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Nissan Pathfinder



  • kmrqkmrq Posts: 50
    Has anyone installed cd changers in their 2000 pathy??? I'm looking for other than OEM cd changers.
  • Has anyone found their radio to be rather fuzzy on the Bose stereo? 99.5 PF. The CD player is great and I am surprised at the radio with the name, two antenaes (windshield and Power on side). any responses would be appreciated. And I am in Vancouver so there is no excuse about being nearly out of a metropolis area.
  • As far as I know you have to install Nissan supplied CD Changer but I am only 60% possitive
  • captainroncaptainron Posts: 58
    Hi All,

    On a couple of topics that have been kicked around...

    I agree with the previous poster that the Pathfinder has fuel mileage commensurate with the type of vehicle that it is... I'd like to add that the single most influential factor to the mileage you get on one particular tank is the way you drive. When tooling around the canyons of Malibu looking at houses (read: lots of stops, turn arounds, idling in front of multi-million dollar houses wondering what the heck I'M doing here?) I got the worst mileage thus far: 14.88 for that tank. When I think I'm doing about my average driving, commuting, etc...I get between 16-18mpg. Some of my best mileage figures came in the first few days of owning the Pathfinder...I drove it from NH to CA. I was seeing 19.5 to 21! I could almost predict the figures at the pump just by how lead-footed I got on the freeway over the last 5 hours. So, for the most part, the numbers are mostly influenced by your right foot and real-world numbers only get accurate once you average many tanks. Even then it's more of a "about 16-18, depending on driving." I don't think a "mileage increased from 15.4 to 15.9 when I switched to brand X" claims can be backed up.

    For what it's worth, my friend has a Durango (and loves it) and the BEST tank he's had was 15mpg. His mileage since he purchased it 13,000 miles ago...averaging ALL tanks is under 12mpg. Ug. I'm thrilled with what I'm getting! I don't even tell him the mileage I'm getting anymore...I feel bad.

    Synthetics...I switched to Mobil 1 at 1,200 miles (as soon as I hit Florida) when I did the first oil and filter change. I'm now at 8,500 miles and about to perform the 4th change with synthetic. I feel it's difficult, if not impossible to determine an mpg change when switching due to all the variables...hills, lead-foot, traffic, towing, temperature, off-roading, weight, headwinds, etc... You could just as easily attribute a perceived mileage change to sheer chance of conditions.

    I do feel strongly about using Mobil 1 as every vehicle I've had in the last 5 years was switched as soon as I got it. Motorcycles, SUVs, sports cars, turbos, non-turbos...The guy I bought my Prelude from (a 60 year old retired pilot), said that he put Mobil synthetic in his own plane and it instantly shows a 20 degree drop in head temperature.

    Oh, re-Zaino'd the Pathfinder on Saturday...Yow!

    Keep up the great comments!

    Captain Ron
    2001 LE, Burnt Cherry, Leather, NAV, LSD, Tow...
  • captainroncaptainron Posts: 58
    In addition to the above, I thought I'd add: I've seen NO oil consumption. I mean like, zero...zilch...nada...on any oil change, synthetic or not or at any mileage point (from 6 miles to 8,500 miles). The dipstick (no, not me) has always been spot-on the full mark.

    Captain Ron. . .
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    Captain Ron: I hope your friend finds the the Mobil-1 web-sight on Aviation Mobil-1 it ruined alot of engine back in the early '90's. Also awhile back someone had very high oil consumption with his PF using Mobil-1. If you take a good look at Edmonds Synthetic Oil section you will find some engine are failing about 50k and sludging
    up like your friends aircraft engine. Steve
  • pondfull5pondfull5 Posts: 53
    The name of the dealer is Graham Nissan (613)5981515.His name is Steve Macgregor and he is also the GSM. Just mention my name(from NYC). Steve is a nice gentle man. And also very busy. Their serve is good.

    I used bank of Montreal via Harries bank of USA.(212)7152600. They are the best.

    Mine is Black SE 5speed. Options: wheel locks and sunroof deflector. You don't need these options but I recommend them as a start. About CAN$35700.00 with the options.(CAN$45+$120) That's the cost of the options.
    As soon as you mention my name, Steve will give you a good price. Just tell him I sent you.
    Yes it worth the trip and about $3000 to $4000 in savings alone. but you have put up with those guys and gals at DMV.

    You must first read Jon lofquist detailed instruction about buying in Canada.

    This is an adventure of a life time, so take your time and do your homework first before you contact the dealer.
  • Got a call this AM from Customs Inspector in Detroit regarding my protest of duty charged. When I came through I was charged for the full amount on the sales contract including all taxes. Info I had from Jon and other members of board was you pay duty only on vehicle plus destination (freight). Guess what, the inspector says we're right, you are wrong. This amounted to about an extra $100 US Duty. Scene at MVB in Kansas was involved. They value car based on bill of sale on car and freight. Note, they insisted on proof from US Bank of rate of exchange on date of sales contract (not when I paid, when I drove through Customs etc). My advice: Go see your MVB and get exact details of what they require; contact a supervisor at Customs at POE and determine how they will value, suggest you get in writing if possible, at least get particulars of name and title for reference if needed; contact for "gold account" rate you will probably save $150-200 over bank rate, they can deliver draft direct to dealer if you want. My entire sign and go transaction took less than 5 minutes.
    Purchased SE, auto, cloth, no options except free wheel locks for $36,428 plus $972 freight plus the assortment of taxes and driving permit. Hope this is some help.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    My 1993 SE has run to 125,000 miles on Mobil 1. Still doesn't consume oil. Guess all the sludge gummed up the rings and gaskets so no oil can burn or leak...
  • captainroncaptainron Posts: 58

    I have about the same results as you...
    19,000 miles on my 1992 Yamaha FJ1200
    165,000 miles on a 1988 Honda CRX Si
    9,000 miles on my 2001 Pathfinder LE
    52,000 miles on my 1992 Honda Prelude
    139,000 miles on a 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT-VR4 (twin turbo)

    All using Mobil1 with no oil consumption except the 3000GT. The turbo bearings were blowing oil from about 100,000 miles on.

