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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • pops2pops2 Posts: 6
    Are you sure you want to take that chance on this purchase? Unless you know a real good honest mechanic who can repair the car at a REASONABLE cost then it might be a good investment. However, the car already has 71K miles and who knows what might go wrong next. VDP are beautiful cars but they can turn out to be big money pits. My 2003 XJR is still under warranty and when that runs out, i plan on purchasing another warranty. Food for thought!
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    Thank you for sharing your advice. A friend has a year old BMW and when it needs attention, it has to go to the city and be renewed. Guess I'll wait to see the new body Town Car as I don't want an '06 in the form of a '98. The only other upscale car sold locally is the Cad, which describes the dealer. :(
  • Eupohonium, I take it that you live in the country and like Lincolns. Why not pick up the new Mark pickup truck? Upscale it is.
  • I own a 1997 XJ-6 with 58,000 miles. I purchased it from the dealer in 2000 with 19,000. My own experience is that the car has to be driven. I own two other cars, and for the first two years I owned the xj I drive it on weekends and never in the winter. This was a mistake, as I had a few minor issues like dried-out transmission seals and sticky throttle body. I now drive it year round and run Vredestein Wintracs for winter tire here in the Northeast(great tire!) and Michelin XGT-Z4's in the summer (also a great tire, m & s rated, but lousy in snow- z rated zgt's are now out of production, but if you can find 4 (I did) grab them. Stay away from the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S.) This car has been 100% reliable since I began using it every day. Anyway, with regard to quality parts, my own view is in 1998 XJ's forward, there is an increasing use by Ford of cheaper parts- not just the plastics, but check out the carpets and headliner as well. I love my XJ-6.
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    OK, it's BIG decision time on this. Help me out. Dealer has an '06 Jaguar XJ Super V8 Portfolio and says I should get it before its gone. He says it's a rare chance. I was originally thinking about a loaded '06 XJ Vanden Plas. Then he showed me the Porfolio. Of course, it's gorgeous, but I don't really know if it's worth the giant price difference. Maybe it is, but maybe not. Also, he explained that Jaguar has new '05's at a fair discount, so these price differences become even more staggering . . . and confusing. Help me out here. Give me some feedback from experienced Jaguar folks. Thanks.
  • I have been having the same problem and it has happened everytime while I was using cruise control on a long trip. The car would not accelerate over 40 or 50 mgh. Leaving me on the highway traveling much slower than upcoming traffic. The 'fail-safe' amber warning was present. At first I was quite worried that this may be something serious and may leave me stranded or even worse locking up the transmission and such. I pulled over and went into a restaurant to eat and when I started the car again the light had gone and the problem as well. So the second time this happened, again traveling long distance I had used the same solution. I took the vehicle to the Jaguar dealership and they hooked it up to the computer that would tell them any and all warnings and alerts that have occured. Well the alert 'fail-safe' was not on their record. They told me that there was no problem and there wasnt anything they could do unless it happened and they witnessed it. So the warning didnt show up, they did nothing and it has happened again. I dont know what to do. The warning as far as I know has relations with the transmission. I am not sure the level of importance it may be or the damage it may lead to besides a collision on the highway. Have you resolved the problem with your vehicle? (I have the same year, make, model as you described) Please share with me what you may have discovered about this phantom problem, as I will if I get to the bottom of this.
  • pops2pops2 Posts: 6
    Solidago. Thanks for the advice. I also love my 2003 XJR and plan on keeping it for a long time, and someday pass it down to my heirs. As you well know, my car has 14,000 miles and driven only on special occasions and weekends. However, at 14,000 miles should the engine and transmissions seals be broken in and settled into place? Also, I am not sure about stick throttle body issues on 03 XJR's, but i do know that it was an issue on earlier XJ models. Has anybody ever had mechanical issues with newer XJ's not driven often? Your comments lead me to believe that i need to seek further technical advice and take precautionary measures to prevent any future mechanical problems with my rarely driven XJR. My goal is to keep the mileage down, and someday have a collector car in the future. Also, when my warranty expires i anticipate on purchasing a good extended warranty plan. As i do know, these cars are extremely expensive to repair.
  • pops2pops2 Posts: 6
    Does anybody who owns a 2003 and earlier XJ's know if there is a product that can be used to prevent the turn signal and windshield wiper stalks from becoming faded? When i was in the market for my XJ, i've noticed the plastic stalks on XJ's were badly faded, as well as, other interior pieces.
  • You're probably all right with the transmission seals. The throttle body problem was endemic to the earlier cars, not yours. You need to find a good private shop that deals only in Jaguars repairs for post-warranty work. You will still need to bring the car to a dealer for alignments (rare), as the XJ requires rear wheel adjustments which the typical alignment specialty shop does not offer (and does not tell you about until after they do the job, you pay them and then its "by the way..." Be careful with the extended warranty plans. Many of these are sold by dealers (such as Jag dealers), only to have the warranty company go bad, and you are out $2,500.00. You find out about these after you receive notice of a settlement of a class-action suit brought against the warranty company, leaving plaintiffs with little protection or benefits. I had such an experience with an extended warranty on my Volvo S80.

    The only other problem I have had with my XJ is cracking veneer on the driver's door and ashtray(!) cover. Not sure why, but they showed up after 40,000 miles. Has anyone had any experience with this? Since the veneer is covered in a polymer of some type, I do not believe there are any penetrating moisturizers that would be effective.

    You should subscribe to Jaguar Monthly magazine or find a local bookstore with a good mag section that carries it. You can also check out the website which is out of Great Britain- Kelsey Publications. JM has a lot of good technical advice; the rest of the magazine is only fair and not particularly objective. Also, is a must, if you are not already familiar. Check out for parts and accessories.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I posted earlier about the countless problems with my '04 XJR. I understand those that see this as an isolated case, but I am not so sure about that. I just ran into another former owner of an '04 who got his car bought back under the California Lemon law. He complained about electrical problems, suspension issues and brakes...

