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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    I agree with sddlw regarding frequent tire rotation and balancing. If the cost truly is $29, it's money well spent. FWIW, my dealer will do a free alignment during the first year of ownership. Even if it isn't free, it's worthwhile to check the alignment when you have the rotation done.

    wmbiff - Good news about the use of Mobil 1 for all '99 MBs and later. I hope it's true!
  • I have a brother who is a MB Technician, and last week the MB Dealer were he works received notification from MB recommending switching the oil to Mobil 1 on all cars with the Flexible Service System, he was not to sure whether the Mobil 1 will be included in the free service or extra charge.
    I had the oil changed at 5K with reg. oil and with Mobil 1 at the 10K "A" service last December on my 00 E320, I'm planning to just change the filter at 15K. At the 20K "B" service I will have the oil & filter (Mobil 1) changed. Any comments.

    Different Topic, has anyone tried the car care products from Griot's Garage, I have only tried their Speed Shine (quick detailer between wax jobs)and I was very impressed. I would appreciate any comment of the rest of their products (ex: wash, wax, wheel cleaner etc.) before any further purchases. Currently I'm using the P21S Wheel Cleaner and I have no complaint.

    Happy Mercedes Motoring.
  • Recommend rotation @ no more than 5000 mi. to avoid uneven tire wear. Also check your owners manual. My 99 E300 manual states that you are entitled to a free alignment during the first 12000 miles ---if it is necessary. Received a free 4 wheel alignment on mine. Now have 32000 miles & excellent tire wear.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    I just drove my buddy's 2001 S500 (black/Java) 1750 miles from California to Tennessee. Nice car. I just don't see the advantage of the zenon headlights. They don't appear any better than the halogens on my '00 E430 sport. As for the "Java" mats being so hard to keep clean, it's true. He bought additional mats at Auto Zone that match the darker tan part of the dash perfectly. Now, all four seating area's have these mats that don't need cleaning every 5 minutes.

    On the trip, the washer fluid box started loosing it's fluid. In northern New Mexico, the low dipped to 4 degrees, maybe the unit cracked... will be in the shop next week to be repaired.

    The bolster that sticks out past the lower front seat is very irriating and uncomfortable to my legs, anyone else notice that? Since the bottom of the seat can be adjusted for length, it helped a little but not enough.

    My '00 E430 has 9,200 miles and so far, no problems. I have noticed a slight rattle noise at the rear window when going over bumpy roads. I'm afraid the dealership will make it worse so I haven't let them check it. It's not the headrests; I usually keep all three up. Has anyone else experienced that and if so, what did they do to correct it?

    Engine noise: My friends '95 E320 Cabriolet (22K miles) has roared since day one when it's started cold. Quiet as a mouse once it's warm. I've not heard another Mercedes as loud as that one. Mine is rather quiet when cold; Maybe it's more of a "320" thing.

    Ciao, Mark
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    mark156 - Have you tried lowering all three rear headrests? BTW, my '00 E320 is very quiet, cold start or warmed up.
  • vp16vp16 Posts: 23
    When compared side-by-sidein the garage, my Acura's 3.2TL's xenons are brighter than my 01 E430. The TL's xenons are also brighter on the road, giving better visibility at night. Perhaps my E's headlights may be malaligned. Also, there's rattling on the passenger door panel and the glove box area. No rattles in the back. I'll take the car in next week for a 5000 mile oil change with Mobil 1's, tire rotation, and have the rattling look at.
    BTW, I much rather be driving the E than the TL.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The TL's system lacks auto leveling, which means that they can throw the light higher, hence potentially glaring oncoming drivers. The E-class's system does have auto leveling, which keeps the light planted to the road. This reduces glare to both oncoming driver and yourself, but sometimes may seem like there is less visibility far ahead (ex. when going uphill or downhill) since the light "hugs" the ground. A small trade-off :-)

    If you feel that your E's headlamps should be pointing higher, let your dealership know. It may be too conservatively adjusted for glare (i.e. pointing down too much).

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  • Mark156, were the brown mats that your friend purchased at Auto Zone specifically sized for Mercedes or were they generic mats? If they were generic, how was the fit?

  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Jack, the mats were generic. I went with him to pick them out and originally, I thought clear mats would work. But after looking at the carpeted ones, they just seemed nicer. The fit is really good. The drivers mat doesn't allow for the foot rest but the fit is adequate. The back mats are small (almost square). The color is a nice contrast to the Java. As I mentioned before, they match the top dash color almost perfectly. I think the mats were about $32.00.

