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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    Just got back from the Concours d'Elegance. Wowzers!

    Jaguar was pretty well represented within the Concours. But, there were a ton of 'em on the roads.

    BTW, that XJ220 was a pretty nice little number. Up until today, I had only seen pictures.
  • Hello all,

    This is my first posting here. I am shopping for my first Jag. I'm looking at 98 to 00 VDP's. I recently saw this car:

    On ebay but it is at (or slightly above) the high end of what I'm willing to pay for something with no remaining warranty.

    Regardless, I expected to see it snatched up at the buy it now of ~$38K. As it was, the bidding never got over $33.6K. This for a 2000 VDP Supercharged.

    If the mileage was 10K lower (such that there was a little warranty left), I would have been all over it.

    Does anyone know details of this specific car or care to speculate on why nobody was willing to pay more than $33.6K for it? Mileage? Flashy wheels?

  • vusicvusic Posts: 53
    I bought my wife's VDP from these folks. I've had it over a year now, no disappointments. It seems like fairly high mileage for a 2k car. It may have had some "edgy" use. If it was in Wild Bill's stable at any time, I'd avoid it like a Louisiana mosquito pond (just kidding, Bill).
    I tracked ours through carfax and found out what dealerships were nearby the transactions, called the service managers at those dealerships to see if they knew the car. They're not supposed to comment on cars for the record, but I found most of them helpful when I explained the situation.
    In addition, the salesman at Expo will normally deliver the car to any inspection your willing to pay for in the area.
    The other side of the coin, if it's a Texas car, was the flooding that happened last year. Not to raise undue suspicion, but make sure the car is clean.

  • Thanks for the insight on Expo. I asked a couple questions about the car via e-mail and received a quick and thorough reply that included their willingness to let me have the car inspected. I was told that if the inspection came back negative that I would be relieved of my obligation to buy and any deposit would be returned.

    I'm surprised (but encouraged) that the service managers are generally helpful with info on a used car. I know what dealer the VDP SC on ebay was purchased from but didn't call because I suspected they would not be willing to talk about the car at all. The good thing about that one is that they should remember it - they probably don't service more than one 00 VDP SC with 50+K mi and XJR wheels.

    I'm trying to get that car out of my mind. It is at the far high end of what I want to spend - especially for something with no warranty remaining - but - I love the wheels, I love the extra 80hp and think the charcoal interior is great looking. It has been relisted on ebay. I'll have to call them and explore what they'll take for it if it doesn't bid up much and/or sell this time...

    I have also been looking at cars at Texas Mustang Sales. I have heard of nothing but positive experiences with them. I've been watching their inventory pretty much every day and have identified the inexpensive plane fares to DFW on short notice. It seems likely that I'll end up getting a car from these guys.

    And - I'm only about 60 miles from local forum celebrity in Orlando. So if he runs into something, I could save a plane fare and a day or two off work (although I kind of like the idea of buying a new car and then taking it for an 1100 mile drive)

    Usually as my search for something progresses, I get less picky. In this case, the longer I look the pickier I get. I'm looking for a 98,99 or 00 VDP and have this, informal, parametric price curve that is a function of age, miles and remaining warranty. I have seen many cars at TMS that are on the right side of the curve but not with the right colors.

    I'm not big on the really light leather interiors or a white exterior. I originally liked the topaz exterior but there are so many of them out there and it doesn't really "grab" me. I never thought I'd own a red car but the deep reds (carnival?) look great on these cars. I also like any of the greens or blues. Oh yeah - Premium sound (HK for all these years?) is also a must. Like I said - the longer I look, the pickier I get...
  • vusicvusic Posts: 53
    Yeah, when the dough is about to flow, the parameters start to clarify.
    I'll tell ya though, I own 6 cars from fun to fast. One of them is my wife's VDP. After getting to drive it while the family was away with the grandparents, I'm considering letting go of at least 3 of them to pick up a XJR or a VDP SC. It won't happen for a while, but there's nothing as sweet as a Jag.....except a Jag with more power.
    I've heard good things about TMS also. Bill's pretty high on them.
    Ditto on the colors. White never really did it for me. We've got the light interior, but it hasn't been an issue, even with 3 kids in the back. The interior on your SC is very cool.
    Try as you might, you probably won't get the car out of your head. SC's are pretty rare. As far as negotiation, they're pretty firm on the "buy it now". They came down a bit from there but not much, and you have to get on the phone to do it. I also spent a little more than I wanted, but compared to what the dealerships were asking for comparable cars, the price was very fair, even after shipping it to the Northwest.
    I elected not to drive it because of the miles.
    Happy Jag hunting and whatever you end up with, every time you get behind the's an event.
  • I filled up my wife's 98 VDP and the gas gauge did not move to the full position. It took several minutes of driving while it slowly crept to the full slot. Then after getting back into the car it works fine. Is there a gas gauge sensor going out or could it be in the gas tank Anyone help, this include you Bill.

