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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • rbrenton88rbrenton88 Posts: 186
    Jagdriver: Personally, I wouldn't swap out parts unless you intend to swap them back in someday when you sell it. The Sport option is a specialty variation that costs more initially, and in all liklihood will be more valuable down the road. just a guess. save those parts!

    Wes: I hear that the next-gen E55 (or whatever they will name it) in 2003-4 is getting a bump in power, plus their might be a supercharged stock version with around 500hp.
    Then again, since I love both the E55 and the XJR, I suggest getting one of each, just to cover all the bases. :)
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Bill: a friend just purchased a 2002 (I believe) XJ8, so I just had a rear seat ride in a Jag for the first about a gorgeous vehicle...sapphire blue with white interior...gotta have one...must wait until other debts paid small notation, though...back seat kinda small, and even though I am a short guy, I had to really duck not to hit my head on the car while entering the rear seat...with driver about six foot, just had enough leg room for my knees...maybe XJ8L would offer slightly more head seemed awfully close to the roof of the car...but, to hell with passenger comfort, it's the front seats that matter for the 1st class folks up front, who cares about coach class???

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    You need an XJ8L :)

    They are just startin to get cheap...

    You know guys, I have seen some of these carson No Reserve auctions on eBay doing less than I can buy them for...

    Who is not dumb enough to list XJ8s on eBay :)
  • netranger4netranger4 Posts: 149
    Hi Bill: Have read your informative posts for quite awhile now. Since you are in the car market every day can you give me an estimated retail on a 1993 XJ12 with 70K. Black with tan upholstery. The seller would like 15K, but feel that this is a good bit higher than the car is really worth.
    Thanks again for your price/advice.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Hey.. long time no see.

    $15,000 for a 1993 XJ6? Actually, it is not more than the car is worth. That's in "Seller needs to be in rehab" territory.

    I'm selling similar mile 95-96s for that kinda $$.

    PASS. It's a $7,000-8,000 car.. MAYBE if it's REALLY nice (Should be a '94, 93s (94 Model Year) have BBS-Style wheels and driver's airbag only. You want a dual airbag car as they have the updates of the real 94 Model Year cars.

  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    What is the price range for a 94 XJ40 in near perfect shape in/out in a desirable color, let's say diamond blue of that deep metallic red (carnaval?)?
    I'm thinking of a sedan to compliment the XJS.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    You're better off with a 95. A Clean 95 XJ6, Nice car, 70-80K can be had for about $13Kish right now.

    94s? All the money for a VDP is $10-11K for low miles and pristine at the moment, they have come down about $2-3K in the past year.

    XJ6s can be had for $10K.

    We're talking creampuffs.

    Diamond Blue is not a great color on XJ40s for some reason...

  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    I saw what looked like a 94 XJ6 in Diamond Blue, or some light blue metallic similar to my Diamond Blue XJS, and I thought it looked outstanding.

    So, if a 94 creampuff is $10K, how much would a nice clean one be?
  • netranger4netranger4 Posts: 149
    Thanks for the heads up on the 93 XJ12. Will keep on looking. Thanks again.

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Net: Glad to help!

    Gary: Yeahup, Diamond Blue was a 1990-1994 Color.

    A clean 94 XJ6 should run ya $8,500ish...

  • wesdrwesdr Posts: 15
    There has been some talk recently on the Jag lovers forum about paint maintenance and I have a few questions since I've already managed a few bruises on my new XJR.

    I guess the most important question should be, Is there anything as far a wax or cleaning products to avoid or to prefer? Also, I have 2 scratches that may go deeper than the clearcoat. One is on the rear bumper and is so small that I probably wouldn't notice it if I didn't know how I did it (the reverse sensor should really give you its highest warning when you're 2 inches away instead of 8). The other one is not visable-it is under the front bumper and resulted from scraping a parking curb when I left a lot with 3 more people than I pulled in with. My question on these is, is there any reason to get them fixed sooner rather than later, and what can I expect to pay to have it done?

    Also, I'm curious how often I should expect to need new brakes and Z rated tires. I've realize that my "free" 20,000 mile service is probably going to be expensive. Are there any other chargable service items they look for at that point?

    Thanks in advance. I got my own answer to the phone question ($1750) and I'm curious what Dave decided to do on his XJ sport ride issue. I mentioned lowering the tire pressure, but I've seen on Jag lovers that that's not recommended for low profile tires as you can damage the wheels. However, you still may want to check it b/c the dealer could have jacked up the pressure to give it the sporty feel on the test drive. If you really don't like the ride it seems like you should have spent the extra cash on a VDP instead of a sport, b/c that ride is what you paid for.
  • chip78chip78 Posts: 2
    Bill or anybody, 97-01 saw something changed each year. For 2001 though it seems like they may have been thinking "not much left to do, new model in a couple of years, well, we've got to do something this year" so they did what edmunds described as crash tubes, hinges etc.

    Any views that these are material, compelling frame improvements over 2000-and-before?

