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Mazda Protegé



  • duh_sterduh_ster Posts: 102
    keeps getting warmer here! -38ºC in the wind this morning! and i must say, the pro didn't sound too healthy this morning! plus, the clutch was frozen...not solid, but enough to make it stick for a few seconds. and, maybe it's just me, but it doesn't seem to "retain" heat very well. what i mean is, the interior could be warm and toasty, but once the car is turned off, the heat "leaks" out of the interior very quickly. anybody else notice this??
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    Generally, dealers will fix TSBs unless you are way out of warranty. Depending on the dealer, service advisors can have the authority to bill the manufacturer for TSB items that are out of warranty. As long as you are in warranty, they would have to perform any applicable TSB repairs. Exceptions would include the battery and the tires. I looked on Edmunds here:

    and found a whopping 2 TSBs on my 2001 Protege. This compares to 16 on a 1994 Protege and 61 on my 1998 Jeep Cherokee. That is about 2 per year on the Proteges and over 15 per year on the Cherokee. If I were you, I would use the free service unless you ran into problems. However, it would probably be worthwhile for me to get it considering my Cherokee. Can you provide me that information?

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The TSBs use your VIN# mask to match the particular TSB to your car. There was a TSB about the Protege's steering wheel being on a little crooked. They took mine off and realigned it, and all was well. Just ask your dealer to run your VIN against his current TSB list, and anything on there should pop right up. Also, you can go on and search under "technical service bulletins" to find any for the Protege.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I saw my first white 2001+ Protege ES last night (actually, it was a 2002). It looked really sharp in white. Wish I had seen it before I bought my black one back in February, because I would have definitely gotten white instead.

    Bogg: I did notice the whole black plastic thing under the Jetta's hood. I went to give someone a jumpstart once, and didn't know how to get the battery cover thingie off. God forbid, my car ever dies, because I will be screwed. :) And not to talk about another car, but what kinda problems did you have with your Jetta?
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    Nice! That's a handy link.

    It depends on the TSB whether or not they will fix it after the warranty period. I had an Integra that had a TSB for the ignitor/distributor. Acura would fix that for free up to 100K miles. That's WAY out of warranty. They ended up "fixing" it 3 times. Toyota also had TSBs on their V6 truck engines for faulty head gaskets. Toyota fixed those for free up to 100K miles also.
  • shriqueshrique Posts: 338
    I was more interested in the actual instructions on how to fix each particular issue.

    I had a couple of things that were fixed under a TSB on my old 97 Saturn SC2 but I never learned about EXACTLY what they did. I get general descriptions and parts lists from the dealer but it's pretty hard to get instructions out of them. (chuckle) I didn't learn that they had pulled my transmission to fix a rattle until I was selling the car and gave a dealer printout to the prospective purchaser. It actually was a pretty funny scene. I get to the dealer (she did a check on the car) and there was her dad, mom, brother and the buyer sitting in the cashiers lobby grilling the service manager about each of the different things that were done to the car by me and the previous owner. The guy gave me a dirty look when I walked in.

    Anyway. I suppose I'll hold off on the service until I see a few more TSB's on my car. How much is a service manual for a P5 anyway?
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Yeah it's bloody cold here! Are you plugging in the block heater over night? I know it makes a big difference, especially in the weather we've been having.

    I too have noticed that the Pro loses heat rapidly, but so do every other car that I've used in the winter. That list includes: a Mazda MPV, a '91 Jetta, an old Audi (not sure what make it was...mid 90's), and a 2000 Volvo C70. My point is that I don't think the Pro is losing heat any faster than any other car...when it's this cold, it's just thermodynamics...heat will move from hot to cold, and rapidly in this case.
  • gandalf17gandalf17 Posts: 348
    what exactly is a "Kaiserhead"??? Your name makes me laugh!! :) very funny.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Did you leave something out of this part of your joke? It doesn't seem to make sense:

    "As he finished his sentence, he turned to find the man standing right behind him, so he added, and this gentleman kindly offered to buy the other half."


  • alternatoralternator Posts: 545
    Generally it is not recommended that rear speakers be mounted from below since that produces a "megaphone effect" giving a false bass (added spacer would only make this worse). But your problem of not enough bass is a real puzzler.
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    Here is a listing of the problems I had with my 2000 Jetta GLX Automatic:

    #1: 1000 miles - Automatic Shift cable would catch when cold, so I would have to wait until it warmed up to shift out of Park. It took 3 tries to fix this.