  • You were right. I didn't succeed at getting the car (00 VDP SC) out of my head!

    There was enough wiggle room from the "buy it now" price to make the difference for me.

    So - I've got a plane ticket for the end of this week.

    If all goes well, I'll be posting a quick take on my drive back home here next week.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Of simply bolting a supercharger onto what was a naturally aspirated engine from the factory. Factory supercharged engines usually have beefier internal components that their N/A counterparts. Also, something to consider on newer engine is whether the computer and electronic fuel injection can handle the massive amounts of air the supercharger will pump into the engine. If your fuel pump can't move enough gas to match that extra air, you're going to have one lean kitty. Then there are things like intercoolers to consider. It's not simply bolting a blower to the top of your motor on a Saturday morning. If you want a supercharger done right, either buy an XJR, or rebuild the 4.0 the right way, get the right stuff to go with it, and put that in your car. If you want a supercharger done cheap, don't be surprised when the Jag dealer declares the warranty on your engine void when that extra boost puts your rods through your oil pan.
  • When it is necessary to jump-start an XJ-series, 1995 and newer, using the battery (rather than from the engine compartment), how does one properly negotiate opening the trunk which will not release unless the car is "on"... or is it simply a question of keeping the ignition key at the "on" position rather than needing the car to be running... which would not be possible, in the first place, if the car couldn't start because of a dead battery. I suppose that this sounds like a very dumb question, but I'd rather be certain of the procedure in advance of such a situation actually occurring. Thank-you for your consideration of this concern, and thank-you always for our informative forum. Audra Thomas
  • derel2derel2 Posts: 49
    I believe that using the key in the trunk lock should work even if the battery is dead. If I am not mistaken, the key mechanism on the trunk is mechanical and not electrical.

    Also, the manual recommends that if you are jumping the battery from another car, the car with the "good" battery should not be running which is the common practice as this might damage the Jag's electrical system.

  • Has anyone replaced the XJ8 brake pads with anything other than factory pads?

  • OK, I know I have read messages on first time jag buyers - I am looking at an 96 XJ6, 32,800 miles on it and is in fantastic condition for 19k - what do think?
  • Hello all,

    I recently bought a 2000 VDP SC and already have a few questions. I bought the car in Texas and drove it back to Florida. Driving a thousand miles in a day or two is a pretty good way to get to know a new (to me) car. It's still a bit of a blur. A week ago I was looking at photos on ebay and now it's in the garage!

    Anyway - on to the questions.

    1) I only got one key and keyless remote with the car. Does anyone have any especially good suggestions on sources for replacement keys and remotes? I thought I had seen a pointer to a remote vendor here but couldn't find it (there really needs to be a search in this forum software...). If the only source for keys is the dealer, does anyone know how much they cost?

    2) Has anyone seen or purchased upgraded nav DVDs? The DVD in the car is dated 1999. It calculated the same route I had planned for the way home but there were a number of times that it didn't seem to know about path choices that I suspect are new exits and interchanges since the data on the DVD was compiled. I looked at the Jag and Navtech websites but couldn't find any info on DVD updates for the Jag system.

    3) Is there any concensus on the best thing to use on the dash? My ignorance on this one is embarrasing - I don't know whether it's vinyl or dead cow skin... The leather in the car is in incredibly good condition for 52K - I can't tell that it has seen 5K or even 500 miles. I really expected at least the drivers seat to show some significant wear but it doesn't. That said, the leather doesn't seem at all "moist" so I've ordered a jumbo leatherique combo.

    4) Does anyone know of a non-dealer source for OEM style headlamps? I looked on the autozone website and they listed headlamps but I'm skeptical that they are the right part or that they will look right even if they fit (this given that the prices were $6 to $15)

    Thanks in advance for any info that anybody is able to provide. I'll make sure to reciprocate should I ever have useful info.