  • kbartkbart Posts: 1
    I am hoping somebody can help with an E320 stereo question. I have a 1998 E320 with the standard cassette and Bose speaker system. I want to add a CD player. The only thing the dealer can offer me is an Alpine 6 CD changer that goes in the trunk. I want an in-dash or in-glove compartment unit. I've been told that it will be next to impossible to do this due to the specific technical requirements of the Bose speaker system. Anyone have any advise on adding an in-dash or in-glove comparment CD payer?
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    Hummmm! This is an ambitious challenge. The glove box was not designed with the necessary space, power and RF cable for a CD player. Any tempering with the glove box compartment may hurt the passenger air bag. If you really insist for an in-dash CD you will have to replace the radio/cassette with a CD/Radio and make without the cassette. The Bose speakers will work but certainly not optimized like the OEM radio. Bare in mind that the MB Radio System includes the necessary software to control a CD in the trunk as well as the mobile phone. Like many E-Class owners I have been enjoying a trunk CD Player since many years. Good Luck.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    My 2000 E430 sport has the CD in the trunk. I think it's perfect there. The magazine hold six CD's and it works perfect. I wouldn't try to change the configuration to any other place, just go with the flow and put the player in the trunk. If you want a CD in the glove compartment area, buy a Lexus.

  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    Several years ago I had a Mazda Millenia S with a trunk-mounted CD changer that hung from the overhead and constantly got in the way. Last April I took delivery of my '00 E320 without the trunk-mounted CD -- figured I'd use the in-dash COMAND CD slot to play music CDs. It worked well, but I soon tired of switching CDs (music to Nav and vice-versa).

    After about three months, my salesman responded to my call about the trunk-mounted CD changer with an offer of $619 installed. I did it and I love it. It fits in the left trunk "indentation" completely out of the way and has been trouble-free.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for every one's input regarding tire rotation. I went to Costco and found out that we can purchase the lifetime rotation/balance for tires not purchased at Costco for $9/wheel. What a deal! I think I will do that every 5k miles or so.

    mbdriver: do you mind disclosing which dealer offers the CD changer for $619? I live in the Southern Cal area (orange county). Thanks again.
  • vs4vs4 Posts: 70
    I am in the market to buy 2001 E430 sedan. As you people sound Knowledgeable and helpful, I would like to know if it is a wise idea to wait for 2003 model or buy 2001 model.

    As I am buying E430 well equiped(lot of options), I have to wait until mid May(90 days waiting period).

    The options I am getting on 430 are: E1, E2, K2a, Rear sunshade, command, multi-contour, front heated seats.

    The dealer I am talking to is willing to sell it for 3% above invoice price.
  • I'm thinking about buying an E320 4matic next month but would like to avoid buying a model that's about to change. Has anyone heard about plans for 02 or 03? Thanks.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    Nice Car! 3% above Invoice is a good price.
    Consider the phone option if you like to talk while driving; otherwise save the cash.

    Can you divulge the location of the dealer? Even the region would be helpful.

    New "E" is due out in the Fall of 2002 in the USA as a 2003 model.
    Germany should get the new E a few months earlier ?March 2002.
    A colleague of my mine purchased a 1996 E320 when this model was released. He has had some quality issues with the car. I would wait at least 6-12 months after the release of the new "E" before buying one. The last thing one needs is a $60,000 lemon.

    The 1998 SLK 230, 1998 Lexus GS 400, RX 300, etc are all examples of this scenario. New models with early build problems. Mercedes builds great cars but sometimes it takes them a while to work the bugs out.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Hi guys, earlier I posted that I had a "noise" in the back when going over bumpy roads at the rear windshield. I think I found out what it was. While I was wiping the car off today, I put a little pressure on the trunk lid. It made the same sound the I had been hearing. The rubber gasket was squeaking against the trunk lid. I put a lubricant on it and now it has stopped. I can't believe it was such a simple problem. No telling what the dealer would have taken apart to locate the problem.

    vs4, I, too, would not get the first run on the new model change. I most likely will trade my '99 Jeep in at the end of this year on a 2002 ML430 sport. I know that the ML will change on or about the 2004 model year. Hopefully, the new ML will have the bugs, if any, worked out by then. Same goes for the E class. I'll probably change my 2000 for a 2004 E. In my opinion, I would opt for the 2001 E then trade for a 2005 once the warranty is up.

  • vs4vs4 Posts: 70
    Thanks for all the reply.

    But now I am even more confused as if I wait for 2003 model than I really have to wait till 2005 model to get the bugs out for the redesigned model(if any).

    Waht do you people think about the resale value of 2001 E430 model after 2003 model comes out, would it be able to hold its value?

    The dealership I am talking about is the one in Washington state.
  • vs4:

    I went through the same process which you are going through at the moment. However, I just bought an E430 three weeks ago and very happy with it...
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    vs4, In my area, if a Mercedes is in good shape and well taken care of, it seems to retain it's value and popularity really well. There are a lot of people out there that will only buy used Mercedes. Previously I had a '91 560 SEL (the last of that body style); I got so many compliments on it even though I was two body styles behind. That body style really had a "dignified" look to it.

