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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • coolpetecoolpete Posts: 30
    Do the newer Odyssey models still have these problems? I guess it is hard to know until they reach a certain mileage but has anyone heard of people having transmission issues for 06 and 07 models?

    I am in the market for Odyssey and now seriously wondering about the long term reliability of this car.
  • steveo12steveo12 Posts: 1
    I know that a few people can make a big noise online so to me it looks like there are many odyssey owners with tranney problems. But, statistically, there may be only 5% with problems and 95% of Odysseys would be fine. Does anyone here have some real statisitcs to what percentage of 02,03,04 Odysseys have had tranney problems or tranneys replaced.
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 490
    I don't think you will find statistics on this type of thing. My guess based on following Honda V6 transmission failures on several forums is there is more like 30-40% with transmission failures in the 5 speed '02-'04's.

    You have to remember that there is a big population of Odyssey owners that only put 40-50k miles in 5,7, or even 10 years. These are the people that claim the car never had problems.

    I personally had bad transmissions on 2 of my 3 V6 Hondas. The third is only 2 years old with 33k miles (slams gears & makes me nervous though) '06 Odyssey.
  • gfh38gfh38 Posts: 1
    My 2004 Odyssey has 53,500 miles on it and I recently brought it in to the dealer for a transmission flush. The service guy later showed me that the transmission case was covered with transmission fluid and suggested that the fluid replacement should wait until that problem was fixed. He said it would cost about $150 to clean the case and remove whatever is in the way of access and to test for the cause of the leak.

    Instead, I took the van to an independent transmission shop and they cleaned the case and found a leak on the top that they claimed was a crack in the case. They would replace the case for about $1,600. I called the Honda dealer and was given the number for American Honda which I called. The case manger assigned to me said I would have to bring it to the dealer for verification of the problem before they could consider "goodwill assistance".

    The dealership, however claims that they cannot find a crack but that the seals are not leaking. They say they need to remove the transmission to find the problem. The cost of removal would be my responsibility but if found to be a Honda default, they would consider "goodwill assistance" and the cost of removal would not be charged. If they do find a problem, the only solution they seem to have is replacing the transmission with a rebuilt one. Also, they tell me that no Honda rebuilts are available for out of warranty work and that I would have to have a 3rd party remanufactured.

    My other option at this point is to take it back to the transmission shop and have them replace the case. Any suggestion or other information?
  • meetme25meetme25 Posts: 10
    Update to my problems.

    Filed a case with BBB and Honda has now agreed to re-purchase the vehicle.

