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Honda Accord Navigation

stanwelksstanwelks Posts: 35
If I get the navigation, are some of the controls for stereo, climate, etc. put on the LCD touch screen of the navigation instead of the buttons and knobs on the console?



  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Everything is on the touch screen. All radio/CD controls, including push button presets for two sets of FM, one set of AM and two sets of XM, volume, base, treble, fade, balance, CD adjustments, etc.

    All manual AC controls, including fan levels are there. The auto climate controls are knobs and push buttons.

    All the informational things like trip computer, calendar, calculator, etc are touch screen items as well.

    Oh yes, all the navi controls are there too. :)

    The whole thing is very easy to use. And you can also use voice commands for all of the above. For example, you can tell which radio preset you want to play.
  • stanwelksstanwelks Posts: 35
    1. How easy is it to view the contents of the screen in direct sunlight? This is my main concern, since all of the controls are integrated into the screen.

    2. How well does the voice recognition differentiate words spoken during conversation from commands given to the unit?

    3. Are there any issues with doing 2 things at the same time with the nav screen? So for example, while the radio is playing in the background, I imagine I can click over to the climate options and the screen will change to that. Are there anythings that have to be stopped before something else can be done?

  • stanwelksstanwelks Posts: 35
    Are there any advantages to getting an aftermarket NAV system "installed?" I do not want one that is just mounted on the window or dashboard.

    Can an aftermarket NAV be as nicely integrated with the stereo, climate controls, etc.?

  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 818
    Reading the screen in direct sunlight is very difficult.

    That may sound bad, but keep in mind the climate controls in the model with the Navi option also has the Auto feature with dual temperature settings. Basically you can "set it and forget it"

    I have an 04 EX-L, I hardly ever touch the climate control settings. I set the temps at 70 deg, and leave it there. When the car has been setting in the sun, the auto controls crank up the fan speed, and even turn the controls to Recirculate for max cooling, returning to normal once the car cools down a bit.

    The radio volume, mode and channels can be changed with the steering wheel controls as well as the knob on the dash.

    The voice recognition only functions when you hit the "voice" button on the steering wheel. You push the button, the system shuts off the volume to the front speakers, and you give it your command. If your lucky, it will understand your command. I love the Navi system, could go without the voice recognition.

    I find that unless I'm using the Navi function, I really don't need to use the screen for much. Once you program your favorite radio channels, adjust the bass/treble/balance/fader to your liking, there isn't much of a need for the radio settings. If your interested in your current gas milage, how far you have gone on the tank of gas, and how far you got left, the trip computer screen is handy.

    There is nothing that has to be stopped when you change screens.

    The only BIG complaint that I and everyone else has is the 20+ seconds it takes before it becomes operational. The delay doesn't affect the climate controls from turning on when you start the car, or does the delay effect the radio. I also wish I could plan a trip on my PC and download the data to the Navi system. I'm sure, future models will have that option.

    My suggestion would be to find an '03 or newer Accord at a dealer with the Navi and play!

    If you do alot of traveling, or drive in areas your not familiar with, the Navi system is worth the $$. If your going to be driving the car back and forth to the same places you've been before, then what do you need the navi system for?

  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    After 03 to 04 and you get bluetooth and dual climate.
  • stanwelksstanwelks Posts: 35
    "bluetooth?" I thought the Accord didn't have it.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    There is no bluetooth on the Accord.

    I agree with MrBill about the voice recognition. It works much better sitting in the driveway but it sure gets confused if there is any noise. With the roof or windows open, your chance of having it understand you goes waaaay down.

    Of course the other thing that helps is to memorize the exact words to say to do something. I end up just pressing the screen most of the time.

    The only complaint I have is that there aren't enough radio presets for me on XM. (Go figure.... there are two sets.) There are so many choices and I find myself liking different things at different times. Changing individual stations with the dial is the worst thing about the system. Otherwise, I love it.

    On another note, while I drive in many places that are new (why I bought it in the first place) I still like having the map available even locally. There are some freeways that I drive and never have known what's "over the hill". The map lets me see roads, lakes, etc. Also, I've been able to find a few back roads in some areas that I didn't even know went through. Kinda fun.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    I said blue tooth?? :surprise:

    I ment that the accord gets dual climate control, Xm radio and a nav system with voice recognition for 2004. :blush:

    The accords styling was best in 2003, 2004, and 2006.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    I wonder how the accord reacts to people with an accent... It seems strange at first but i'm serious. Some people native tounge just can't say "Find Nearest Restaurant" without a lot of extra in it. I wonder how many times they did the TLs commercial? The one about listening...

    -Cj :shades:
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 172
    It's funny you mentioned this. One of my best friends is from Laos and he was showing me his new Accord and the built-in navigation system. He began to demo how the voice control works and instead of performing the requested command the car would do something completely different.

    I'm sorry, but it was hilarious. I asked him to key the mic again and I gave the car the same instructions and it understood me perfectly.

    He has since been able to get it to respond to his voice, but he has to speak very clearly and try to reduce his accent. Good luck. - Kelly
  • I have dual climate in my '03.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    i meant it is rare to find dual climate in 2003s. It was an expensive option for ex models. For 2004, that was fixed because honda made Dual climate standard for ex models with leather. Also voice controls for the navigation system came on the 2004 models. If purchasing an accord, i recommend a 2004 or 2006.

    -Cj :)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    i meant it is rare to find dual climate in 2003s. It was an expensive option for ex models. For 2004, that was fixed because honda made Dual climate standard for ex models with leather.

    You sure about that? I thought all EX-Ls since 2003 had Auto Dual Climate Control... Honda very VERY rarely makes things stand-alone options, NAVI systems excluded.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Edmunds agrees with you - the 03 V6 EX came with leather and dual-zone automatic climate control standard. (The only option was navi.) The I4 had leather as an option and I can't find any indication that dual-zone climate control was available. In 02, the V6 had an automatic climate control, but it was single-zone.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    :blush: oops, i got my years mixed up... I keep thing the accord went from 2002-now...

    I still think i'm right about the voice commands for the nav though.

    -Cj :blush:
  • I have only owned my Accord for 4 days and having to press OK to the Navigation disclaimer screen “EVERY” time I start the car is getting old. Is there any way to turn this off or have it disappear after 30 seconds as other navigation manufactures, like Garmin, have done?
  • There are other forums on the Web that talk about modifying the start-up splash screen, eliminating the text, but I don't remember seeing something that has eliminated the need to push the OK button.

    Having the text display and pushing the OK button is probably a legal "you can't blame Honda cause you agreed to the text" if you caused an accident while viewing the Navi screen.

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Having the text display and pushing the OK button is probably a legal "you can't blame Honda cause you agreed to the text" if you caused an accident while viewing the Navi screen.

    That's exactly what it is, and its the same reason we have to have ugly yellow airbag warning stickers printed on sunvisors and such...
  • Has anyone seriously explored getting the Pioneer DVD player that plugs into the Nav system to watch movies?
  • I'm making an assumption here, but you probably won't be able to convert the current Navi system to play DVDs. The DVD used in the Navi is most likely recorded in a "data" format for access by the computer. Video DVDs use a compressed MPEG format which requires a decoder to decompress and play the video. If the Navi DVD is in a "data" format, then the Navi system won't use a MPEG decoder, so it can't play video DVDs.

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