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Jeep Wrangler



  • They are out with the V6 now?

    I thought that was next year or something.
  • All electrical stuff. Radio, air, all lights (including external). I had a blown headlight fuse that didn't show up until I was getting it inspected :(

  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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    And don't forget tonight's chat!

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  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    MotleyFool has a good starting point:

    As for Jeeps, some other stuff to add would be:

    - paint quality (easier to check out of direct sunlight with a bright shop light or flashlight held at an angle to the body.) tsjay had a paint run in his and I have matching "bad spots" on the half doors near the bottom.

    - tools - did it come with the spare tire lug lock in the glove box? If you got the hard top, did they provide the removal wrench?

    - soft top - do the zippers work well? Are the seams sewn well (one of our half doors is poorly sewn from a cosmetic standpoint, but doesn't leak and appears strong)

    - half doors - do they come out easily and go in easily (our passengers was very difficult to put in until I noticed one of the receiving holes wasn't lined up well from the factory)

    - undercoating - look under the tub to see if they sprayed undercoating everywhere it should be

    - axles - make sure you got the one you paid for with the right ratios (someone posted that they paid for Trak-loc but didn't get it) Trak-loc is evident from a tag on the diff that states the fluid requires friction modifiers.

    - tire pressure - make sure yours is lowered from the 39psi they ship with, especially if your first trip will be a long one.

    - idle quality - ours was rough, many say theirs is fine. New plugs fixed ours.

    - 4WD, you may ask if they have a gravel lot where you can engage the 4WD before leaving to make sure everything is working and get a demo on how to engage the system.

    - instructional video - should be in the glovebox.

    - airbag deactivation switch - make sure the light turns on when the airbag is off.

    - tie down straps - should be in a bag in the glovebox. These are for tieing the windshield down, the sides of the sport bars when removed and one is used to keep the rear seat tied in the 'flip-n-fold" position.

    that's all I can think of for now, but this is a great question to ask. I'd love to get a copy of the final list for my site if you compile one.


  • saharanutsaharanut Posts: 134
    I was wondering if anyone missed me...
    Hey I'm still working on Mrs Nut...
    but like i said earlier...As soon as we get rid of our mobile home..TJ is mine..
    Hey..prices are coming down TOO...
    I just talk to my dealer..

    60th anniversary
    dana 44
    speed control
    sentry key
    22,700 -500 rebate + tax & title
    total of
    $23,454.25 of the lot price

    how does that sound?

    see you in chat tonight...maybe be a little late but i will be here!

  • saharanutsaharanut Posts: 134
    ok..its 8:00 CT where is the chat?
  • scomoscomo Posts: 39
    Hi all... First thanks for your help with my Jeep questions. Secondly, I have more questions about some options I was thinking about.

    1. I'm in Buffalo so I was thinking of the dual top option because the winters are terrible but I don't want to store a hardtop in the summer and it's $1300 I can use somewhere else ... so I was leaning against it.

    2. I'm not sure about air-conditioning. I'm tempted to get it just to help with the defrosting of the windows but it seems so "unjeeplike" to get AC. Plus in Buffalo the summers are so short. How many people have AC & like it?

    3. Anti-lock brakes (ABS). I heard the brakes on the Wrangler are marginal at best and they didn't seem too great when I did a test drive so I was thinking of getting ABS but if you want ABS you have to get trak-lok differential too for a total of around $750. Anyone have ABS care to comment?

    Thanks again for all your help. Now if I can just find a Great Jeep dealer in the Buffalo area, I'd be all set!

  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    You posted while a number of us were in the weekly Wrangler chat. Stop in next time.

    1)If you were in any place else, I'd say you don't need the hard top, but Buffalo...I've heard you all get the worst winters in the mainland U.S. You might think about this a bit. I have both tops and it works well in the Pacific Northwest.

    2)get a/c. I thought it was unnecessary and I was wrong. Driving on the highway with the top down is unrealistic for long road trips, and you'll need a/c then. I got mine retrofitted.

    3)ABS is a stand-alone option, you don't need the trak-lok. That said, the trak-loc is a great investment and worth the $$ for the extra traction. So is the ABS. I have both and am very happy when I drive in the mountains in the winter.
  • spyrodragonspyrodragon Posts: 147
    Sorry about the pics but I just have to show off my baby now...