    Meanwhile my situation only gets worse. The car has been displaying an suspension error message, and the rear end was making noise, even after the complete replacement of the differential. The car has been at the dealership all week, and they are now awaiting parts to replace the drive line, and rear sub-frame. Great, huh?

    As I mentioned earlier, all I want is to get out of this problematic car....I even have told Jaguar I would lease another one if they could take me out of this early for the lease residual value. Given all of my problems, I think that this is a pretty magnanamous approach.

    I talked to the dealership manager about taking me out of this one, but my lease residual is at $46,000 and he will only give me $39,000. Menawhile Edmunds True Value trade in Value is more like $44,000. By they way, he has a low mileage '04 like mine already on his lot with an asking of $46,888. This only goes to show the poor depreciation of these cars. Watch out, if you are thinking about buying one instead of leasing!

    I do not care what anybody says, the problems with my car, combined with the lousy attitude of Jaguar makes me think of Jaguar in a really lousy light. I could not recommend this car to anyone. JUNK!
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    Sorry about your personal experience Fenn, but it appears your situation is not the typical norm for this motorcar.
    The article below appeared in last Friday's Seattle Times.

    Jaguar owners are happiest :) :) :)

    By Tom Incantalupo


    PREV 1 of 2 NEXT

    Want to be a happy car buyer?

    Open your wallet a little further.

    A new survey says luxury-car buyers tend to have the most pleasant purchase experiences, with Jaguar owners happiest of all.

    Least happy are buyers of Isuzus, say surveyors at the California-based market research company J.D. Power and Associates.

    Ranked behind Jaguar in the annual survey are, in order, Lexus, Buick, Porsche, Cadillac, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. :)
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    JD Power has numerous automotive surveys in various areas.."Purchase Experience" covers just the purchase experience. BTW, I am a JD Power Panel member.

    The "purchase experience" survey is one that addresses the transaction, and the buyer's satisfaction with the actual deal, and interface with the dealer. By the way, I had a pleasant enough "purchase experience" with my XJR, but the long term reliability is a different story.

    They have other surveys about long term satisfaction and reliability. I know Jaguar has done pretty well, but I really have doubts whether the new XJ series cars are going to be everyone's favorite on a long term reliability basis.

    By the way, I am reviewing my service tickets and added up a total 33 trips to the dealer, and 88 days of loaner cars during the 27 month tenure with my XJR. And, it is still there right now. I get to drive a loaner X Type for the weekend. Gee, thats just wonderful huh?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    The "purchase experience" survey is one that addresses the transaction

    Thank you for pointing that out. IMO this survey is clever or deceptive or both. Now that you've explained it, I guess Jaguar dealers serve a better brand of Scotch at the time of closing. F & I used to mean Finance and Insurance, however, at the Jag dealership is stands for Familiarity and Intoxication. :D
  • devoedevoe Posts: 1
    I need help! My radio doesn't work since I disconnected the battery. Does anyone know (I have the code) how to release the security on the radio?
    P.S. 1990 XJS12

    Thank you for your time & help
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    It would be more likely that the Jag XJ is generally a good vehicle for most, but the occassional nightmare car creeps up and plays havoc with the otherwise decent reputation. It's a real shame, because the XJ represents one of the most beautiful and well-priced lurury cars in the world.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    Here is the follow up... The car ends up with 91 days of shop time in 27 months...Yikes.

    I had an attorney ready to fire on Jaguar, but was advised that this could take 45 days.....meanwhile I need tires and I am out of warranty. But, after much conversation. and the help of the dealership, Jaguar has tried to offer a concession. They are willing to give me a credit of $3000 if I apply it to another Jaguar. I still face a small shortfall, but my car needs a full set of tires, and rear brakes are at about 20%, so I will be facing in excess of this in maintenance costs in the next thirty days if I keep it.

    So, I am giving them another chance. I wanted an '06, but there are not any real deals available on the 2006 models, while there are huge incentives on the '05's. They offered me a deal on a leftover '05 XJR for over 11,000 off of window. So, that's new XJR with navigation for under 67,000. I am going to do it. I will lease the car for a few months, then if it seems like a good one I will convert to a purchase and get the Jaguar Select Edition 100,000 mile warranty.

    I will keep you posted.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    The dealer is on your side and has gone to bat for you. Perhaps Jaguar and the dealer are giving up profit so as to happyize you, all 91 days considered. 11k off window is a pretty good deal on a new 05. Let's hope this replacement unit gives you much better ownership history. :)
  • I have a 98 XJ8 VDP and have just driven from TX to Colorado for a party. The outside temp is well below freezing and I can't get my car to start!! We are considering leaving it here and flying back to TX and coming back for the car when it warms up. Is there a trick to starting this car in the cold?? I love my Jag and don't like seeing her sit there covered in snow!! HELP :(
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Not XJ8 specific, but it could be the battery. It's much harder for a battery to start a car when the weather is very cold - if the battery is older, it might have just given up the ghost on you.

    If that's not it, you need to provide more specifics about what actually happens when you try to start the car, and you should check out our "No Start" Problems as well. You may find some other suggestions that point you in the right direction.

    Good luck - let us know what happens.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    My Alpine skiing experience with starting cold cars includes thawing the fuel line. If the starter motor turns over the engine, but no go, tow the car to a warm garage and let the interior warmth of the garage thaw out the fuel line. Condensation forms in the tank and droplets of H2O get in the fuel line. Prevention is to empty two cans of "Heat" or some other methenal alcohol that makes the water miscible with the fuel. The aforemented assumes the battery is in excellent condition.
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