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Freelander Maintenance and Repair



  • h2oleoh2oleo Posts: 6
    My Freebie has been in the shop for over a month now with coolant leaks. It has about 60K miles and started overheating. The kicker is, I DID buy the extended warranty from Land Rover, and APCO, the company that supplies the extended warranty, decided not to cover the problem because no one could prove "where" the coolant leak was coming from.

    My dealer was able to get LRNA to provide a new engine, but we are still working out who will pay for labor charges. Obviously this has been a world-wide problem with the Freelander. Apparently there was an attempt at a class-action lawsuit in Australia for this same problem, and there is a whole website in the UK dedicated to the same. Below are 2 websites that really opened my eyes to how widespread this problem is...

    Sad that Land Rover as a company has not helped out more with this problem. No doubt they have lost a large amount of support from their consumers!
  • My Freelander over heated 4X within 6 months... each time I was told it was something different. I was out of a truck for 4 months...I really dont think the dealer knew what was wrong with it. It over heated again at 51,000 miles. The dealer said since it was over warranty I would have to pay...and they needed to keep it awhile -due to getting the part they needed to fix it. So with that headache, I took it to a private gargage and they fixed it in 2 days and for half of what I was quoted at the dealer. I then drove that truck for over a year with no more over heating problem so I know the private gargage finally fixed the problem.
    I have had so much replaced on this truck you would think each time it would run beautifully and for a long time with no other issues. Wrong was I --- over and over and over. :cry:
  • My 2003 Freelander is about to go out of warranty, and everywhere I look there are reports of pre-mature engine failures due to cooling issues related to failed head gaskets. Has anyone received compensation from LRNA for extended warranties or buy back offers? Had to leave my car at the dealership today, because, you guessed it, :sick: leaking coolant! :sick:

    Very sorry this car has the reputation it does, really enjoy driving it!
  • My 2003 freelander just went in the shop yesterday for overheating. I haven't had a call back from my dealer yet, but after reading everyones' post, I called land rover. They were generally unhelpfull and rude, with an end result of p**** me off. I think land rover needs to respond to what is happening with this car. (and isn't it odd that the new LR2 will be based off a volvo platform)
  • I have a 2003 Freelander which as been nothing but a headache. The Landroverr corporation has the poorest customer service I have ever experienced. The following is just a portion of one of the many letters I have had to send :
    "As for the business at hand, I feel that all your service department did was a half hearted attempt to mask the problems with my vehicle. First of all, I have driven the vehicle that your company serviced only 247 miles and I have already had to put in a half gallon of anti freeze. In addition, when the heater in the vehicle is turned on, there is a strong smell of anti freeze inside the vehicle and a film has developed on the inside of the windows. A mechanic with minimum training should know that this is a serious problem, but yet your "certified" mechanics were unable, or more likely unwilling to address this problem. As for your corporations attempt to claim that the vehicle was not cared for properly the following factors apply: "

    The problem is still not fixed and now they are claiming a loose clamp on one of the hoses leading into the thermostat. We plan to get rid of this lemon as soon as possible, but I hate ripping off someone as Landrover has done me.
  • We have a 2003 Honda Civic. We have owned it since it was new. This winter when you turn on the heater there is a burning toxic odor. The odor makes you so sick we can't drive the car any long distances. We have had it back to the dealer for repair 3 times and they can't find the problem. Anyone have this problem with any make or model of car? And is there any solutions to fix the problem?
  • I guess i am just starting. I have an 03 Land Rover Freelander SE3. Unfortunately the lease I guess I am just starting. I have an 03 Land Rover Freelander SE3. Unfortunately the lease was up and my wife loved the car so we bought it. That is when the troubles began. It was towed in 12/9/06 for a burst hose. I have complained each time it has been in of "hot smelling." The only time that complaint is listed is a service on 6/04. I guess they finally found that one. I went in to pick up the car after replacing cooling hoses, Thermostat, coolant expansion tank and something done to the top end of the motor (not listed on the R.O.). When the car started it had a loud knocking sound. Back in the shop again.
    I finally got the car back with a rebuilt motor under warranty 1/12/07. I Had it towed back in 2 hours later with coolant dripping out. I picked it up Friday only to return it again Saturday with coolant still leaking. It doesn't leak coolant anymore. However the new motor feels like a 4 cylinder rather than a 6. It makes a gurgling sound when starting out and feels like it is about to stall at a low idle. The response from Land Rover N.J. was basically that the tech says that it is performing as it should. I have driven this car for three years and know how it feels.
  • Please look at our other freelander site. Mine is in the shop again today. This is 4 times in 2 months.....a total of 32 visits in two years...unreal.....
    We are really getting our class action in order. Please pass this on. Email me at
    I will be meeting with a lawyer soon and we will all be joining in to get what is owed to us.
    I was planning on getting rid of my car this weekend, but due to the spewing oil this morning....that's out.... :lemon:
  • They have sent me on my way after installing a strut backward...a faulty steering rack (twice) . Now after about 32 visits my car is in today for the 4th time in 2 months. I had a full transmission replaced....then my bushees failed and caused my car to go into limp mode....but then they blamed the throttle the second time...both times I was on the highway during rush hour traffic and nearly got killed. We are organizing a class action...this is for real. Please email me at
    We will be doing our best to put together a petition once I solidify counsel. Thank you for passing this on, if you can, and/or participating...we need all the help we can get to hold them responsible for this vehicle. :mad:
  • Hi - I had complaints about a burning rubber smell within months of taken my brand new 2002 home. I mentioned it a every service and they said they couldn't daignosis - it was proabably nothing. I am sure it was soemthing as I have nothing but a headache since and recently had to replace the engine. Please get in touch with if you haven't already.
  • Own a 2003 freelander G4 edition 4500thosand miles was told I need a new engine LR declined my warrenty trying to say I did not have the right maitaince was bull. thet really jerk you around when you are a girl. my husband is talking with them they want 6,600.00 for a new engine there is a cooling system falt. said the oil was like a milk shake the car was just in for ticking sounds in november they did the last oil change at hoffman estates LR I am ready to rent a lemon suit and stand out side with a sign wont honor warrenty do you think there arrest a cops wife? next step lawsuit
  • I just turned 82K and my freelander is going great - however, the messages above freak me abit - are there any more satisfied freelander customers out there?

