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Buick Regal



  • nels1nels1 Posts: 25
    I've had 3 Regals. A 94LS which I traded for a 99LS. The 99LS I traded for a 2000GS cause I wanted the SC. The 94 had 113000 on it. The 99 had 78000 and the 2000 currently has 52000. Had some brake chatter problems with the 94 but the other two have been trouble free. Mine will probably blow up tomorrow because of this posting.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,707
    I have had few problems with 03, 98, 93 LeSabre 3800s, 89, 87 Centurys, 85 Skyhawk, 80 Skylark, 80, 77 Cutlass. I bought for less than comparable foreign car, had much less cost for maintenance than the required "dealer only regular service" to maintain warranty, and got good value on trades. 98 and 03 have shown great increase in attention to design and quality of assembly.

    I have had a good dealer for those cars. His service manager figures things out and gets them fixed. Sounds like KDAWG79 may need a different dealer.

    What I have noticed through 3 decades is that people who had hondas and toyotas never talked about their problems. But when questioned, they had had major problems on the cars. They just never want to lose the image that their car is the most wonder thing since sliced bread since it's imported from Japan or Europe. Often things were fixed by dealers while the car was in for the required high-priced service at regular intervals that were recall items and the customer never knew they were done (helps the image if you don't publicize the problems on your brand).

    My cost of owner ship has been less because I can take my car to any of 15 GM dealers in the greater area and who knows how many competent other shops. I'm not limited to 3 honda dealers who have me on price if I want competition to sell me the car or repair the problems they do have.

    If you like the rought ride of a honda or camry, power to you. I'll take the high gas mileage my 3800 gives with comfort and mass if in an accident. There are people on the accord forum asking when their mileage will increase to advertised; is it at 5 k or 10 k.
    My car has 1500 on it and I got 30 to and from Pigeon Forge TN, did better at 4 k on trip to Nashville, and shows 33.5 on short interstate trips around home. I recall honda running the ads sometime in 93 or around then of a honda driving past gas stations; truth was the Century in my garage got better gas mileage with a 6 and automatic and was a lot more comfortable, but advertising image had people believing only hondas got good mileage...

    The 03 accord I looked at has popping noises, brake rotor warping problems, hard starting on some engines. If you buy the 6 the car is nose heavy, if you buy the 4 it lacks power especially with air compressor load turned on. Don't have any of those on my Limited.
                                                                                      -- just my opinion.

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  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    Imidazol97 I have never seen a lower quality interior in any car with the exception of some late 70's and early 80's Camaro's and Trans AM's. The only thing it has more of than squeaks is rattles. The power window controls are loose in the doors. The rubber is wearing off on the peddles. The rubberized coating on some of the dash pieces is wearing off. The cup holder has broken 3 times and now the door to the storage bin is broken. The sound insulation under the dash keeps coming undone and falling on my feet. The glue or bubble gum they use on the door panels is not holding very well. The carpet keeps pulling out from under the door trim and is of the cheapest quality I have ever seen. That is just the interior, the mechanical list is longer. You can say its because its a 97 and a was new model but I noticed many of the same rattles and squeaks in a 2002 Century with about 200 miles on it that I rented. Oh I forgot the rear windows rattle when only half way down, the 2002 rental did the same thing. My 96 Ranger 4X4 is put together much better than the Regal as was the 87 Mustang I owned, and my truck is actually worth more now than the Regal. They both have around 67k on them. Pretty bad for one of GM's premium brands. The sooner this car is gone the better. I am glade some of you can look past these problems but I am not one of them. I would challenge any GM onwner to show me a car that does not rattle and or squeak. There may be some out there but I have yet to be in one.
  • kdawg79kdawg79 Posts: 26
    Tell if this sounds like dealer issues or a crappy car:

    I have a 1998 GS with 86,000 miles on it and I have had to replace 3 power window motors(3 different windows), the climate control display/control unit has been replaced twice, the pan gasket three times, the oil pan and one valve cover gasket replaced due to oil leaks, driver's side seat heater, combination switch that directs power to turn signals, and the supercharger belt tensioner and the cup holder. Also had to spend $400 on the cooling system because the supposedly 150,000 mile Dexcool coolant gave up before 75,000 miles and left my cooling system corroded and full of junk. I complained to Buick and got $200 back on the cooling system issue. If I didn't have an extended warranty that I bought this junker would have been gone long ago. As it is I have spent about $1200 on the warranty and $500 on deductibles and the extended warranty company is out about $8000.

    This list doesn't include all the rattles and squeaks that I share with pinnetted.