  • Have just purchased 2002 XJR wheels with 255/40 18" Bridgestone SO 3s for my 1998 Vanden Plas.(22000 miles) What a difference in styling. I just love the new look and compliments from all who see it. Cornering is far superior to the P4000s that were on there before. Ride is not quite as good but who cares. The car looks great, and still rides very well. Also replaced air filter with a K&N filter. Can feel the difference.(Faster) Feels like a new car all over again. Any comments?
  • vusicvusic Posts: 53
    Congrats on the VDP SC. Nice buy. How's she drive?
    The extra key and fob won't be cheap (welcome to Jag ownership), mine ran about $350.00 including the programming from a local authorized service dealer. The programming is necessary if you have 2 drivers that have different presets for their seating positions. As far as I know, an authorized service dealer is the only source.
    Can't help you on #2. Don't have a nav system.
    On #3.....I've never touched the dash (although I'd guess it's plastic). We've always put up a sun shade.
    On #4....Wild Bill turned me on to "Coventry West". They've got a great web site,, and helpful sales people. I'm sure they can fix you up with the head lamps. You might even try them for the key fob.
    I'm no encyclopedia when it comes to this stuff, but hope you find it useful.
    Which brings me to my next question........where in the hell is Wild Bill???

  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    Headlamp bulbs are pretty cheap, even for a Jaguar. I'm pretty sure the XJ uses H7 or H1 bulbs. So, the VDP SC most likely uses them too.
    You're in luck! Because the H1/H7 are Euro-spec bulbs, you can order Philips Vision Plus or Osram SilverStar from any number of UK websites. (Do not confuse with US Sylvania SilverStar, which is just another "blue" bulb.)
    $43/pair from, with a free pair of 5W "wedge" bulbs (parking light and other uses), and free shipping.

    For your dash, I recommend Mothers "Preserves" protectant. For leather, many professionals recommend Lexol. Collectors recommend Connolly Hide Food or Leatherique. Considering the quality and value of Mothers products, I'll bet their leather conditioner and leather cleaner are pretty darn good. (I also know somebody that suggests Dove soap for cleaning, and Vaseline Intensive care for conditioning.)
  • DC - Thanks for the info. The car drove like a dream. It was 1050 miles from Houston to home. I got out of houston late one afternoon and drove to Mississippi where I stayed overnight. I finished up the drive the next day. It was the beginning of this holiday weekend so the roads were generally busy and well covered by law enforcement types. That said, a couple times when straight clear spots presented themselves, I couldn't resist seeing how it pulled toward the top end. I won't mention numbers but I was amazed at how strong it was still pulling when well into triple digits. I was even more amazed by how smooth, quiet and generally unexciting it was at speed. At the end of the trip home, I had no regrets whatsoever about my purchase.

    Gary - Ditto on the thanks. I just went out and looked and the bulbs are H7's. The mechanic at the jag dealer where I had the car serviced/inspected before buying it (also where it was sold new, serviced and traded in) told me the bulbs were really pricey... He said that the foglamps were $250 installed and that the headlights were painless to install but were similarly expensive. The service advisor and mechanic (oops - technician) at the dealer were very helpful but I they can not help that financial reality is a bit distorted in and around those high end dealerships.

    I found a source for keyless entry fobs @ $69 ( They say that dealer programming is still a necessity though. I'll give the local jag dealer a call this week and find how much it is.

    I saw blank keys on ebay for $75! It doesn't look like any of them are selling though - I knew the key would be expensive but if $75 is truly a bargain price then I could see blank+cutting+programming being upwards of a couple hundred bucks from the dealer.

    One thing that did surprise me about the car is what I assume to be the WOT switch under the accelerator pedal. When I first drove the car, it wasn't as quick as I expected (it didn't seem to want to downshift far enough to get into the good power - even in "sport" mode). Then, I mashed a little harder, felt a little click at the bottom of the pedal and got a big old grin plastered across my face. I would have expected that switch to be some imperceptible little microswitch on a non-visible linkage somewhere. Instead, it's a big push button under the pedal that's not unlike an emergency stop button for a piece of industrial machinery. Just another little bit of "character" I guess.

    I probably shouldn't even admit this but I couldn't resist seeing how things went power braking it from a stop with the traction control off. Even with sticky 255's in the back there is a copious amount of wheelspin! Not the most mature or efficient way to accelerate but, nevertheless, fun to do a time or two! I'm sure it isn't a typical jag owner thing to do but I don't think I'm going to be able to resist taking it to the local(ish) drag strip once to see what kind of 1/4 mi time it is good for. Hmm - now I just need to recruit a someone to sit in the back seat an apply some grey poupon to a sandwich sitting on the little table while I'm blasting down the strip ;-)
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    You're one lucky SOB! ;-)
  • I'm partial to the XJR wheels too but I'm a bit biased... I think the look with the XJR wheels and grill was what pushed me over the edge to buy a high mileage, out of warranty, VDP SC half way across the country (scroll back 10 or so messages for a url to some photos).

    Are 2002 XJR wheels the 7 spoke "asteroids" or the 5 spoke ones (I don't know what they're called)?