    Context is "buy or wait?" The 2000s are coming off 3-year leases, or wait around for the 2001s to cheapen some more. Thanks.
  • is there a recommended oil for a 1996 xj6?

    synthetic? or regular?

  • my throttle sticks...everytime the car sits for a while i have to open the hood and manually twist the metal thingy that the throttle cable is attatched to (excuse my extreme lack of mechanical knowledge) i tried wd40 on this common?
    is there an easy fix?

    it's a 1996 xj6

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    10W30 Castrol in the Jags.

    Throttle sticky? You sir may need to have the throttle body PROPERLY cleaned DO NOT PUT WD40 NEAR IT! I do believ it has silicone in it. Wanna ruin your cat convertor and 02 sensor? =O

    On occasion they need new throttle return springs too.

    Not a big deal... You can do it yourself if you're familiar with these things, but, if you arent you may wanna pass :)

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Me likes Zymol...
  • wesdrwesdr Posts: 15
    A while ago I think I mentioned that what I'd really like is an XJR 100. So I look in the paper today and there's a certified one w/4800 miles. If I were to trade mine in ('02, 14000 miles, certified), what could I get for it, and could I somehow get the sales tax back?
  • jlapcatjlapcat Posts: 7
    I purchased a '98 XJR last November 01 from the local Jaguar dealer for 39K. It had 37K miles on it. I have had endless problems since...

    Initially, there were many electrical issues and cosmetic issues to fix that I didn't notice at time of purchase. The dealership "inspection program" was a joke, I found out. Their excuse was that another dealership did the inspection before the car went up for sale, so they weren't responsible for all the things that were broken at the time of purchase.

    The car has been back at least 6 times for repairs at 2 different dealerships. At first you couldn't even hear the engine run, now it runs loud and rough and there is a horrible metallic grind in the car when it starts. It sounds like a forgotten wrench is flying around under the hood. It scares people and I get horrified looks from them if they are anywhere near the car when it starts. I just got the car back from the dealership--it was there 2 days and they say that the car isn't making any unusual sounds and it's in perfect working order. The first time I started the car, there was the sound, and there was my friend with the horrified look...he also owns a jaguar and didn't recognize the rumble... Last month they said the sound was from a "broken pipe" that they fixed. If a problem can be fixed, it really doesn't bother me, especially since the car is still under warranty. It's the ones that I have to live with that bug me, and that's not why I bought a jaguar XJR. I just want to ride around in speedy, responsive luxury.

    The tires wore out quickly, after 7K miles... They wore quickly and unevenly, even though I had the car into the dealership for realigment. I took it in yesterday for new tires. The tire guy said the wrong size tires were on the car, they were too small. He checked the spare and said the rim on the spare was badly bent and that the spare tire was useless. It was so bald that the steel was showing through it badly and it made the tires I was replacing look brand new!

    Finally, the leather on the driver's seat back is cracked on the left side. It looked perfect when I purchased it, but quickly developed whitish cracks which became unsightly. The dealership told me that the person who owned the car before me probably let his wallet rub there and there was nothing they could do. However, the seat didn't look like this when I purchased the car or I wouldn't have bought it. They refused to replace the seat, but when I picked the car up, the seat looked perfect. Now, 2 months later, the cracked look is back...apparently the polish has worn off. I am upset that the dealership hid the defective worn leather seat from me with polish when they sold me the car, and they refuse to repair the seat.

    I think this car had the mileage turned back on it before I bought it. There is no reason the seat should be this worn. My last car was a Mercedes w/ 100k miles on problems, leather looked brand new.

    Sorry for the griping, I am hoping people in this discussion group will have suggestions for me on what I should do about the above seat, engine, rim and tire problems.

    BTW, I now realize from reading this discussion that I need to get my sagging sunroof's liner fixed!
  • rbrenton88rbrenton88 Posts: 186
    About tire's been said that putting a few extra pounds over the recommended pressure will help lengthen the life of high-performance/low profile tires. The extra stiffness should not be noticed though.

    I must say, when I test drove a '99 XJR last year, it nearly rattled my teeth going over expansion joints in the road. I wasn't sure if that was from being used or not, but jeez!
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    bill - A while back, you recommended using only Jaguar, crossland, or Unipart oil filters. I had taken your advice, and purchased a Jaguar brand for $9 at Jagworks. I pulled the POS Fram that I had put on the previous oil change. I did some research, and they more than sucketh. I can't believe Allied Signal gets away with foisting such poorly made crap on an unsuspecting public, possibly ruing many an engine in the process. Absolutely shameful.

    My question is this: There are apparently 4 brands of "Jaguar" oil filters - Jaguar, Lucas, Unipart, and Crossland. The first 3 are white color, and cost about $9. As for Crossland, I've seen black Crossland filters that cost twice that, and blue Crossland filters at only $6.

    I want the best for my car, and wonder if these "black" Crossland filters are any better, or should I stick to the white Jaguar/Lucas/Unipart, which all appear to be the same.

    I've also heard excellent things about Mobil 1 and K&N filters, both made by the same manufacturer.
  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    I have a 97 VDP that I bought used with 28K miles on it. When I bought the car, the left side of the driver's seat had creases, scratches, and cracks.