  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    I agree with Valueguy and others. I had an 89 s420 and also got lots of compliments even after 2 model changes! Good design is timeless. What the 00' and 01 represent is the final evolution of the 211 body style. With the into of new c class you will see E sales drop, as will production. Natural progression. First intro of model was great, 96-7. THen came the new engines and improved electronics in 98-99. 00 came new lowered front end styling, skirts, rear air bags and side air bags. I am sure new 03' model will be great. I would look for new engines and drive train improvements 2 years after launch. I think that would come in 05. ML was also introduced with big improvements to fit and finish in 3rd year of production. Keep an eye on the c class first two years. Perhaps this will indicate if MB is cleaning this up. Sounds like GM alittle! Also look at the last E models of 1994-5. They had fresh exterior changes including wheel design and the oversized lights. Those cars still look great when kept up. Last evolution of a great body design look fresh for a while. And the build quality is as good as your going to get at the time. But hey, some people must have the latest and greatest. Nothing wrong with that. the question here was should one pony up for a model that is 2 years away from becoming extinct

    Resale. I believe that resale is strongest on cars with out lots of options. Contour seats, heated seats are great and may add just a little. Electronics on these cars are very expensive and advanced cool toys. But they don't hold up in resale. Example, Prior to getting a new 01 430, I shopped used. A 98 420 had a built in phone, but I did not want to pay for it, yet alone even use it. For 97, It was a nice factory installation and integrated nice. But with the advent of digital star tac, and fully portable, why would I want a analog built in car phone? I don't expect the phone and GPS to hold Great value. Get them if you want it and will use it, but don't expect a great return on the dollar when its time to trade or sell. Dealer/friend steered me away from the sport version. Reason, $4000 option only holds a $1500 value after one year. Would get worse. Also 18 inch wheels are expensive to re-tire to alot of people. Boy racer look skirting also have a limited appeal to a smaller crowd. Personally I like the look, but did not feel the 4k was a value. On a 99' model it would have really changed the look, but the new 2000-1 skirts have most of the style. Sport version has no suspension upgrade.

    Friend of mine got a 320 with lots of goodies and paid more than I did for my 430. Question of priorities. He liked the gizmo's, and preferred the softer ride. The pick up in performance to him was not worth it. What a country!
  • cmayercmayer Posts: 38
    On my 98 E300, the CD changer's in the left well but it sits an inch or two up above the trunk floor. I can't call it out of the way because it gets in the way of wide boxes (like my full sized electronic pianos.) On my '81 240D, one would sit flat on the floor. In the E, I've gotta put a heavy case on top of the changer or put it inside the car. Are your ewer changers flush with the trunk floor?

    If you want (and can afford) a Benz, buy it now! I drove my '81 from new thou '99 and I always received compliments. Nobody ever said that the body style was x generations old. (Not even the salesman who wanted to sell me another one. He eventually got his commission.)

    OT: There were a few mentions of the Miata recently. I have a '97 and I love it! The cost is substantially less than any German alternative while the difference in fun factor is minimal. And reliability is legendary. You can buy two for the cost of a Boxster S, which would be my choice if I wanted a major performance increase. My opinion, of course. Yeah, there are Japanese alternatives, but that discussion belongs on another board.
  • cmayercmayer Posts: 38
    OT: Sorry for the puzzle it made of my previous post. Thru became thou, newer became ewer and I forget the several changes I caught.

    Guess I'll skip that step in the future.
  • juresjures Posts: 42
    i just scheduled fss maint b with the service advisor, i asked if they were starting to use mobil 1 syn oil for all oil changes, he said they only use mobil 1 syn oil in the high performance engines. i thought i read some where in this topic where m1 syn was starting to be used on all engines that have fss. was i dreaming? roger
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    No, absolutely not. I hope you scheduled your appointment after the 14th though. That is apparently the cutoff date. Have a look at this (make sure you specify that you want Mobil 1): . Seems like your service advisor is out of the loop?

    In MB's through tests, synthetic oil was found to be far superior in extended service situations. This is not to say that regular mineral (dino) oil is bad, but just that synthetic oil is a lot better.

    In case you're wondering, MB is going with at least a 40 weight oil (ex. 5W40, 15W50) because the low friction piston rings that they use for improved efficiency/fuel economy may allow more blowby with lighter weight oil. When I had service A for my ML done last week, I brought in my own Mobil 1 15W50 (good down till -39 degrees Celcius). Canadian MB vehicles are not included in this change.

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  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    When I changed my oil last November 00 at the dealer's, they charged me an extra Can$ 71.55 for the Mobil One 10W30. It would free if I accepted "The Recommended Oil". All Canadian Customers should expect this charge unless they own the dealership.
  • juresjures Posts: 42
    drew, thanks for the quick info, my appt is scheduled for 2/19. I will make another call and speak to the regional rep if I need to to be sure mobil 1 syn is used, I've never used synthetic oil before, but it makes sense to use it if they expect people to be faithful to the 10,000 mile oil change, btw, I've been changing oil at 5,000 mile intervals. It would be a good thing to do if we all started questioning our mb warranty/service advisors about this. roger
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Did that include the labour for the oil change and the filter?

    FYI, a 4L bottle of Mobil 1 5W30/10W30/15W50 at Walmart Canada is CDN$26+ before taxes. 2 bottles are needed. Since it's cheaper to bring in the oil yourself (Yes! you can do that) and get them to use it, this would be the route that I'd recommend for MB Canada customers.
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