x msrp 48330 39 months with 15k per year 1800 out of pocket for inceptions first month bank dmv. ect. putting down 9 multiples of 650 my payment is 577.00 per month without multiples it would have been 639.00
  • Was that with taxes up front or in the lease? Please advise invoice, money factor and residual and tax percentage.

    Good luck with the car!

  • MSRP on the m35x was $48330 the prices posted included nj sales tax 7%
  • Which dealer in So Cal?
  • the infiniti dealer was in new jersey
  • Leased M45 with Tech for selling price of $48,000, Sales Tax and other fees tagged on an additional $3,000+. With a money factor of 0.00120(special for M45 under Infiniti's limited engagement event) and 0 down, monthly lease payment is $688 for 39 months. Paid the first month lease and drove off. The interesting thing was that I was offered $47,000 for the car if I was buying. The transaction was made in Maryland.

    This forum had been invaluable in educating me on the M and how to get a good deal.

    Happy New year to all.

  • They are dealing on the m45 people are looking for the all wheel drive m35x . Dealers are looking to move the 45"s because its rear wheel drive and dosent go in winter snow. There are better deals on M45's . I paid $577.00 per month 39 months 15k per year 1800 out of pocket for fees and first month tax included on a MSRP of 48330 car with the 9 multiple securities. without the securities it would have been 639. per month
  • You are very right bgiannantonio. Good deals abound on M45s. At another dealership, I was offered a 2006 M45 with Premium package for $49,000. Living in MD, I really believe I have no need for an all-wheel drive car. My belief is borne out of the experience of living in other parts of the country with more snow and ice than MD.

    Enjoy your new ride. I'm loving mine.

  • jcee2jcee2 Posts: 8
    live in NY. Dealer said Multi Sec Dep are not done allowed NY. Any suggestions on how to reduce Monthly #'s? I read on the form it is a major NO NO to put money down.
    Was thinking of getting G35X, but I saw the M35- WOW. I'm trying to make it happen. PS If I purchase in NJ can I do the Multi Sec. Dep?
  • You can try purchasing it from a new jersey dealer. the multiple securities is a holding deposit you get all this back at the end of the lease its stated on the contract as security deposit not a down payment
  • jcee2jcee2 Posts: 8
    Thanks. I'm close to CT & NJ I'll call dealers in both states for info.
  • you can email me at for further info
  • Does it depend on where you live or where you purchase? I'm in NY also and was told by all dealers Ny doesn't all MSD's.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,652
    If you live in NY and register the car in NY, you cannot do MSDs, no matter where you buy it..

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  • Does anyone have experience in buying used cars from Used car dealers? I am in the NorthEast and am looking for a 2006 M35x.

    I have seen some decent deals, but they seem much less then what an authorized New car dealer is looking for the same used vehicle.

    Any suggestions?

  • Does anyone understand how the current Infiniti incentives relate to leased vehicles? I'm interested in an M35 lease. Will I be able to roll this incentive in as a credit on the capitalized cost of the vehicle?
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