    Now tell me how great these cars are. Maybe Honda and Toyota aren't perfect but they can't be any worse. I use to be a big defender of GM cars too but with this car and my Mom's 98 GS, I have come to know everyone in the service department by the first name including the guy who takes you to work after you drop off the car and the guy who sweeps the floors. I am sick of that and determined to try and find something else.

    By the way, my neighbor is still waiting for his 2002 LeSabre to start getting the gas mileage it is supposed to get.

    Have a nice day.
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    I'm also waiting for my gas mileage to improve after 30,000 miles. Specifically, my '00 GS gets 14.5 MPG in the city (Los Angeles). Though I didn't truly expect 18 MPG, 16 would have been nice. No complaints with highway mileage. I get a consistant 27 MPG going 75 MPG with the a/c on during long trips.

    Love the engine, ergonomics are terrific, trunk space is good...but otherwise, I'll be looking at Lexus or Acura for my next car.
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    I have the 00 GSE and consistently get 30-32 mpg at 65-70 sustained highway speeds. Not sure if due to SC, synthetic oil, 93 octane or what but great mileage
  • klee594klee594 Posts: 3
    I am addressing this to those who are thinking about buying a regal, new or used. I do not own one but I have done a considerable research and have driven a few.

    I am a retired Special Agent US Army Military Intelligence and a Private Investigator: research is my life and my game. Trying to eliminate emotions as much as possible, I have reached the following conclusions:

    1. Buying a new Regal is a bad option. You spend about $23,000 and after 12 months, the vehicle is worth about $9000 less on a good day.
    2. The Regal drivetrain (engine and tran) is superb and about as bullet proof as GM can make.
    3. However, the ancillary systems (power windows, oil pans, seals and gaskets, interior buttons and knobs are tacky/unreliable and may blow out at anytime.
    4. The GS is the only Regal to buy. It's throttle response is instant and it is the cheapest power thrill on the market (IF YOU BUY IT USED).
    5. The LS is an ordinary car offered in better versions by many manufacturers. Buying an LS is buying a non-special car with problems and shamefully poor resale value.
    6. The Regal interior is a mixed bag: seats are great, even Winston Churchill would be comfortable in those fat seats. The Gauge cluster is nice, but the radio knobs and other knobs are shockingly cheap and silly. The lettering on the window controls are painted on and will wear off in short order. And this on a 27,000 dollar MSRP car!!!
    7. The exterior design is understated and okay. But it's like a pretty woman who very likely will cheat on you.
    8. A used GS is the only way to go: buy one with low miles, 2 or 3 yrs old, buy a solid all-systems warranty, dont pay more than $10,000.
    9. Do not heed the praises of anyone who bought one new and has had it for 2 or 3 months. Every new car 2 or 3 months old thrills its owner. This goes for any car.
    10. Remember that the GS uses Premium fuel, you will pay 20 cents more for every gallon.
  • klee594klee594 Posts: 3
    Driving impressions, REGAL GS 1999 and 2000: throttle response is instant and powerful, however because the steering and suspension feel like you're on Novacaine (i.e. numb and dumb), your feedback is muted and not so thrilling. All that very expensive Premium fuel supercharged power is partially offset by the non-crisp suspension system. I have driven Honda Accord 4 cylinders with manual shifters that FEEL more speedy and responsive (they were much slower than the REGAL but FELT faster, odd isn't it.)
  • klee594klee594 Posts: 3
    A poster here known as kdawg79 from the great state of Oklahoma has outlined the problems with his 98 regal gs: oil pan and gasket leaks, power window failures, heater/a-c display, etc etc. And he has stated his case in a calm manner without spite. He is telling you 'my car is a dog and I made a mistake in buying it.'

    Folks, this admission takes honesty and courage and kindness. There are no excuses, he is trying to save you from pain. And today I can confirm in part his TESTIMONY:

    Today I test drove a 1999 REGAL GS, 43,000 miles, Green color, one owner trade-in from Elgin (Illinois) Mazda. Here is what happened.