  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    I currently have the P0740 code on my '00 Ody, after a long history of transmission problems with it. A short time after I purchased it, I was getting clunks and missed shifts; took it to my local dealer who said there was no problem. Dash light (Check engine and/or TCS) would come on and I'd go back to the dealer; again, no problem located. I finally got to take the Regional Service Manager for a ride, with the light on. He said there was no problem, this was common on Odys, even his own. Finally, after eight or nine trips just to get the light turned off, one of the servicemen told the local Service Manager in my presence that the tranny was shot and would have to be replaced. The 2004 class-action suit and following legal actions came about then, but I was never notified of them. All was well for several years, until in 2006, the noises and slippage began again. Back to a local dealer (I had moved in the meantime), who could not find a problem. Both lights come on again in November of '07. The Service Manager told me to just keep driving the vehicle and the lights would go out. They did, but last month, the CE light comes on again, back to the dealer, now I need a new $3,000 transmission! The fight goes on: after a candid email to the head Service Manager, Honda has offered a "goodwill" sale of the tranny to me at 30% off. Not good enough, so I started looking at this forum. Many thanks to those who have shared their problems, Honda's actions, and the resulting settlements. They will be handy when I have meetings higher up in the Honda chain.
  • taggertytaggerty Posts: 4
    I am military overseas. I have the same problem. I have a 2003 w/103,000 miles and a check engine light a P0740 code and the transmission slips after I drive it a couple of miles. Honda will not help me out because the vehicle is out of the US. I do know for fact that 2 other folks with my problem have been helped over here. At first Honda they said they would help with a reimbursment....then 2 days later they called and said they will not be reimbursing me. I am upset with Honda. I have been a loyal fan....I am now changing my opinion. Any Americas statined overseas with info? :P
  • taggertytaggerty Posts: 4
    I am military overseas RAF Mildenhall. I have the same problem. I have a 2003 w/103,000 miles and a check engine light a P0740 code and the transmission slips after I drive it a couple of miles. Honda will not help me out because the vehicle is out of the US. I do know for fact that 2 other folks with my problem have been helped over here. At first they said they would help...then 2 days later they called and said they will not be reimbursing me. I am upset with Honda. I have been a loyal fan....I am now changing my opinion. Did you get your vehicle sorted out?
  • taggertytaggerty Posts: 4
    I am going to have my 03 Ody looked at by John Banks Honda in Cambridge, UK. They are authorized to carry out warranty work on Honda. I towed it down there after Honda said they could reimburse me cost of repair. I am now being told by Honda (US) that they cannot pay anything because the vehicle is out of country. I need some guidance. Looks like a couple military folks went through the same issues. I know 2 off hand...and now you all. Wow...there is something wrong!
  • I have scanned this forum and seen others with the same transmission trouble I am having with my 99 Odyssey with 135K+ miles on it. Am I out of luck on this vehicle or is it possible to still get some help getting it fixed? I was prepared to take this to AAMCO Transmission but may have to consider the dealership if I can get help. I have truely enjoyed this vehicle but am not looking forward to spending its blue book value to get the tranny fixed.

    Can anyone give me the links that I will need for documenation to present for repair?

    Thanks for any help!!
  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    Maltsensation: there's so much good information in the earlier entries, I suggest that you go to page 1 and go all the way through. Not only will you find the references and documents you may need, you will find the different ways that we all have tried to get satisfaction, the problems we have all had, and what worked and what didn't. That will take you a couple of hours, but its time well spent. There's some excellent information in the entries. Be sure to go to // to see if you were covered in the 2004 settlement. Good luck; never give up......
  • irishcaseyirishcasey Posts: 36
    Maltsensation - I have a 99 Ody. Trans failed at about 155K. I had read this forum and was familiar with the recall. I also had consistent maintenance work done at the same dealer.
    I had to plead my case to the dealer service manager then talk to two customer reps at NA Honda. Tell them I had an 87 Accord, 92 Accord and had to get a new trans in the 87.
    Bottom line I paid $1,700 for replacement trans with 3 yr 36 month warranty.
    I hated to part with the cash but this is a lot cheaper than a new car. I hope to keep the car to 200K.
  • ddbarrettddbarrett Posts: 9
    I would like to find out if the TCS light coming on is an early indicator of a failing transmission?

    I bot a 2002 Honda Odysessy van at 33,000 miles. I took it on a trip a few weeks later and I got a TCS light that came on. I later took it to the dealer and the replaced something that was a recall. Now, at 50,000, the transmission won't go into 2nd or 3rd gear.

    The van was orginally purchased by the first owner and maintained at the Honda Dublin dealership in california (i have the records); however I bot the van at a non-honda dealership, a Chevy Dealer (with the certification of being checked by a qualifed technician). Honda of America won't pay for hardly anything---my cost would still be about $3,000.

    Honda says it's because they don't know the history of van, but I have the records---they don't want to see them. When pushed, they said it is because I didn't buy the van at a Honda dealer. I told them my experience of 5 previous Hondas, no problems, all over 200,000 miles and I bought them all at dealerships---this being the first that wasn't. Honda doesn't care about past purchases, only this vehicle.