    I've noticed that the button of my left-rear pocket of most of the pants I wear rubs this section of the seat every time I sit down.

    You're probably right that either the dealer (or the previous owner) put Hide Food on the seat and it made the leather look supple when you bought the car. Just keep it conditioned and it shouldn't crack anymore.

    However, it is apparently not unusual that a low-miles car can have leather seat issues. Just goes to show that everyone should try and take better care of their interiors.

    The rattling noise sounds like a definite problem. If they claim to have "fixed" it before, then they admit there is/was a cause...

    Good Luck!
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Well, Jaguar leather does not take kindly to not being given lots of Hide Food and conditioner. DO that, it lasts forever. Dont? Yer screwed...

    I'm attempting to take an '00 Vanden Plas S/C in on trade from a friend of mine. (Who is being totally unrealistic) It too is a FL car and is starting to show surface wear on the seat. It gets serviced every 3k miles, but the guy has never used leather conditioner. OTOH, it does have 65K miles. Prolly 67K by now.

    (Charlie, if you are reading this, your car is NOT WORTH $40,000!)

    As far as tires and rims... 20K is about the max for a set of P-Zeros on an XJR. And that's driving it gently. They are very soft, ultra-high-performance tires and wear quickly. SOft rubber grabs the road well. Soft rubber wears away real fast.

    As far as the engine problems...are they fixed? And where are you located? I may know a better shop...

    Sounds to me like you are dealing with prior cosmetic issues...

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Crosland makes them for Unipart/Jaguar....

    Dunno about the different colors tho. My guess is they are the same. Knowing the brits, they ran outta black paint one day... :)

    Unipart is to Jaguar in Europe as Mopar is to Chrysler in America.

  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    Since the Unipart, Lucas, and Jaguar filters all cost about the same, I chose the Jaguar part. I like the green "leaper" and Jaguar name on the white filter. Looks good. And, you know, it's better to look good than to feel good, dahling.

    I wonder why the huge price diff for the black Crosland?
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    That Quaker State and Pennzoil filters are made by Fram, and are the same exact crappy filters. They just have different color paint on the outside.

    Oil Filter Study

    Pay special attention to the Fram section, including a letter from a former Fram engineer.
  • As a daily reader of Town Hall/XJ Sedan, I wish to let you all know that I have found the information and opinions posted on this website to be of immense interest. I plan to purchase my very first Jaguar with-in the coming year. I have archived so many of the entries appearing on this forum in a separate filefolder, entitled"Jaguar". The wealth of information, opinions and feedback have allowed me to come to a confidence as I contemplate ownership of a pre-owned. For my entire life, I am now 55, I have wanted to own a Jaguar sedan but was always advised against ownership. It is the TownHall forum that has illustrated to me that I need not ascribe to the hysterical and historical fear surrounding the cars manufactured from 1996 to the present... that their reputation is a carry-over from the past and truly undeserved. At my age, I feel that I can go forward with my plan... my last driving "Hurrah", and it is all thanks to this forum. Although I greatly appreciate the "opinions", I must admit that it is the information-solutions contributed by our more learned confreres that I hold most valuable; I cannot enumerate the numbers of copy-and-paste into my Micro-soft Word Jaguar file folder. As such, I say "Thank-you" to all our contributors and especially to those who are in a position to share specific, exacting repair solutions, among whom is Bill. Please come to a compromise in this situation. His contribution has greatly shaped and contributed to the great worth of this forum, and his absence would be surely noted. Thank-you all for the wonderful practical wisdom provided by, and shared at TownHall JaguarXJSedan. The experience has made a tremendous difference in my ease-of-mind as I contemplate realizing a life-long dream. It would be such a shame and such a loss if we were to become less than, in fact, it is. Thank-you all. Audra Thomas
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    Say it ain't so Joe Bill.

    Maybe she confused the dates on the Jonah flap?
  • rbrenton88rbrenton88 Posts: 186
    She intends bodily harm to Bill?

    If anyone is interested, there is an Eaton supercharger on ebay right now. For a small price, you can bolt that sucker on your XJ8 and turn it into the VDP S/C.
    yea baby!

    I'm sure it'll bolt right on in minutes.

    Speaking of superchargers, there are a bunch of sellers right now trying to peddle boat exhaust fans as 'electric superchargers' for around $50. These are nothing but $15 bilge fans made of plastic, that if actually used in a car's intake, will shatter and destroy the engine from the debris.
    Sadly, the low-end mod fans are bidding like crazy on them.
  • wesdrwesdr Posts: 15
    that VDP must have 100K miles and a cat living in it if you won't give 40K. On that topic, how much would it cost to get picnic trays in my XJR, and can I really get 450hp w a new chip & supercharger?
  • shehzadshehzad Posts: 52
    Hey Bill--I have a question for you now that my Warranty is about to run out on my XJ--Do you know of any good Jaguar service shops in the McLean, Virginia area (a virginia suburb of Washington D.C.) And what's this about you leaving? I love hearing what you have to say.
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