    1. The young salesman pulled the GS to the front door, turned on the Air and opened all windows and sunroof. It was very hot outside.
    2. I got in, closed the sunroof and the windows. Except the DRIVER SIDE WINDOW WOULD NOT CLOSE. THE SWITCH OR THE MOTOR WAS SHOT!!!
    3. The front panel A/C and heater display was blank and would not turn on.
    4. Think about it folks, really think about it.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    The Hondas feel faster because their OHC engine architecture makes for a more willing and freer revving engine. They do not seem strained and always energetic.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    Maybe not, but it is a hell of lot more fun to drive than an Accord or Camry...You buy them when you have given up on fun and excitement...If you buy a car looking ahead just for "resale", you are no enthusiast...Klee594, head over to the Honda boards and try to get excited...
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Sure, there are better cars out there. Various Lexuses [Lexi?], Nissans, Caddies, Jags, etc. But, new or used, they cost a lot more. New Regals are always discounted a lot around NY. The typical Regal, LS or GS, is fantastic value for the money - well built [usually - I've owned a '99 and an '02 with no big problems], extremely competent drivers, full of standard goodies, and good on gas, to boot. The premium fuel needs of the GS constitute a major design flaw, IMHO, but, if you think the extra punch is worth it, go for it. You do get a HD motor and transmission there. For me, the LS has all the punch I ever need. I think you're onto something in buying superclean used; a lot of Buick owners trade them in that way. Just my 2 cents.
  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    I needed a bigger car and the Regal was rated as dependable, that just shows how much you can depend on JD Powers or any publications. The performance and feature content won me over. Now I will be buying a used Mustang Bullitt or Cobra, that will take car of the performance, and the Regal will be sold for whatever we can get and replaced by a Ford Expedition (for the wife and kids), I am a car guy. GM may have evan passed Chrylser for selling junk in my opinion.
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    According to Consumer Reports'Annual Issue, the Regal is the only Buick vehicle with a score of "Better than average reliability". Buick has been for ages GM's most reliable brand. Maybe Oldsmobile too. For CR to give any credence to a domestic car maker, it has to be real good.

    I keep my Mercury Sable for a little while longer but I developed the mind set about a trade in the near future. I'll take all the opinions I read here into consideration.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    Enjoy your Cobra...But to compare a Mustang or Cobra to a RegalGS for performance...No wait..Several of the Regal guys I know regulary blow off the Mustangs...Me too...A couple minor mods...Anyway, enjoy the Expedition too...You can commiserate over on the Ford Forum?...
  • I bought a 2003Regal LS 2 weeks ago. Everything is pretty good but today I feel one thing is unsure:

    It was raining when I sit inside the car. I noticed the there is no rubber seal at the bottom of the door window frame. I mean the rubber is close tightly to the window glass. It is not just on one window. All four windows are the same. The rain water flowed down into the sponge between the window glass and rubber. I guess the water evatually flows inside the doors. If it is the case the door frame and other parts inside the doors will get rusted soon and fail.
    Is the door window supposed to be lke that or a problem. I will go back to the dearship to find out but if any expert have the answer please advise.

  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Intermittent SES. What does it take to read the codes from the computer on this vehicle. It certainly isn't like the previous where you grounded pin 2 or shorted 1&2. Or the OBD II as I stopped by Autozone and the connector is different.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I've seen a number of complaints concerning quality of interiors and all-over. This seems to be becoming an industry problem with cars. I suspect a lot of it is due to trying to meet CAFE numbers in their fleet. That is to meet the designated average they continue to make cars lighter and of more cheap plastic to improve MPG so they can continue to make more killing machines (trucks, SUV's, Vans)without having to pay higher fines. In short, we will not see real improvements in cars until those are banned from everyday use.
  • Forgive me for re posting the same question. I feel the problem was not described well in my previous posting.

    On my new Regal LS, the door windows are not rubber sealed at the bottom. By rubber seal I mean the rubber rim of the window is not against the glass tightly. In fact the rubber rim is about 5 millimeters from the glass and the sponge-type material can be seen easily. The sponge material is pretty rigid. I think it is used for protecting the glass from vibration.

    When it is raining, the rain water flows down along the glass to the sponge and goes inside the doors (not inside the car). I think it is a bad design if the water is allowed to flow inside the door. When I went through the postings in this group I saw a few of complains about the window motor failures. I checked another Regal in our parking lot and saw it is the same as my car. So I am sure the window is purposely designed this way. On my 2000 Camry V6 the windows are completely rubber sealed when the glasses are rolled up. There is no chance for water going inside the door.

    My question for those who own a Regal: Do you see this as a potential problem? Did you have a bad experience in this?

  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    You can mod any car to beat any other car in its class or other classes for that matter. There is NO Regal GS that is not heavily modified that will give the current 2001-2003 stock Cobra a run for its money, unless they other guy doesn't know he is racing, which I suspect is the case in your encounters. I own a GS and I know what they are and are not capable of doing, and I was not comparing anything I was just stating what I was going to buy for my next performance car.
    Sounds to me like some of the issues I have mentioned hit home with you JackA.. I mean Jack44. I am sure your Regal regularly beats Corvette's and Viper's and Porsche's yeah it will pass everything but the repair shop.
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