    They know about that many have received a high percentage of monetary help from HoAm, with almost double mileage that I have, but still, the issue is for them that I didn't buy it at a Honda dealer. It makes me very mad and makes me not ever want to buy a Honda again.
  • ddbarrettddbarrett Posts: 9
    No. 2002 are not covered---yet! Hopefully, there will be a class-action. Ours went out at only 50,000 and the dealer/HoAm won't do more than a few hundred dollars because we purchased it a non-honda dealer. But, we have all records of previous maintaince from a Honda Dealer.
  • cristian1cristian1 Posts: 10
    Hi to all Honda owners, well I have now the second Odyssey, it is a XL 2002 with 70.000 k on it, it is my wife’s car, I’m driving a 04 Accord (no complains) but lately my wife told me and I noticed too that the engine it is going crazy sometimes. For example suddenly the engine’s RPM goes from 2000 to 6 or 7ooo and the car it is just going like 45-60 mil/hour
    It’s there any one that experienced the same anomaly? Please let me know what you did to get rid of the problem. Thank you! :)
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    You usually can't go wrong with a Lexus, except maybe the SUV. I know for a while their sedans were rated the most reliable cars out there.
  • ebotrdebotrd Posts: 5
    Looks like I found my club to commiserate. Our van's at the dealer now to figure out what the problem is, but it's been lurching between 1st & 2nd, and 2nd & 3rd. Popped out of gear (rpm's went way up in "neutral" for a few seconds) on a few occasions. We'll keep y'all updated, but there are 700+ of us here. Maybe we should get together somehow and push Honda to give us a similar deal as the 99-01 folks got:
    I'm no lawyer, but it doesn't sound all that different to me.
  • shivamshivam Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 05 odyssey.
    No throttle response, power locks, rear sliding door and VSE light.
    What was the outcome?
    Thanks, any help will be appreciated.
  • dgram41dgram41 Posts: 1
    Hey y'all -- my 1999 Hon. Ody. needs a new transmission. Same problems switching into 2nd, 3rd, etc. I'm planning on driving this van into the ground. I'm the original owner - it has over 201,000 miles on it and the only preventive maintenance I've done is have the oil changed. I don't feel so bad now. I guess I must have gotten "one of the good ones". Good luck to all of you -- make Honda do the right thing -- remember that the "squeaky wheel gets the grease"! :shades:
  • ebotrdebotrd Posts: 5
    When we first brought it to the dealer to check why the engine light was on, they said they couldn't find anything wrong & just turned off the engine light. Then a friend told me it might be the transmission and i looked around & found this & other forums. So, we brought it to another local dealer (didn't tell them anything to clue them in...just check the engine light). (By the way we bought our Ody in another state, so couldn't go back to that dealer.) They said it was the transmission of course. At that point, we at least knew they were competent. The manager there called American Honda and said they would pay 80% and we'd pay 20% of the $3,900 bill. I told him we appreciate all that he's doing to help, but, armed with info from these forums including that LA Times article, and our family's history of multiple Honda's owned, told him we know there is a manufacturing defect in this model (as there was in the '99 - '01 Odysseys for which they extended the warranty to 109,000 miles!), and we expect American Honda to "goodwill it" -- to replace the transmission at no charge to us with at least 3 years' warranty, as well as a loaner car while waiting. I also told him we got the oil injector kit installed as soon as notified in '04, and maintained the car very well -- often at the dealer. Curiously, he did ask if we were the original owners (which other posters have said they were asked -- maybe that carries some weight with them?) He said he'd email them and try. He apparently didn't get any further (or didn't try) as I didn't hear from him and we were charged $800 when we picked it up. I will now try going directly to American Honda for reimbursement, which probably will be a waste of time. I do appreciate the 80% off, but the fact remains that I've never had the transmission die on me at 80K in any car of any make, and there's obviously some defect in these models. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a Honda transmission to last well over 150K if not the life of the care. I don't think we should even be paying the $800, not to mention the week without our primary car being a big hassle. My friend got the extended warranty on his Ody because he knew this issue might come up, but it was $1400. As for us, we're grateful for the large discount, but feel that Honda's not handling this well -- are they just waiting for another class-action lawsuit? Especially for life-long customers who did everything right, we fill let down. If we're not fully reimbursed, we're going to avoid Honda in the future, and recommend our friends & family do the same.
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