    You have a well calibrated "seat of the pants" to be able to feel the post K&N power difference. They usually have a high added hp/buck spent ratio but the added hp part is usually relatively small. Did they advertise an estimated horsepower gain for your particular application?

    Enjoy all the looks you get with the new wheels!
  • I paid $25.50 for a new key from the dealer for my '95 XJ6. I also obtained a remote from for a similar price but was able to program it myself. I recall the keys for the newer model Jags are more expensive because they contain a programmable chip as part of the security system (may also explain why the remote is not self-programmable)but I believe they should be available for less than the price you were quoted. Check with more than one dealer as prices seem to vary between dealers.

    With regard to downshifting, you might try using the left hand side of the J-gate to downshift to third or second depending on your initial speed and ROMs. I find I use this more than using the accelerator pedal to kickdown as it has more of the feel of a manual trans.
  • Having been a former owner of a Jag (1988 XJ6, loved that car and it was a great runner too!) I'm presently been looking at pre-owned XJR's (once you owned a Jag, you cannot go without one, for long!)It seems all the White ones that I have come across have chrome grills with the metal mesh. Is this normal? or did the dealer/owner do an adjustment. Personally I like prefer the body color, chrome is great on a VDP, but not on a XJR.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    I didn't know any XJR's came with the standard grill. Are you sure they weren't standard XJ8's or VDP's?
  • I finally got my wish and just purchased a 1999 XJ8 w/ 27K. I went to have the factory phone installed but found out the Motorola phone does not have an outgoing text message capability, so I cancelled the install as my headliner was being ripped out. Question: Has anyone used the Nokia handsfree set for the 6100 or 6300 phone in their Jag and incorperated the mute function for the radio? My install guy says this will be the 1st time he's done a Jag and can't tell me if the OEM radio will hook up properly to have the mute work.

    Second; I have stock P4000 tires and I plan on driving it year round in Minnesota (lotso snow). Am I insane or should I not worry?

    Thanks for the advice in advance.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    "Hmm - now I just need to recruit a someone to sit in the back seat an apply some grey poupon to a sandwich sitting on the little table while I'm blasting down the strip ;-) "

    Pick me! Pick me! I'll do it!

    (Anything for a ride in a Jag;-)
  • Its strange that while those little seat back tables seem custon made for grey poupon applications, british people don't even know what the stuff is!
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    That's because it has actual flavor, which is apparently something they find rather distasteful in their food. (Pardon the pun.)
  • I wouldn't say you were insane, but you should worry. I have a 1998 VDP which had 4000 s on. Not to good in PHILA. Your probably better off with a snow tire. I now have Bridgestone 18" SO 3s which I plan on leaving in garage when it snows. Will take front wheel drive when it snows. Any way, good luck.
  • Does anyone out there have experience with any of the "Headlight Saver" or "Headlight Protector" products?

    A couple that products/sources I found in a quick search are:

    I don't relish the idea of paying $250 for a broken foglight or $??? for a broken headlight.

    The service history I got for the car includes two "replace headlamp" lines and one "replace headlight" line so I'm thinking that the probability of one of these getting broken by a rock or ??? is high enough to at least warrant consideration.

    The mechanic at the jag dealer that inspected the car I recently bought recommended getting them but said they had a third party who came an installed them with a process that involved heating the plastic overlay or glass light housing or both. The ones linked to above look like they just stick on with an adhesive.

    I'm curious whether these things are nearly invisible or noticible and ugly. Also how they deal with age and whether they can be removed and replaced if they lose clarity or yellow over time.

    If I don't hear anything overly negative here, I'll be buying enough to do two of the lamps to see how they install and look. I'll post some info here if/when I do.

  • mveramvera Posts: 22
    My gas gauge did the sam ething. Had to put in a new tank sensor. Had to drive the gas down to barely nothing and replace. If you do it yourself it didn't cost much, I think about $45 or so for the part.

    I live in MN, and if you choose to drive your Jag in the winter, you need to have snows on them. I don't know why you would want to drive it in the snow tho, one idiot driving to work in the morning in his 4WD, thinking he can do anything, slides and hits ya. The salt and rocks also hurt the paint job a bit. Don't want to see her messed up ! I choose to make my car last a little longer, I drive a cheaper car in the winter and store my Jag from Thanksgiving to March/April. Insurance on it is only like $200 for the 6 months I store it. I know the Jag mechanic in Mpls. and he laughs at me because his wife has one that she drives around all winter with the kids and their juice boxes and all, he has one also, but just shakes his head when he sees the inside of it. She says to him, "it's just a car honey". If you feel you need to drive it all year thats your thing, but when I get it back in the spring, its like I get excited all over again when I drive her. Good Luck.
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