    #2: 6000 miles - Water pump developed a slow leak. They had to remove the engine to replace the water pump. It took most of the day.

    #3: 6500 miles - Under moderate to hard acceleration, engine would go into "limp mode." It took them 4 tries to fix this one. They only allowed me a rental after the third try. The problem ended up being one of the ECUs, but not the one that was supposed to perform that function. I found it scary on city traffic to suddenly loose engine power.

    #4: 12,000 miles - radiator developed leak.

    There were a few other minor electrical problems, but not worth mentioning. On top of these things, we found the seats uncomfortable on long trips, it took Premium gas, and the car payment was $459 per month. This is not say there weren't things we liked. The engine, when it wasn't limping, was great and it was very smooth on the highway, but we were concerned about the long term reliability of that particular car. We were lucky that it held its value as well as it did. We were able to trade it in for more than we owed, and still get $100 over invoice on the Protege.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    You did miss it. Say you were talking about someone and they walked right up behind you. Aren't you going to change that negative thing quickly as possible to make them stay happy, especially if it's your boss or someone at work or something? Think about it. :)
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048 quoted me $125 for the 2001 Protege Service Manual. I would expect the P5 to be about the same.
  • gandalf17gandalf17 Posts: 348
    I read it again and it's all there. Vocus got it. The idea was the guy who wanted to buy the half head of lettuce walked behind him just as he was calling him an a-hole to his boss...

    Then the quick thinking punchline at the end...
  • zoomzoom79zoomzoom79 Posts: 272
    Hey, you Canadians may have won the hockey medal this year but we still won more medals AND we have better weather (in most parts) here in the US.

    Has anyone else noticed that the cloth on the doors seems to attract weird stains? I have a few blemishes and not sure how they got there and can't seem to get them out.
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    I thought we went over the more medals bit...
    Plus we don't care. We won hockey and that's all that matters to us. Oh yeah, and that gold in figure skating.

    No weird stains on my doors.
  • zoomzoom79zoomzoom79 Posts: 272
    to post that in my last post but I forgot about it until I saw gandalf again. Just wait until the Summer Games....

    Oh well, maybe it happened when I was having it washed. I can't think of anything I have done that would cause that.
  • gandalf17gandalf17 Posts: 348
    Yadda, yadda, yadda and have i ever told you about the omnipotent 93 Honda Civic? :)

    I would say that the USA greatly underachieved in the medal standings. You should have won way more considering how much funding and representation you had. It is entirely relevant despite what you say.

    I'll agree with you on the weather part though...

    But I think our beer more than makes up for that....

    For you.....

    Sad news about beer. You have to hope that this study is flawed, but the
    evidence seems irrefutable. Yesterday, scientists for Health Canada
    suggested that the results of a recent analysis revealed the presence of
    female hormones in beer, and suggested that men should take a look at
    their beer consumption. The theory is that drinking beer makes men turn
    into women.
    To test the theory, 100 men were each fed 6 pints of beer within a
    one-hour period. It was then observed that 100% of the men gained weight,
    talked excessively without making sense, became overly emotional, couldn't
    drive, failed to think rationally, argued over nothing, had to sit down
    while urinating, couldn't perform sexually, and refused to apologize when
    No further testing is planned.
  • zoomzoom79zoomzoom79 Posts: 272
    I would say that compared to normal male behaviour the drunken behavior is a major improvement ;)

    I've heard all about the 93 Civics ... but what about those 94's? The addition of 4-wheel disc brakes, ABS, and Vtec made a great car even better :)

    We may have good funding here but there isn't alot of interest in the Winter Games here unless it's figure skating. For some reason, we Americans are fixated on the summer sports such as basketball, baseball, and track. I was actually surprised with the American performance. Usually, we are even further down on the Winter Olympic totem pole.
  • gandalf17gandalf17 Posts: 348
    My wife's Pro hasn't had any stains, but it's a 2000 and i believe has a different fabric type than your PRO5. I remember reading somewhere that a few other folks had encountered discolouring in the fabric by the doors. It's a hard one though to try and get the dealer to replace as they can easily say you caused them... good luck. You may want to try a Bio-friendly stain remover that doesn't contain harsh chemicals. You can buy stuff that bonds to the molecules and forces the grime to the surface. It is guaranteed not to deteriorate or further stain the fabric. It's called FOLEX and you can buy it in Home Depot or Home Hardware. It's great stuff for removing any stains.
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