  • tntbeautytntbeauty Posts: 22
    While I adore my GCL, I can see why you all rave on the little Wranglers. Well, actually, they don't look so little when all tricked out. Your Jeep would dwarf my GCL if parked side-by-side.

    I'd better not let my Mom see the pictures of your Jeep though. She's tolerably happy with the tires Dad bought her, along with the other goodies on her Wrangler. If she saw yours she'd start giving Dad more grief than you can imagine.

    Glad you shared Darlin'. (I gotta find myself a scanner.)

    Welcome to the board Scott... do everything these guys tell you to and no one will get hurt. :o) (And I too have heard about Buffalo winters... you get so much snow every year, how is it that every time you get a storm y'all are surprised? And blondes are tormented for being slow-witted... ) **wink**

    Stirred the pot enough for one night; take care everyone,

  • tonkadavetonkadave Posts: 102
    Sweet Ride Spyro. Is that the Garvin Industries Tilting Roof Rack? Have you used it yet with the top down? Gonna get a Winch for that big Bumper?
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    The Buzz site has a story on how the future of the Jeep Wrangler may be in Jeopardy , read it......
  • f14jeepf14jeep Posts: 7
    I recently took delivery of a new 2001 Wrangler Sport, stone white, tan hardtop/soft top(my 5th Jeep) and if anyone is interested I purchased it for $700 below invoice. Just mention dealer hold back and the $500 rebate and the numbers start to fall.

    However, there were a few problems with the paint that should be mentioned. First, make sure when you take delivery that you really check the paint well. Mine had numerous iron or steel filings imbedded in the paint that were starting to rust. Second, the rubber grommets between the windshield hinges had pulled the paint off the hinges causing some surface rust. Other than those two things no problems yet
  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    Great pics; your Jeep looks fantastic and tough as nails. We're still thinking about Tellico this fall and if you're there, I want to make sure I've got someone like you to pull our butts out (or maybe we can just get Alee to drive!).

    f14jeep - welcome to the group. Sounds like a great looking jeep. I don't think you can beat a white Jeep with a tan top . I'll have to check my paint flaws to see if there are similar to the embedded metal rusting as yours did. I was hoping it was a piece of dirt or crud, btu will keep a close eye on it.

  • scomoscomo Posts: 39
    Thanks for the info on the chat. I was watching the Pittsburgh Penguins beat up on my Buffalo Sabres... but I'll have to pay more attention to the board here. You all sure have some fine looking rigs! I'm going to try to order a 2001 TJ before the 2001 model cutoff. Not sure when the 2002 will be available but there doesn't seem to be any changes to the TJ to warrant the wait for the 2002 and DC always kicks the $$$ a few bucks too!
  • big_davebig_dave Posts: 13
    If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost for the A/C retrofit? Where did you get it done? Did it install right into the dash, or did they install an additional unit on top or under the dash? Does the jeep stay cool with the soft top on?

  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    great article. I find that column to offer a good dose of speculation tempered with reality. One concept that I would guess DC is looking into is the use of a side curtain mounted in the sport bar / cage. BMW uses a tube shaped bag in their cars that has mounting points at the top of the A pillar and the botttom of the B pillar. Due to an agressive salesman bent on showing me a 330i's capabilities, I can attest to the fact that this type of system can work. We clipped a curb on the passenger side at about 35 and the car thought we had been broadsided, activating the door panel air bag and head restraint system on my side. Glad he was driving and not me (although I am such an excellent driver, I would never do something so foolish ). $1100 in rims alone were destroyed.

    Anyway, I think the article points out some good issues about how challenging it is for auto designers these days and the fact that the current TJ is as close to the origional from 60 years later is nothing short of amazing. The only other car with anything close to this lineage is the Porsche 911.

    Jeep On!

  • I live in Central Mass. and have no AC. I love it with the windows down.

    (now if I can get a jeep, and put the top down...)
  • scomoscomo Posts: 39
    Thanks for the info on the chat. I was watching the Pittsburgh Penguins beat up on my Buffalo Sabres... but I'll have to pay more attention to the board here. You all sure have some fine looking rigs! I'm going to try to order a 2001 TJ before the 2001 model cutoff. Not sure when the 2002 will be available but there doesn't seem to be any changes to the TJ to warrant the wait for the 2002 and DC always kicks the $$$ a few bucks too!
  • Who here takes the top off their jeep?
    Who knows about the roll bars? Is it true they are not really roll bars? If so, can you retrofit it with real roll bars?

    thanks for any answers.
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