    Also...two years ago, my friend bought a new 1999 Porsche Carrera 4 ($94,000 by the way...) and it comes straight from the factory with Mobil1. That upped my comfort level. I presume they switched with the new water-cooled engine in 1999.

    I'm certain that there are cases where someone had terrible luck with one product or another. Unfortunately, those are the ones we're most likely to hear about. I've been happy with the synthetics and will likely stick with them even if I get a "but Joe Schmuckatelli had a rod go at 30k when using...." type of response...

    Captain Ron. . .
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Exactly! I'm sure Mercedes and Porsche are going to use and recommend substandard lubricants. What a crock... FWIW I've used Mobil 1 in my BMW track toys (one just hit 300,000 miles with no mechanical issues other than a seeping head gasket). The problems with the Mobil 1 in aviation engines are entirely unrelated to automotive applications. A complete lack of knowledge is a dangerous thing ;)
  • nwwoodsnwwoods Posts: 21
    Anyone living in the U.S. considering a purchase in Canada should obtain and thoroughly review the instruction sheets that Jon Lofquist has assembled. They cover it all. Jon, you're still out there, right?

    I got my 01 SE in March, saved $5000 over the best deal here in Seattle, including duty, and only got charged duty on the base amount. The whole process was easier than purchasing in the U.S., it just took more time. And as others pointed out, it was a great adventure!
  • kmrqkmrq Posts: 50
    Is it possible to install a indash TV on 2000 Pathy???? Or you can't never replace BOSE system for aftermarket system..
  • ballfire8888ballfire8888 Posts: 131
    Purchased my 2001 PF SE AWD for $37,000.00 (MSRP = $40,200.00) which included wheel locks, sunroof deflector & bug deflector. Freight ($972) and taxes extra. All prices in Canadian dollars.

    If one applies an exchange rate of 1.55,
    $37,000 Cdn = $23,870 U.S. !!!
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    Planning to do the oil change on the PF this weekend and converting to Mobil 1.

    What oil filter do you recommend and use?
    Where is the best place to purchase oil filter -- AutoZone, PepBoys?
    Also, is it hard to change the oil?

    This will be the first time that I will change the oil on any vehicle (my lawn mower does not count). Details would be most welcome. Thanks.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    well, not exactly...I remember seeing a PF with an iBook installed. And I think there was a monitor screen added 'coz the Pf was able to play DVDs? If I remember the site, I'll post it.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    This is the link that I was kinda slow and it did not load successfully for me...see if you have a better chance

  • wags6wags6 Posts: 4
    Hi folks...I'm a long time reader, first time contributor.
    I just traded my 1990 Nissan Maxima SE 5 spd. with 175k miles for a PF. I spent 18 mos. looking at everything under the sun...nothing compred to Nissan's design and quality in this price range. I like to shift my own gears, so that criteria alone eliminated most contenders.
    It seems America has become an "Automatic" nation. I looked at the new Explorer for the helluvit...can't believe anyone would drop 35k on one of those...the plastic on my kid's Big Wheels is better quality stuff!! Anyways, my Maxima NEVER had a problem in its 11 years of service...only changed the oil and tires - what an incredible car. Almost went for a new SE
    5 spd., but wanted the 4WD and hatchback. So the PF became the obvious choice.
    I could not be happier with my decision. This truck is an absolute blast to drive, and it looks better and brawnier every day. I have a Green SE with grey cloth, also LSD, Sunroof Pkg. Micro, BSM, Class lll Hitch, ...basically it's loaded. I wish Nissan had offered leather on the 5 spds., also wish for backlit steering wheel controls, more console storage, remote hatch window release. My wife has a 2000 Maxima GLE - I'm also envious of her heated seats. Despite this wish list, the PF is the best blend of power, luxury, and good looks I've ever owned.
    I tip my hat to Nissan, as I really do believe they make a wonderful and superior product.
    I've had my PF two weeks, and alreday racked up 1,900 miles....loved every one of them.
    Thanks to allof you who have posted your satisfaction over the last helped steer me toward one of the best purchases anyonecould make. First oil change and Zaino coming up this weekend. Happy motoring and thanks again.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    div2: Ask those idiots that own the planes and trusted their lives with Mobil-1!!
    Do aircraft engines have pistons,rings,valves,ect. Can you say pistons,rings,ect.??
    Sure you can???
  • NWwoods, Loboy, Stevinwashington and other NW buyers, please respond to questions. Are you able to negotiate purchase price from Vancouver or are you getting thier best price from the beginning. What is written into the sales agreement in the way of expenses. Is it only base + options + freight or is everything listed. At customs, is duty charged against the taxes too? What was your experience with WA DMV? Are there required docs for exchange rate proof? Who did you make the transaction with to convert your currency for the purchase and what was the rate? Anything else you can add to smooth my transaction. Sorry for all the questions. Just want to have a pleasant experience in acquiring my PF. My wife has 95 Altima. Been a great car except for the fuel pump that was replaced twice in 14 months. 2nd one Nissan installed was faulty too. Thanks.
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