    On the other hand, I would not buy one of these used unless I was going to work on it myself, which I would not attempt.

    I wonder what 'click & clack' think of these trucks?

    I have been lucky I guess, the 'command shift' is great, the freelander handles great in the snow and off road, and it still looks almost like new, as long as you don't look at the salad-oil dressing and burger king stains on the back seat from my teenagers. (I ahve the front seats covered with waterproof seatcovers). :) :)
  • hey ellieguns - I would look at legal options also - don't let them push you around

  • yes I am looking into Lawyers. I believe there design on this engine 2.4 liter 24 valve is a recall which would coast them millions. please email me if interested. My lawyer wants me to wait and see what my denial is. I had to get affidavits signed for all of my oil changes. they think someone put regular oil in and not synthetic. If that was the case the oil would not look like a milk shake. the coolant leaked in the engine. they were the last ones to change the oil plus my engine light was on and engine was ticking but ran a check said it was ok :lemon:
  • elliegunsellieguns Posts: 14
    MY sad story. I had a 2003 freelander. with 45 thousand miles. coolant was leaking into oil. Lr denied me 2x's. which took almost 3 weeks of no car. and I followed all of the warranty rules. They said they took pictures and there was sludge in the engine. when everything looks like a milk shake how can you tell ? I was so mad. I had the car towed to a non LR dealer. They said LR changed all of the fluids in car and you cannot tell there is anything wrong. I traded the car in for a new mazda. Lucky that I did not have to pay for a new engine. I did take a loss the car did not hold resale. I was so finished with LR. When another dealership goes to certify my freelander which is still under warranty It will be easier for them to fight with LR from what I was told. I tell everyone I know my story. Freelanders were made from 2002-2005 thats alot of cars back at them. I know I will recover the money I lost from them. It will take time. Fix the car and get rid of it. I loved my car, but could not afford or take the stress.
  • kelesmomkelesmom Posts: 11
    My 2003 Freelander is my 3rd LR, purchasing close to 90k from LR. I had taken it into the shop, still under warranty for the same issue of over heating, 2 times prior to it going out of warranty. The engine, at 61k miles finally crapped out, "blown head gasket"! it was not holding ANY fluids, it was smoking and I took it to the closest auto tech that I could trust. NOT being a LR dealership BECAUSE the closest one is over 1hr away. Due to the fact that a NON LANDROVER took the engine out, and then towed it to the dealership, LR refuses to pay for anything!! I have a car with no engine and no clue of what the heck to do~!
  • kelesmomkelesmom Posts: 11
    ME! I've posted so many times, and will continue. This is my 2nd Freelander, and I've owned 1 Discovery. I knew better than to keep a LR after warranty, but I had no choice. Now I have a Freelander sitting at a LR dearship with no engine. the head gaskets are blown. the sad part is that I had taken it in to a LR dealership for the exact problem, 2x's. they are not paying a darn thing. :cry:
  • kelesmomkelesmom Posts: 11
    Thanks you for your response,and I too am very sorry for your problems. The sad part is, I LOVED LR and I was a HUGE and LOYAL customer.
    I am going to have to take a voluntary repo on it. I have no other choice. LR has closed my case, and is refusing anything. I have a care with no engine, and after speaking with my lender, WACHOVIA, who was wonderful btw, this was their suggestion. I still have to research it a bit, but I don't think I am going to have a choice. Unfortunately, the lemon law doesn't affect my situation.
    Good Luck and again,thanks for your input. LR SUCKS and I will continue to tell everyone. AND I have a really big mouth, working with alot of people who love SUV's to take off roading....hhhmmm :mad:
  • hrevillehreville Posts: 4
    My 2002 Freelander only has 28,000 miles on it. The car overheated and now they are telling me it needs a new engine! They want $7800 and the trade in is only around $10 - $12k. Anyone have any suggestions? It sounds as if this is a defect in the manufacting of the car. Anyone actually try to sue Land Rover yet?
  • kelesmomkelesmom Posts: 11
    I am SORRY for what you are experiencing with Land Rover. If you read through the Freelander Forum, hopefully you'll find a person who is gathering names for a Class Action Law Suit. I would LOVE to sue, however, I don't have the money. My lender is suggesting that I do a voluntary repo. They said that it won't go against my credit, in a way that I wasn't able to make payments, it's very clear that it was a voluntary recall, and the reason is stated. I am thinking that's what I'm going to have to do.
    Any ideas...I'm listening with both ears.
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